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Ein »missing link« der dt. #Militärgeschichte? – Als die #Reichswehr zwischen 1919 und 1921 auf eine Stärke von 100.000 Mann reduziert wurde, etablierte sich die Schutzpolizei ab 1919 gleichsam als Filiale des Heeres bzw. als »zweite Streitmacht auf deutschem Boden«. 1/9
Allein in Preußen gehörten 55.000 Mann der Schupo an, die anfangs aus Armeebeständen versorgt wurde. Ihre Ausrüstung stand dabei der Reichswehr zunächst kaum nach: Karabiner, Maschinenpistolen, Handgranaten und bis 1921 in geringer Anzahl auch Panzerwagen. 2/9
In der öffentlichen Wahrnehmung wurde die Schupo daher nicht grundlos als »Ersatz« für die Reichswehr bzw. das ehemalige Heer gesehen. Verstärkt wurde dieser Eindruck zudem durch die Übernahme ehemaliger militärischer Einrichtungen/Garnisonen. 3/9
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#Hindu #Funerary Monuments - Chhatri

Chhatri is a memorial chapel built over a #tomb found throughout the region of #Rajasthan, #MadhyaPradesh and #Maharashtra. These memorials commemorate the death of rulers, their consorts, relatives and the elite. 1/🧵
If Samadhis were funerary monuments of saints in #Hindus, Chhatris were #Rajput's choice of the memorial. They made sure that the memory of the chivalry of their ancestors passed on to the next generations. Though, all Chhatris did not necessarily contain the mortal remains. 2/
Chhatri i.e. umbrella, first appeared as a canopy above the tomb in #Islamic #architecture. #Hindu kings transformed the tomb into Chhatri. By the 16th C, Rajput courts had started building Chhatris. It was a place where a noble was cremated, memorialized and later worshipped. 3/
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1/8: ON THIS DAY, 79 years ago, my great grand uncle, Abraham Bacri, his wife, Éléonore Bacri née Moha, and their children, Reine Elsair née Bacri and William Bacri, were rounded up by 12,000 French policemen in @marseille. They lived at 7 rue Molière.

#MarseilleStolpersteine Photo of Éléonore Bacri née Moha from a missing person re
2/8: Abraham Bacri was born in Algiers on 9 January 1893. He was the son of Joseph Bacri and Reine Smadja. He voluntarily enlisted in August 1914. He was sent back to Algiers in 1916 due to health problems, and married Éléonore Moha on 18 April. Abraham Bacri's birth certificate
3/8: Abraham subsequently returned to serve in multiple operations until his demobilisation due to lung disease at the end of 1918. He was awarded the Médaille commémorative de la Grande Guerre and Médaille de la Victoire at the end of the war.

#WW1 #WWI Abraham Bacri’s military file
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On #ArmisticeDay we also recognise and honour the service of military surgeons, whose dedication pioneered major advancements in #medicine, and improved outcomes for veterans.

A thread about #PlasticSurgery and its origins on the battlefield

🪡🧵 Image
Never before #WWI had conflict brought such mass devastation in terms of death and injury: 37M military and civilian casualties. 16M dead and 21M wounded.

Image: the Western Front during WWI, generations of trenches & thousands of craters from mortars, artillery & detonations. Image
During 4 years of #WWI, military surgeons developed new techniques on the battlefield and in supporting hospitals.

In the war’s final 2 years, their work resulted in more survivors of injuries that would have previously proved mortal. Image
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Gen. Walter Warlimont (1894–1976) ist den meisten vor allem durch seine Funktion im Oberkommando der Wehrmacht und durch d Verurteilung zu lebenslanger Haft im OKW-Prozess bekannt. Vielmehr weiß man aber zu »Hitlers elegantestem General« kaum. Daher nun Teil I: #Reichswehr. 1/11
Die »zentrale« Sekundärliteratur zu Warlimont ist ein schmaler Aufsatz von Horst Mühleisen von 1998 in »Hitlers militärische Elite«. Eher beiläufig wird hier seine Dienstzeit zwischen 1918 und 1933 abgehandelt. Ist er also ebenso beiläufig ins OKW geraten? 2/11
Als Sohn eines Buchhändlers geboren äußerte er schon früh seinen Berufswunsch: Militärdienst. Noch im Frühjahr 1913 trat er als Fahnenjunker in das Fußartillerie-Regiment 10 ein, in dem fast durchgängig bis zum Kriegsende als Regimentsadjutant an Ost- und Westfront diente. 3/11
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«Weil ich den Menschen eine Stimme geben muss, die keine haben.»

Trotz Drohungen durch den Geheimdienst, @NatalieAmiri bewies unglaublichen Mut. Und das alles, als alleinerziehende Mutter.

Was für ein Buch, was für beeindruckende (& schreckliche) Insights über #Iran 💪🏻 #Thread
60 Millionen Liter Alkohol wurden 2016 im #Iran getrunken. Trotz striktem Verbot seit 1979 😏

Kurze Hosen sind im #Iran verboten. Nicht verpönt, wie in vielen arabischen Ländern, sondern verboten! Auch für Männer.
Im Iran sind 70% aller Arbeitsplätze staatlich. Religion und Staat sind eins, die Scharia als Rechtssystem, dominiert auch die Verfassung.
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#HoyEnLaHistoria 6 de junio 1944 El desembarco en #Normandie, llamada operación Neptuno. Tras 4 años de invasión, las tropas aliadas llegan a las costas francesas para combatir a los Nazis. Inicia la liberación de Francia. Abro hilo ⤵️ sobre sus antecedentes #DDay #Historia #WWI
Mientras se pensaba que los Nazis llegarían por el este, ellos invadieron Holanda, Bélgica y de ahí pasaron a Francia por una zona desprotegida. Lille cae el 25/05/1940. Semanas después, el norte del país es invadido, el gobierno huye a Burdeos y Hitler se apodera de París. #DDay
La 3ra República francesa cae, Burdeos es invadida y Pétain toma el poder el “Estado Francés”. Él firma el armisticio, se rinde y comienza un periodo de colaboración. Francia se divide en zona norte en poder nazi, y sur bajo control del Estado francés, con Vichy como capital.
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On #Titanic109, we remember the importance of the #Titanic photographs taken by Fr. Frank Browne SJ. In 1912, Frank was gifted a 1st class ticket for the 1st 2 legs of the ship's maiden voyage. Onboard, he photographed the ship & occupants, recording the passenger experience. 1/ ImageImage
Fr. Browne's photographs provide us with a fascinating first-hand record of the experience of a passenger. His photos recorded some of the many passengers from all social classes onboard, the scale of the ship, and many of its sophisticated interiors. #Titanic 2/ ImageImage
Frank was offered cover of his fare for the third leg of the voyage by a family onboard. He arranged for a telegram to be sent to the Provincial Superior of the Jesuits to ask for permission to take up the offer. A short response was issued: “GET OFF THAT SHIP – PROVINCIAL”. 3/ ImageImage
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165 years ago #OnThisDay, William Ferguson Massey (1856 - 1925), the 13th prime minister of #NewZealand was born in #Ireland to a small farming Protestant family

2) In 1862, Massey’s parents emigrated to #NewZealand leaving their 6 year old child behind to complete his education He was raised by his grandmother and uncle and at age 14 followed his parents in 1870 to #Auckland
3) By 1876 Massey settled in Mangere on the outskirts of #Auckland where he leased a 100 acre farm and bought a threshing machine to provide supplemental income.
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Multiple #Oscars winner and #Hollywood studio executive , Cedric Gibbons (1890 - 1960) was born 121 years ago #OnThisDay.

There is some dispute as to whether he was born in #Ireland or in #Brooklyn

#GlobalIrishNation #IrishDiaspora #OTD #BOTD Image
2) Gibbons started out his career in the #movies in the art department of the #NYC based Edison Studios where his architect father Austin was employed. After serving in the @USNavy in #WWI. Gibbons, followed the migration of the film business to #Hollywood Image
3) Gibbons had a career of more than 30 years at @mgmstudios. He would become a founding member of @TheAcademy and design the famous #artdeco #Oscars statuette Image
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Honest question to @sendahms and other @mngop & @MinnesotaDFL legislators. If I am teaching the Civil War to 7th graders, how much time should I devote? What key events, people, concepts should I discuss? How should I assess? Remember, I have 50 minute class periods. #mnleg
I'll take it another step further, using the same parameters?
How much time, ... etc. should I devote to the #WWI? Who do I include, exclude? What outside resources can I bring in and which must I avoid? Remember these are 13 year olds and we have 173 school days.
Repeat this for the following:

What battles do we focus on? How do we build context? Outcomes?
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#November 11th-

#VeteransDay Was Originally #ArmisticeDay

#ArmisticeDay began in 1918 to celebrate The Day World Leaders Came Together To End #WWI- The 'War To End All Wars'- And The Idea Of Ending All #War…
"Over one hundred years ago the world celebrated #peace as a universal principle. #WWI had just ended and nations mourning their dead collectively called for an end to all #wars#ArmisticeDay was born and was designated as “a day to be dedicated to the cause...
... of world #peace and to be thereafter celebrated." After #WorldWarII, the U.S. Congress decided to rebrand #November11 as #VeteransDay. Honoring the warrior quickly morphed into honoring the #military and glorifying #war. #ArmisticeDay was flipped from a day for #peace into...
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The #freedoms we enjoy came at an enormous cost. The contribution to #WWI and #WWII required mobilizing our people and our #NaturalResources.

#Wood was vital to every soldier – for living quarters, food and ammunition crates, trenches, and yes, coffins.
Serving mainly in #Scotland and the #BritishIsles during both World Wars, the #Canadian Forestry Corps (CFC) provided lumber for the Allies. Assembled in November 1916, the CFC was composed of dozens of forestry companies. Loggers also occasionally served as infantry.
Known as “the Sawdust Fusiliers,” the men continued their military training on Saturdays after their week’s work in the woods. Rifle range practice, training with bayonets, and tactical exercises helped prepare the CFC to protect residents and neighbouring airfields.
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(1/16) It’s #RemembranceDay in Britain. In preparation for my next book on the history of plastic surgery, I’m immersing myself in diaries, letters, & literature from #WWI. Today's THREAD is in honor of the nurses who played an integral part in the war effort.👇
(2/16) Never before had the world faced such slaughter. During WWI, medical staff applied 1.5 million splints, administered 1,088 million doses of drugs, fitted over 20,000 artificial eyes & used 7,250 tons of cotton wool while applying 108 million bandages to injured combatants.
(3/16) More than 6,000 medical staff would die, & over 17,000 would be wounded in the British Army alone. No matter how extensive healthcare provisions were or how hard doctors and nurses worked, medical care was consistently overwhelmed the sheer number of wounded men.
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Lors de la 1ere guerre mondiale, les français et les britanniques demandèrent "l'amalgame" au général Pershing (USA).

"L'amalgame", c'était la volonté des franco-britanniques que les soldats US se battent sous drapeau 🇨🇵 et 🇬🇧. Image
Mais le Général Pershing ne l'entendait pas de cette oreille.

Lui qui a toujours baigné dans l'atmosphère ségrégationniste de l'époque aux USA, a décidé de ne donner aux français et aux britanniques que les soldats noirs américains.

A ses yeux, ils avaient moins de valeur. ImageImage
Les soldats afro-américains seront habillés avec des uniformes français et britanniques.

Pour beaucoup de soldats noirs, ils diront etre agréablement surpris de l'accueil que leur feront les soldats français car désormais, dit-on, on les considère comme des "frères d'armes"... ImageImage
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Last week, @TheAtlantic reported that @realDonaldTrump called more than 1,800 marines "suckers" because they were killed at Belleau Wood.

Scroll ⬇️ to see real acts of heroism from the Battle of Belleau Wood – a consequential battle that helped secure victory in #WWI.
Lt. Weedon Osborne (@USNavy) was a dentist attached to the 6th @USMC Regiment.

During the Battle of Belleau Wood, Lt. Osborne died in an effort to carry a wounded Marine to safety.

He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor & is buried at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery. Image
At Belleau Wood, GySgt. Fred W. Stockham noticed his wounded comrade's gas mask was inoperable.

GySgt. Stockham took off his mask and gave it to his comrade and later died from poison gas exposure.

His sacrifice earned him the Medal of Honor. Image
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Now we know Trump mocked a man's #disability because he feels "disgust for those who have suffered." As president, he told staff "not to include wounded #veterans" in an event because “Nobody wants to see that."

Trump's views of #vets: reporting from @TheAtlantic (thread)
.@FoxNews @AP & other media organizations have verified @TheAtlantic's reporting that Trump lied when he said he couldn't reach a French cemetery to honor America's war dead. In fact, "he feared his hair would become disheveled in the rain."
“Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers," Trump told senior staff members," referring to America's WWI fallen. During the same 2018 trip, he referred to the "more than 1,800 marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood as 'suckers' for getting killed."
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This is sickening. Waiting for #trump supporters who claim to support #USMilitary to explain how they can continue to support a man who hates our #troops. @JoeBiden’s son #Beau served in #Iraq. @DrBiden has supported #militaryfamilies for years. #USMC #USN #USAF #BidenHarris2020
#Trump referred to former President #GeorgeHWBush as a “loser” for being shot down by the Japanese as a Navy pilot in #WorldWarII. #Bush flew 58 combat missions in the Pacific. He enlisted at 18. Trump enlisted never.… #SupportOurTroops #VoteBidenHarris
When #JohnMcCain died in 2018, #Trump became furious when he saw flags lowered to half-staff. “What the fuck are we doing that for? Guy was a fucking loser.” McCain was taken prisoner after flying his 23rd bombing mission over N.Vietnam. #Trump has flown a mission never.
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Charles de Gaulle fit 2 guerres mondiales :

- 1ere guerre mondiale en tant que Capitaine.
Blessé a la cuisse par un coup de baïonnette, il est fait prisonnier et tenta 5 fois de s'évader.

- 2 eme guerre mondiale en tant que Colonel.
Il participa à la (...) Image
(...) bataille d'Abbeville ou les forces blindées 🇨🇵 résistèrent farouchement à l'avancée allemande. Une des rares satisfactions de 1940.

Puis il initie et prend la tête du mouvement de résistance français face à l'occupant allemand. ImageImage
Quand j'entends certaines personnes dire que c'était un "planqué", ça me fait doucement rire...
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A la suite de cette série de photos aériennes de monuments de la capitale française, il sera difficile pour vous de dire que Paris n'est pas la plus belle ville du monde... 😏

Préparez vous, on y va ! ⤵️
On commence avec la célèbre Tour Eiffel.

Terminée à la fin du 19 ème siècle (1889), la "Dame de fer" fascine toujours autant par sa beauté et je suis sur que vous ne direz pas le contraire.

C'est le 7 ème monument le plus visité au monde ! ImageImage
On continue avec le Jardin du Luxembourg.

Le terrain appartenait a Francois de Poney, Duc de Luxembourg, d'où le nom.
Marie de Médicis, veuve d'Henri IV, rachèta le tout et ordonna la construction d'un palais en 1615.

Aujourd'hui, le jardin abrite le Sénat.
Magnifique ! Image
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D'ailleurs, je vous propose de lire la triste lettre d'un soldat français nommé Henry Floch.

Il l'envoya à sa femme Lucie, lui faisant part d'une injustice.
"Ma bien chère Lucie,
Quand cette lettre te parviendra, je serai mort fusillé.

Voici pourquoi :
Le 27 novembre, vers 5 heures du soir, après un violent bombardement de deux heures, dans une tranchée de première ligne, alors que nous finissions la soupe, des Allemands se (...)
(...) sont amenés dans la tranchée, m’ont fait prisonnier avec deux autres camarades.

J’ai profité d’un moment de bousculade pour m’échapper des mains des Allemands.

J’ai suivi mes camarades, et ensuite, j’ai été accusé d’abandon de poste en présence de l’ennemi.
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#WWI fostered influenza in the crowded conditions of military camps in the U.S. & in the trenches of the Western Front in Europe.
The virus traveled with military personnel from camp to camp and across the Atlantic.…
#SpanishFlu #COVID19 #SARSCoV2
The 1918 #H1N1 influenza pandemic caused 500,000-700,000 deaths in the U.S.— almost 200,000 of them in Oct. 1918 alone— & an estimated 30-40 million deaths worldwide, mostly among people aged 15-35 years.
World-wide transporting of #WW1 military troops was the reason.
The 1918 influenza pandemic was caused by an #H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin. It was first identified in U.S. military personnel in spring 1918.
500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus.… #SpanishFlu
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1/20 Good afternoon. I’m Antony Firth and I’m going to tweet about ‘Steel on the Seabed’. I’ll be referencing work with @HistoricEngland @HE_Maritime @honor_frost @SouterNT @HeritageFundNE @citizan @IoSIFCA @tynetotees @ukchp. Many thanks to all & to organisers of #SWOS20! Image
2/20 By ‘Steel on the Seabed’ I mean #shipwrecks from the period c. 1850-1950 – a period of numerous radical transformations in ships but also in the communities whose lives they touched. These historic steel artefacts within the marine environment still reverberate. #SWOS20
3/20 In 1832 before most were even built, Lyell surmised ‘It is probable that a greater number of monuments of the skill and industry of man [sic] will be collected together in the bed of the ocean than will exist at any other time on the surface of the continents’. #SWOS20 Image
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Heute sinkt die #Mehrwertsteuer
zum ersten Mal seit über 50 Jahren – gefühlt & tatsächlich seit 350 Jahren.
Zu diesem bedeutsamen Ereignis der #Steuergeschichte ein thread zur Historie (1/13)…
.#Zölle, „#Verkehrsteuern“ & ähnliche Abgaben gab es schon im Altertum.
Transaktionen laufend zu besteuern ist einfacher als viele kleine Produzenten & Privathaushalte zu veranlagen – das ist bis heute ein gewichtiger Vorteil der #IndirektenSteuern (2/13)…
Im 17. Jahrhundert kamen die #Akzisen in Mode. Damit konnten die absolutistischen Fürsten ihren wachsenden Bedarf der flexibler befriedigen als mit den herkömmlichen Steuern, bei denen es häufig ständische Privilegien & Mitspracherechte gab (3/13)…
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