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#Hilo 🧵📽️Se cumplen 98 años de la fundación de la industria cinematográfica ‘The Walt Disney Company’. Revisemos los inicios de este emporio de los medios, desde sus primeros cortos hasta sus primeros largometrajes que cambiaron el mundo de la animación. #Disney
La historia señala que Walt Elias y Roy Oliver Disney nacieron en Chicago, Illinois. Walt fue el que tuvo el genio del dibujo y Roy la visión del negocio y de cómo conseguir el dinero para financiar los proyectos de su hermano menor.
Roy combatió en la Primera Guerra Mundial, pero su hermano no fue aceptado para ser parte de la milicia y sirvió en Europa conduciendo una ambulancia, en un pasaje que muchos afirman lo marcó a la hora de fantasear sobre historias y personajes.
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Why did ⁦@RottenTomatoes⁩ just disable the Audience Score for this #Disney documentary?

Or did only one person watch it and review it and no one else was interested...?

User Reviews:…
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.@jimmykimmel Ok Jimmy I’ll focus on the President you love…..Biden did abandon Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan after he said he wouldn’t. Correct

He’s created a massive Covid-19 super-spreader disaster at the border. Correct...
He abandoned energy independence that Trump accomplished and now is begging Opec to produce more Oil. Prices are going through the roof. Correct

Inflation is through the roof, the cost of everything has increased. Correct...
The only things down are Biden’s approval ratings and your shitty ratings. I love it that Greg Gutfeld is nipping at your heels on a cable news channel. Correct

I guess you will have to go back to your repulsive bits from years gone by like these two.
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1. Thread on Britney... #Britney ImageImageImage
2. As unfortunately have many others, Britney Jean Spears break into "fame" came with Disney, notorious for child mind control programming as well as pedophile Walt... by aged 12 she was a "mouseketeer" #BritneySpears #Britney #Disney #Mouseketeers ImageImage
3. There have been 4 groups of mouseketeers 1950s, 1970s, 1990s and 2017/8. Britney was in the 90s Mickey Mouse Club alongside Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and Keri Russell.… #britney #mickeymouseclub #disney ImageImageImage
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How not to do in-game product placement 🤢…
#Mirriad "partnership comes at a time when consumers increasingly avoid ads & are becoming incredibly hard to reach & connect with. Brands need to become a deeply engaging part of peoples' experiences in new & radical ways"…
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NEW: Want to skip the lines at Disneyland?

Then you’ll have to pay.

Disney launched two new apps to help guests plan their day and help skip the traditional queues.

Here’s what you need to know.…
The new apps represent Disney’s latest effort to address the parks’ biggest headache — long attraction queues — while adding new ways to generate revenue from visitors who already pay up to $154 per park trip.… Image
Industry experts said the new fees may spark complaints from some #Disney fans, but charging extra for a better experience is a growing trend in the theme park business.…
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Today our topic of discussion is #SAREGAMA industries Ltd.

Let's start.

Saregama India Ltd. is an Indian music label and content producer for Indian television.

Its music catalogue consists of more than 117,000 songs in 14 languages built over a period (1/n)
of more than 100 years. It has daily and weekly TV shows currently on air with television networks in India.

#Saregama ’s head office is located in Mumbai, with other offices in Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai.

It is listed on the NSE and BSE.

Pic: original #Kolkata

#SAREGAMA was founded in 1901. It produced the first song recorded in India and later moved into the production of cinema and television content, digital retailing, aggregation, radio programming and events.

#MultiBagger (3/n)
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Why Black Widow sued #Disney.

A thread.
Black widow has declared war against Disney, and it looks bad.

Last week, a feud fuelled up as Scarlett Johansson went ahead to sue Disney.
The actress claimed a breach in her contract after the release of the latest Black Widow movie in theatres & on Disney+ premier access simultaneously. How?
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Q: Who are the TRAITORS that ran the #ChinaVirus Fear PsyOp while Covering Up Cuomo's Nursing Home DEATH CAMPS and #Fauci's Lab in Wuhan China?
Q: In which States did Facebook's #Zuckerberg Finance the next-gen, ACORN-style Ground-Game Election FRAUD Ops under the cover of the China Virus Outbreaks and #MailInVoter Campaigns?
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Have you ever heard of @SteveBartlettSC?

He built a $200MM business at 27 called Social Chain and literally controlled the internet.

Here's his story⬇️
He started a platform biz called WallPark in college.

The goal was to build FaceBook - exclusively for college students - monetize through ads.

He got traffic to WallPark through buying social media accounts with large followings and pointing people to WallPark.
WallPark didn't work out, but he did see traction with buying social accounts.

Here's how he built @TheSocialChain👇
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Did #Disney invent a real working #lightsaber?

Yes they did.

It won't melt through metal blast doors, or cut off your hand, but it does feature an illuminated blade that will extend and retract at the push of a button.

This animation shows the concept behind the tech.
At a recent virtual press conference, Disney Parks chairman Josh D'amaro briefly revealed what onlookers have called a "real" lightsaber.

After studying the patent (see image), here's how it seems to work... Image
It's based on a familiar concept - the Tape Measure. A steel tape measure is somewhat sturdy when extended short distances. The curve in the steel provides strength and the mostly flat tape can still be wound up on a reel inside the body of the tape measure. That's important.
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Lucasfilm is considering remaking the Disney Sequel Trilogy exclusively for Disney+ according to a new rumor, a reboot that will include an unused scene of Han, Luke and Leia TOGETHER! Here are the details. #starwars #favreau #disney
To be clear, my source said this is ONE of the ideas going around Disney, from execs who feel the Sequel trilogy is too big an investment to toss completely. This would be a radical revision that would address most of the deficiencies fans hated, IF TRUE.
I sat on this info and kind of mulled it over for a month before I finally decided to just post this rumor, and let the fans decide. Plus if it IS a trial balloon from Disney, I want fans to chime in, yea or nay. For me? THE SEQUEL TRILOGY MUST BE ERASED. The rest doesn't matter!
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#Soul animated movie by #Disney #Pixar

The movie follows Joe, a part time mid school band teacher. Struggling to get a gig. When he finally gets one, unfortunately, he falls into a sewer and dies. And finds himself on his way to "After Life"

The first part of the story is similar to "Athisaya Piravi" Kalaiyan trying to find his way back to his body but this movie goes deeper.

#Soul #PixarSoul #Disney
The plot introduces interesting thoughts on life, passion, the afterlife, and the purpose of humans

Filled with subtle jokes
Excellent voice acting
Interesting Character like Jerry, Terry
Wonderful animation
Predictable Plot but enjoyable

#Soul #PixarSoul #Disney
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Time for an adventure set in my #Disneyland RPG, where the kingdom has been taken over by the Disney Villains.

First we need a protagonist! No one famous, or even particularly heroic, just a small someone doing their best to survive these dark days.

Someone like...
2. As one of the feral cats of #Disneyland, your life hasn't changed TOO much since the Villains take over. You leave them alone; they leave you alone. Meow meow.

This neverending thunderstorm has been QUITE bothersome, though, and you've had to seek shelter... but where?
3. The Skyway station is (relatively) warm and dry, and has been abandoned for so long that few in #Disneyland even remember it exists. Thus, the perfect place for a cat to nap.

Until tonight. Your rest is interrupted by someone ascending the stairs. You open one eye, and spy...
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2021, début d’un nouvel âge d’or du piratage 🏴‍☠️ ? Selon cette tribune de #Wired, #Hollywood serait plutôt à l’aise avec cette idée. C’est aussi ce que je pense. Quelques réflexions sur cette question. #thread 1/9
article via : @pprodhon…
D’abord, une constatation: le piratage 🏴‍☠️ est devenu + facile et de meilleure qualité (plus besoin de filmer en cachette en salle), ce qui en assure la diffusion encore + facilement... et inarrêtable. Dans ce cas, pas de quoi réjouir #Hollywood, me direz-vous. Pas si sûr... 2/9
Instruit par la bêtise des majors du disque au tournant du siècle et par l’intelligence des artistes musicaux à se réinventer par l’#expérientiel (concerts, tournées, accessibilité via les RS...), #Hollywood applique ce principe: embrasse le changement que tu ne peux empêcher 3/9
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Nasdaq spreading conspiracy theories.


Nasdaq: #2 on list of stock exchanges behind NYSE.

#GreatReset: not a figment of our imagination. Rather, it's the 21st cent. imperative of billionaires to save capitalism.

#Imperative21: 72,000 corporations across 80 countries. 150 different industries.

"An unprecedented coalition of business networks that have come together to raise our ambition. Not just to help our individual CEOs succeed... we'll do that for sure..."

Softening push-back w/ marketing/framing/language. #SocialEngineering

"So that the push-back on the BRT [Business Roundtable] from differ. business publications or other people within the [] community lessens. So there's less of a headwind culturally for this type of leadership"
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1) Oh FFS. ScoMo's handlers making comms so obv. #Auspol coat of arms over head zif crown. Crown = corona, geddit? Message something like: "#COVID1984 psyop next stage active with #MarshallLaw. Worried about Constitution if Trump stays POTUS, but." Image
2) Look at photo #DictatorDan tweeted. Pot plant above head like coat of arms above #ScoMo's. Clear crown motif. #Blueandwhite shirt too. Something big happened today and it wasn't seeing dear old mum. Alluding to another elderly female figure we all know? #KingVictoria Image
3) Also, massive tea cup on table brings to mind #AliceInWonderland. So maybe pot plant above DA more of a hat. Is he saying he's #MadHatter, or #KingVictoria now that #GreatReset is all systems go? Both? Image
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1) Just had a look thru Malcolm Turnbull's Twitter feed. Noticed that he retweeted a post related to the toon dog Bluey by its creator Daley Peterson. He's an Aussie cartoonist and the show is on Disney. #Auspol #dogcomms Image
2) Nothing unusual about that but I found it interesting because Julia Gillard tweeted about the show recently also. She even read from one of Daley Pearson's books. It was one of several canine-themed tweets from Labor pollies.… #symbolism #Auspol Image
3) What are the odds two globalist former PMs would promote same #Disney kids' canine cartoon character weeks apart? Dinkum fans, or is something else at play? Gotta ask, esp since globalist former PM Kevin Rudd's been vlogging about "dogshots".
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Live tweeting my 7,036th time watching #Coco. Here goes:
First of all, this might possibly be the best #Disney movie of all time.
Early on you can see Buzz and Woody and Mike Wazowski piñatas. And a pizza planet delivery truck. And a stuff animal of a future spirit animal.
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[Peter Pan, a Thread]
Je vois qu'il y a une polémique sur #Disney parce que la fée Clochette sera jouée par une actrice noire. Les mecs, calmez-vous, y'a pire dans la vie qu'une actrice.
Je rappelle que dans le conte originel, Peter Pan est un sacré c*nnard, voilà pourquoi :⬇️
D'abord, Peter est une sorte de psychopompe, qui amène les âmes des defunts dans l'au-delà. Son rôle, à la base, c'est de récupérer les enfants morts en couche, mort-né ou mort en bas-âge pour les amener au pays imaginaire. Rien à voir avec la jolie farandole d'enfants heureux.⬇️
Le pays de Neverland, ce n'est PAS le pays imaginaire. C'est le pays de "Jamais", ou se passe la vie de ceux qui n'ont, justement, pas vécus. Et il n'a rien de féerique, car habité par des monstres et des créatures angoissantes. ⬇️
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Symbolism will be there down fall... and down the rabbit hole we go.. The peace sign ✌️ that everyone has harmlessly thrown up at least once in their life. They truly have taken ANYTHING that was good, infiltrated it to turn it into satanism! Here we go 👇
The peace sign- This was huge in the 70’s but when you dig into what happened it makes you sick.
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#Mandalorian S2 Trailer Update - here’s the latest tea:

#Disney didn’t like trailer & delayed it to be re-edited.

Also they have problems with the season overall - reshoots but also I hear a BIG problem but no details on that just yet, looking into it...

Well, I kinda do know what the problem is, but to reveal it would expose my source because so few people know... 🤐

So now I just have to wait for it to come out. But it’s BIG.

Disney still has time to fix it though, or paper over it so maybe no one ever knows...
All I’ll say is that if the #Mandalorian has a significant shift say... halfway through Season 2... I wouldn’t be surprised
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