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#AFG | Knock-on Impacts of Restrictions Against Women

In #Samangan province, Tahminah Women's Park & Marketplace has become inactive due to increasing #poverty and #unemployment rates, and Taliban restrictions on women's freedom of movement (1/11)

🧵 AW research👇
On 14 May, the Afghan newspaper Hasht e Subh Daily reported on its website that the Taliban closed a park and women's market in Samangan.

The park was the only recreation facility and marketplace for women and girls in the province. (2/11)…
AW followed up on this news with a number of sources on the ground, including a former employee of the department of women's affairs, a local journalist, and a civil #activist in Samangan in order to find out more. (3/11)
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#tomwolf #pennsylvania
PPL need to KNOW the truth
1. PA dem Gov TomWolf attended this secret summit. His name is listed. The theme was titled #Resistance. Secretive Liberal Donor Summit Increases Security, Changes Itinerary
2. Pa Gov zoom Wolf joined
Soros, Pelosi Meeting To Fund And Plot Democratic ‘Resistance’…
3. Here's the documents from the meeting…
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#वाचाच #unemployment
मित्रहों, आपल्या देशात वाढत जात असलेल्या बेरोजगारीचे भीषण वास्तव समोर येत आहे. देशातील युवकांनी महागडे आणि उच्च शिक्षण घेऊन सुध्दा नौकरी मिळत नाहीये हि आपल्या देशातील युवकांची खूप दयनीय अवस्था झाली आहे असे दर्शवते.
हि दयनीय अवस्था सत्ते मध्ये बसलेल्या लोकाच्या आशीर्वादाने उद्भवलेली आहे. गेल्या पाच वर्षांत 2.1 करोड नौकऱ्यांची घट आपल्या देशात झाली आहे. आणि 45 करोड लोकांनी नौकरी शोधने सोडून दिले आहे. @Sangharshspeaks @Am_here_DURGA @SirRavishFC
Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) च्या रिपोर्ट नुसार नौकरी न मिळाल्याने महिला वर्ग सर्वात जास्त हताश झाला आहे. महिलांना त्यांच्या योग्यतेनुसार नौकरी मिळत नाहीये. आपल्या देशात 2017 ते 2022 च्या मध्ये एकुन कामगाराची संख्या 46% वरुन घट होऊन 40% वर आली आहे.
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Thanks to this story, there is renewed interest in understanding the truly alarming state of #UnemploymentInIndia.
I have been writing on #unemployment consistently. Here's a THREAD of some of the recent explainers I wrote for @IndianExpress (1/n)…
This is a good starting point to understand the issue at hand and to gain some conceptual clarity.
The data in all my pieces is either from #NSSO or @_CMIE…
Here's how we compare with our Asian peers.…
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While this statement by 🇩🇪 Ambassador to the U.S. Emily Haber sounds positive and agreeable enough, I think it is too optimistic about recent 🇩🇪 policy and puts wrong emphases at every turn. Here’s why in a 🧵. 1/n.
1. The „sea change“ in 🇩🇪 foreign, security, and energy policy (exporting arms to 🇺🇦 and “cutting“ 🇷🇺 energy imports) is overstated. Of course, policy is changing. However, 🇩🇪 provided military supplies to war-torn areas in the past. The shift is not paradigmatic. 2/n
🇩🇪 supplied arms to the regional Kurdish government in the fight against the IS in 2014.… Also, praise for an #embargo that is only planned for 2024 seems misplaced given the urgency of the war in 🇺🇦. Plenty of time for the status quo to change. 3/n
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Pretty disappointed with how #TheBusiness portrayed me. I told a much larger story than this, and though it is well summed up with an angst around affordability that doesn’t go away, including rent, petrol, food, essentials (not mentioned) it was so much more than that. #auspol
There was no mention of the #RoyMorgan #unemployment statistic of 8.5%, nor that the ABS figure of 4% is fanciful in not counting anyone as unemployed who works just one hour a week, or has weeks off having worked in the gig economy, or who is sick, injured, etc. #auspol
That employees are working those #jobs created by the need to clean up after the recent #floods. That right now employment going down - is to be expected - as the #casual labour market has soaked up the extra workers needed and under and unemployed people have stepped up. #auspol
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🇺🇸 #Jobsreport: Springs forward in March
🟢Payrolls +431k
🟢Private +426k
▶️Gds +60k
▶️Services +366k
🟢Gov +5k

🟢Revision: +95k

#Unemployment 3.6% (-0.2pt)
✅Part rate 62.4% (+0.1pt:post #Covid high)

⬆️Wages +0.4% m/m & +5.6% y/y

❌Jobs shortfall🆚pre-#Covid: 1.6mn
While jobs growth moderated in April, this report continues to show a very robust and historically tight labor market.
Here are the 4 key elements in this report:

1. Payroll growth was softer than in prior months, but still broad-based

2. Unemployment rate fell to a new post-pandemic low

3. Sidelined workers rejoined the labor force

4. Wages advanced moderately.
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Make money in S.A by trying these ideas.

Make between R1 500 -R8 500 a month.

Learn how 👇🏽
Some of these ideas require a small cost to start, others don’t.

Some things to consider before we start:

• People pay for convenience
• People pay for solutions to problems
• People pay for social status
Buyers are triggered mainly by a few underlying factors when purchasing a new product/service

Their motives could be as follows:

• Necessity/convenience
• security
• Identity and belonging
• Price
• Peer pressure
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Dear Job Seeker,

#Unemployment is a condition no one enjoys.


It's hard! Really hard! But this moment can be the best in your life in your career. It was the best moment in my life.

Read on with me:
Being jobless can be challenging. It can bite hard into your bones, making you look like a false reflection of your true self.
Depending on the length, it can make you lose confidence in yourself and give up on life entirely.
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Quick thread on 2022, Ukraine and India
Q: Why does it feel like everything's falling apart since Ukraine ?
A: Things were already pretty bruised. Ukraine has ripped the band-aid off 1/n

Link to my story :…
#UkraineRussianWar #India @thewire_in
Inflation is now a full-blown problem. Estimates indicate that EVEN if the central government were to cut fuel taxes average CPI inflation for FY’23 could shoot past the RBI’s plimsol line of 6.0%. #inflation #Crude #India #UkraineRussianWar
Growth is now also in question. ICRA sees “large downside risks” to its 8% GDP target. Nomura says there’s downside risks to their GDP growth outlook (7% for 2022), HDFC’s GDP growth forecast might see a further downward revision to 7.3-7.5%.
#India #CrudeOil #Growth #Ukraine️
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Why you should start a Stokvel?

(Thread) 👇🏽
• Firstly,

What is a Stokvel?

They are saving schemes in South Africa where members contribute fixed sums of money to a central fund on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis

Traditionally they’ve been used mainly for consumption and not investment

*Money in 🔜 money out
If Stokvels were a province it would be the second biggest province in South Africa.

They are unequivocally important to the SA economy and a lifeline to millions. #economy #Africa
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U.S. Feb. Nonfarm Payrolls: 678K, [Est. 400K, Prev. 481K]
U.S. Feb. Unemployment Rate: 3.8%, [Est. 3.9%, Prev. 4.0%]
#US #NFP #Nonfarm #Unemployment
U.S. Feb. nonfarm payrolls change highest since July 2021, unemployment rate lowest since Feb 2020.
#US #NFP #Nonfarm #Unemployment
Job growth was widespread, led by gains in leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, health care, and construction.
#US #NFP #Nonfarm #Unemployment
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Esto pasa en CUBA, todos los días, contra personas que piensan y se expresan libremente.

Los simpatizantes de la dictadura seguro saldrán con alguna rebuscada justificación para tanta bondad policial.

#CubaEsUnaDictadura y hay que decirlo, mañana, tarde y noche.

Primero fue, CUBA.

Le siguió, VENEZUELA.


Próximamente, CHILE.

Y, DESGRACIADAMENTE, desde hace muchísimos MESES, nuestro país, ESPAÑA.




P E S T E R O J A.

Y se puede decir más ALTO, pero no más CLARO.


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This week all eyes will be on #Budget2022. #OUTA compiled some #tips for the Minister of Finance & @TreasuryRSA which we sent to them about 2 weeks ago. Here's our list:
#Budget2022 priorities
OUTA wants to see these as top priorities in Budget 2022:
#Funding to decisively combat & PROSECUTE #corruption.
Concrete ACTION to promote #economicgrowth & address #unemployment.
#Budget2022 Fund the #WarAgainstCorruption
Ensure ample funding for prosecuting state capture, corruption and tax evasion, for @sarstax @RSASIU Hawks & @NPA_Prosecutes.
Ensure support for whistleblowers.
Fund new oversight bodies as recommended by @StateCaptureCom.
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#Economy: In India, with huge population, most being poor/low income group, high taxes on consumer goods, services, essential items is bad policy. It makes many products/services unviable for a large section of the population, leading to low sales & lower collection of taxes. /1
#Unemployment: High taxes also rob businesses of fair profits. Many work with low profit margins in order to not make pricing (inclusive of taxes) unaffordable. This puts extra stress on quality, R&D, delays growth, restricts market size & impacts jobs creation negatively. /2
#Inequality: High taxes make many products/services out of the reach of the poor/low income group/middle class creating lop sided social/economic growth, increasing social inequality/income disparity, leads to inflation & bad for internal security, happiness index as well./3
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#SalilTripathi, a 38-year-old restaurant manager, who also worked as a @zomato delivery executive to make ends meet for his family, died after a #DelhiPolice constable allegedly rammed his SUV into him. The incident took place in Rohini on Saturday night.
Salil worked as a manager at Ricos in Hudson Lane and had taken on the #Zomato job to earn extra, said his family. Police said the constable, Zile Singh, allegedly rammed his car into Salil’s bike near Baba Saheb Ambedkar hospital before hitting a DTC bus.
Videos from the incident uploaded on social media show locals taking photos of the damaged car. Constable Singh is seen sitting inside in his police uniform and is surrounded by onlookers, who catch hold of him. Locals alleged he was speeding and driving rashly.
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Hey Twitter! It's been a while. I used to write here all the time hanging out with #scifichat, #comicschat, #litchat, talking about #science, #tech, #autism and a dozen other topics which broadened my horizons and let me share my diverse interests in almost everything.
Then my life got incredibly busy. My son went to high school and coupled with his #autism, our lives became super-complex. I lost my job and my car gave up the ghost after four years of @Uber. Then the unthinkable, my wife experienced #renalfailure.
4 years ago, she underwent an operation for #peritoneal #dialysis. This form of at-home dialysis would let her take care of her renal needs at home avoiding the need for external #hemodialysis centers. In hindsight, this may have saved her life.…
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please, can you help me understand? …thanks [easy read w/ @threadreaderapp unroll ]

Public Announcement:
Legal language "irrevocable" replaced by even harder to understand to I am safe to say most people who need #unemployment by
To summarize,
if you qualify in FL, and want
to apply for #unemployment, #GovernmentState requires to provide for Government Benefits,
required to collect by
* Facial Biometrics:
* Voiceprints:
it simply means, do as WE GOVERNMENT STATE says, or no benefits!

If you have #journalist #report
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U.S. Dec. Nonfarm Payrolls: 199K, [Est. 400K, Prev. 249K]
U.S. Dec. Unemployment Rate: 3.9%, [Est. 4.1%, Prev. 4.2%]
#US #NFP #Nonfarm #Unemployment
US Treasury yields fall after NFP; 10-year yield last at 1.7266%.
The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for Oct was revised up by 102,000 to +648,000, and the change for Nov was revised up by 39,000 to +249,000. With these revisions, employment in Oct and Nov combined is 141,000 higher than previously reported.
#US #NFP #Nonfarm
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Best way to reduce unemployment?
How to reduce unemployment -2?
How to reduce unemployment -3?
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As @Neil_Irwin reports for the @nytimes, the 210,000 jobs added was a weaker figure than forecast, but there is a bit of good news in today’s unemployment report. Notably, Black and Hispanic #unemployment went down 1.2% and 0.7%, respectively. 1/3…
But regardless of what today’s headline figures say, we won’t really know the truth about November’s job numbers until the True Rate of Unemployment (#TRU) is released by the Ludwig Institute for Shared Economic Prosperity (#LISEP) later this month on 2/3
Our calculations include those who can’t find full-time work and who are making below a poverty wage – providing a much clearer picture of the economy. October’s TRU told us 23.5% of Americans were functionally unemployed. 3/3
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/18/2021…
Family spared trial over mummified remains of woman found on mattress…

#MentalCondition #JusticeSystem #UnitedKingdom
Where will the next pandemic begin? The Amazon rainforest offers troubling clues…

#pandemic #viruses #zoonosis #ClimateChange #deforestation #GlobalWarming
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/16/2021…
Horse meat and blowfish chips for sale? Company makes chips with flavors of ‘banned’ foods…

#foods #flavors #production #marketing
Measuring progress in megawatt: Colonialism, development, and the “unseeing” electricity grid in East Africa…

#electrification #EastAfrica #colonialism #EconomicDevelopment #PostIndependence #NationalEconomies
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