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Exposing corporate & political conflicts of interest in the “South River Forest and Public Safety Training Center Community Task Force”

— PART 3: “Parks & Environmental NGO’s”

In this edition, we examine the NPIC’s role in manufacturing consent.

#1 Greta G. deMayo, @PATHFoundation

As Executive Director of the Path Foundation & regular collaborator w/ metro Atlanta city planning bodies, deMayo’s role on this taskforce is two-fold: provide professional capacity for “park/trail” planning for Cop City & lend legitimacy. Path partners with  city go...Photo of atlanta belt line ...
Now this thread is less about deMayo and more about the true power players— the @CityofAtlanta & the @PATHFoundation Board of Directors/ major donors. Ultimately an NGO ED serves at the behest of the Board & they have the power to fire deMayo, meaning their influence is HUGE.
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Local #Atlanta Interfaith Clergy holds a Press Conference to demand Mayor Andre Dickens #StopCopCity. The #ATL police are stating "outside agitators" are against this $90M project but that is a lie. Local residents of #ATL "do not want Cop City."
🧵 We heard the Interfaith Clergy loud and clear: "We don't want more policing and terrorizing of Black, Brown, and Indigenous bodies in our community." #StopCopCity
✊"All of this is a fight over land, which white people have been wagging since the beginning of time." #Landback #StopCopCity #Solidarity
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BREAKING: @Atlanta_Police vehicle burns in downtown Atlanta, police are working urgently to clear the streets of #COPCITY protesters. Very chaotic scene unfolding right now. #BREAKING #ATL #NEWS #NOW @FOX5Atlanta
MAYOR ANDRE DICKENS: “You heard that correctly, explosives” @CityofAtlanta Mayor Andre Dickens says some of the protesters had explosives on them. Listen to this clip from tonight’s press conference.
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Here's a complete look at my 2022/23 Earned Edition project -- much love and appreciation to everyone who has followed along and offered feedback along the way!

#NBA #NBATwitter #NBATwitterLive #Nike #Basketball #NikeBasketball

cc: @WorldWideWob
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$10B to FUND the police! 🚨👮🏻‍♀️

The investment includes $6.5 billion “in State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund investments over the past year.” 💵

That figure includes over $2 billion to aide police / reduce crime, and $1 billion to help reduce domestic violence…

🪡 1/7
This may be one of the few examples where the Biden Admin has actually done something good… or is it? 🤓💡

The move certainly keeps with his intention to “FUND the police,” which was a theme in his #SOTU address this year… but where?

🪡 2/7 Image
Strangely, this move is NOT something seen as a positive by the Left bc, as we know, they are keen to DEFUND the police. 📉⚠️

Conservatives believe this measure is too-little-too-late as crime rates have been SURGING since the beginning of 2021…

🪡 3/7…
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At the request of @stephenehorn who is working on a #J6 documentary, I started sifting through my footage of protests in the wake of the #2020election . Most of it was public before the DOJ seized my social media. I’ll be posting clips in this thread for those who are interested.
12/13/20 12:18AM. My guest host does a fantastic job with keeping viewers engaged. “The All-Seeing Eye”
12/13/20. 12:20AM. My guest host leads discussion about changing demographics, doxxing myself in Denver, and where to get the best marijuana.
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Investir dans les #cryptos, c'est être prêt à y passer du temps et à vivre du stress au quotidien.

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Tous ces facteurs demandent un investissement personnel important. Image
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#China's "Communist Party propaganda operation knows…the fastest way to shut down any discussion in America is to accuse someone of being a racist.”

The #CCP is trying to shift blame from itself this way, says Curtis Ellis. #ATL🇺🇸

#China's regime has blocked U.S. companies w/ factories in China from exporting masks made there.

“It really shows the danger of having your supply chains inside a country ruled by an all-powerful dictatorial regime," says Curtis Ellis. #ATL🇺🇸
Curtis Ellis: When the #CCPvirus was thought to be contained in Hubei, “European countries donated their supplies to China. …[Now] China is selling those supplies back to the European countries.

…Any way to make a buck…”

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#CCPVirus: “You could say it’s reckless. You could say it’s intentional. But the one thing that you have to say is…the actions that the Chinese government took led to the spread of this virus around the world.”

@GordonGChang on #ATL🇺🇸

“China makes a lot of stuff that the United States absolutely needs."

"We need to get our supply chains out of China…into friendly countries, and in some cases—including pharmaceuticals…inside our borders.”

@GordonGChang on #ATL🇺🇸
“We are seeing the second wave of coronavirus infections in China… They closed all the theaters in China just a week after opening them up… A county in Hunan Province was just looked down.”

@GordonGChang on #AmericanThoughtLeaders🇺🇸

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#China: "This is a threat to kill Americans, by withholding medicines…If that’s not a wake-up call, I don’t know what is.”

@Rosemary100, author of "China Rx," on why it’s dangerous 80% of key drug components are from #China. #ATL🇺🇸
@Rosemary100 🔴LIVE:

The dangers of sourcing drugs from #China:

Hundreds of Americans died in '07 & '08 from contaminated heparin.

One American, “within 11 minutes of getting those doses, his heart began to fail.”

@Rosemary100 on #AmericanThoughtLeaders 🇺🇸
“We’re so dependent that we can’t even make antibiotics…[#China] undercut other companies [by subsidizing their own]…That’s how we lost our penicillin capability & the production of generic antibiotics.”

@Rosemary100 on #AmericanThoughtLeaders🇺🇸

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@spencercain23 @MelissaH2016 @elenochle Still no power.. 17hrs! As I lie awake w/ candles & phone to read about ATL airport, one of the very highest sex trafficking in the nation. 300k in our area went without power today as we endured a tornado in Alabama that I didn’t see near us 🤷🏼‍♀️ Eitherway a #StormIsUponUs #QAnons
@spencercain23 @MelissaH2016 @elenochle Keep in mind I’m NOT IN ALABAMA. I am in Atlanta but they are saying outages are from tornado. Google says tornado hit Alabama. I didn’t hear or see any tornado.
@spencercain23 @MelissaH2016 @elenochle No doubt, my husband just heard a bunch of what sounded like 18 wheeler trucks & came to get me and then we heard the helicopters!! I tried to video but so black out!! #ItsHabbening #TheStormIsUponUs #Atlanta #Qanons #UnitedWeStand
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Due to the cover-up of #CCPvirus in China, “we missed critical, critical days in preparing for this thing.”

Virologist Dr Steven Hatfill to discuss virus origins, US local gov't failures, & how to stay safe on #AmericanThoughtLeaders🇺🇸
“Public health…has to be treated as part of national defense…A year ago…[Trump] realized that we had lost our vaccine manufacturing capability…The businesses had taken it overseas to China," says virologist Dr. Steven Hatfill. #ATL

@EpochTimes 🔴LIVE:

#CCPvirus: “It’s the cities that aren’t prepared…[The federal gov't] is trying to accommodate, but…there are limits.”

The federal gov't has been stockpiling for yrs, but local gov'ts failed to prepare, says virologist Steven Hatfill on #ATL🇺🇸
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👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻NEW VIDEO:

“With Huawei…[the] semiconductor industry lobbies the DOD and says…we want to do business with them. We know they endanger national security, but we still want to make money.”

@AEITech’s @RoslynLayton on #AmericanThoughtLeaders 🇺🇸
“We’re talking about Departments of Elections…the DMV…Family & Children’s Services, courthouses.”

43 states have agreements with Lenovo or Lexmark, Chinese-owned companies obligated to share data with the Chinese regime.

@RoslynLayton on #ATL🇺🇸

“They’re not connecting that Lenovo is a Chinese-owned company, Lexmark as well…These companies are listed in the National Vulnerability Database.”

@RoslynLayton calls out state govt's working with Lenovo or Lexmark on #AmericanThoughtLeaders🇺🇸

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If I had a timely reading list for #DecaturDinners this piece by @brian_goldstone in the @newrepublic would be at the top of the list.… It's a truly devastating piece on how racial capitalism produces housing insecurity for countless #ATL residents.
As someone who clearly went to school on Ta-Nehisi Coates's long-form, scholarly journalism, @brian_goldstone's portrait of Atlanta (as a boom city whose boom is destroying the lives of the people that make it possible) is remarkable for a number of reasons.
In a welcome departure, @brian_goldstone shows how state power is not merely impotent and incapable of addressing the Goodman family's plight but also how it facilitates, exacerbates, and often causes their housing insecurity.
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Walking through #ATL and separately 2 @TSA agents told me to “keep fighting.” I told them I’m sorry they’re going through this. One said, “Yeah. but we’re still working.” Just breaks my damn heart. It is sinful to make someone work without pay. #TrumpShutdown
Gets worse. At airport bar & young man next to me is carded. I told him to take it as a compliment (they didn’t card me). “Yeah, but you’re not on the business end of a government shutdown,” he said. He serves in Coast Guard & has a family w/ mortgage. He deserves so much better.
This #TrumpShutdown is not only hurting the credit ratings of millions of Americans. It’s destroying the credit rating of the moral leader of the world, America. Who in the hell doesn’t pay people who are working?
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