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-We remember 1998’s #Pokhran #nuclear blasts
-But we forget acumen of PM AB Vajpayee
-He & his team took world by surprise
-No 1 expected #India to show political will
-Most devastated was #China
-China was still struggling with international image after #TiananmenCrackdown
-Letter to #USA Pres Clinton by Vajpayee gave #China as reason behind #Indian tests
-US leaked this letter to media tarnishing #Chinese image
-China had conducted 45 nuclear tests in Jul’96 just before signing CTBT
-Despite own tests China took it up itself to damage India
-In 2020 #China conducted low-yield underground nuclear test, which is in violation of CTBT
-1964 to 1969 48 #Chinese tests were carried out, 24 were in air
-China didn't care about safety of people since region was #XinJiang
-194000 ppl hv died from acute radiation exposure
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تازہ ترین اور انتہائی اہم خبر!
بھارتی خفیہ ایٹمی یورینیم ریکٹر پلانٹ جو کہ راجھستان کے علاقے پوکھران میں واقع ہے۔ کسی نےاس کے یورینیم افزودہ کرنے کے 3 کنووں میں ٹائم بم لگا دیئے۔ 2 بم پکڑے جانے پر بھارتی میڈیا خصوصا انڈیا ٹائمز خصوصی پروگرام نشر کرنے تیاری کر رہا تھا1/4
کہ اسی اثناء میں باقی خفیہ 13 ٹائم بم پھٹ گئے جن کو بھارتی موتری افواج ڈھونڈ ہی نہ پائیں تھیں۔ بھارتی فوج کے انتہائی اعلی عہدہ دار میجر جرنیل رام داس کالیا۔ کرنل وجے کمار یادو ۔ کرنل ڈاکٹر اشانت کمار پلویر اور میجر ہرچرن سنگھ ڈھلوں کے ساتھ بھارتی چینل انڈیا ٹائمز کے 2/5
اینکر پرسن کیمرہ میں سپاٹ لائٹ بوائے ڈی ایس این انجینئیر ڈرائیور اور لگ بھگ 60 کے قریب بھارتی سینک موتری بھی جل کر بھسم ہو گئے۔ بھارتی میڈیا کو فورا اس واقعہ کی کوریج سے روک دیا گیا۔ بھارتی فوج اور راجھستان کی خفیہ پولیس شدت سے 6 چرواہوں کو ڈھونڈ رہے ہیں جو 3 دن سے اس 3/5
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India celebrates 11 May as National Technology Day in honour its scientists like the ones who successfully prepared and tested India's N bomb in this very day in 1998.


On 11 May 1998, India successfully conducted tested its Nuclear arsenal at #Pokhran in Rajasthan.

Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee announced to the world that India was now a Official Nuclear Power after the successful tests

Three tests happened on 11 May 1998 followed by two more on 13 May. The Bombs were code named Shakti I, Shakti II, Shakti III, Shakti IV, and Shakti V respectively which are referred to as #Pokhran2

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22 Years back today (11-May-1998), under leadership of late PM Sh. AB Vajpayee, India re-assured position as #NuclearPower by stunning series of nuclear test in #Pokharan (II).Precisely, 3 test (Shakti-1,2,3) on 11th & 2 test (Shakti-4,5) on 13-May. Feat stunned the world. Cont..
Interesting facts:
1. India's Nuclear ambitions was evident since 1944, credit to N-programme pioneer #HomiJehangirBhabha.
2. Amidst all post-independence challenges, by 1960 N-Prgm taken shape & Bhabha estimated to have N-weapon production in a year or so when asked by Nehru.
3. N-prgm derailed due to China-India War (Oct-Nov'1962) to again pick-up pace post India-Pak '65 war, when India 'felt' need of N-weapons.
4. But now big bolt to our N-ambitions- Bhabha died (or killed?) in a plane crash in 24-Jan-66, exactly after 13 days, Lal B. Shastri...
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