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Here's a complete look at my 2022/23 Earned Edition project -- much love and appreciation to everyone who has followed along and offered feedback along the way!

#NBA #NBATwitter #NBATwitterLive #Nike #Basketball #NikeBasketball

cc: @WorldWideWob
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Who do you think the top #NBAplayers of all time are?

This weekend I was able to, after the completion of the finals, update my “CSS - Combined Statistical & Subjective NBA All Time G.O.A.T. Ranking” 🧵

Here it is if you wanna take a look.

This is a LOT of detail if you are into that but if you just look at the very top you’ll see that there’s been two significant movements this year.

Teaser: both Steph and LeBron moved this year in the CSS all-time GOAT ranking.…
Not a #Steph or #LeBron fan—but I try to be objective with the CSS-G.O.A.T.

@BillSimmons does "pantheon rankings" great but here's mine w/ data: advanced metrics, standards, awards, & subjective rankings as well (I figure real GOATs are well-balanced)…
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🧵Día 4-Skills🧵

Seguimos con técnica individual, esta vez nos centramos en Spin Move.

A'Ja Wilson-Spin move on dribble

@_ajawilson22 ataca spin move sobre paso cero y gira sobre si misma. Centro de gravedad muy bajo para superar a su defensora.

Betnijah Laney-Spin move on dribble

@BetnijahLaney ataca spin move sin parar el bote. Usa el spin move para cambiar de mano y atacar sobre bote después de ello.

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Inside the NBA's vaccine civil war: Will Kyrie skip home games? Has the league caved to players? Does one player even get how masks work? And what's with that Moderna conspiracy theory in locker rooms?

Spoke to players+execs+docs+Kareem for @RollingStone:…
@RollingStone @Baxter @NetsDaily @ramonashelburne @TaylorRooks @TimBontemps @SopanDeb @TheSteinLine @EdgeofSports @deystreet NEWS for #NBATwitter crowd: In Delta about-face, NBA to make courtside players + staff (vaxxed or not) wear masks on bench. But union wins on no off-day testing + "suggested" distancing for unvaxxed players on team plane/bus. Last sticking point: the club.…
Kyrie's aunt told me that unvaccinated players could skip home games to dodge's NYC rule, protesting til NBA looks the other way.

League says it'll comply with law.

Aunt expects Kyrie to present evidence re "Dr. False-y," so just gonna leave this here...…
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My 2021 Heat state of the union.

Will try to keep it top level, without unpacking too much of what we plan to discuss on @5OTF_ over the next 2 months…..

And again, ultimately just one perspective.

A THREAD for #HeatTwitter :
It’s clear Plan A was Bam waiting for ext. so Heat would have been working w/ $34-37M in cap space this summer versus $24M or so….

It’s Nobody’s fault.

However MAY I SAY LOUDLY “Praise Andy”, that dude saved the situation masterfully on the fly.

I’ll explain a bit…….
By structuring the Dragic, Iguodala (& Meyers/AB if we’re counting) with team options for this summer, the team can now use Iggy/Dragic as effectively a portion of the cap space they lost by Bam getting his extension increase early.
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Paul George MVPG Season! Finished 3rd in both MVP and DPOY voting 2018-2019 Season OKC Thunder ( A Thread) Image
Paul George Regular Season
- 28 PPG (Career High)
- 8.2 RPG (Career High)
- 4.1 APG
- 2.2 SPG (Career High)
- 58.3 TS%
- +2.3 RTS% Image
Paul George Playoffs (5 Games)
-28.6 PPG (Career High)
- 8.6 RPG
- 3.6 APG
- 1.4 SPG
- 58.3 TS%
- +3.2 RTS% Image
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Ok peeps! #courtsidekaren is trending bc #LeBronJames got into a verbal altercation with her 60 yr old husband and she (who’s 25 😉) decided to #defendherMAN and got kicked out. #LakersvsHawks Monday night game. #NBATwitter is off the hook! quick break from politics/COVID lol
So we have a few issues:
1) she removed her mask and refused to put it back on
2) she was close to the players and officials (safety)
3) the altercation itself was a hot mess
4) some folks think that this was a man disrespected a woman
5) some feels that she got what was coming
6) There was alcohol
7) why are fans courtside during a pandemic
8)Racism & white privilege on the scene
9) ageism was brought up
10) The “Karen” title was it warranted or not
These are just issues being discussed all over Twitter #NBATwitter #BlackTwitter and #BlackHistoryMonth
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HT EP 02:

Tema: #NBA

Tópico: Defensa de los Lakers el día de ayer ante los Portland Blazers

¿Quieres saber las claves defensivas que los Lakers aplicaron ayer? EyesEyes

Acompáñame en este hilo, donde te lo explicaré

Para comenzar, primero es necesario mencionar a 4 jugadores que son importantes para el esquema defensivo del equipo: Danny Green, Kentavious Caldwell Pope, Anthony Davis y Alex Caruso.
Comencemos con Danny Green y KCP

📌Fortalezas: ambos son grandes defensores perimetrales, capaces de pelear las cortinas por arriba en los PnR, buenos para presionar alto y saben defender 1 vs 1

📌Consecuencia: Están en capacidad de poder defender a Lillard, Macollum o Carmelo
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A thread on LeBron James (@KingJames)

The story behind how he became one of the greatest athletes (and BRANDS) that the world has ever witnessed.

Networth : $480 M
NBA Championships : 3
NBA MVP Trophies : 4
NBA All Star Appearances : 16

@NBA @NBAIndia
Born Dec 30th 1984, to 16 y.o. Gloria James.

His father abandoned the family before his birth.

Gloria lived off of public welfare and Lebron had to endure a tough childhood. Constantly moving between dangerous, impoverished neighbourhoods Image
His athletic capabilities were soon discovered by local scouts in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

Gloria allowed LeBron to move in with one Frank Walker, a youth football coach.

Frank introduced Lebron to the game of basketball at age 9. Image
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FREE #NBATwitter / #NFLTwitter Avi Thread:

- Be Following (Im checking)
- RT the tweet
- Request the player you want
- Like replies you want to see made
- Highest liked replies get made first 👌

Gonna make as many as I can 💯 ImageImage
1. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

@TheSlimMamba @HoodieShai @RafySZN @Ol4dipoSZN @456switch2k Image
2. Victor Oladipo

@Ol4dipoSZN @HoodieShai @itsCSB__ @KawahiDaMFGOaT Image
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Free #NBATwitter wallpaper thread

- Request a player / Like a comment asking for that player
- Must be Following and RT the post

Highest requested / Liked players get made first 🤙 Image
1. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

@CarterHookDZNS @RafySZN @ShaisWRLD @gabyplayz21 @DrZeddx @TreyFrmNYC @HudsonGarth1 @kpvizualz @ON_FIRE0523 @MFut44 @caytive @ShaiBurner @WGloziers @GreekFre4k @SGAgotnext Image
@CarterHookDZNS @RafySZN @ShaisWRLD @gabyplayz21 @DrZeddx @TreyFrmNYC @HudsonGarth1 @ON_FIRE0523 @MFut44 @caytive @ShaiBurner @WGloziers @GreekFre4k @SGAgotnext 2. Luka Doncic

@DRUNKTED551 @KJM24688 @Tommy6267 @SwayYeet @5nthony @gabyplayz21 Image
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1/ Gonna need new goals for 2020 (a constantly updated thread) ImageImage
2/ Looks like @tiktok_us wants to get in on that “friends and family” round for the next Meme-lord 😂. Nowhere to go by 📈. Image
3/ Gotta say, thought I had a home run with this vid 👇:

- topical
- star power (#lukadoncic / #lebron)
- pun
- #NBATwitter 
- parodying the web’s (most?) popular property

But alas, VERY LOW ENGAGEMENT! SAD!! 😂😂😂😂😂

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My #BlacksForYang Series 21-28 October.

Sign up for Notifications each time I post...It will be like one of those Twitter Op Eds I did, helps put everything in one place.

Should @AndrewYang worry about reaching & SECURING the Black Vote? #YangGang

@AndrewYang Thread 1: Pandering Vs Meaningful Policy

In 2020..Politicians must spend more effort talking to us not at us..".that candidates’ efforts to engage black communities often focus more on symbolic gestures than MEANINGFUL interactions." #BlacksForYang…
@AndrewYang What I really want the #YangGangFamily to understand ...ANYONE specifically talking to us about our own issues different to yours is NOT PANDERING...It's pandering when it's all about style (sounding cool, playing hiphop, photo ops etc..) and ZERO fake interest.
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Here it is!

Chapter 5 of my book on BRANDS in the internet age.

"LeBron James, NBA Twitter, and the Future of Basketball"


- Naked Brands

- LeBron James

- Beats by Dre

- NBA Fashion

- The untold story of #NBATwitter

🏀… 🏀
On social media, people want to connect with PEOPLE — not COMPANIES.

Likewise, people want to connect with STARS — not TEAMS.

This article has 5 core themes:

1. "The Decision"

2. The NFL vs. The NBA

3. Marketing in the Internet Age

4. Shifts in Fandom

5. Modern Brands
"The Decision" will be remembered as a PIVOTAL moment.

LeBron transformed sports right before our eyes.

LeBron’s decision to LEAVE Cleveland set a whole host of dominos in motion, the weight of which changed the NBA forever.

Without knowing it, we were all witnesses.
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Weirdest stories of the 2018 NBA season, ranked:

1. Colangelo burner accounts
2. Markelle Fultz loses the ability to play basketball
3. Kawhi injury saga
4. Rockets/Clippers tunnel fight
5. KD burner accounts
6. JR Smith throws soup
7. LeBron takes January off to force a trade of half the team
8. Kidd tries to get Giannis to save his job or something I don't remember
9. Portis/Mirotic punch leads to Portis/Mirotic duo becoming unstoppable
10. Raptors congratulate Casey on Twitter
11. Eric Bledsoe is not at the hair salon
12. Nerlens eats a hot dog during the game
13. Terry Rozier/Drew Bledsoe bromance
14. NBA ref Twitter account starts tweeting about Fake News after 538 article
15. John Wall calls out Marcin Gortat live on ESPN
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The #TimeMachineDraft is underway at NBA Math. With personalities from all over #NBAtwitter, we're drafting specific seasons by players and coaches throughout league history to build the ultimate rosters. Draft results will come at you in this thread as the process unfolds!
We're using the real 30 NBA teams, but the order for this draft was determined in entirely random fashion.
With the No. 1 pick of the #TimeMachineDraft, @BryantKnox has selected 1988-89 Michael Jordan for the Portland Trail Blazers.
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