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#GuruPurnima Thread 1/n
Lets begin with the prarthana : #ShriGurudevaDatta 🙏 Saashtang Namaskar to Shri DattaGuru 🙏🏻 the Primordial or Adi Guru who has manifested time & again in various avatars to guide humanity through the maze of life called YogaMaya
Birth : Shri Dattatreya is known as Atri Putra-Son of Maharshi Atri & his wife Sati Anusuya who was the epitome of Pativrata
Brahma Vishnu & Mahadeva in order to test her approached her as sadhus & asked for Nirvana Daana
Anusuya immediately prayed & wished that the 3 sadhus appear to her as infants so she could complete their wish without violating her pativrata-the power of her spirituality transformed the Tridev into 3 infants whom she could nursed & fulfilled their wish
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On this auspicious day of #GuruPurnima, happy to share an easy to read and an exceptionally worthwhile investment. I plan to make a thread that will hopefully help us invest and live better. Thank you @awealthofcs 🙏🏻
Experience has taught me that less is always more when making investment decisions. Simplicity trumps complexity. Conventional gives you much better odds than exotic. A long-term process is more important than short-term outcomes.
And perspective goes much further than tactics. Tactics are useless to investors in a matter of days—sometimes in a matter of hours. But perspective is something that stays with the investor for a lifetime. It allows you to adapt to the changing market and economic landscape.
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Jai Mahakaal. On #GuruPurnima a short thread on my Veda Guru, the late Phatak Guruji.. Veda Vachaspati.

Story starts in 1998. I am a surgeon training in England at the time. I take a decent amount of leave more than a month and come down to Pune...
On my second day in Pune, I get a strange dream... which says to me to learn Pavmana Sukta. I decide to ask my good friend whether anybody can teach me Pavmana. He looks a bit shocked, the sukta is 635 Ruchas.
Still, he asks me to visit Nakhate Maharaj for advice. Nakhate Maharaj as usual just nods and asks me to visit Phatak Guruji who lives next door... he says “Just say that I sent you and describe your dream”.
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May on this #GuruPurnima planet of benevolence,#Jupiter/Guru/Brahaspati,bless u wid wisdom & voyages across d world. 🙏Its a full moon/Poornima tonight + Jupiter is at its brightest n largest in d sky since a month,best suited astronomical position to raise ur +ve vibrations.1/n
2/n Right nw d solar sys is lined up so that Jupiter,Earth & Sun form a straight line wid Earth in d middle,on d same side of d Sun as Jupiter.Add full moon to this line up, n u end up receiving abundant cosmic energy. There mst b something special abt this day that lord Shiva...
3/n That lord Shiva decided to impart his knowledge as ADIYOGI,to d SAPTA RISHIS,on this full moon day,after 84 yrs of sadhana.On this day,Sun moves frm
from d northern to southern run,also called DAKSHINA-YANA.Hence Shiva is also called DAKSHINA MURTHY(there r other reasons 2)
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"I shall leave my dreams in their argent air,
For in a raiment of gold and blue
There shall move on the earth embodied and fair
The living truth of you..."


(Art: Unknown)
"Storm is the dance of the locks of the God assenting to greatness..

Veiled in events he lives and working disguised in the mortal
Builds our strength by pain, and an empire is born out of ruins..”


(Art: Leslie Abraham)
"Yet all we dream and hope are memories treasured,
Are forecasts we misspell,
But of what life or scene he who has measured
The boundless heavens can tell.."


(Art: KaalChakra, Konark Sun temple)
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Guru Paduka Stotram by Sri Adi Shankaracharya. Dedicated to all Gurus & warriors who made incredible sacrifices to protect our Indian civilization.🙏 (Thread👇)
अनंतसंसार समुद्रतार नौकायिताभ्यां गुरुभक्तिदाभ्याम्।
वैराग्यसाम्राज्यदपूजनाभ्यां नमो नमः श्रीगुरुपादुकाभ्याम्॥

"My prostration 2 sandals of Guru,which serve as boat 2 cross endless ocean of Samsara,
which endow me devotion 2 Guru,& which grace valuable dominion of renunciation."
कवित्ववाराशिनिशाकराभ्यां दौर्भाग्यदावां बुदमालिकाभ्याम्।
दूरिकृतानम्र विपत्ततिभ्यां नमो नमः श्रीगुरुपादुकाभ्याम्॥

"My prostrations 2 holy sandals f Guru,an ocean f Knowledge resembling full moon,like water which puts out fire f misfortune,removes distress f those who surrender."
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