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17 MARCH 1776 - BRITISH EVACUATION OF BOSTON - #RevolutionaryWar

After the Massachusetts militia surrounded the British occupied city of Boston in April 1775 the provincial government established the New England Army of Observation.

#Armyhistory #USArmy #TRADOC
The Continental Congress adopted that force and established the Continental Army, with Gen Washington appointed as commander in chief, in June. In the meantime, the Battle of Bunker Hill was fought on 17 June, which proved to be the only major engagement of the prolonged siege.
Washington traveled to Cambridge where he took formal command of the besieging army on 3 July 1775 and devoted the next several months to building and organizing the American force, and solving its severe logistical difficulties.

#MilitaryHistory #Boston #GeorgeWashington
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The Americans formed with three successive lines of battle: the first composed mostly of North Carolina militia; the second by mostly VA militia; and with Maryland, Delaware and Virginia Continentals in the third.
Cornwallis attacked at about noon following a 30-minute artillery prep. The militia in the front line fired several volleys before leaving the battlefield. As the British advanced, the Virginians of the second line offered stiffer resistance, but also withdrew. @TRADOC @USArmy
The Continentals successfully repulsed the British assaults, although the newly raised 2d Maryland broke when assaulted by a Guards battalion. The veteran 1st Maryland supported by Virginia Continental dragoons sealed the breach, counter-attacked to restore the line. #Armyhistory
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Although they could not enlist, women provided critical support to the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Some, like Margaret Corbin, even distinguished themselves in combat.
Corbin’s time with the Continental Army began as a “camp follower,” a civilian who traveled with the army and attended to the needs of soldiers as cooks and washerwomen. Like many camp followers, she was married to a soldier, John Corbin, who served as an artillerist. @USArmy
In NOV 1776, Margaret and John Corbin were among the Continentals left to garrison Ft. Washington, the last Patriot stronghold on the island of Manhattan. Although confronted by a vastly superior British force, the Continentals fought bravely against impossible odds. #USArmy
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27 FEB 1776 - BATTLE OF MOORES CREEK - #RevolutionaryWar

North Carolina militia crushed a Loyalist counter-revolution at the Battle of Moores Creek - also called Moores Creek Bridge - on 27 February 1776.

#Armyhistory #USArmy #TRADOC #MooresCreek #MooresCreekBridge Image
In Jan 1776, Royal Governor Josiah Martin learned that a British military expedition of 2,000 men led by Maj Gen Henry Clinton was heading to the southern colonies to suppress the rebellion. He ordered the Loyalist militia to muster and prepare to join forces with the British.
The militiamen and continentals mobilized to prevent the junction of the two enemy forces, and blocked the crossing at Moores Creek Bridge, about 18 miles north of Wilmington, NC. To make the crossing more difficult, they removed the planks and greased the beams and stringers. Image
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On 14 FEB 1778, Rhode Island’s General Assembly officially opened the ranks of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment of the Continental Army to Black, Native-American, and mixed residents of the colony. Image
When the Army reorganized in 1778, Rhode Island transferred enlisted men of the 1st to the 2d Rhode Island and sent veteran officers and NCOs home to reconstitute the 1st RI by recruiting free Black, Native-American, and mixed Rhode Islanders.
Slaves who wished to fight in return for emancipation were also allowed to enlist; the regiment's 255 men included about 140 Black soldiers (88 of whom were slaves). Although it never achieved full strength, the 1st RI fought in 1778’s Battle of Rhode Island.
#RevolutionaryWar Image
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“The American resistance placed a great deal of emphasis on property rights, but marriage laws prevented most married women from enjoying property rights.”… #July4 #IndependenceDay #womenshistory 1/
#womenshistory: “In a letter dated March 31, 1776, Abigail Adams writes to her husband, John Adams, urging him and the other members of the Continental Congress not to forget about the nation’s women when fighting for #America’s #independence.”… 2/ Image
#WomensHistory: “I desire you would Remember the Ladies.” -Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 31 March #1776…
“We know better than to repeal our Masculine systems.” -Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 14 April 1776… 3/ ImageImage
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28 JUNE 1778 - BATTLE OF MONMOUTH - #RevolutionaryWar
On 18 June 1778, LT General Sir Henry Clinton, British Commander, ordered Philadelphia evacuated, and led 10,000 of his men and a large baggage train on an overland march to New York City.
Gen George Washington had his Main Army follow closely behind, looking for an opportunity to strike the British. On the morning of 28 June, the American advance guard, commanded by Maj Gen Charles Lee, attacked Clinton's rear guard.
Although they outnumbered their foe then on the field, Lee lacked confidence in his men and failed to press his early advantage. Maj Gen Lord Charles Cornwallis, commander of the British army's rear division, counter-attacked. The confused Americans began to retreat.
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The Purple Heart is one of America’s most iconic military decorations, awarded to service members in recognition of injuries sustained while in service.

#RevolutionaryWar #ArmyHeritage ImageImage
The decoration’s origins lay in the Revolutionary War, when General George Washington created the Badge of Military Merit, the first military decoration intended expressly to be awarded to enlisted men.

#Armyhistory #USArmy #TRADOC @USArmy @TRADOC @SecArmy @ArmyChiefStaff
Three badges were awarded at the end of the Revolutionary War. On May 3, 1783, Sgt. Elijah Churchill and Cpl. William Brown received badges from Gen. Washington at Continental Army HQ in Newburgh, New York. Sergeant Daniel Bissell, Jr., received the award on June 10, 1783. Image
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Honest question to @sendahms and other @mngop & @MinnesotaDFL legislators. If I am teaching the Civil War to 7th graders, how much time should I devote? What key events, people, concepts should I discuss? How should I assess? Remember, I have 50 minute class periods. #mnleg
I'll take it another step further, using the same parameters?
How much time, ... etc. should I devote to the #WWI? Who do I include, exclude? What outside resources can I bring in and which must I avoid? Remember these are 13 year olds and we have 173 school days.
Repeat this for the following:

What battles do we focus on? How do we build context? Outcomes?
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3 JAN 1777 -BATTLE OF PRINCETON #RevolutionaryWar
The American army led by Gen Washington defeated British regulars in a meeting engagement battle outside of Princeton, NJ. It was the second major victory for the Army in ten days, and arguably saved the fight for independence.
As they advanced on Princeton on the morning of 3 Jan, the Continentals encountered a column of British regulars commanded by LT Col Charles Mawhood marching to reinforce Cornwallis. Almost simultaneously, the opposing forces deployed and the battle was joined. #Armyhistory
The redcoats enjoyed an early advantage, but Washington rallied retreating Continental and militia units, then personally led the counterattack that drove the enemy from the field. The Americans then attacked and defeated the British garrison in the town of Princeton. #USArmy
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Tom Barrack's (Chairman of Trump's inaugural committee) N284CC 6/26/19 Bahrain-Dublin
From Kushner's Middle East buyout conference. Normally refueling is done in Shannon.
"Jared Kushner's 'deal of the century' fails to materialize in Bahrain" Surprise!😉…
Stephen Schwarzman's (Blackstone) N113CS 6/26/19 Bahrain-London
Rupert Murdoch's (Fox "News") N89NC 6/26/19 Rome-London
ICYMI DeVos' N253DV flew from Grand Rapids to London 6/24/19
Surely just another 'coincidence', right?
Russian Direct Investment Fund's (Kirill Dmitriev?) LX-SIX 6/26/19 Bahrain-Moscow
Stephen Schwarzman, who also was in Bahrain, was a member of RDIF's advisory board 2011-2014(?). Dmitriev met with Erik Prince in Seychelles.
"The secret Seychelles meeting"…
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@NigelBiggar And if you were the only country writing the history of English civilization that would be the case. But you are not and English acts can no longer be differentiated from those of Germany. True, the acts may be done in small concentrated acts, like enslaving Beothuks
@NigelBiggar Scalping bounties, some still in effect in #NovaScotia
@NigelBiggar To germ warfare with Smallpox blankets by Lord Amherst, the first governor general of Canada.
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In celebration of America: the story of our spy on the inside, that’s right, #Hercules Mulligan!
#Hercules was born in Ireland in 1740. He and his family immigrated to New York when he was about 6 years old.
1774: #Hercules opened a clothing emporium catering to wealthy British businessmen & high-ranking military officers.
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