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Do you know the story of #coffee?

Sure you get it from Starbucks or grind it at home but its story was not as simple as farm to pot

The story involves dancing goats, Fatwa, babtization, kings, revolutions, patriotism, Beethoven

Coffee has a rich & troubling history

☕️ Thread
1/ 1st, the legend:

Legend has it that an #Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi witnessed his goats gamboling after eating coffee shrub’s red fruit. Perplexed, Kaldi tried the fruit himself and realized the same effect on him. A monk witnessed it & took some of the fruit with him.
2/ Now, the history:

The coffee plant and fruit has been used for 1000s of years but it wasn’t until the 13 century when the beans were roasted, which sky rocketed its popularity. Coffee originated in Ethiopia but it was across the Red Sea, in #Yemen, it was first cultivated.
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🛂 From April 12th, the Govt made it a legal requirement for businesses to request customers check into premises by scanning a QR code or using a sign-in book.

We urged people to stop using their phones as this was about compliancy & testing #VaccinePassports for later on.
After querying if @NHSX guidance on exemptions set a date for #VaccinePassports in #England, i.e. mid Dec - we received info from a source who called 119 shortly after exemptions were announced.

They received the paperwork 8th October.

Further confirmation Plan B = Plan A.
So what can we all do about it.

✅ Continue to pressure MPs to vote against these measures.

✅ Get involved in rallies & 'Yellow Board' protests.

✅ Support local businesses & ask them to *reject* #vaccinepassports

✅ Increase our solidarity & non compliance.
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✈️ A short guide on how to beat #VaccinePassports, Day 2/8 testing & quarantine using a 'transit exemption' arriving into #England from non red list countries

1⃣ Book a cheap flight with a low cost carrier to the EU mainland. This will be your 'onward journey'.

(contd.) 👇
2⃣ If you're unvaccinated, fill out the UK Passenger Locator Form *carefully* as some things have updated.

After entering your passport number/expiry, you'll then reach 'Your COVID-19 vaccination status'.

Choose 'No/Prefer Not To Say' & continue...
3⃣ Next will be 'Your Travel Plans', select 'Stay in the UK' & continue.

4⃣ After filling in some other sections e.g. flight details, arrival/departure dates, accompanying minors, you'll come to "Self-isolation in the UK"

Choose "Government approved exemption" & continue.
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Hidcote garden, Cotswolds, Chipping Camden, #ENGLAND

Our culture is worth fighting for.
@zarahandley @Architectolder @miriammilenaria This is what I was thinking when I planted this garden in my home near Niagara Falls, NY. I've planted so many gardens, moved too many times. I want to plant a garden and stay to enjoy it.
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I am not writing this (thread) for any hater now, it's for myself and the ones who have always supported him, and still believe in him...

#IPL2021 #CSKvRR #CSKvsRR #Csk #SamCurran #WhistlePodu #Yellove @ChennaiIPL @CurranSM
Let's begin from 2018 itself, international debut at 19- impressive.
MOTM in second match itself.
MOTS in his first series.
Contributed with both bat and ball.
And agree or not single handedly defeated India.
Had a banger Test series against Sri Lanka in the same year.
#ICC named him as one of 5 breakout of 2018 men's cricket.
Wisden chose him as one of the 5 cricketers of the year...
Got selected by #PBKS for #IPL 2019, took 10 wickets in 9 matches batted with 170+ sr lower down the order with a 50+ notout score too...
But Punjab releases him.
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#YEMEN:CBY Sends Warning Letter to Bank of #England
The Central Bank of Yemen (CBY) warned the Bank of England of serious repercussions regarding its intention to release the Yemeni assets it has in favor of the Central Bank in #Aden.
“The Central Bank addressed the
Bank of England, objecting to granting the Central Bank in #Aden the authority to dispose of Yemen’s funds frozen in it since 2016,” the #CBY said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

It pointed out that the release of those funds and granting the authority to dispose of them
to the Central Bank in #Aden is unjustified, and will lead to significant damage to the rights of the people.

The CBY clarified that the Bank of England’s implementation of any agreements with persons of non-legal capacity is a violation of the constitution and #Yemeni law
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And so the adventure begins!
Step 1 of the adventure and pretty fucking horrified at the insane queue for Fast Track security in @DublinAirport. Joined q for 5 minutes and moved about 1 meter. Left and accessed the main security lane instead. Moving much faster. Thanks so much @GrantThornton €7.99 wasted
Likely to be one of the last times I fly this airline @British_Airways due to their absolutely appalling decision to withdraw status privileges in Dublin Airport (and many other airports in Europe) from their loyal customers but for today I’m stuck. @HeadForPoints @turningleftfor
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Thursday's #Coronavirus megathread starts here with the best #Covid19 global analysis and round up available on Twitter.

First a little quiz, answer in the next Tweet:
Do you know which country has had the most recorded cases of Covid19 as a percentage of population?
So I hope there was no cheating... I'll leave some blank lines here too in case some later viewers don't want the answer just yet...
So the nation with more #Covid19 cases than any other based on population is highly vaccinated #Seychelles at more than 20% infected.
Today I spent quite a long time being filmed/interviewed by @bbcturkce about #Covid19 and #Turkey. Not sure how much they will use, let's see.

Coincidentally the cameraman Efe, just happened to be in Kyiv as one of those using Ukraine for a 10 day stop off to avoid hotel prison!
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Wednesday's #Coronavirus megathread starts here, with all the data, news and analysis as #Covid19 continues to cause problems.

Slightly less mega today on the thread as I am working abroad and struggling for time and internet. Doing my best!
Starting with the case numbers from the islands of #Greece which I couldn't publish yesterday.

Broadly heading in the right direction, with exceptionally good numbers from #Crete again and #Zante

#Mykonos surges again and is still the most infected island.
2/3 #Covid19 cases Tuesday on the islands of #Greece

#Crete 196 (-148)
#Corfu 53 (-15)
#Andros 1 (-9)
#Chios 24 (+8)
#Ikaria 11 (-10)
#Ithaca 2 (-1)
#Kalymnos (-1)
#Karpathos (-1)
#KeaKythnos 1 (+1)
#Kefalonia 9 (-1)
#Kos 10 (-2)
#Lefkada 24 (-9)
#Lemnos 2 (-3)
#Lesbos 33 (+1)
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The daily #Coronavirus megathread for Tuesday starts early, from Manchester airport.

Because of the early start I missed a few countries from yesterday's thread, first I'll update these #Covid19 totals. Tweets during the day may be delayed due to travel & connectivity issues
1/3 #GreekIslands - yesterday cases nudged lower again in #Greece and there were some very promising data from the islands too.

#Crete cut new cases of #Covid19 by 43% while for #Corfu it was a 48% fall and #Rhodes saw a reduction of 38%.

#Samos and #Chios need watching...
#Greece - #Covid19 on the islands yesterday vs previous week

#Crete 129 (-98)
#Corfu 26 (-24)
#Andros 2 (-1)
#Chios 22 (+11)
#Ikaria 3 (+1)
#Kalymnos 4 (-6)
#Kefalonia 4 (-4)
#Kos 9 (-4)
#Lefkada 5 (-7)
#Lemnos 4 (+3)
#Lesbos 19 (-4)
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@arimoin cAn YoU iMaGiNe HoW mUcH wOrSe He'D bE iF hE wAsN't VaCCinAtED?!? 🤪
Is the science too hard to follow? Don't worry about it! Just remember that #VaccinesWork!

#BelieveScience 🤪

40% of Onondaga County, #NewYork positive cases since July 1 are "fully vaccinated. Does that mean the vaccines aren’t working? No ... Vaccines...are aimed at keeping people from getting severely ill — and they’re doing that."…

#MovingTheGoalPosts Image
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1/Only criminal mind can revive the memory of a tragedy for a GREAT NATION who profoundly traumatized by the invasion of West #Terrorists.
It’s expected @mfa_russia to appropriately punish the ignorant @RusEmbIran not to dance to West agents’ tune/cia mi6& learn moral principles ImageImageImageImage
2/History is full of #HumanRights violation by PSYCHOTIC barbaric leaders
Psychological tests& #Psychotherapy must be considered as an essential& mandatory rule for leadership, otherwise they must know the consequences of going through the..
#India #Bengal
3/prehistoric obsolete policy would be FATAL!
Even MENTAL RETARD persons are fully aware of the geopolitical changes in the region! #IRAN
The #MiddleEast irresponsible leaders/West-puppets, are the source of their Nations’ misery.
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🧵As coronavirus continues to kill thousands per day, it's important to humanize their deaths. This thread is dedicated to the countless #SoulsLostToCovid worldwide. By telling their stories we'll ensure that their memories live on.
🇧🇷 23 y.o. Isabel Aquino, law student from João Pessoa, Paraíba #Brazil passed away from COVID. Two months later, her father Sandro Freitas Aquino, 56, passed away from the same disease #SoulsLostToCovid 1/30…
🇵🇪41 y.o. Alonso Espino Lobatón, better known as Rapper One, music producer, freestyler & icon of hip hop from #Peru lost his life to COVID. He leaves a wife and 4 children. #SoulsLostToCovid 2/30…
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Man admits assaulting chief medical officer Chris #Whitty in #London | Jul 30
- Lewis Hughes, 24, admitted the assault at Westminster Magistrates’ Court after the Gloucestershire professor was accosted in St James’s Park in central London on June 27.…
Behaviour of man who accosted #England's chief medical officer ‘shocking and disgraceful’ | Jul 30
Lewis Hughes was sentenced to eight weeks in prison
- A second man, Jonathan Chew, 24, from Chelmsford, Essex, pleaded not guilty to the same charge.…
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Warum in #Deutschland ein überfordert und fehlinformiert wirkender Armin #Laschet - dem zudem immer wieder seine #Lügen aufgezeigt werden - zum #Bundeskanzler werden kann?
Mit nur noch 17% Zutrauen durch die Wahlberechtigten?
Ein Thread (mit Hilfe von @GeorgeMonbiot) Image
Kurz nach der Wahl in #Grossbritannien 2020, die Labour verloren hat und die den "Politclown" Boris #Johnson an die Macht spülte, analysierte der Journalist @GeorgeMonbiot in knappen 10min. Video die Gründe. Brilliant und wichtig, vor allem für die #Btw21
Weil er schmerzhaft die Ursachen auf den #Punkt bringt, versuche ich im #Thread, seine Aussagen über Grossbritannien sinngemäss für #Deutschland zu übersetzen und die Beispiele zu adaptieren. Hat mich erstaunt, wie einfach das oft ist.
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“the vaccine is less effective in preventing transmission, but ... still very effective in preventing hospitalization and severe cases”…

It's hard to see how the vaccines can actually end the pandemic if they're driving the evolution of resistant variants. Image
#Israel, July 23: "The Health Ministry reported a rise in serious coronavirus cases on Friday"…

@GVDBossche, April 28: "It's just a matter of weeks for a surge in Israel to occur due to resistance of the virus to vaccinal antibodies in vaccines" Image
@GVDBossche Provincetown, #Massachussetts: "a cluster of Covid-19 cases ...following the July 4th weekend ...two-thirds or more of these positive cases are people fully vaccinated"…

Also Provincetown: "the highest vaccination rate in the state"… ImageImage
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At least 25 killed and 200,000 displaced by evacuations as torrential rain floods China's Henan province
Flooding in Turkey's Black Sea region
In Russia, a suspension bridge by the village of Uryum, east of Chita, collapsed when a truck tried to drive over it. The driver survived. Dozens of villages are flooded in this area of the Trans-Baikal region.
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"According to federal health officials, 99.5% of deaths from Covid-19 are now among the unvaccinated. That is a real testament to the power of the vaccines."…

I'd say it's a real testament to the power of propaganda.
“The takeaway message remains, if you’re vaccinated, you are protected. You are not going to end up with severe disease, hospitalization or death.”—@celinegounder…

"You cannot prove a vague theory wrong" —Richard Feynman Image
-75% of Covid infections are in vaccinated people.
-75% of the population is vaccinated.
-The vaccines were claimed to have 94%-95% efficacy.

I guess that's just how math works? 🤔

Anyway, obviously #VaccinesWork! 🤪
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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 In #England, 28 year-old Darren was admitted to the ICU due to COVID. #TheySurvivedCovid 🎥:@NHSEngland
🇺🇸 24 y.o. Blake Bargatze from #Georgia contracted COVID during April at an indoor concert in #Florida. He wishes he was vaccinated after spending months in 3 different hospitals and needing a double lung transplant. #TheySurvivedCovid… Image
🇺🇸 25 y.o. Marcus Hartford, chef from Toledo #Ohio contracted COVID in April from a birthday party at the restaurant he worked at. He spent 81 days on an ECMO machine, but still needs a ventilator to help him breathe. #TheySurvivedCovid… ImageImage
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This is incredible! Bravo bravo bravo Shaista, Amna, Huda aka #TheThreeHijabis for your incredible work and petition to ban racists for life from all football matches in #England!
Thank you @shaistaAziz, @hudzyboo and @AmnaAbdul1983 aka #TheThreeHijabis for your powerful activism!…
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Boris Johnson & many others dismissed taking the knee as "gesture politics", failed to condemn "fans" booing the #England team, & consistently downplay clear evidence of structural & institutional #racism, yet the Head of MI5 says racism in England is "toxic" & "widespread". 🤔
In 1998, Frances Heidensohn discussed how since the 1970s, law & order issues are subject to 'gesture politics' (political actions or statements that are chiefly symbolic & have little or no practical effect), rhetoric, & simplistic solutions - as practiced mainly by the Tories.
Ex-banker & failed Brexit Party candidate James Bartholomew regards the welfare state as "dysfunctional", & his his book 'The Welfare State We're In' received awards from the free-market IEA & Atlas Foundation.

He coined the term "virtue signalling" in a 2015 Spectator article.
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It is time for men to learn from women how to play football.
1/ #ItsComingHome #EURO2020 #CopaAmerica
In 2015, I went to the quarter final and the semi final of the women's World Cup in Montreal and saw the US beat France in the former and beat Germany in the latter.

If queer is the opposite of heteronormativity, it was the queerest--and joyously so--sporting environment.
The stands were full of outsiders: women with babies, teenage girls-- a demographic I rarely see in televised men’s games--with their faces painted in the colors of their teams and men there alone. #ItsComingHome #Euros2021 #CopaAmerica2021 📷 @rerutled Mona with red hair and a pa...
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To the Conservative MPs saying Marcus Rashford should have been doing his job...

..he was busy doing yours.
Almost every single Tory MP voted AGAINST feeding poor school children #FreeSchoolMeals with our money, whilst we paid them..

..Conservatives miss the goal 98.5% of the time. Tory MP voting on Free School Meals
What @GarethSouthgate's @England team gave us in this tournament was much more valuable than the cup.

They gave us unity by showing us their humility and compassion. We will not go quietly while politicians like Boris Johnson & Priti Patel condone racism.

We'll #StandUpToRacism Rashy kneeling
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