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The latest @OECD Economic Survey of #Germany has been released!

Accelerating the green and digital transitions, modernising the public administration, reducing labour taxes, improving education and training are key gov. priorities.


1/9 Image
The economy will slowly recover on the back of a large order backlog, easing supply chain bottlenecks & a recovery in export demand.

Investment will pick up due to high corporate savings, investment needs linked to renewable #energy expansion & increased public investment.

2/9 Image
Rapid population #ageing is exacerbating labour shortages.

Improving the labour market integration of women, older and low-skilled workers, facilitating skilled labour migration, expanding adult learning opportunities and raising educational quality is key.

3/9 Image
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Today we've announced our new Challenge Networks! This new cohort of #interdisciplinary research networks will launch in September, addressing global challenges around #ageing, #ThrivingCommunities, #time, and #BiosphereSensing.
Find out more here:… Professor Stuart Taberner a...
Reimagining Ageing, led by Professor Anne Forster, @astillSL and Dr Maria Kapsali, aims to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration to develop novel, imaginative solutions to the global challenge of healthy ageing, with a focus on reducing inequalities in later life. Professor Anne Forster and ...
Remaking Places, led by Dr Radhika Borde @PaulChatterton9, Dr Helen Wright, @gselim74 and @KatyJWright1, will support place-based coalitions to reimagine, rethink, learn, act upon, and make practical interventions to build thriving, hopeful, joyful, safe, resilient places​. Dr Katy Wright, Prof Paul C...
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1/ In context of #globaldemographics, 4 #megatrends are often referred to: population growth, population ageing, international migration and urbanization.

Here is a thread diving into these.

(Most charts are from ‘Our World in Data’. Some from UN.)
2/ To begin, for historical context, this chart

The 20th century began with 1.65 billion people in the world. It closed with 6 billion people.

This growth saw its ripple effects across the world – from economic growth to environmental impact of the century. Image
3/ Another chart for historical context – where have most of the people been living through history? Image
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"Demographic-focused policies would raise global growth":… (footnote: #China's had these for decades already) @xcyale @kfzimmermann @cchukudebelu @LeoKemboi @melovely_max @MargitMolnar2 @xuqinduo @Kanthan2030
"Getting old before getting rich" is not a static trap; rather demographic transition steps ahead of economic one & should be accommodated:… @alykhansatchu @anil_sooklal @LeoKemboi @MargitMolnar2 @rodrikdani @Kanthan2030 @EconCircus @cobbo3 @IikkaKorhonen
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Ageing: an inevitable part of life. Right? Perhaps not! Recent research from @Harvardmed (10.1016/j.cell.2022.12.027) suggests that ageing may be reversible. This exciting new research may help us better understand ageing! Thread→
@joanna_kacprzyk #Ageing #Biology #Cells
Ageing is a gradual process which occurs at the cellular level in all living things. In humans, this is marked by physical and mental deterioration. Ageing also increases the risk of nearly all diseases. Though thanks to @davidasinclair, there is hope 👏(1/9).
Research published last month in @CellCellPress looked at the cause and potential solutions to ageing. One primary cause of ageing occurs in DNA, though not in the genes themselves (because that would be far too easy!). The changes actually occur at the epigenetic level (2/9).
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LIVE: Opening of 152nd WHO Executive Board meeting…
"Three years ago today, I declared a public health emergency of international concern over the global spread of #COVID19 – the highest level of alarm under the International Health Regulations, and for the moment, the only level of alarm"-@DrTedros #EB152
@DrTedros "As you know, on Friday the Emergency Committee met to consider whether that remains the case. The committee has advised me that in its view, #COVID19 remains a global health emergency, and I agree"-@DrTedros #EB152
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At which age do we start to lose muscle mass?

A thread 🧵👇

#ageing #muscle #sarcopenia
Aging is associated with the loss of muscle mass. This phenomenon is also known as sarcopenia. Around what age does this start to occur?

This study investigated the influence of age on muscle mass in a large sample of adults. Skeletal muscle mass was measured with a whole-body MRI for 468 adults of 18-88 years old. People that were bedridden, had physical disabilities, or had chronic illnesses were excluded.

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It's #HumanRightsDay & the 75th birthday of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. #UDHR75

If we were the same age as the UDHR, many of us wouldn't be enjoying the rights it defines.

How do we build on its principles to ensure later lives of meaning & dignity? Read on 🧵⬇️ Logo of the 75th anniversar...
@UNHumanRights @UN_HRC @UN4Ageing @WHO @UNDESA @UNDESASocial @UNGeneva @UN @UNFPA @IE_OlderPersons 2/ Reminder: #ageing is something to celebrate!

We are living longer than ever before. This is partly because of hard work to uphold the #UDHR.

But longer lives are not yet healthier lives for all. Our work to protect human rights needs to respond to a rapidly changing world.
3/ The #UDHR's Preamble starts by highlighting the 'equal & inalienable rights of all members of the human family'.

These human rights are 'fundamental' & must be universally recognised & observed.

⚠️ This commitment has no age limits!

#HumanRightsDay Social media tile with a qu...
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1/15: #India is late stressing re ‘getting old before rich’; What should it learn from #China - which rather has prepared for becoming ‘poor-old’ since 1980s:… @DrBhatt_Pooja @DrIanHall @BRI_SL @beltandroad1 @XiaolanF @IEAKwame @alykhansatchu @danbanik
2/15: Getting Old Before Getting Rich – What is it and What is China’s approach?… #ageing #demographics #China
3/15: Open access working paper re #China’s long-run approach to getting old before rich - its economic demography transition strategy:…
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We’re back from the last day of the @UNECE Ministerial Conference on #Ageing, starting with the Opening of the Ministerial Segment!

✅ Follow this thread for key highlights throughout the day

✅ Or join the livestream:

#AddingLifeToYears #MIPAA20Rome
Ministers from the host of #MIPAA20Rome, Italy, are now speaking on the challenges but also the opportunities of population ageing.

We are on average living longer than ever before. The @UNDecadeAgeing is our opportunity to live these extra years with health & well-being.
@dienekeita (@UNFPA) provides a strong message: we must do for older people now what we want for ourselves when we are older.

#MIPAA, #MIPAA20Rome, and the @UNDecadeAgeing all show there is political will to improve the lives of older people. That will must be backed by action.
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We're back from the @UNECE Ministerial Conference on #Ageing 2022!

✅ Follow this thread for key highlights throughout the day

✅ Or join the conversation online on the conference livestream:

#AddingLifeToYears #MIPAA20Rome
Don't forget to join us at a #MIPAA20Rome side event TODAY if you want to learn more about the @UNDecadeAgeing:

🗓 16 June
⏰ 15:50 - 16:10 CEST

#AddingLifeToYears Invitation flyer for the UNECE Ministerial Conference on Age
Zsuzsanna Jakab (Deputy Director-General, @WHO) is now on screen, introducing the @UNDecadeAgeing and how it supports the implementation of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (#MIPAA) in the @UNECE region.

#MIPAA20Rome #AddingLifeToYears Zsuzsanna Jakab, Deputy Director-General of the World Health
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Apart from parenting children we rarely discuss being #autistic AND being a #carer.
I have personal and professional experience, and I’m interested in why it’s under explored.
Search ‘autistic carer’ and it’s assumed we’re the one being cared for.
I’m focusing here on caring for relatives, family members, or friends.
It’s something many of us find ourselves doing with no training or support.
My first experience of being a carer was as a young adult.
Back then (the early 1980s) the term ‘carer’ hadn’t even been invented.
One of the hardest things was being unrecognised and unsupported by professionals.
My partner had severe mental health issues and I might as well have been invisible.
Even after my existence was acknowledged no one had direct contact with me.
I was left to try and cope alone.
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#Migration flows as an civilisational issue.
Five things:
- #community_identity
- sudden infrastructure provision
- terms of movement
- resource provision
- economic absorption.
#Ageing will also be another issue influencing how and where people move.…
Migration - people are going to move because of changing climate from food security and sudden weather events.
This will mean that receiving communities have to think about identity change. Civic leaders have to think about adaptability from their histories.
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Our latest work is now online @eLife! Studying gene exp. across #mice #lifespan, we show that tissues diverge from each other during #development but tend to converge back during #ageing - potentially losing tissue identity 🧵(1/n)
#aging #bioinformatics
(2/n) Studying gene expression trajectories, we found that developmental trajectories don't necessarily continue into ageing (gene expression trajectories show reversal). but, reversals were not shared across tissues 🤨
(3/n) We, then, hypothesised that reversals may contribute to tissue divergence during development while they are gaining a "tissue identity" but convergence during ageing as they lose their tissue-specific expression signatures 🤔
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The @OECD Economic Survey of 🇸🇰 #Slovakia has been released!

Preparing for rapid population ageing, boosting productivity & greening the #recovery from #COVID19 represent key policy priorities going forward.
After a deep economic contraction in 2020, #Slovakia’s economy is recovering.
Risks surrounding the outlook remain high. Supply disruptions are leading to volatile production and surging #inflation in #Slovakia.
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Older adults in the Czech Republic who are in newly formed or less traditional relationship types (e.g. Living-Apart-Together) report a higher frequency of sexual activity than married people…
#SexRightsAge #sex #ageing #czechrepublic
Those who are dating or living-apart-together show the highest sexual frequency and lowest incidence of chronic disease.

These findings 'suggest that sexual activity is intertwined with later-life relationships and sexual frequency may vary according to the relationship type'
The authors conclude that 'Future research may benefit from probing the extent to which partnered sex is important for maintaining bonds between older partners with separate households' #SexRightsAge
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Delighted to see my paper “The Economic Value of Targeting Aging” -written with @NuCampEconomics and @davidasinclair – published in @NatureAging…
Here is a thread explaining the main results-

#aging #longevity 1/12
Life expectancy has increased dramatically over last 150 years - most US children born today are expected to live into their mid-80s #longevity. This has shifted the disease burden towards chronic Non-Communicable diseases #aging and an increase in years spent in poor health 2/12 ImageImage
How should we value these past and future life expectancy gains? Is a compression of morbidity more valuable? What is the value of treatments that delay #aging? How does that compare with treating single diseases? 3/12
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My new book is out & open access.🥳

It reviews stereotypical (mis-)conceptions about old age & technology (design), and proposes a methodology for more inclusive and participatory public sector innovation: Co-creation.


Thread on chapters 👇
Introduction: There is an articulated need to engage older citizens in the design of digital services, but a lack of evidence concerning successful participation approaches. This book addresses this gap by reporting from three co-creation projects with older adults @MobileAgeEU
The 2nd chapter reviews dominant discourses about #ageing societies and technological #innovation. It argues that engaging older adults in design processes can reconfigure how and which imaginaries of old age and "successful ageing" are being scripted into technologies.
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Today has been ageing without children @ChildlessWeek

It is a topic I haven't considered much, perhaps as I am 40, perhaps as I don't look into the future a lot or plan for it! Image
I look forward to reading these, probably over the next few weeks, as already playing catch up with all the wonderful posts and webinars.

View posts at:…

#ChildlessNotByChoice #Childless #ChildlessByCircumstance #ChildlessCommunity #Childlessness #Ageing
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Meet Dr Jenna Ziebell, @ziebs83, a medical researcher investigating the role of immune cells in brain ageing at @WickingDementia @UTAS_

A thread👇

#neuroscience @AcademicChatter #ecrchat #ageing #dementia Image
The brain is comprised of delicate neuronal networks which allow communication of thoughts and movement. As we age, changes occur that disrupt these networks. Why and how these changes occur remains a mystery; however, one factor that may be driving these changes is inflammation
Most inflammation in the brain is regulated by a cell type called microglia. Microglia are small cells which provide support for the neuronal networks. As we age, changes happen in both neurons and microglia.
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Whilst I hate preachy posts... if anyone is trying to think of a New Years resolution, try calling your grandparents (or any relative!) at least once a week. 1/4

#KeepInTouch #Ageing #Resolutions #DoSomethingThatMatters Image
I have been, and still am, completely guilty of falling out of touch at times - everyone gets busy! But working in ageing has made me reflect on how important it is to maintain social relationships as we get older - we will all be there ourselves one day! 2/4
Strong social relationships could be as effective at reducing mortality risk as stopping smoking (50% increased survival…). You might not think you can save or extend lives, but a 5 minute phone call could make a big difference to someone you love. 3/4
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Physical Activity and Exercise –––– Their massive role in our health and wellness, at ALL ages/ stages of life.

A #curatedthread with tips and resources ––

Tags: #PhysicalActivity #Exercise #PhysicalMobility #SixthVitalSign #HealthyAging #health #wellness
More –– #PhysicalActivity #Exercise #PhysicalMobility
Tips on Getting Started…
- Craft your 'why'/purpose
- Start slowly
- U may 'love' exercising OR Not
- Be kind to U
- Use 'why'& habit, Not willpower
- Plan,Prioritize
- Be flexible
-+Resistance, +Balance
More ––––#PhysicalActivity #Exercise #PhysicalMobility #SixthVitalSign

"Common Sense Guide To Exercise and Moving More!" ––– by @CorKinetic

20 Great Tips! 👇
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The @ONS has released new analysis of the impact of the UK's #ageing population today.

So how is wealth used in retirement and how is it passed down? Here’s what IFS Associate Director Rowena Crawford found in a recent report… (1/6)
We find that working age individuals expect to draw on many sources for money in #retirement, not just state and private pensions (2/6)
On current trends, two-fifths of home owners at age 50 would be expected to move house before they die. Few currently move for financial reasons, but on average wealth is released when people move (3/6)
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Thread: Decreasing muscle mass in aging: The harmful effects and how to counteract ––

Tags: #sarcopenia #aging #ageing #HealthyAging #MSKover50 #resistance training, #weights #physicalmobility #muscle, #protein
#osteoporosis #bone #fracture #falls

Thread: 🔽muscle in #aging ––#Sarcopenia RX, prevention –––

#MSKover50 #resistance #physicalmobility #osteoporosis #bone #fracture #falls

Lifespan vs. Healthspan: Why We Need Muscle for #HealthyAging.…
Live Strong and Prosper...…
Thread: Sarcopenia in #Aging: RX, prevention –––
Biochemical Pathways of #Sarcopenia &Their Modulation by Physical #Exercise: A Narrative Review…
H/T @MathewPiasecki Tags: #MSKover50
LT: Key RE: onset & progress
RT: Rec. of @ACSMNews & @American_Heart
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