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You've probably heard that @FortniteGame publishers Epic are suing @Apple over the right to sell software to Iphone owners without cutting Apple in for a 30% vig on every sale. Epic wants a court to order Apple to allow software vendors to offer direct sales.

Apple apologists insist that Apple should have the right to both lock its devices so that Apple customers can only get their software through the App Store, AND that Apple should be able to cream off 30% of every sale in the store.

There's been some smart commentary on this. In particular, I recommend @saurik's long thread on whether the App Store is monopolistic (it most certainly is) and whether that's good for users or software developers (it most certainly is not).

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Medtech giant Medtronic is quite a piece of work. The company started as a Minneapolis repair shop before growing to be one of the world's largest, most profitable - and lowest-taxed, thanks to financial engineering - corporations.

Despite the company's origins in conducting unauthorized repairs on behalf of hospitals and other device owners, Medtronic (along with Apple) has led the fight to kill dozens of state #RightToRepair bills:…

Medtronic's dirty tricks campaigns against R2R are especially salient now, because the company has sabotaged its ventilators so they can't be repaired by hospital engineers without obtaining an unlock code from the company:…

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For the past ten days, I've written extensively about Mexico's new copyright law, a law that copy-pastes the US copyright system, enacted with no consultation or debate, nominally to satisfy requirements under Donald Trump's #USMCA agreement.…

The law is a disaster for human rights, undermining free speech, the rights of disabled people, cybersecurity, national sovereignty, the #RightToRepair, and other fundamental rights - it puts Mexico at a permanent, structural disadvantage relative to Canada and the US.

Like the US law it copies, the new law has numerous, seemingly reasonable exemptions that, superficially at least, appear to resolve these human rights issues. However, these are tissue-thin pretenses, unusably larded with conditions no one could satisfy.

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Medtronic's 20-year-old PB840 ventilators are workhorses, but the company has used DRM to prevent repairs by third parties. Controlling repair gives medtechs monopolist two benefits:

1. They can charge higher-than-market rates for repairs and extract "certification fees"; and

2. They can declare some units irreparable, forcing customers to junk and replace them.

The DRM Medtronic uses means that even if you swap a working monitor from a ventilator with a broken breathing unit to a ventilator with a broken monitor and a working breathing unit, the system will refuse to operate.…

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A breakthrough in the agricultural #RightToRepair fight: the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission is investigating whether it's legal for companies like @JohnDeere to bully farmers into exclusively using their repair services.…

The ACCC is investigating whether the use of DRM in tractor parts (which necessitates an expensive and useless service call to type an unlock code into the tractor's keyboard after the farmer effects the repair) and the extraction of data from farmers are legal.

Check @Jenny_Alto's commentary at @hackaday for more:…

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#RightToRepair has never been more urgent. There's a reason farmers have been on the front lines of R2R: they have pressing deadlines ("make hay while the sun shines") and are located far from service depots and transport hubs.

That's why farms have workshops and even forges. They have to rely on their own ingenuity to fix their stuff, or they have to do without, often at critical junctures.

During pandemic, hospitals taken on the characteristics of farmers: isolated from service with urgent needs. And so do we all, to a greater or lesser extent, as our stuff breaks down and no one is around to fix it.…

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Open-source and low-cost ventilators… Photo of the Umbulizer, DIY ventilator
Reminds of our radio show featuring @trklou - about 3D printing equipment in Gaza…
@trklou People posting in this "Open Source COVID19 Medical Equipment" group are already asking for help repairing proprietary ventilators.

One writes "I asked the manufacturers for service manuals but don't know if they will provide them or when." #RighttoRepair
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#Farmers are standing up for some basic needs, the #FarmersBillOfRights. We need these in order to survive as producers & caretakers of our shared land, water, soil, & communities. Join our fight!
Thanks to the original co-sponsors: @RepDebHaaland, @chelliepingree & @CoryBooker
@RepDebHaaland @chelliepingree @CoryBooker Learn more about the #FarmersBillOfRights by reading this quick synopsis:
@RepDebHaaland @chelliepingree @CoryBooker 1) RIGHT TO FAIR, OPEN MARKETS: We need #competitive marketplaces to buy seeds, supplies & goods, & sell the fruits of our labor. It's become nearly impossible for independent rural businesses to compete with multinational #monopolies. Farmers need strong #antitrust. #bustupbigag
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Just got done with our hearing in Massachusetts on #RightToRepair -- it was CHOCK FULL of examples of how stuff is getting harder to fix -- especially because repair is locked out by software. Let me share a few thoughts:
We heard example after example of how devices are being made to detect and block any repairs made outside of the manufactures universe. We also heard example after example of repairs that technicians were doing but manufacturers said were not possible.
From the little repair shop fixing phones and iPads in Walpole to the internationally known experts Louis Rossmann and Jess Jones, there are tons of repair that the manufacturers don't want to do, won't do for a reasonable price, and are locking other technicians out of.
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Nice rig. Let’s talk about @ewarren’s #righttorepair plan. Farmers have fixed their equipment forever. It’s a point of pride. But now, some large companies are voiding the warranty if you fix your own equipment. Think about this:
Your paycheck depends on time and weather. There could be a very small window, hours, where you have to get a crop in or risk losing it for the year. Then something breaks. It’s fix it, or lose income. This is where the creativity comes in.
And let me tell you, farm men and women are creative. I saw someone fix a fan belt with her bra strap once. The point is, you have to keep equipment running when you have your shot.
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It’s #RightToRepair day in California! A bill introduced by @SusanEggman, AB1163, will help protect independent repair shops and preserve the right of individual device owners to understand and fix their own property.…
Everyone is impacted when it’s hard or impossible to repair what you buy. Farmers who rely on tractors have found them stalled until authorized agents or officials with proprietary software can visit, a long wait when they're often in remote locations.
Even the environment would benefit from the right to repair, which makes recycling and reusing easier, faster—and safer.…
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In honor of the #heartlandforum today where Presidential candidates address rural communities in Iowa, here's a little primer on food and power.
First, there's a farm crisis brewing right now that we haven't seen since the 1980s. Skyrocketing farmer suicides, bankruptcies, local communities hurting badly. This is a function of corporate concentration.
Ag isn't everything for rural areas, but it matters. One in five rural counties depends on agriculture as their primary income source. 30% of Iowa's economy is tied to ag. Details in this brief.…
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