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1. The Breathtaking Entitlement of Bollywood

Bollywood is falling. And there is no doubt about it. The signs are many and the frustration is brewing. Its directors and actors are forced to reveal the breathtaking degree of their sense of entitlement.
2. When a poorly made non-descript movie with non-descript actors like Karthikeya 2 but with a very solid Hindu orientation destroys giants like #LaalSinghChadha and #Rakshabandhan then know that something fundamental has changed.
3. Bollywood was always an incongruity. It was a ‘Hindi’ film industry in a Marathi state with no connect to either Maharashtra or to the 55 crore Hindi belt in north. It was by and for an extremely rare Mumbai uber-upper class who flew into their pent houses in helicopters.
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Here is a heart touching story of Tuktuk’s recovery ...
All our rescues are very close to our hearts. Lots of running around behind sick and injured furballs, follow-ups, much patience is required
#IDAIndia #DogsofTwittter #doglovers
Tuk-tuk’s case was reported by one of the trustees and immediately our compassionate driver was determined to catch hold of him and help Tuk-tuk as he had hit by stone and had been hiding since long. When rescued he had a foul smelling #wound filled with live #maggots
Tuk-tuk gave a good chase but finally our senior staff driver managed to catch him. Tuk-tuk is under our care since May 2021. Sr Vet has advised medication to be dusted every day else his little wet wound will resurface again which can lead to a bad open wound. #Dog #treatment
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So which movie should you watch in theatres?

The movies written & made by those who MOCK our Sanatan Sanskar like #LaalSinghChaddha & #RakshaBandhan or one which celebrates our HISTORY #Karthikeya2 produced by makers of Kashmir Files?


Let’s know the difference between our history & mythology

Let’s not be affected by our history written by distortians 🤨🤨

Watch the full video of the Strings interview on -



Check out it’s trailer-

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July was consequential as it witnessed the release of several films. While some films like #VikrantRоna are basking in success, others like #Shamshera turned out to be major disappointments. Now, August will be just as critical due to some major releases.… Image
One of the most ambitious projects of Aamir Khan's career, #LaalSinghChaddha is set for a theatrical release on August 11. It will mark Mr. Perfectionist's return to celluloid after four years, after 'Thugs of Hindostan' (2018). Image
Akshay Kumar's #RakshaBandhan will be clashing with 'Laal Singh Chaddha' on August 11. The Aanand L Rai directorial will narrate the story of an elder brother's unbreakable bond with his four sisters. Bhumi Pednekar will play the female lead. Image
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How so called liberals and pseudo intellectuals are building narrative against Hindu/Hindutva and giving judgement of long before investigation.
pic1,2,3- blamed RSS/Hindutva/Gharwapsi for Ranaghat Nun Rape case.
Pic4- Accused were Bangladeshi Muslims.
@RanaAyyub ImageImageImageImage
Case 2
Pic1- Congress IT Cell head @GauravPandhi blamed Manusmriti after a muslim woman was burnt alive for marrying a Dalit.

Pic2- That muslim woman was burnt alive by her own family members for marrying a Dalit. ImageImage
Case 3-
Pic1- two rupee lawyer @pbhushan1 blamed 'Yogi's Culture of Hindutva' after 14 boys molested a girl in UP.

Pic2- After investigation UP Police arrested Shahnawaz, Saddam, Naved and Farhan. ImageImage
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Actually, #RakshaBandhan was originally not a brother-sister festival. It has its origins in a rite known as Vedopakarma (the beginning of Vedic Studies). 1/4
Chapter 124(pg 28) of Narada Purana Vol 4 gives a description of this Vrata performed on Sravana Poornima. It involves tying a Raksha on one's wrist to ensure an auspicious beginning of Vedic studies.
The adhyaya 137 Uttara Parva of Bhavishya Purana gives an account of how Indra grew powerful against Mahabali and defeated him due to a Raksha tied by Indrani Sachi.
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Today #RakshaBandhan (RaAkhi)
What is RaAkhi?

Rakhi is a popular festival celebrated across the country especially in North India, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. Like Holi and Diwali, Rakhi is also celebrated as a national festival.
It is celebrated on the full moon day of lunar Month Sravana which also coincide with Upakarma and Hayagreeva Jayanthi.

This festival is also called as Rakhi Poornima, Nariyal Poornima, Kajari Poornima, and Sravana Poornima according to the celebrations held in different states.
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THREAD: As campuses reopen in the fall, we bring to your attention a student group operating on 🇺🇸 college campuses that have spread dangerous lies about Hinduism and engaged in targeted harassment of Hindu students.

Part 1, 2, and 3 are available to view on our IG📸👈🏾
Our investigation has found that Hindu religious festivals were politicized to further a Hinduphobic motive, incitement of violence against Hindus took place and the group supported known terrorists responsible for the murder of minorities.
Before we begin, we would like to make it very clear that we, as @hinduoncampus, do not condone any type of abuse, threats or harassment. This thread should not be an excuse to do any of this.
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Month oF Festivals - #Bhadrapad
Why the month of #Bhadrapada is important? Is it because that Shree Krishna was born in this month? Or is it because it falls in #Chaturmas? The month is devoted towards #spirituality, several #Hindufestivals that hold utmost importance Image
& relate with our religion fall in this month.

The month is auspicious and is also celebrated with equal divinity. To avail all it benefits people should be kind towards others and should have a balance between thoughts and deeds, they should meditate regularly and try to Image
devote more of their time towards the worship of Almighty.

Major Festivals of the Month-

• 6th August 2020 is celebrated as Kajali Satudi or Badi Teej. The festival falls on day three after #Rakshabandhan or 5 days before #Janmashtami. The day is celebrated with Image
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I argue in #FearlessFreedom: Reimagine #RakshaBandhan, not as a shackle but as a bond where siblings protect each other. Protect your sibling who wants to come out as gay or trans. Uncouple protectiveness from restrictions on women’s rights. @thewire_in…
My book #FearlessFreedom (@PenguinIndia 2020) discusses #RakshaBandhan as part of the patriarchal ideology of guardianship. The same ideology that plays out in Saudi Arabia guardianship & rape laws. We need to reminagine #rakhicelebration as #SamaantaWaliRakhi ImageImageImageImage
On #RakshaBandhan we should celebrate the women who became sisters in struggle - like Fatima Sheikh and Savitri Bai, like Satyarani Chaddha and Shahjahan Apa. Page from #FearlessFreedom, my book (@PenguinIndia 2020)
@sorcerical Image
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This is truly the most honest assessment of her work.

She was/is to Urdu shayari what is @RohiniBakshi is to Sanskrit revival. But now apparently, a self acclaimed historian as well.

Shayari Collector @iamrana has been schooled again.

Thank you, @TIinExile !!

Cc @Sanjay_Dixit

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Monday, 3rd August 2020

Today is the most auspicious day of Shravan purnima, last fast of Shravan month, Raksha Bandhan and Sanskrit day. Moon will be transiting the Nakshatra of Uttarashada till 7:19am. Thereafter moon will be transiting Shravana Nakshatra which is Image
Lord Vishnu's own abode.

Listening to people around you will enhance understanding and bliss in your life. Don't tie Rakhi in Bhadra Kaal which will end on 9:30am.

Today is Sanskrit day,the day to honour the language of Vedas. Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages and
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Rakashabandhan 2020

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on Purnima Tithi of Shravana month. It is a festival which marks the bond of love between brother and sister. The tying of Raksha thread (Raksha Sutra) over the brother’s wrist and applying Tilak with 1/n Image
Kesar also empowers our Jupiter. It is highly recommended that the holy thread should be tied during Aparahna time which is late afternoon. It should never be tied during Bhadra time.

Purnima Tithi Starts : 2nd August 2020, 21:29
Purnima Tithi Starts : 3rd August 2020, 21:28
Bhadra Ends : 3rd August 2020, 09:28 am

Good time for tying Rakhi: 9:29 -11:05 am, 12:16 -01:08 ,
02:25 - 04:02 Pm
Aparahna time (best time) - 1:01 pm to 3:39 pm
Pradosh time - 6:16 pm to 8:27 pm

On this day, Moon will be transiting through Uttar Phalguni nakshatra and
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#Thread Going to ask @PetaIndia 5 specific questions. I know they follow my TL even though they are pretending I do not exist, after trolling me 24/7 for 2 days. My questions will prove that not only is @PetaIndia #AntiHinduPeta, it is also a fraud organisation #PetaIndiaExposed
Question 1 - @PetaIndia You made a ridiculous connection in your hoardings between #RakshaBandhan and cow leather trade, but why have you NOT mentioned #EidAlAdha anywhere in your hoardings featuring goats? Scared much? #AntiHinduPeta
Question 2 - You LIED that @IngridNewkirk WAS your founder and she is NOT the main functionary at @PetaIndia, if that is true, why do your campaigns feature her, and why does she sign your official FCRA returns? #AntiHinduPeta #PetaIndiaExposed
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Our relief work started with Kadra today. Visiting the Kali Dam which created all the havoc here. I witnessed Nature’s dance of destruction! Spoke to local people and planned our further actions.
@yuva_brigade ImageImage
Poor little cat waiting alone on the street. Initially it was fearing and once we gave few biscuits to eat it became our friend. After eating few bananas cows also joined this cat to share biscuit. A wonderful scene. Nature has the capacity to bind everyone together! ImageImage
No. They were not affected by floods. But we’re working in fields even when it was raining. We gave few blankets, sarees and biscuits, chocolates to them. The happiness on their face took off all the tiredness! ImageImageImage
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