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Il Partito Comunista Italiano ribadisce il proprio impegno nello schierarsi contro la deriva bellicista e violenta di #NATO, #UE e del governo #Draghi.
In occasione del #25aprile, Festa della #Liberazione, vogliamo ricordare i valori della #Resistenza #antifascista che sono stati impressi nella #Costituzione repubblicana, nella forma del ripudio di ogni forma di #guerra.
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A causa degli #aumenti di costo delle materie prime conseguenti alle #sanzioni alla #Russia il 16% delle #aziende italiane ha già ridotto o chiuso la #produzione, con previsioni ancora più drammatiche.⬇️ Image
Come a #Torino, dove si stima un 30% di #imprese costrette a chiudere e/o interrompere la produzione, in #Lombardia, con più di 350 aziende chiuse, in #Veneto, dove si prepara una crisi agroalimentare, o in Umbria, dove #Colussi chiude e mette 300 persone in cassa integrazione.⬇️
Come sempre, a pagare le scelte scellerate dei governi sono le lavoratrici e i lavoratori, non certo amministratori delegati e parlamentari, che hanno la barca all’asciutto. ⬇️
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on parenteral #antiplatelet therapy in #neurovascular interventions. Our expert author is Fawaz Al-Mufti MD @almuftifawaz, interventional #neurologist Interventional Neurologist @NYMedcollege @WestchesterMed @neurocritical @svinsociety
2) This program is intended for #healthcare providers & is accredited for 0.5h CE/#CME for #physicians #PhysicianAssociate #nursepractitioner #nurse #pharmacists and is supported by educational grants from AstraZeneca, Bayer, and Chiesi.
3) Be sure to see prior tweetorials on #antiplatelet management, still available for credit, at…. Faculty disclosures are listed at
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Don’t miss a new accredited #tweetorial launching TOMORROW here on @cardiomet_CE. #Interventional #cardiologist, #researcher, & #SoMe education leader @DLBHATTMD will be talking all about #aspirin, its role in #cardiovascular wellness & prevention, and new approaches to . . .
1) Welcome to an #accredited #tweetorial on the foundational role of #aspirin in #cardiovascular care. There are new approaches to #aspirin formulation & dosing. This program is accredited for 0.50h CE/#CME. I am @DLBHATTMD. #FOAMed #cardiotwitter #medtwitter Image
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Don’t miss a new accredited #tweetorial launching TOMORROW here on @cardiomet_CE. #Cardiologist, #SoMe education advocate, and true #Renaissance man @CMichaelGibson will be discussing a novel #aspirin prep that has PK/PD like plain #ASA . . .
. . . but a different site of absorption--with greater predictability than ECASA. DON'T MISS IT!! @DLBHATTMD @cpcannon @AnnMarieNavar @DrM_ODonoghue @DrMarthaGulati @practicalcardio @GuyattGH @DrMauricioCohen @SVRaoMD @ASPCardio @PlateletDoc @stephanamayer #FOAMed #CardioTwitter
1) Welcome to a #tweetorial where we’ll explore how changing the formulation of #aspirin & where it's absorbed in the GI tract can ⬇️the risk of acute GI injury, but still maintain predictable absorption. This program is accredited for 0.50h CE/#CME. I am @CMichaelGibson. #FOAMed Image
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When you counsel ICU patients (>65yo)/their proxies before receiving a tracheostomy (‘trach’) and a gastrostomy (‘PEG’), what do you estimate to be the cohort’s 90-day mortality (day 0 = hospital admission)?
When you counsel ICU patients (>65yo)/their proxies before proxies before receiving a tracheostomy (‘trach’) and a gastrostomy (‘PEG’), what do you estimate to be the median number of hospital free days out of 90days in this cohort?
A🧵:When I was a fellow, we had to do rotations through a unit at MGH called the RACU - the Respiratory Acute Care Unit – basically a chronic vent unit after patients got trach/PEGs. @galbamd and @almoskow remember the heartbreak and drama in this unit all too well
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1/ pt presents with sudden onset CP at home. Takes Tylenol and goes back to sleep. Wakes up in the AM with mild CP. Goes to outside hospital with near res of pain. Trop 5 on arrival. No EKG changes. Diag cath 🔽

@HadyLichaaMD @agtruesdell @RajTayalMD @rajivxgulati @DrAmirKaki
3/ I decided to place on G2B3a and ship to me. Plans for #PCI 12-24 hours after Aggrastat marinate. Patient continues to have mild CP controlled with nitro. #EKG stable. This is image next morning.

@BotPci @yourheartdoc1 @alaa_gabi @doconmoney @AkhilGulati @Pooh_Velagapudi
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Don't miss the launch Monday of a new accredited tweetorial on optimizing duration of antiplatelet therapy after #ACS/#PCI, with expert author @mirvatalasnag leading us through the data. #ACCWIC @DrMarthaGulati @ShelleyZieroth @TYWangMD @Drroxmehran @aayshacader #cardiotwitter Image
Watch here tomorrow a new accredited, serialized tweetorial on optimizing duration of antiplatelet therapy after ACS/PCI. Earn 0.5 CE/#CME credits: #physicians, #nurses, #pharmacists! Expert faculty @mirvatalasnag. #medtwitter @academiccme #cardiotwitter #FOAMed @CardioNerds
1) Welcome to a tweetorial on optimizing duration of antiplatelet tx after #ACS/#PCI! Accredited for 0.50 credits by @academiccme! I am @mirvatalasnag . Be sure to see prior tweetorials on this topic and still earn credit at… Image
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#CMGsays: Join here tomorrow for the launch of a new accredited tweetorial on optimal management of diabetic and other high-risk patients with stable CAD, particularly those with previous PCI, to reduce the risk of MI or stroke. Expert faculty is the incomparable @CMichaelGibson
And you’ll learn how these data should impact your practice: Image
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52 yo 🙍🏻‍♂️recent hospitalized for pneumonia +#COVID19
Consult for chest pain.
#STEMI #CardioTwitter
@smithECGBlog @EM_RESUS @drdargaray @ECGQuizzes @ECGfan @ecgrhythms @ECGcorner @SIAC_cardio @PCRonline @mmamas1973 @SeNani2908 @cachoraggio Image
2/5 #STEMI high thrombus burden ⏩#PCI +Tirofiban ImageImage
3/5 Cardiogenic Shock ⏩Stent thrombosis ⏩PCI / IABP ImageImage
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#ACC21 late-breakers🧵
1/Antiplatelets: Let's start with #aspirin
❌ADAPTABLE :Aspirin 325 mg vs 81 mg in ASCVD pts
No difference in death/ MI/ stroke/major bleeding
💎pragmatic trial: EHR-identified pts
💎significant dose switching in 325 mg group…
✅Host Exam: Aspirin vs Clopidogrel in chronic Maintenance monotherapy after #PCI w/ DES
#Clopidogrel monotherapy reduced composite of death, non-fatal MI, stroke, ACS re-admission, BARC >=3 bleeding, compared to #aspirin monotherapy.
❓East Asian paradox…
✅TALOS- AMI: De-escalation ✅
In pts w/ no major events in 1st month after index PCI, de-escalation of DAPT from #ticagrelor to #clopidogrel is superior to tica-only DAPT in terms of net clinical benefit, with
⬇️decreased bleeding 🩸risk
- no increase in ischaemic risk
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Watch here tomorrow for the launch of a new accredited tweetorial on use of P2Y12 inhibitor monotherapy after PCI! Earn 0.5 CE/CME credits: physicians, nurses, pharmacists! Expert faculty @SVRaoMD. #medtwitter @academiccme #cardiotwitter
1) Welcome to a tweetorial on the use of P2Y12 inhibitor monotherapy after PCI! Accredited for 0.50 credits by @academiccme: physicians, nurses, pharmacists! I am @SVRaoMD. Image
2) This series is supported by educational grant funding from Abbott, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Chiesi, and NovoNordisk. Follow this thread for credit. And here is a case …
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Letzter Thread für die diesjährige #DGKJahrestagung mit der Zusammenfassung der

🔥Highlight Session🔥

Danke allen Organisatoren und der Administration der @DGK_org (Frau Wilke, Frau Kacmaz, Frau Kersken und allen anderen die im Verborgenen bleiben) von meiner Seite!

Danke auch meinen #DGKAmbassadors-Kollegen und vor allem meinen @AGIKinterv-Buddies (@kaschenke @HolgerNef @MarcVorpahl @thiele_holger) für tolle Zusammenarbeit für die #DGKJahrestagung 2021:
1.1/ ➡️Highlights "Experimentelle Kardiologie" by Jürgen Schrader | Düsseldorf

#DGKJahrestagung 2021
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1/8 Now that the poll has closed, I'd like to disclose that I'm with the minority (No) on this one. Rationale summarized in this thread 👇

#pci #training #appsec #swsec

cc: @shehackspurple @bilcorry @robertauger @cigitalgem
2/8 Note: My position is mostly for large enterprises - especially the ones that operate in different sectors/countries (jurisdictions) & thus are subject to multiple compliance mandates & regulations. But, one can philosophically embrace this approach for other enterprises too.
3/8 First up, if you are subject to various compliance regulations and standards, it is best to make sure that your internal security standards account for them all so that you can present a unified set of security requirements to product/engineering. No need to mention "PCI".
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Su @Wikipedia c'è scritto che Giorgio #Napolitano nel 1978 fu il primo del #PCI a ricevere un visto per recarsi negli #USA. FALSO..come dimostra #Wikileaks ci furono altri comunisti italiani prima di lui e anche Segr Gen PC di #Spagna #SantiagoCarrillo… Image
Inoltre Giorgio #Napolitano #PCI si reca negli #USA 2 settimane dopo il rapimento del Pres Consiglio Aldo #Moro...
D'altronde, già nel 1974, autorevoli membri del #PCI incontrarono il #deepstate #USA alla #Trilateral1974 a Roma..

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Our most recent analysis of PROGRESS-CTO equipment
use, building on previous work by @ArisKaratasakis et al


Pilot 200/Fielder XT remain most common antegrade GWs but %⬇️due to quick adoption of newer GWs such as Gaia 3rd.

Torquable microcatheters (Turnpike) are the most commonly used ones. Success rates when a microcatheter is used have ⬆️⬆️

2/3 Image
Retrograde approach:

Sion was the most commonly used guidewire for collateral crossing.

Pilot 200 the most commonly used for CTO crossing.

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1. rispondo a chi mi ha criticato sul cablo del 1978 in cui #Montanelli dice alla diplomazia USA: meglio un #Pinochet che un governo del #PCI. Il cablo originale è qui (inglese):… è stato desecretato dalle stesse autorità USA e ripubblicato da #WikiLeaks
2. la critica che mi è stata fatta privatamente è la seguente: lei difende la #privacy e poi diffonde il cablo di un giornalista che parla confidenzialmente con una sua fonte?
3. il giornalista #Montanelli NON parlava con una sua fonte,parlava con diplomazia della più grande potenza mondiale,che ha OBBLIGHI di trasparenza. La conversazione #Montanelli -diplomatici USA è del 1978:Dipartimento Stato l'ha desecretata dopo ben 36 ANNI
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#MoroFiles #Moro contro #Zaccagnini e la #DC

"così si rintroduce la pena di morte..non accetto l'iniqua e ingrata sentenza della DC..non credete di aver chiuso il problema liquidando Moro..chiedo che ai miei funerali non partecipino nè autorità dello Stato nè uomini di partito ImageImage
Lettera n. 17 #Moro a #Zaccagnini...mia protezione insufficiente..non cedere a responsabilità è tua, tutta fossi nella tua condizione non accetterei mai di dire si all'uccisione.. Image
Lettera N. 13 Aldo #Moro al giurista Tullio Ancora scrive contro il #PCI

Ricevo come premio dai comunisti dopo la lunga marcia la condanna a morte... Image
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#CICFiles Doc del controspionaggio #USA sulle attività anti USA-GB in Italia dei Maquis francesi e dei partigiani comunisti #SECRET (15 Maggio 1945) Image
Partigiani comunisti italiani e francesi volevano annettere il #Piemonte alla #Francia.
Problema per alleati #USA-#GBR
#CICFiles Propaganda partigiana francese richiede l'annessione del #Piemonte alla #Francia
#SECRET 15 Maggio 1945 Image
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Features of #COVID19 @ACCinTouch #CCAACC
🔹fever predominant feature
🔹cough (less often productive)
🔹cough presents on discharge (Lancet paper)
🔹 more than pneumonia
🔹 abnormal coagulation: ⬆️ d-dimer so anticoag needed
@TheLancet @Drroxmehran @CMichaelGibson @hmkyale
Rapid deterioration seen quite often. Cases below demonstrate this: #COVID19
Discussion of this dilemma of ACEI and ARBs: question still remains. We don’t have evidence to stop these and shouldn’t yet.
🔹48% have HTN, less with HTN who survive (~20%)
🔹limited data to say stop anti-RAS
🔹 need studies
@ACCinTouch @hmkyale @DrJenniferCo_Vu
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Drs @SukhNijjer, @jerd10 and @RicardoPetraco. What are your views on @DavidLBrownMD fallacies of FFR?

As a budding interventional cardiologist, I like to hear all opinions and sides to the story :)
“In conclusion, FFR in isolation is of no proven clinical value in the evaluation of patients with suspected ischemia. The ESC guidelines continue to promote an outdated paradigm for the evaluation of suspected ischemia that focuses on the focal epicardial stenosis.”
The 4 fallacies

1/4 - The first fallacy is the foundational premise of FFR that ischemia caused by a focal obstructive epicardial coronary stenosis is on the direct pathway to death or MI and therefore should be a target of revascularization
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Readdressing the validity of repeat revascularization as an outcome measure in #PCI Vs #CABG. For readers in a hurry:
1) visit @cardiomicsclub…
2) go to @JACCJournals and listen podcast…
3) read this thread! (Laziest!)
Repeat revasc has been used in multiple #PCI Vs #CABG RCTs, consistently favoring CABG, making composite outcomes mostly influenced by repeat revasc in many scenarios. Also, repeat revasc has been cited as (at least part of) the justification for recommending CABG over PCI
However, repeat revasc (alone, no associated MI) has many clinical and methdological limitations warranting deep understanding for an appropriate appraisal, summarized in this slide. First one is confounding by indication: repeat revasc is indicated, does not happen spontaneously
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1. “STEMI equivalent” #ECG patterns is crucial for every👨🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️ dealing with #ACS.
-in 10-25% pts for urgent #PCI
📍Wellens’ syndrome
📍de Winter sign
📍hyperacute T waves,
📍left bundle branch block (LBBB)
📍right bundle branch block (RBBB)

📎… Image
2.📍Wellen’s syndrome📍
(other names Wellens' sign, Wellens' warning, Wellens' waves):
is a pattern of deeply inverted or biphasic T waves in V2-3, which is highly specific for a critical stenosis of the left anterior descending artery (LAD) ImageImage
3.📍de Winter sign📍
-ECG abnormality described by de Winter et al. in 1998
-Characterized by 1-3 mm of ST-depression with upright, symmetrical T-waves
-Suspicious for proximal occlusion of the LAD
-Recognized as a STEMI equivalent by Rokos et al. in 2010 Image
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