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⭐️Seven Immortals of Hindu Vedic History


#Hindutva #Vedic #Purana #Sanatan #India
1. Maharshi Ved Vyas
A sage who narrated the Mahabharata to Lord Ganesh who wrote it. He was also sage in all the Chaturyugs.He was blessed by Lord Vishnu and was the Maharshi who parted Vedas thus the name Vedvyas. Image
2. Mahabali
Righteous demon king also known as often called King Bali who lives in patal lok and this king of the patal lok. He was sent and made the king of patal lok by the Lord Vishnu incarnation of Vaman. Image
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🧵Trimurtis' advent

Generally people think that: Vishnu was already there & Brahma-Rudra arise later without having been in the beginning. By that, both of them are considered to be in the Jiva category.

From this following statement of #Atri #Maharishi in the #Bhagavatam
1/n From Vid Sri V.Subrahmanian
we know that this idea is not based on firm foundation:

श्रीमद्भागवतपुराणम्/स्कन्धः ४/अध्यायः १
अत्रिरुवाच -
विश्वोद्भवस्थितिलयेषु विभज्यमानैः
मायागुणैरनुयुगं विगृहीतदेहाः ।
ते ब्रह्मविष्णुगिरिशाः प्रणतोऽस्म्यहं वः
तेभ्यः क एव भवतां मे इहोपहूतः ॥ २७ ॥

When Atri Maharishi

prays to the Supreme Cause, Jagatkarana, to bless him with a child, the Trimurthys together appear before him. Then what Atri Maharshi says about those three is as follows:

That you, Brahma, Vishnu & Girisha,incarnate in every yuga for the maintenance of world's creation,

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#Purana #Epic

The Question is how do we read our Itihasa-Puranas? The two are not exactly the same. They are used together because they are a Twin. There are overlaps and parameters ought to be different.

For the purpose of this thread, we will talk about them together.

1. Are they Histories? Absolutely No. Reading them as History results in 2 problems.

A. Severely reduce the overall Scope of Itihasa-Puranas. We will cheat ourselves by losing the primary purpose they have served.

B. Will result in an endless loop iof Proof/Evidence search.

2. In which case, dont have have anything to offer in the dimension of History?

They do. Just that it requires a different kind of discipline which we have not fully evolved. The Historical information in the Itihasa-Puranas have suffered 3 kinds of assault.

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#Pitru paksha and Swadha stotram:
As per Hindu traditions,3 major Rina which we are born with are Dev Rina, Rishi Rina and Pitru Rina.
We are born in a family as per our prarabdha and are,therefore indebted to our parent / forefathers for providing us a body to experience karma
In this life, we are supposed to repay our debts in order to have a fulfilling and meaningful life. There are combinations in the horoscope that can indicate Pitru Rina/ pitru shraap/ pitru Dosha. #jyotish #astrology #AstrologyFacts #pitrupaksha
It is said that Pitru dosha can occur if forefathers upto 7 th generation on father's side and upto 4th generation on the mother's side have died unnatural death/ early demise . Also, if their last rites are not performed properly then it can cause pitru Dosha.
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--- Thread on Veśya Dharma in Matsya Purāṇa – Pt 1---

Matsya P describes dharma for prostitutes so they may attain sat-gati, in the form of brahmā asking his son, the omniscient mahādeva.+

#Hinduism #SanatanaDharma #Sanatani #SanatanDharm #Vedas #Hindus #Purana
Why would the son discourse to the father? Just as vyāsa considers his son suka to be worthy of reverence, brahmā regards the opinions of rudra very highly. This discourse contains a story of how the 16000 wives of Krishna became prostitutes later+

#Hinduism #SanatanaDharma
The story – these devīs were apsarās in a previous life. They were playing in the water (jalakrīḍā), when nārada happened to come. As they disrespected nārada, he cursed them that they would become prostitutes. I reproduce key aspects of that dialogue here+

#Hinduism #Hindus
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