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1/n Who are we?

So audacious,appearing immortals, chanting the same Vaidik Ruchas composed millenniums back on the banks of #Saraswati, #Sindhu & many #Sindhus till today.

The Hindus(inhabitants of land beyond Sindhu), followers of Dharma, ie Sanatana,long way we have come.
2/n I always say that it impossible to give a date to Sanatana Dharma.

We need to decode both the words to understand meaning wisely.

Sanatana refers to "imperishable" & "eternal." (refer Śivapurāṇa 2.2.16, 2.2.42)
3/n What does word Sanātanī signify?

Often it signifies the duties which takeaway thoughts from the #Vedas, #Upanishads, #Puranas #Itihasas Bhagavad Gita etc.

Now, question arises that why they are Sanātan, & why no other thoughts?
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|| Hanuman ||- A secret to the deeper cosmic energy~ thread

Did you know “Hanuman” the God from Ramayan whom we all revere with devotion isn’t just a God of form but holds the secret to our deeper cosmic energy and a key to higher intelligence?

VAYU PUTRA Hanuman symbolically
represents the three subtle bodies, namely the breath body, the mental body and the intelligence body.

“ All that exists in the 3 worlds rests in the control of PRANA. As a mother protects her children, O Prana, protect us & give us splendour and Wisdom - Prashnopanishad 2.13 ”
The breath body is responsible for the movement of life energy or PRANA in our bodies.

PRANA- The Primary energy

The life that we breath “Prana” is a manifestation of VAYU at an individual level. Prana has many levels of meaning, from the physical breath to the energy of
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A thread explaining the significance of #GuruPurnima.

ब्रह्मानन्दं परमसुखदं केवलं ज्ञानमूर्तिम्
द्वन्द्वातीतं गगनसदृशं तत्त्वमस्यादिलक्ष्यम् ।
एकं नित्यं विमलमचलं सर्वधीसाक्षीभूतम्
भावातीतं त्रिगुणरहितं सद्गुरुंतं नमामि ।
The first full moon (Pournami) after the summer solstice in the month of Aashadhi is when the #Guru(#Adiyogi) first decided to enlighten his disciples & bestowed the Sapta Rishi's( 7 sages) with yogic understanding . Hence it is celebrated as #GuruPurnima . +
3/7 * Meaning of GURU *
Gu - Ignorance
Ru - Elimination
So a Guru is hailed as someone who imparts education & transfers the pearls of wisdom attained over years to his/her students thereby removing ignorance. Our life is incomplete without a Guru. +
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It is possible to discover God purely through the power of intellect. The philosophers of the theistic Samkhya studied the evolutive nature of prakrti but, more importantly, recognized its limitations. In this manner, they worked their way upwards towards spiritual personality.
One fatal mistake that seems to be all-pervading in the scholars' analyses of the Samkhya #philosophy is many of them seem to have succumbed to the erroneous view that the purusa (spiritual personality) is totally devoid of karma. This could also have been the view of some
of the original exponents of this school. This is a mistake of epic proportions and practically strips the purusa of any operative powers reducing him to some substance-like pure entity, albeit of a conscious nature. However, purusa is not a substance-like non-operative entity
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The ancient philosopher scientists found that the body is a *programmed* entity. Its various organs are *devices* programmed to operate. And this great finding paved the way for the realization of the highest truths of mankind.
Realization of the *nature* of things, the philosophy of the body.
Indeed it is through the body primarily that God is discovered in the ancient philosophico-scientific world. It is the "veda patha, " the way of the senses. The external universe may be abstracted simply as "vishaya," the world of sense-objects. It consists of dead matter only.
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1/ Manu (The progenitor of Humankind)
All different races of Mankind are derived from Manu and Shradha. The current Manu is Vaivasvata Manu.
2/ The word Manu literary means man but it is a title given to the progenitor of mankind. According to Hindu Puranas there are many kalpas (One day of Lord Brahma the creator) and each Kalpa has 14 manvantara and each manvatara has one manu. So basically each Kalpa has 14 Manus.
3/ The current manu of the present manvantara is Shraddhadeva or Vaivasvata Manu of this current Kalpa. He is the son of Vivasvat (Probably Surya) and is therefore also known as Manu-vaivasvata.
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