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1/9 🌍 A critical factor in resource depletion and environmental breakdown is #population growth coupled with overconsumption. As our global numbers swell, our demand for resources—food, water, energy, and land—escalates, exerting crushing pressure on Earth. Image
2/9 🌊 The strain of overconsumption can trigger extreme exploitation of resources. Overfishing, for instance, can decimate marine life, while deforestation can disrupt biodiversity. Overuse of water resources can lead to dire water scarcity
3/9 🌳 Deforestation, largely triggered by population growth and consumption patterns, contributes to soil erosion, flooding, and species loss. It also intensifies climate change as trees, our natural carbon sinks, are removed, releasing stored carbon back into the atmosphere.
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1/ In context of #globaldemographics, 4 #megatrends are often referred to: population growth, population ageing, international migration and urbanization.

Here is a thread diving into these.

(Most charts are from ‘Our World in Data’. Some from UN.)
2/ To begin, for historical context, this chart

The 20th century began with 1.65 billion people in the world. It closed with 6 billion people.

This growth saw its ripple effects across the world – from economic growth to environmental impact of the century. Image
3/ Another chart for historical context – where have most of the people been living through history? Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/30/2022…
Houston, Dallas led metro area growth in 2021 even as their urban cores lost population…
#PopulationGrowth, #MetropolitanAreas, #UrbanDemographics
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/02/2021…
Crabs, octopus and lobsters feel pain, study says. They will be recognized as 'sentient beings'…

#DecapodCrustaceans #CephalopodMollusks #SentientBeings #CentralNervousSystem #PainDetection #ResearchStudy
The role of urban trees in reducing land surface temperatures in European cities…

#UrbanTrees #UrbanHeat #LandSurfaceTemperatures #HeatMitigation #DataAnalysis
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September witnessed a somewhat disappointing nonfarm #payroll gain of 194,000 jobs, which was weaker than the upwardly revised August gain of 365,000 and was well below #economists’ consensus estimates of nearly 490,000 jobs.
Clearly, there are significant #labor supply issues limiting the pace of recovery. Further, the #unemployment rate declined meaningfully, from 5.2% to 4.8% in Sept, and average hourly #earnings saw gains of 0.62% m-o-m, which brings the measure to 4.58% greater on a y-o-y basis.
The most interesting part of today’s #JobsReport, and much of the other recent #economic/corporate data, is that it’s the supply of resources that’s creating systemic pricing pressure, as well as consequently dulling growth of an #economy not lacking demand in virtually any area.
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Prompted by the shocking falsehoods in Planet of the Humans, this thread asks why so many people in rich nations claim that the biggest environmental problem is #PopulationGrowth. The conclusion will enrage some people, but I think it’s unavoidable.
Let’s take this step by step
There’s no question that population growth exerts environmental pressure. It’s one of many issues about which we should be concerned. But the global impact is much smaller than a lot of people imagine.
First, the headline figures. Global population growth today is 1.05%. That’s half the peak growth rate, reached in 1963 (2.2%). In other words, population growth is not, as many claim, exponential. The rate is falling rapidly.
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