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Tonight’s is going to be a very quick one,so many things to do at same time whew 😓,how was the day?
Tonight’s session will be on what reduces or cause Vitamin K deficiency,let’s go see 😍🥰😘😊❤️
I’ll give us some tonight while we continue tomorrow 💋.
Vitamin K produces protein that aids blood clotting,blood clotting or coagulation prevents excessive bleeding internally and externally.
If a person has a Vitamin K deficiency,that means the person’s body cannot produce enough of
these proteins,
Increasing the risk of excessive bleeding,the following are the symptoms associated if they:
1. Take blood thinners,or anticoagulants which prevents blood clotting but inhibit Vitamin K activation.
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We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony 😍🥰❤️,remember no testimony is too small,you alive is a testimony,so share it cause you’re an Overcomer
On tonight’s session I’ll be giving us vegetables rich in Vitamin K
Green veggies are highly rich in Vitamin K,below is the list of vegetables 🌽 rich in Vitamin K
1. Kale
2. Mustard Greens
3. Swiss Chard
4. Collard Greens
5. Spinach
6. Broccoli
7. Brussels
8. Kiwi
9. Green peas
10. Prunes
11. Soybeans
12. Avocado
13. Parsley
14. Cabbage

I take a bow 🙇🏿‍♀️ here tonight,till we meet tomorrow for another session
Make sure you Keep Fit Stay Healthy and Stay Safe ❤️😘🥰😍
Wear your nose mask 😷 please
I remain your humble #Healtheducationist #Nutritionist
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I usher you into one of your best weeks in the year 🎊🎁🎆💃🏿🎉🍾
If you don’t know what to do yet in the new year ,don’t panic sweetie 😂❤️🥰,start by not repeating last year’s mistakes
One thing to stop is Procrastination🥰😊.
Tonight Session is the benefits of Vitamin K Image
1. It helps lower blood pressure
2. It lowers the risk of cardiovascular damage
3. It helps improve overall heart health
4. It promotes healthy bone mineral density
5. It helps decrease the risk of depression Image
6. Vitamin K reduces anxiety
7. It has antioxidants properties that may help protect against cancer
This is all for tonight’s session till I meet you tomorrow Adios 🥰😊😘😍 Image
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I felt really loved today ❤️🥰😊😍,my nephew gave me a kiss 😘 on the forehead when I was taking a nap,this little angel 😇 is so sweet❤️😊🥰😘😍😚🤗.On today’s session we continue with BEANS,we can’t still finish it tonight until tomorrow
On tonight’s session we are going to look at the healthiest beans to be consumed,the cooking time for some of them and how to eat beans for us to get it’s benefits. Now let’s go 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿😊😊
1. Peas
2. Kidney beans
3. Black beans
4. Soya beans
5. Pinto beans
6. Navy beans
7. Lentils
8. Chick Peas
9. Cranberry beans
1. Black beans:This is medium sized oval shaped beans with matte black skin.They are sweet tasting with a soft texture,it takes 60-90minutes to cook.
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Handful of NUTs is packed with multiple healthy nutrients - Protein, Good fats, Fibre, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper, Manganese and Selenium. Unsalted, roasted MIXED NUTS are tasty & healthy snack of all time. #nutrition #nutrient #Nutritionist Image
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1/ Is willpower myth or muscle? Using eating & #dieting as an example, let’s discuss the science behind #willpower, when willpower fails, and what we can learn from all of this to help us break bad #habits. A long thread, but follow along to learn why willpower is really a myth.
2/ If you're a #primarycare provider trying to help patients lose weight, a #nutritionist trying to get someone to stick to a healthy #diet, or simply trying to eat better yourself: Do you ever feel frustrated, helpless or like a failure in changing #habits?
3/ Why is habit change so hard? Have we not come up with the perfect strategy? Do we simply need more #willpower (or a kick in the pants)?

For years you’ve been told that willpower is the 🔑 to breaking bad habits… but what if I told you that science says otherwise?
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