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1.Kalidas was a classical Sanskrit writer & is widely regarded as the greatest poet & dramatist in #Sanskrit language. His plays and poetry are primarily based on Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas. #महाकविकालिदासः #Kalidas_Icon_of_India
Scholars have speculated that Kalidas may have lived near the Himalayas, in the vicinity of Ujjain, and in Kalinga. #महाकविकालिदासः #Kalidas_Icon_of_India
The hypothesis of his place is based on detailed description of the Himalayas in his Kumārasambhava, the display of his love for Ujjain in Meghadūta, and his highly eulogistic descriptions of Kalingan emperor Hemāngada in Raghuvaṃśa. #महाकविकालिदासः #Kalidas_Icon_of_India
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Federal Skilled Trade in #Canada.Many Nigerians have been deceived about the FST Class of our #immigration stream.Canada is not looking for just any trade skilled workers.A lot of fake news have been coming from Nigerians in Canada and back home on this subject matter.
This is one of the 3 programs via the express entry system as such you must have express entry profile for you to be eligible under the FST Class.There is no #education requirement for the Federal Skilled Trades Program but FOR competitiveness post secondary educ is vital (ECA)
Facts on Federal Trade skills.
Minimum Requirements
1.Job Offer or Certificate of Qualification(COQ) from Canada
You must have an offer (LMIA approved) of full time employment from up to 2 employers for at least 1yr or COQ in that skilled trade issued by a Canadian Province/Terr
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Last Thursday my German review of “The World’s of J.R.R. #Tolkien” by @JohnGarthWriter was published by the @GermanTolkSoc Since an English version won’t be published soon, I decided to write a looong thread here to tell you what I think about it. (1/20)…
(Please consider that I am a non-native speaker of English and also dyslexic, so no mean comments about grammar please! #MiddleEarth is spelled incorrectly on purpose!) (2/20) #Tolkien
I don’t want to talk much about the contents. John has posted a video some weeks ago in which he shows what’s included and I haven’t anything to add. John presents theories by both other #Tolkien scholars and himself, he actually refutes some very popular ideas as baseless (3/20)
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As #Beijing prepares to impose a sweeping #NationalSecurityLaw formally invalidating core #1C2S protections, risks are mounting for #HongKongers & their future.

So I’m standing up a #HongKong #WatchFloor:

Stay tuned for updates!…
The clock is ticking toward an unclear, but clearly worrisome, future for #HongKong.

To shine a spotlight on these critical issues, I’m standing up this virtual #WatchFloor.

I’ll improve & update it to the best of my ability, & welcome suggestions via
As #Beijing prepares to impose a sweeping #NationalSecurityLaw that in effect invalidates core #OneCountryTwoSystems-promised protections, risks are mounting for #HongKongers.

Under assault: some of their most cherished values & freedoms.…

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#EnglishLanguageDay #English
#ఆంగ్లభాషదినోత్సవం #ఇంగ్లీష్
మనం ఈ నాడు “బ్రిటిష్ దీవులు" అని పిలచే భూభాగంలో పూర్వం ఐదు రాజ్యాలు ఉండేవి. వాటిలో ప్రజలని ఇంగ్లీషు వాళ్లు, బ్రిటన్ వాళ్లు, స్కాట్ వాళ్లు, పిక్ట్ వాళ్లు, లేటిన్ వాళ్లు అని పిలచేవారు. వీరు వేర్వేరు భాషలు మాట్లాడేవారు.
వీరందరిలోను ముందు ఈ దీవులలో నివసించటానికి వచ్చిన వాళ్లు బ్రిటన్ లు; అందుకనే ఈ దేశానికి బ్రిటన్ అనే పేరు సిద్ధించింది. తరువాత సా. శ. 43 లో రోము నుండి చక్రవర్తి క్లాడియస్ పంపిన వలస ప్రజలు వచ్చి బ్రిటన్ లో స్థిరపడటం మొదలు పెట్టేరు. చూరు కింద తలదాచుకుందుకని వచ్చి ఇంటినే ఆక్రమించిన
తీరులో రోమకులు బ్రిటన్ ని ఆక్రమించి ఐదు శతాబ్దాలు పాలించేరు. అప్పుడు గాత్ అనే మరొక తెగ వారు రోమకులని ఓడించి దేశం నుండి తరిమేశారు. అప్పుడు ఈ గాత్ తెగని పడగొట్టటానికి పిక్ట్ లు, స్కాట్ లు ప్రయత్నించేరు. వీళ్లని ఎదుర్కొనే శక్తి లేక బ్రిటన్ మళ్లా రోమక ప్రభువులని ఆశ్రయించక తప్ప లేదు.
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What I love about the pan-Asian solidarity of the #nnevvy meme: it posits the existence of an updated lens for English use in Asia, even where English is a colonial legacy. It moves away from linguistic imperialism and towards subaltern linguistics: appropriation and empowerment.
#Taiwan #Thailand #HongKong #Vietnam #Philippines #India #Malaysia etc teamed up with #nnevvy English to take on #China trolls. That it was English isn’t neutral and wasn’t pre-ordained but the source of linguistic imperialism in Asia is increasingly Mandarin, not English.
That there were “mistakes” but nobody cared (as they shouldn’t) shows that subaltern linguistic empowerment is about parole - language in performance. Not language as a system.
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#Lockdown ல பார்த்த படங்கள்.

Thread 👇

#KannumKannumKollaiyadithal #Tamil

படத்தோட பேர பாத்துட்டு எதோ ரொமான்டிக் ஸ்டோரி னு உக்காந்தா அப்படியே நேருக்கு மாறான கதை, எதிர்ப்பார்க்காத டிவிஸ்ட், விறு விறு இரண்டாம் பாதி. நல்ல படம், நல்லா டைம் பாஸ் ஆச்சி. 👌👌👌👌
#DrivingLicense #Malayalam

சாதாரண கதை, நல்ல திரைக்கதை, நடிப்புன்னு நெறய பிளஸ் படத்துல. பிரித்வியும், அந்த போலீசா நடிச்சவரும் நல்லா நடிச்சிருப்பாங்க. படம் கொஞ்சம் ஸ்லோ தான் ஆனா கண்டிப்பா போர் அடிக்காது. 👌👌
#GoodNewwz #Hindi

நல்ல காமெடி படம், போர் அடிக்காம போகும். கிளைமாக்ஸ் நல்லாருந்திச்சி. கியாரா சூப்பரா இருப்பா, Akshay யோட ஒன்லைனர் டைலாகஸ்லாம் பட்டாசு. ஒரு முறை பாக்கலாம். 👌👌
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The years 2015-2020 have revealed an insidious disregard for the #female category by #OlympicGames @olympics executives and their corporate sponsors.
Male (XY) 🧬athletes now allowed into XX events.
Time to take stock re #women’s #sports.
Where did we begin?
Where are we going?
Our story begins in the Egyptian Middle Kingdom (2000 B.C.)
Forms of women’s competition were somewhat different than we experience in 2020 A.D.
Contests revolved around two key aspects of #Egyptian life:
1. Food acquisition- #hunting & #fishing
2. Entertaining - #acrobatics
True #sports for women really began in Ancient Greece during the Classical period (400 B.C.). Unmarried girls had their own private competitions - also at Olympia every 4years.
These were separate from the men’s games.
The festivals were held in honour of Hera, wife of Zeus.
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I've started compiling #medical #podcasts, and this is the list I have so far:…

Can you recommend others? In #English, Catalan, Spanish or French. Thanks!

He començat a recopilar #podcasts mèdics i aquesta és la llista que tinc fins ara:…

Me'n pots recomanar d'altres? En anglès, #català, castellà o francès. Gràcies!

He empezado a recopilar #podcasts #médicos y esta es la lista que tengo hasta ahora:…

¿Me puedes recomendar otros? En inglés, catalán, #español o francés. ¡Gracias!

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#Infographic – Il Risultato di 5 Anni Crimini di Arabia Saudita e la sua alleanza in #Yemen
#Infographic - Las Estadísticas de 5 Años - Los Crímenes de Arabia Saudita y su Coalición en #Yemen
Infographic – Statistic of 5 Years – The Saudi Coalition Crimes in #Yemen
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This is a MUST SEE video on the #Coronavirus in Italy. The #ICU intensivist explains the epidemic and treatment- Report From The Front Lines @JAMA_current - YouTube #Covid_19 #COVIDー19 #COVID
This is a good summary but somewhat inconsistent to what we have been hearing on #twitter about #italy. The question about triaging those sick and above 60 yo was NOT answered directly. He said the goal was for everyone to get an ICU bed but was that successful? 1/
There are many pictures of hazmat suits which is somewhat different and more aggressive than the reports we have been hearing about #coronavirus in Lombardy 2/
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Shame on all humanity to see the suffering of the children of Yemen and continue to keep a defending silence.
It is a disgrace to all humanity to keep watching the children of Yemen in agony and dying from preventable diseases and man-made starvation without trying to
do something about it.

Enough is enough.
Please break the silence if you care.
#SaveYemen 🇾🇪
#StopTheWarOnYemen 🇾🇪
Western mainstream media will never report on these victims.
#Americans will never know that their government's support of the #Saudis is killing innocent children, but Ignorance is never an excuse for such sins.
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Bulan puasa hampir tiba, toko sangat ramai dengan pengunjung. Banyak pelanggan dari daerah yang datang, mereka adalah tengkulak yang membeli berbagai makanan dan camilan. Bulan puasa mereka membutuhkan persediaan yang tidak sedikit. Kami sangat sibuk melayani mereka. #vcs
Karena Yanto yang biasa membantu mengangkat barang-barang sedang pulang kampung karena bapaknya sedang sakit, maka kita kekurangan tenaga. Kami kewalahan melayani para pelanggan yang silih berganti dan berdesakan masuk kedalam toko. Saat-saat ramai begini kami sering kemasukan
pencuri yang dengan sangat pintar menyamar sebagai pembeli. Mereka kadang bekerja sendiri tapi sering bekerja dengan team kecil sebanyak 3 atau 4 orang. Pak Muh sudah hafal dengan orang orang seperti ini. Dan merekapun enggan masuk ke toko, karena Pak Muh selalu mengusir mereka
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Meeting of #Left #Antisemitics is organized.

#Germany #Berlin
The 15th International Rosa #Luxemburg Conference will meet on January 11th. At this conference, the extreme #left also wants to discuss #Israel as one of the topics again with prominent anti-#Israeli personalities,
like #Israeli lawyer Lea Tsemel, who is committed to the liberation of #Palestine. Others such as Tory Russell (Black lifes matter movement),
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#BREAKING Report: “An Iranian Former Agent & Dissident on #CIA’s Payroll Assassinated in Istanbul-Turkey!” #Iran with Sibel Edmonds Reporting from #Turkey via #Newsbud. Watch Full Report here:
Subscribe & Join my #Newsbud community Here:
Was he still an Agent with #Iran Intel? Did he become a Triple-Agent after Coopted by #Israel’s #Mossad agents in #Turkey While Still on #CIA’s Payroll? Watch via #Newsbud:
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I’ve taken the challenge @MrsSpalding - a look through a year 10 student’s #english exercise book. If you came into my classroom and picked up a book... what would you see? #teamenglish #lifeofateacher #pedagogy
Daily low stakes quizzing of knowledge taken from the knowledge organisers. All marked by the students - demonstrating feedback in every lesson.
You’ll see that making mistakes and getting things wrong is ok. It’s how we learn. We mark accurately, correct the error and get it right next time around.
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Another “Spot-On!” Analysis by @obasibuyuk90 on #China One Road-One Belt Project & What It Means To #Turkey Now that Chinese Rail Begins Passing Through Turkey. Why can’t we have this solid highly significant piece in #English?
You know, from what I can see, it is the trend difference. I have NOT heard of a single Alt Media or activist site supported by people here in #Turkey. By that I mean: I have not heard/seen a single Turk actually donating to causes like this. In stark contrast to #USA
I know it is going to sound like a talent agency, but I keep looking for ways to get great works like this taken up by English outlets and translated-Disseminated to the Western Audience.
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Currently in an Upside-Down world where truth is fiction:A Must Watch Fiction TV Series Exposing The Geopolitical Truth Better Than Any Documentary Films or Books Out There. I wish they had the entire series in #English: #ValleyOfTheWolves #Kurtlarvadisi #Turkey #DeepState
Of course the “Original” series (2003-2006) & the first 50 episodes of second series. After that the Gov here took over ... if you catch my drift😉
Kurtlar Vadisi (2003) -…
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50. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria
#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
21 to 40. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
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Here’s a serious warning from Col. Başıbüyük @obasibuyuk90: Expect Major #ISIS Attacks in Europe #EU following #Turkey #Syria Op & Ceasefire. I consider the Colonel a solid source with implacable record & expertise. Think: Who wants to score geopolitical points with #ISIS Attacks
Let me give you a hint here (not that majority of my followers need any hints😉): Which globalist Factions have been so very alarmed & unhappy with #USA & #Russia cooperating on #MiddleEast issues? And remember: #MSM has been on this faction’s side. Okay?!
Here’s a bonus hint: That faction has been the loudest in opposing #Trump #Syria deal, and been warning (fear-mongering) on the peace efforts by #Russia-#Trump-#Assad by playing “This will revive #ISIS” card. Just saying!
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#BREAKING: And My Reports On #Turkey- #Syria Op, Based On My High-Level Sources, Now All Confirmed: #Russia’s #Putin Says #Turkey Ops In #Syria will end very soon!!!- - -…
Here are a few #Flashbacks from my #Turkey-#Syria Op Coverage- Reporting From #Turkey where I’m currently based: See Dated Screenshots
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A Very Dangerous Gamble by #Kurdish Factions In #Syria to Free #ISIS Prisoners In Hope Of Countering #Turkey Op & Garner International PR-Support. Bad for #Syria- Bad for All!- - - “Syria: IS fighters escape from jail as 130,000 people flee Turkish forces”…
Meanwhile, as world #MSM churns misinfo & propaganda, media in #Turkey curls into a ball-inept & paralyzed. Maybe instead of spending billions of dollars investing in #S400 they should have poured that money to clone RT-USA like English international media power? Just asking!
After all this is the era of information warfare (obviously)- While #Turkey remains in Yester-Gone Era
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