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Sporting goods being donated to families in fire zones

Nova Scotians have rallied to collect sports equipment for those affected by the recent wildfires in the province. #NovaScotia
/2 More than 200 families in Hammonds Plains, Tantallon and Shelburne County have lost their homes in the last two weeks due to the fires. Many of those families have kids involved in sports.
/3 "After the fires broke out we had about 550 players who were in the evacuated zone," said Holly LaPierre, president of Hammonds Plains minor baseball. "There are about 30 players who actually lost their homes."
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Halifax going after millions in federal funding to speed up housing starts #NovaScotia

HRM hoping to get more than $73 million over four years. /1…
/2 At a council meeting on Tuesday night, regional council signed off on the ask for over $73 million over four years under the new federal Housing Accelerator program launching this summer. The feds are handing out $4 billion to municipalities across the country to speed up
/3 and increase housing supply with a focus on affordable, low-carbon, climate resilient projects. The target is 100,000 net-new permits for housing units across Canada.

“This was really important before the wildfires and it’s even that much more important now,”
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Here is the rescue story I heard about last Sunday when the fires started in #HammondsPlains #NovaScotia

#Halifax fire captain describes risking own life to save elderly man during wildfire. /1…
/2 "As we pulled up, everything around the house was on fire. There were trees on two sides, maybe 20 to 30 feet away, and everything was on fire," he said.

Corkum, who was driving, instructed Scott that he had 30 seconds to check the house for the man. Both doors were
/3 locked, so Scott ended up kicking in the front door.

"The elderly gentleman was in his chair unaware of what was going on, unaware of the danger," Corkum said.
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Live update #Wildfires #NovaScotia Deputy Chief Meldrum, DNRR🔥🚒🧯🚨 May 31, 3023…
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Cavern wells, last vestiges of Alton Gas project, to be capped, site decommissioned by June | SaltWire

Great news for #NovaScotia…
/2 The three wells drilled to support the ill-fated Alton gas underground storage project will soon be capped and the site decommissioned.

The cavern site was partially constructed on 80 hectares of property in a residential area of Brentwood Road, near Alton and between
/3 Stewiacke and Brookfield, in Colchester County.

The property was purchased by Alton Natural Gas Storage LP, a subsidiary of AtlaGas, several years ago, the wells were drilled and a building was constructed at the site to facilitate industrial, mechanical and electrical
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Happy Tartan Day Canada #TartanDay #April6

Celebrate your Scottish Heritage.

Tartan across #Canada

#NovaScotia /1 ImageImage
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Town of Lunenburg says world will be watching its new housing development #Lunenburg #NovaScotia…
/2 Doyle said deputy mayor Peter Mosher described an ideal model as a "21st century Hydrostone," referring to the 1920s Halifax development of concrete row houses and greenery.

"It's a new side of Lunenburg — literally and figuratively," Doyle said.
/3 The property is within the buffer zone of Lunenburg's UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means any design is required to "complement" the area's heritage. Any artifacts uncovered during construction must be immediately reported to the provincial
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As of Jan 21, an estimated 7547 Canadian children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
24% of those have been since protections were removed in individual provinces.

Individual provincial impacts are in this thread.
#canpoli #cdnpoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
As of Jan 28, an estimated 117 NB children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
57% of those have been since protections were removed.
#NewBrunswick #nbpoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
As of Jan 21, an estimated 107 NS children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
68% of those have been since protections were removed.
#NovaScotia #nspoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
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• 1913, you required us to have a permit to carry a handgun.
We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.
• 1920, you required us to have a permit to possess any firearm, regardless of where it was stored.
We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.
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In all seriousness now... Much of #NovaScotia is now under a #Hurricane WARNING, including capital city, Halifax. #FIONA will race this way, with center reaching the coast Saturday morning. My plan is commonsense: 1/5
Heading E at crack of dawn to Cape Breton Island where I'll set up HQ in Sydney (on E end). Since FIONA will be embedded in strong steering flow, & since it'll be a large target (no tight, tropical core like in Dominican Republic), I'm expecting straightforward chase. 2/5
Being diehard nerd, I'm most excited about the air-pressure data. Here are lowest pressures I've recorded in decades of chasing. Where's #FIONA gonna score on this list? Curious. P.S. Global models suck with intensity & I think they're overcooking FIONA's at landfall up here. 3/5
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Here’s one with child porn pervert Gerry Hawes, pass it on. Trudeau has dozens of compromising pictures, more than any other politician I know.

Rt and add a photo let’s get this thread going

#TrudeauSicko #cdnpoli Image
No one’s adding photos. Cmon guys there’s so many lol

Here he is with fired liberal sexual harasser kent hehr Image
Serial rapist Joshua Boyle

Let’s tag @atRachelGilmore in this thread Image
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My 1st symptoms of #COVID were 7 weeks ago tomorrow.

Yesterday I went for an #ECG b/c I'm having heart symptoms that weren't there before #COVID19.

I'm also having issues with my blood sugar which weren't there before #Covid_19

The technician said he's doing several ECG's ++
daily on people who are having heart complications due to #COVID19.

I'm on leave from my job. And now I'm in need of health care I wasn't before. I'm scared of what is happening inside my body and brain.

@TimHoustonNS got rid of all the means that protected the #NovaScotia ++
population. Our health care and workers are crumbling under the weight of it all.

Businesses are closing. Housing is a mess. The climate is in shambles.

What are we going to do?

#nspoli #covid19NS #CovidIsNotOver #COVID19 #COVID
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In my late 40's, seeing nothing in #NovaScotia for #ActuallyAustistic women, I started a group which has become a program.

The program expanded to the creation of a teen group as well.

Yesterday our teen group did a scavenger hunt in the Camp Hill Cemetery.

I developed the ++
activity. I provided a history, etiquette for while we were there, and the questions of what we were looking for.

One of the graves that I wanted them to find was Viola Desmond.

We did and talked about her activism and reflected on the changes she made.

We found many ++
interesting headstones. Ones made of iron! Ones from the 1800's, Norwegian Merchant Marines, etc.

We had an amazing time!

I made them all giggle when I found this stone and covered the L 🤭
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Happy #RefugeeRightsDay, Canada!!! 🍁🇨🇦❤️ Image
Today, on Canada's #RefugeeRightsDay, we broaden our #WelcomeToCanada campaign calling on provincial authorities to terminate their contracts with @CanBorder & stop CBSA from locking up immigration detainees in provincial jails. #NovaScotia is up next!…
🚨 In #NovaScotia, immigration detainees are held in provincial jails by default because there is NO dedicated immigration holding center in the province 🚨

#WelcomeToCanada #RefugeeRightsDay
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Alright, folks, where did I take these photographs? #NaturePhotography #Spring #Lake #Brook A brook flowing between mossy bouldersAn 8 inch birch tree felled by a beaver. Toren's hand for coA slow-moving brook flowing through a conifer forest.A lake and a small pond, both surrounded by coniferous fores
I'm sure lots of you would have had all kinds of guesses, but I am also sure none of you would have had "an island off the Eastern Shore" as your answer.
Here's the zoomed out version of the image I showed previously.
All the photos were taken on Wolfe's Island. #NovaScotia A lake and a pond surrounded by conifer forest, with ocean a
A few more photos from Wolfe's Island, including the cabin where I spent the day, and what the rest of the island looks like. A red cabin on a rock by the ocean, with a blue motorboat inAerial photograph of a barren landscape, with two lakes and A large forested cliff rising straight from the ocean.Top-down view of a rocky, seaweed-covered shoreline with sil
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This is a long but important thread about my experience as an #AfricanNovaScotian woman who was #raciallyprofiled this afternoon at #TheSource store in #Elmsdale, #EastHants #NovaScotia.
An open letter to #TheSource, Elmsdale location, please tell your staff that consumer racial profiling based on a person’s colour is a violation of the #NovaScotiaHumanRightsAct.
After searching various stores online this afternoon, I went to the Source to purchase a new Canon printer because I always purchase ink here and have always received great customer service.
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Thread: I see some in other provinces talking about #NovaScotia rapid test kits coming home for elementary kids. There’s been comparisons about other places and why Gov’s did or did not do this. A few points about this whole thing we shouldn’t forget 1/…
The effort has been spearheaded by some excellent folks who are outside of gov. It started with local university during our 2nd wave that was hitting restaurant/bar crowd in Halifax. They were testing to see if rapid testing could help stop spread. 2/…
The success and the leadership of @LisaBarrettID et all. meant that our public health officials could do their thing. But they also stayed out of the way and let community lead the pop ups as they grew. This meant no additional strain on pub resources. /3…
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I spoke to @btaplatt about future of @CPC_HQ , including @erinotoole’s leadership, in this weekend’s @nationalpost

FWIW every media conversation I’ve had on this topic has included me going on the record. I wish others would follow suit
I’ve also been asked about my views on O’Toole. Do I expect him to survive? Do I want him to?

My views haven’t changed from what I wrote in 2019

Smart move is usually to stick with your leader.
But there’s an asterisk*

*You have to show you can learn, grow and change
My biggest moment of disappointment in Scheer’s leadership didn’t come on election night, but instead in his comments following the first post-election caucus meeting, when he showed no willingness to learn & grow with with regard to LGBTQ Canadians
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Had the privilege of reading #WeCanDoBetter by Dr. David Goldbloom (son of Dr. Richard Goldbloom). The last chapter on #mentahealth and #homelessness should be mandatory reading @MikeSavageHFX and @nspc @TimHoustonNS. Here’s the synopsis is (thread):
200,000 people in Canada are estimated to be homeless. More than the entire population of St. John’s NFLD.

Cost per person living with mental illness (excluding medications) who are homeless: $56,000.

Homelessness is an expensive issue.
Shelters and food banks, while important, do not deal with the upstream and downstream causes of homelessness. For a country that prides itself on social welfare and universal health, we are doing in inadequate job of taking care of our most vulnerable people.
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Thread - Nova Scotians ages 63 and 64 will be the first group eligible to access the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine starting Saturday, March 20. #NovaScotia

The vaccine will be available at 25 locations across the province on a first come, first served basis.…
The following pharmacies will offer the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine:

Shoppers Drug Mart, 766 Sackville Dr., Lower Sackville
Kyte’s Pharmacy, 920 Cole Harbour Rd., Dartmouth
Lawton’s Drug Store, 8003 #7 Hwy., Musquodoboit Harbour
Sobeys Pharmacy, 110 Warwick St., Digby /2
Guardian - Hutchins Pharmacy, 310 St. George St., Annapolis Royal
Walmart Pharmacy, 1065 Central Ave., Greenwood
Stones Drug Store, 491 Chebucto St., Baddeck
Freeman’s Pharmacy, 15786 Central Ave., Inverness/3
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Renewable energy projects, protected areas and recycling: #NovaScotia

Wind Energy

To ensure a more diverse energy mix, Nova Scotia Power and the municipal electric utilities must have 25% renewables in their mix by 2015 and 40% by 2020.
We are well on the path to /1
meeting those requirements, and wind will play a major role as projects already approved will reach the technical limit of 500 megawatts around 2015.
Federal regulations establish a requirement for coal-fired units to meet specific emissions standards or /2
shut down at the end of their useful life.

Tidal Energy

To develop the Bay of Fundy’s resource, the Province of Nova Scotia has taken a number of strategic actions: • Supporting the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) /3
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For each #Province and #Territory in #Canada, here is the help that was offered to those living with #disabilities. This will include the #Federal help offered as well as any hoops #PWDs may have needed to jump through to get it and whether CERB was clawed back or not.
This is based on my own research, and if anyone sees anything I missed or may have gotten wrong please let me know.
Let's start with #Yukon
According to several articles, eligible families on #disability supports we're to get up to $400 to help with costs until August. Unknown what eligibility was.
#CERB was exempt from clawbacks.
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