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🧵 Timeline of Events on May 26, 2022 at Doug Ford’s rally in Hamilton

Arrived at the airport at 5:55 PM, about half an hour early. (I wanted to avoid a long lineup, but turns out there wasn’t any crowd to worry about.)

#onpoli #OntarioVotes #Hamilton #GetTheFordOut
By the way, the direction signs were hard to read from a moving vehicle.

You’d think someone in the label business would be better at signage/graphic design, but Doug Ford’s incompetence knows no bounds.
Got waved into an empty parking lot upon arrival. You can see the Cargojet hangar in the background, behind the Hamilton Police cruiser.
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#onpoli #VoteFordOut here are key ridings where you can make a difference by voting strategically to prevent the Doug Ford Conservatives from forming government.
Ajax riding, the strategic vote is Ontario Liberal. Otherwise Ford may win this seat. Don't be fooled by his candidate that was on the school board, they have no interest in public education. NONE. Image
#Brampton East a riding that could MOVE to Doug Ford's PC's if the voters don't support the NDP in this riding. Image
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Aquí agruparemos los hilos que no son #MakeEmLaugh, pero que tienen su miga.

¿Os parece si los llamamos #NoMeVengasConHistorias?
🎤Cindy Lauper solo quería pasárselo bien, pero se lió y acabó haciendo que el "pressing catch" se convirtiera en un fenómeno global.

👀No mires a los ojos de la gente, Tom Hanks.
Me dan miedo, siempre mienten.

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🧵Quick Streaming Thread 🧵
Audience engagement—or the viewer conversation and attention surrounding a given title—is NOT a reflection of viewership. But it does help to measure viewer consistency/loyalty and, importantly, title awareness, which can help attract new subscribers. Chatter is free marketing!
According to @Diesel_Labs, which measures audience attention/engagement, these are the top 2021 streaming originals based on engagement and the top '21 streaming break outs (titles that saw dramatic increase in engagement after limited pre-release conversation/hype). ImageImage
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Very interesting data unveiled by the #WallStreetJournal, provided by @AntennaData.
To this day, ##WonderWoman1984, #Hamilton & #Greyhound still hold the records of spikes in daily new subscriptions for #HBOMax, #DisneyPlus & #AppleTVPlus, respectively.
But the data provided by #Antenna to the #WSJ also revealed an inconvenient truth: The Phantom menace of Churn is real. Almost 50% or more of the original subscribers of movies like #WW84 and #Hamilton are gone after 6 months in a streaming service.
The data provided by #Antenna also show how big series such as #Netflix #BigMouth or #Hulu’s #HandmaidsTale although not attracting as many subscriptions as big films, do a slightly better job in retaining most of subscribers attracted during weekend of release for longer.
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(1/18) Applying ordinary legal principles, the #FIA, #Masi and #RedBull are on shaky ground, on the basis of the #F1 #FIARegulations. Regulations 48.12, 48.13 and 15.3 do not work the way the FIA have explained. A thread. #safetycar #cas #formula1 #verstappen #Hamilton
(2/18) Let's start with what happened - Race Control announced: "Lapped Cars 4-14-31-16-5 to overtake Safety Car". Nothing in the Regulations *specifically* permits this announcement. Reg 48.12 is the sole Reg dealing with un-lapping under a Safey Car.
(3/18) Reg 48.12 says as per the pic. There are a few things that need unpacking, but if this stood on its own, it appears pretty clear.
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[A LA UNE A 21H]
Le non à l'indépendance l'a emporté de manière écrasante lors du troisième référendum d'autodétermination en #NouvelleCalédonie marqué par une abstention record après l'appel des indépendantistes à bouder le scrutin #AFP ⬇️ 1/5
[A LA UNE A 21H]
Au moins 80 personnes sont mortes dans le seul Etat américain du Kentucky à la suite des tornades qui ont ravagé le centre et le sud des Etats-Unis, selon le gouverneur Andy Beshear #AFP 2/5
[A LA UNE A 21H]
Les responsables de santé au Royaume-Uni ont annoncé relever le niveau d'alerte Covid en raison d'une "rapide augmentation" des cas du variant #Omicron, qui a poussé le gouvernement à annoncer de nouvelles mesures #AFP 3/5
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#EmmysSoWhite: The Emmy Awards were unable to capitalize on its historic and diverse nomination fields, with all major acting trophies going to white actors. Image
Actors that were seen as solid contenders included Billy Porter, Mj Rodriguez, the late Michael K. Williams, Kenan Thompson and Bowen Yang.

In the end, not a single actor of color won an Emmy. ImageImage
Michaela Coel, nominated for four Emmys, won the writing for a limited series category for #IMayDestroyYou, the third time a Black creative has won the category and first for a Black woman. Image
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The 73rd Primetime #Emmys are being held tonight to celebrate excellence in television.

Here's everything you need to know about the nominees, who's attending, and where to watch the iconic event. 👇…
This year's nominees include fan favorites like #WandaVision, #Bridgerton, and #Blackish.

Some of the picks were more controversial, such as #EmilyInParis, which was nominated for best comedy and yet currently only sits at 63% on Rotten Tomatoes.…
Do you think Emily in Paris should have been nominated for an Emmy for Best Comedy?
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A new mystery is afoot! Benoit Blanc’s latest investigation takes him to the Mediterranean.

#KnivesOut2 has started production on the shores of Greece. Here’s a thread of everything we know about @rianjohnson and Daniel Craig’s new movie. Image
In January of 2020, Rian Johnson talked about what he’d like to explore in a possible #KnivesOut sequel: “I’m always kind of saying, ‘If this movie does all right, I would be thrilled to do another one.’ But a lot has to happen. I have to write a script.” Image
“It’s, ‘What is the next case?’ It’s not about building a mythology around the character,” Johnson said of a potential #KnivesOut sequel in January of 2020.
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“Growing up in a Danish family, I was always familiar with the idea of ‘#hygge’, which is a sense of cosiness and warmth. It’s something I really value because it’s a hugely important part of what makes a home feel like home." 1/
"I still remember how excited I was when I bought this flat with my gf 5 years ago. But now our place of hygge has become a place of despair - we have a #wakingwatch patrolling the building 24/7 because it is deemed that unsafe, with a £60k/week bill to pay for it" 2/
"I’m an optimist and I grew up believing that our government genuinely care about the safeguarding of its citizens. Now, after experiencing first hand the insidious nature of the #claddingscandal, I’ve had to re-evaluate." 3/
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Face au Covid-19, la Formule 1 (@F1) a remis à 2022 son grand chambardement et attaque dimanche une saison à nouveau promise à @MercedesBenz et @LewisHamilton, qui peut devenir le pilote le plus titré de l'histoire ⤵️ #AFP 1/7
@F1 @MercedesBenz @LewisHamilton Principal attrait de cette saison, #Hamilton, qui a égalé Michael @schumacher l'an dernier avec sept titres, peut désormais dépasser l'Allemand - dont le fils @SchumacherMick arrive par ailleurs en F1 à 22 ans #AFP 2/7
@F1 @MercedesBenz @LewisHamilton @schumacher @SchumacherMick Troisième en 2019 et 2020, le Néerlandais @Max33Verstappen sera encore en embuscade. Mais pourra-t-il faire mieux? #AFP 3/7
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1/ Finally finished Season Six of Vikings. The second half of the season was better than the first half. On whole I thought the series did a nice job of mapping real-world history onto its characters. #Vikings
2/ Over 200 years of history and legends were compressed into two generations. That's entirely forgivable as it is not meant to be a documentary. #Vikings
3/ Like all historical fiction, if the series gets people more interested in history in addition to being entertaining, then that's a good thing. #Vikings
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There’s a special relationship between a shark and a pilot fish. On the surface it appears friendly, but it’s better described as “mutualistic,” where each species benefits from the relationship. #velshi
In this case, the pilot fish gets protection against predators while feeding off fragments of food in the shark’s teeth which, in turn, helps the shark avoid potentially deadly parasites. An unlikely pairing - a Pilot Fish and a shark - but together they work. #velshi
That seems to be the best analogy for the relationship between Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump. And if it wasn’t already clear - Trump is the shark and Graham is the pilot fish in this scenario. #velshi
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#antireport #internationalsolidarity #koufodinas_hungerstrike

#Hamilton, #Ontario: There is Always Resistance - Prison Demo Reportback & Solidarity with Koufontinas (on hunger strike since 8 Jan).
We express our solidarity with Dimitris as well as with all prisoners in struggle
#antireport #internationalsolidarity #koufodinas_hungerstrike

The #Hague, #Netherlands: Report Back about the demonstration in solidarity with revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas and call for a week of solidarity with revolutionary Dimitris #Koufontinas

#antireport #internationalsolidarity #koufodinas_hungerstrike

Solidarity from #Poland with hunger strike of Dimitris Koufodinas, who fights for transfer to Koridallos prison. Against penitentiary regime and media’s & goverment’s manipulation!

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1/ One of the perks - and also a disadvantage - of doing research cross country is that you see patterns but not everywhere you can dig deeper into individual circumstances. A THREAD on #mafia #ndrangheta #LCN #Canada #Niagara #NewYork #Hamilton #Buffalo #Toronto etc
2/ first, the #Niagara region is today - criminologically speaking - the most interesting region where #mafia identity is constantly defined, redefined and negotiated. Difficult to pigeonhole in just one box (#ndrangheta #LCN) families from Buffalo to Hamilton have their own.
3/ you can look at them from either a local perspective (the cities) or a global one (North America at the centre). Not because their activities are always global but because their identity might be. Why? Because what you see locally might not be the whole story.
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Starting my next biography with Mt. Rainier in the background.

Get ready for some President Grant!

#Seattle #History #President #America #USA #Army #Rainier Image
Just a few years before the Civil War, Grant was so poor he was peddling firewood on a St. Louis street corner in a faded army overcoat, trying to feed his family.
Ulysses S. Grant was actually named Hiram Ulysses Grant at birth, but when a congressman wrote his endorsement to attend West Point, he accidentally wrote “Ulysses S. Grant,” (Assuming S for Grant’s mother’s maiden name), and West Point refused to correct it. Image
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INAUGURARE LA PRESIDENZA, con @lelemonaco90 . Comincia la nostra nuova rubrica sui discorsi inaugurali partendo da quello che molti considerano tra i più importanti della storia politica americana, in una fredda giornata di inizio primavera quasi duecento anni fa. Image
“L’agonia è finita!”, così esclamò Governeur Morris il 4 Marzo 1801. A mezzogiorno, dopo un viaggio di quattro giorni da Charlottesville a Washington, il 57enne Thomas Jefferson fece giuramento come terzo presidente degli Stati Uniti, dopo un accorato discorso. Image
Lo fece nella nuova aula del Senato in una Washington all’epoca non più grande di un villaggio. Era la fine di una vicenda, durata fino a fine febbraio, che aveva testato la tenuta dei principi costituzionali e politici dell’appena nata democrazia americana. Image
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1/n Lately, we have have been drowning in headlines stating that hospitals are bursting with COVID-19 patients.


#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #pandemic #science #fear #Canada #COVID19ontario #data #onpoli
2/n Many people are also hopping on the panic porn bandwagon on social media to promote the idea that hospitals are full with COVID-19 patients. But is this actually true?


#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #pandemic #science #Canada #COVID19ontario #data #onpoli
3/n Under 10 covid patients admitted & under 10 in ICU in 3 hospitals. University Health Network: (Toronto General, Toronto Western, Princess Margaret)


#Toronto #COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #pandemic #science #Canada #COVID19ontario #data #onpoli
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Who lives?
Who dies?
Who tells your story?

You would have been 100 years old yesterday. And, from what I hear, if it were up to you that day would have involved teaching and patient care.

And family, too.

I met you before you departed. Stood by as you taught EKG vectors feeling relieved that you weren’t calling on junior faculty.


When it came to teaching, you were, as we used to say around my way, “‘bout that life.”

Yeah. That.

‘Bout that LIFE.
But back to those questions from #Hamilton—who lives? Who dies? Who dies? Who tells your story?

I know—you’re like, “What is #Hamilton? But stay with me, sir.

I think it’s a question about legacy and impact. I think that’s why it’s my favorite song in that whole show.

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Wednesday is MY BIRTHDAY & y'all can make me this ⬇️ elated if you share/support my #MVPHarris fundraising drive! Contribute ANY amount using my link OR purchase a ticket to upcoming fundraisers using my links (thread ⬇️)
💸… 💸 #KamalaHarris #BidenHarris Image
Purchase tickets to the 10/13 Trek the Vote to Victory: Virtual Panel with 19 Icons from five Star Trek Casts & with special guests Andrew Yang, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, & Stacey Abrams by clicking here:…
Tickets start at $25! #TrektheVoteToVictory
Purchase tickets to the 10/13 Virtual Reception with the Cast of Jagged Little Pill The Musical featuring #AlanisMorissette. Tickets start at $25.
Click here to buy:… #BidenHarris Image
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Some of us have been saying this from the start, & evidence just builds. Trump makes brutally clear that he won’t go quietly. Ignore him at your (literal) peril.
I mean. If you think you love George Washington. Or even if you just love @Lin_Manuel. Remember how important Washington’s “teach them how to say goodbye” is to #Hamilton. Peaceful transfer of power is foundational to American democracy.

Trump is assaulting that, too. Stop him.
He’s even killing the mythological America, guys. That’s the only thing that’s kept us alive. Barely.
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So we decided to watch #Hamilton tonight. And since we can’t really go anywhere, we decided to have a full blown “night out.” #HappyHour and a small plate of #Apps. (1/x) Image
#BlackTie is NOT optional. Image
Little Man always rocks a tie when Daddy does. I can’t believe I don’t have a dope dinosaur tie to match his. Smdh. Image
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THREAD: #ndrangheta #mobilità questa settimana ha fatto notizia. Prima di essere catturati dall'isteria per questa #mafia che è ovunque, diamo un'occhiata all'analisi dei fatti. Innanzitutto, la 'ndrangheta NON è una, può AGIRE COME UNA in Calabria e solo quando necessario.
2 / L'unità è nei 1) comportamenti mafiosi, 2) unità familiare, 3) coordinamento orizzontale in territori "densi" di mafia. La particolarità della 'ndrangheta è che #etnia - calabresi - conta enormemente per la resilienza dell'organizzazione, ma NON per le attività criminali.
3 / in #Argentina arresti per traffico di droga hanno coinvolto un italiano a Buenos Aires, non calabrese, un argentino di origine italiana, un uomo di Rosarno legato al clan #Bellocco - si tratta di affari, non di etnia.…
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