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Prompted by @LynnFOI, a [Thread] on the #NHSTrusts that cut #commercial deals to #copy their patients' data* to (formerly) Lord Drayson's now-delisted "AI" company, @SensyneHealth

First up, it's...

*More info on the nature of the data they sold here:

Lord Drayson and his wife have a 22.8 per cent stake in the
1) @OUHospitals (Oxford University Hospitals) took £5 million in @SensyneHealth shares for its patients' data in July 2017:…

It LOST £9.2 million on the value of those shares, HAS copied patients' data, and HAS NOT terminated its contract with #Sensyne...
2) @nhsswft (South Warwickshire Foundation Trust) received £5 million in @SensyneHealth shares, in a deal cut in 2018:…

The Trust HAS NOT said how much value it lost; it HAS copied #identifiable* patient data; and it HAS NOT terminated its contract...

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Hmm. Are you 100% certain about that, Dom? @NHSEngland's #PrivacyNotice for the #COVID19DataStore clearly states otherwise 👇…

The #dashboards may(?) only show aggregate numbers, but those numbers were generated from individual-level data...
…i.e. from #PersonalData, as is also clearly stated in the #DPIA 👇…

Indeed, it says the strategic dashboard "will display ... record level pseudonymised data” and (as a data expert) you will of course know that #pseudonymised data is #personal data…
...and has been *in law*, as well as in practice, since at least May 2018.

@ICOnews published some helpful (draft) guidance just last month that can point you in the right direction if there's any confusion:…
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So let's unpack this.

We hear a lot about "#dashboards"; we were even promised sight of one, back in March* - though we've not seen it yet.

But what are they, in reality?

*… ImageImage
Well, for starters, we know quite a bit about @NHSEngland's 'dashboard(s)': back in March, @MattHancock gave it powers to DEMAND confidential patient information from care providers*, for (broadly defined) "#COVID19 purposes"...

Under the #COPInotices:…
...and we know @NHSEngland's hoovering up *at least* 70 different datasets into its #DataStore (the list at is no longer comprehensive due to the controversial contents of some of the datasets).

As its "#PrivacyNotice" points out,… Image
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Except it's *not* "NHS" #TestandTrace in any meaningful way, as you are well aware!

Setting aside the #Serco/#Sitel & #LighthouseLabs debacles, the legally-required #PrivacyNotice:… asserts @PHE_uk is the data controller - though @DHSCgovuk is clearly...
...calling the shots. Neither @DHSCgovuk nor @PHE_uk are 'the NHS'.

Passing something off as 'NHS' when it's not breaks *all sorts* of rules; indeed, @NHSEngland is responsible for administering the NHS (Brand) Identity Principles:… - brand 'value' that... currently being spent at a rate equivalent to the hundreds of millions going to the aforementioned debacles.

In permitting this 'passing off', NHSE/I/X shows it hasn't a clue, nor the commercial expertise at the Centre, to be trusted with its OWN name - much less ours!
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Sorry, @MattHancock, "...the sheer quantity of #information and #transparency we're putting in the public domain"??! [time code 1:37]

You are shitting me, right?

@Foxglovelegal & @openDemocracy had to threaten to *sue* to get you to release a handful of 'agreements', lacking...
...much of the meaningful detail of what's going on; @NHSEngland's supposed "Single Point of Contact" and "transparent" IG & oversight processes are nowhere to be seen, while tens of millions of #NHS patients' data has been processed for MONTHS; we still haven't seen hide nor... of the public #dashboard your @NHSX leadership team promised in *March*; and @NHSEngland/X's current '#PrivacyNotice' to patients, being neither #fair nor #transparent, is #unlawful.

Stop waffling! Be #transparent (and lawful!) or the #trust you need will simply vanish
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