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URGENT READ‼️👉Infiltration rather than Invasion👈#BillGates #FunVax #VMAT2 #ReligiousFreedom #GodGene Ever heard of this? Follow me down this #RabbitHole Gates said that people with the VMAT2 gene are more spiritual and they have produced drugs to inhibit that to make us normal!
I couldn't add the video so I added a site that has it.…
I don't know about you but this makes me angry! This video came out years ago and was debunked as not being Bill Gates ~ It Is Bill Gates!!! 1st image from video 2nd from google ~ SAME PERSON! Fact checker lie, big surprise there! google this video and see for yourself
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Take a look around. Look how much has been destroyed in just 4 months. Is it scary how much was taken that quick? Time to think for yourself, stand up to the #Tyrant Governors. #NoMoreFear. Watch & R/T. #TheMoreYouKnow #Part1
It’s time for people to #WakeUp. It’s time to leave #TheMatrix. It’s time to #RiseUp. Your safety and your health was never their concern. It was all about your #Compliance. Look how fast everyone gave it up. #TheGreatAwakening
If you haven't seen it yet, #OutOfShadows is a must see. It explains #HumanTrafficking and #ChildTrafficking in a short documentary. #TheMoreYouKnow about what's currently happening in the world, the more we can do to stop it.
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Let's dip in the #Wayfair #RabbitHole.
Wayfair CEO #NirajShah has close ties with the #RockefellerFoundation, the #ClintonFoundation and the #GatesFoundation. #JillShah is on the board of directors for the #RedSoxFoundation with #BridgetTerryLong.…
Bridget Terry Long is a longtime advisor of the #GatesFoundation, who has close ties to the #ClintonFoundation and the #Obamas.…

Keep going!
#NirajShah's brother #RajivShah is the President of the #RockefellerFoundation. He is a former American government official who served as the 16th Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development from 2010–2015.…
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Q says [they] speak frm secret acnts, burner phones & games but how do [they] decipher msgs to each other?

I allowed logical key words guide me as [they] do?

I tied #Madonna’s #coronavirus #Quarantine #6 video to #Hillary #China #COVID19 #BillGates, close to #Adrenochrome
1️⃣Panicked typewritten msg: “it’s getting too close”
3️⃣ Jazz album to her left-‘Parker With Friends’ by #BillyParker

These took me 2 directions. Direction #1 first:

I looked up PARKER WITH FRIENDS & found💥children’s💥book “FRIENDS” by #TheronParker abt 2 boys..
...who meet in an ally, 1 deaf & they “WORK TOGETHER TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO COMMUNICATE”

What are the odds?

#Madonna #coronavirus
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The Twitter API is well documented--and for each endpoint: Standard, 30day, FullArchive. One suggestion: ISO 8601 for dates would be very helpful.
Inspired by @johnnliu, I'm going to attempt my first tweetorial on what to do with weird date patterns like this and how to put it back into ISO 8601 with #MicrosoftFlow.
The first thing I do is look for patterns I can take advantage of.
I notice that the date I receive from my API has spaces between each part. I instantly think, "Oh, that's a delimiter, so let's use split()."
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Why is the #MainstreamMedia called #FakeNews?

I can tell you why the #MSM #Report the same thing and why 90% of the #News outlets do also

What if I could show you the link? Undeniable proof?

6 #companies own the #media. They control story's/info
Where do they get their info from?

When you think about #reporting, you #picture someone #researching #information to find the #Truth and report the #facts.

The #fact is that the #info is fed to them.

The rest of this tweet is the #proof (the link). 🕵 🕳💨 👀🔎
Welcome To My #RabbitHole 🕳


The mainstream media is connected to a system that finds, prepares and distributes what they need to report (A.I helps with this).

Sound crazy? Its true. Check it.☟

(The pictures below are website screen shots that I cropped.)
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🕵[#MOS #Thread]

♾When #Q posted MOS I dug into it a little bit and this is the #RabbitHole I found.🔎🕳

🐤Think [#ProjectMockingbird]🐦

Everyone should know about this!

#Qanon8chan #QAnon #QArmy #Q

(Q Posts first, then what I found)
🕵Q Post [1751]
🕵Q Post [1871]
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Oh #Satoshi, I just found a new #RabbitHole! 🤯
tl;dr: #OpenSource #Bitcoin Wallets are like privately minted #gold coins.

In a free economy with gold as the one sound money, the global consensus are the 79 protons of the gold atom. There are different shapes and forms of collections of atoms, but fundamentally, as long as there are 79 protons, it is the base money.
The raw resource of gold is mixed with lots of dirt, stone and other lesser metals, and extracting gold ore is an entrepreneurial task. Human ingenuity and labor has to be intermingled with these natural resources so to increase the production stage of this good.
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Q! Thread for 7/31. #QAnon 🔥👊🏼
Unsealed indictment.

(Oh yeah.. & they got him on #PEDO charges😏)
Q! 7/31 🔥 #QAnon

Track last.
JA offline cause.

(On a personal note... I can't help but to get more excited as we get closer to post #1776. I hope its Yuge!😀)
Q! 7/31 #QAnon 🔥

Public DOMAIN.

[RR] exonerated Manafort FOR THE SAME CHARGES (8) years ago.
Can you locate the orig court docs?
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Why don't fake news NYT/Snopes/BBC/Wikipedia/MSM mention the Luzzatto Pool Entertainment email while "debunking" #PizzaGate?? Maybe because it is too hard to spin...

Fake News NYT:
"Evie's Crib":…*
Fake News Wikipedia:
Fake News Snopes:
Fake News BBC (#DefundBBC):
For ACTUAL reporting, watch my #PizzaGate Part 29 video:

View Steemit Notes: #GetOnSteem…

FYI: "Jack's Place" is another disturbing Blog connected to "Evie's Crib"... #RabbitHole

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