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My New Year’s resolutions are the same as they are every day:

•Stay alive, sober, and curious.
•Be as kind as possible.
•Fight like hell for the vulnerable.
•Fight like hell for the planet.

Thank you all for your support on this journey!


Many thanks to my sister in sobriety @MollyJongFast for helping me realize my sobriety now has spanned the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and into the 2020s.

More than 30 years across five decades.

Mind. Blown.

(To any alcoholics out there who have made a resolution to get sober, please don’t let the idea of decades freak you out. I literally never imagined not drinking for the rest of my life. I simply tried to stay alive one day—one moment—at a time. And I still do. Keep it simple.)
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@KMischka @JUBILEE_7DOUBLE The Ruach Ha-Kodesh is upon me heavily. Tears. This is what The Holy One told me 5 minutes ago before even logging on. These tweets are confirmation.


Good morning beloved. Billy Graham once said their lies a sleeping giant...
@KMischka @JUBILEE_7DOUBLE within the tribes of native American Indians aka indigenous Americans. It is of little wonder upon reflection of the horrors those people endured and continue to endure to this very day, that they are one of the lost tribes of Israel.
@KMischka @JUBILEE_7DOUBLE The Spirit tells me "child open you eyes and your heart a see. Behold those who have been so burdened and beaten down by evil. Till this day those are my people. You will know them by their scars. I will now begin delivery of my people.
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#NewYearsDay is when I used to resolve to lose weight by eating healthier & going to the gym.

But I'd get overwhelmed with guilt when I skipped a workout or ate dessert & eventually get discouraged.

A few years ago, I started a new ritual & its made a HUGE difference.
(2) I use #NewYearsDay as a time to take inventory of my body.

I know- that sounds like it could get awfully problematic. But this is NOT a time to catalog every fault. This is about gratitude.

And changing that one tiny thing about your mindset can change how you see yourself
(3) Here's an example. I might start with my feet, which are looking pretty rough right now. I'd notice the mangled toenail that fell off after I injured it trail running this fall.

And while I was scrubbing off dead skin, trimming nails & moisturizing my feet, I'd say thanks.
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#NewYearsDay feels all fresh and shiny and delicious.

Tell me your #NewYearsResolutions.

My then-therapist told me years ago that three is the most manageable and least self-defeating number.

So I am going for that.
1. Finish my next book by writing 20 solid pages a week so I am done before summer(it's half done already).

2. Somehow get a motorized wheelchair & wheelchair lift for the porch so I can go for "walks." I only got out of the house to go to hospital in 2018.

3. Still pondering.
To all the lovely people who were willing to pitch in to make #2 happen--you are wonderful. I am going to try to get my ridiculously expensive health insurance to pay for it. But if not, I will get someone smart to put up a Go Fund Me, because I really need this. Thank you!
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1. A few thoughts about this thorough and interesting profile of Mike Pence (thanks to @stephenbottomly for pointing me to it). There's good background here on Pence's religious ideology, ambition, and political career.…

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews
2. I have a couple of quibbles. This one is fairly trivial, but @mckaycoppins, please take note--I'm a Hoosier, and no one in Indiana considers Columbus "a suburb of Indianapolis." By now, some may consider it an exurb, I suppose, but definitely not a suburb.
3. More substantively, as is all too typical for @TheAtlantic, I find this piece annoyingly sympathetic to evangelicals' and other conservative Christians' sense of being "beleaguered." THEY. ARE. NOT. PERSECUTED. They are pathological authoritarians

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews
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FROM @realDonaldTrump

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #NewYearsDay
8chan ANONS 🙏

You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening 🍿📽️⏰
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Are you making New Year's Resolutions? There's tons of pressure in the media to change your lifestyle - but #psychology research shows that these messages can backfire badly - harming your health - so here's a short thread summarising the most interesting findings #NewYearsDay
(|1) Lots of diets/fitness regimes play on a sense of guilt - about what you're eating/how much exercise you do/screen time/stress levels. But there's tonnes of evidence that feelings of guilt can actually make you MORE likely to fail in your goals etc.…
(2) Guilt increases cravings, and depletes feelings of self-control - a bad combination! It also triggers the "what-the-hell" response, so a small lapse means that all your good intentions have been in vain, but one piece of cake can't ruin all that good work! #resolutions2019
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Wishing everyone a #HappyNewYear again! But as much as I do, I also know that EU citizens at home in the UK are worried about what lies ahead, esp. after recent revelations about #SettledStatus that confirmed that the government intend to use it to control who of us can stay. 1/
So if you want to stand with us and start the #NewYear with something positive that really helps EU citizens, become an #EUcitizensChampion on #NewYearsDay. Donations make a real difference, enabling @The3Million to continue their vital work.… 2/
I am in awe of what @The3Million have achieved. While #SettledStatus is not what we were promised, without @The3Million the rights of EU citizens at home in the UK would be in an even worse place—they have done and achieved a lot, so please support them so they can continue. 3/3
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(Thread) Did The Russians work with Paul Manafort to ensure a #Trump candidacy - as early as 2005? #TrumpRussia
2. In Mid 2005, Paul Manafort signed a lobbying deal with Oleg Deripaska…
3. By the end of the year, there were multiple stories about a Russian funded think tank being started in the United States. All of these stories involved a conversation between Dmitri Simes and Putin propandist Gleb Pavlovsky…
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#blueWave #Democrats

There is a #BlueWave2018 coming across the country! Let take a look at a few of the candidates making that happen!

Thread 1
Meet @lcmoser stand up Texans!
How about this fresh face! @kovacs4congress Let's do this Arizona !
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