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[THREAD] 1/ In 2022, the Islamic State claimed 2,028 attacks in 24 countries. It carried out large-scale operations in Syria, Nigeria and Afghanistan. Sharp decline in #IS operations in Iraq. Africa was the continent most afflicted, with a sharp increase in attacks at Christians.
2/ Detail about the methodology: I have analysed all the information provided by the Islamic State in the 52 issues of its weekly magazine al-Naba’ (cf. the front page of the issue 369). For every single IS claimed attack, I have analysed the target(s)/weapon(s) used/geolocation.
3/To start with, interestingly, the number of Islamic State’s attacks has dropped consistently since the fall of Baghûz (March 2019), last #IS stronghold in Syria. This is particularly striking in the case of #Syria and #Iraq, where the group is a mere shadow of what it once was.
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Malgré les menaces , #ChristophLuxenberg poursuit ses recherches et sa lecture #syroAraméenne du Coran pr clarifier les #versets ambigus .Son hypothèse de travail : le #Coran a été initialement écrit en #alphabet #syriaque 👉 ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
2- Le #Coran contient des récits de l’Ancien et Nouveau #Testament, et de la littérature #hébraïque et #chrétienne . Selon #Luxenberg , son but serait d’#évangéliser les #Arabes. Mais, selon 1 tendance #chrétienne qui rejette la #divinité de #Jésus
3- Par la suite, le #Coran en #syriaque est retranscrit en alphabet #arabe qui s’est développé à partir de l’alphabet #syriaque lui-même. Des erreurs ont été commises lors de cette retranscription
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Ibn al-Haytham, le savant des yeux

⬇️ Image
« (...) Après des années de lectures et de voyages (jusqu’en al-Andalus), et un emploi de copieur de manuscrits mathématiques, Ibn al-Haytham se décide enfin à publier le sien : le Kitāb al-Manāẓir (Traité sur l’optique). Son livre est alors une révolution.

Contenant les premières explications et descriptions dans le domaine de la psychologie de la perception visuelle (posant de nouvelles bases en matière de perspectives dans l’art !) et des illusions d’optique, l’ouvrage expose également une réfutation d’Ibn al-Haytham..

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This video is 4m #Aurangabad city. #police constable can be seen brutally assaulting a man for keeping his shop open till late during ongoing #Ramadan

More details awaited

#Maharashtra #policebrutality

@DGPMaharashtra @AbadCityPolice @IpsNikhil @Dwalsepatil @CMOMaharashtra
Update: Here is the detailed account

The incident took place at Bismillah Palace of Koila Gali in Ghas Mandi area of Aurangabad city. Complex is about 200 metres from City Chowk police station, which is surrounded by multiple market areas.

The incident of police constable assaulting the man has been confirmed by complex's owner Arbaz Khan, as well as staffers from Rajadhani Footwear and SMaster Men's Wear

Other traders unanimously alleged of cops using force for closing shops during ongoing festive season

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Muslims believe Laylat al-Qadr, is the night God first revealed the Qurʾān to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), through the angel Gabriel. It takes place on one of the final 10 nights of Ramadan.

For #LaylatalQadr here are 23 Qur’anic manuscripts in museums & collections.

A thread…
1/ Folio from Qur’an, 1075-1100 Saljuq

Sura al-Ma'ida (the Table spread) 5:34 and part of 35, recto begins with "illalladhina"; verso: sura 5:parts of 35 and 36, verso begins with "waja[a]hidu; Arabic in black eastern kufic (New Style)
#Ramadan #LaylatulQadr
2/ Folio from Qur’an, 9th - 10th century
North Africa

The “Blue” Qur’an, named after the rich, indigo-dyed parchment used for its folios, is arguably one of the most extraordinary luxury manuscripts ever created #Ramadan #LaylatulQadr
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Mosques are adorned beautifully, with coloured mosaics & tiles. This is believed to reflect the divine beauty of the universe. For this reason, the artistry of mosaics are regarded as an expression of faith

For Ramadan, here are 24 mosaics in Mosques around the world

A thread…
1/ Mosaic from the Jāmeh Mosque of Isfahān, Iran

Also known as the Friday Mosque of Isfahān (مسجد جمعه). The mosque is the result of continual construction, reconstruction, additions & renovations on the site from around 771 to the end of the 20th century #Ramadan
2/ Mosaic from The Gūr-i Amīr, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Built in 1404, by Timur. It has an important place in the history of Central Asian Architecture, & influenced Mughal architecture, including Gardens of Babur in Kabul, Humayun's Tomb in Delhi & the Taj Mahal in Agra #Ramadan
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Abū Huraira, le second du Prophète ﷺ

« (...) Présent à chacun des prêches du Prophète ﷺ et à toutes les prières collectives, il n’échappe à aucun dire du Messager ﷺ dans sa mosquée, et il occupe son temps à les mémoriser et à les transmettre aux intéressés. Au contraire du reste des compagnons du Prophète ﷺ..

...Abū Huraira n’a ni femme ni enfants, n’a aucun emploi, n’occupe aucune charge politique, il n’a ni commerce ni troupeau ou terrain à garder. Un récit, très fameux, fait d’ailleurs état d’une invocation faite par le Prophète ﷺ visant à aider Abū Huraira...

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Tidak ada yang meragukan bahwa Nabi Saw menggunakan rukyat dalam penentuan awal bulan kamariah. Bahkan pandangan para ulama mazhab telah sepakat menyatakan bahwa salah satu syarat masuknya bulan Ramadan adalah melihat hilal. Lantas mengapa Muhammadiyah malah menggunakan hisab?
1. Semangat Al Quran adalah penggunaan hisab
Dalam al-Quran terdapat dua ayat yang mengandung isyarat yang jelas kepada hisab, QS. Ar-Rahman: 5. Dan dalam QS. Yunus: 5 menyebutkan bahwa menghitung gerak matahari & bulan berguna untuk mengetahui bilangan tahun & perhitungan waktu.
2. Hadis-hadis yang memerintahkan rukyat adalah perintah berillat
Menurut Rasyid Ridha dan Musthafa az-Zarqa, perintah rukyat dalam beberapa hadis Nabi Saw merupakan perintah yang mengandung illat atau memiliki alasan hukum.…
#Hisab #Rukyat #Ramadan #Syawal
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In every society, the money is with the older people. You know why? It's bcos they hv lived longer & worked longer than you. Your best bet is to get them to invest in your political career, but again, nobody wants to give his money to irresponsible, disrespectful youths like
you to start with.
See as you are all complaining of how high the money for APC Presidential form is, una never hear anything yet. Keep deceiving yourselves.

Tinibu is wearing pampers, Tinibu is wearing pampers, oya you wey no dey wear pampers, commot ₦100 million shine road
make we see lol.
Awon omo not too young to run, where una wan run go get ₦100 million for APC Presidential form bayi? 🤣

The fact that these so called young politicians fail at basic social arithmetics alone tells you all about their
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Rugs are a significant part of Muslim culture. Used for prayer, ornamentation & decoration, they are often collected as family heirlooms, & passed down from generation to generation.

For Ramadan, here are 24 Islamic rugs in museums & collections across the world…

A thread…
1/ Prayer Rug
1570s-1590s, Safavid

Most of these preserved rugs were intended as diplomatic gifts from the Safavid court to the Ottomans. The poetic inscription on the border is in nasta`liq script, in Persian verse & includes the name of Sultan Murad #Ramadan

2/ Prayer Rug
18th century
Kula, Manisa province, Anatolia, Turkey, Asia

Prayer rugs often feature a mihrab, or arched niche. This carpet is distinctive for its pairs of slender columns, a characteristic of Nasrid architecture from Muslim Spain #Ramadan

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Day don finally break and the sympathisers are now crying for help. Just as we warned. Read the full statement below
Check today's (Friday April 22, 2022) The Sun Nigeria, page 7 for the full page publication by THE CONCERNED ORSU PROFESSIONALS, LGA HEADQUARTERS AWO-IDEMILI ORSU LGA IMO STATE


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🧵 5 Tips to Help You Maximise the Last 10 Nights of #Ramadan
1. Know that it's Not Too Late!

Firstly, if you feel you haven't made the most of Ramadan so far, don't worry, Ramadan is not yet over. Keep going and you never know which sincere deed Allah will accept and which deed could become a means of your forgiveness.
2. Memorise and Recite this Du'a

This du'a was taught by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) to Aisha (ra). We don't know when Laylatul Qadr is so we should read it every day frequently.

اللَّهُمَّ إِنَّكَ عَفُوٌّ تُحِبُّ الْعَفْوَ فَاعْفُ عَنِّى
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Whenever i see the sunrise or the sunset, it reminds me of a beautiful hadith that always leaves me awe struck. There’s a verse in Surah Yaseen that says,

“And the sun goes towards its resting place.”

Some sahabah’s رضي الله عنهم asked the Prophet ﷺ about what this verse meant, to which he replied that when the sun sets, it goes beneath the ‘Arsh of Allah and does sajdah. It stays there till Allah grants it permission to rise again. So it rises in the morning & in the evening
the sun comes back to do sujood again beneath the ‘Arsh of Allah. It will continue to do this until a time will come where it will ask for permission to rise, but Allah will order it to go back to where it came from. So it will rise from the west and this is when the doors of
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#Ramadan 20

Ini adalah doa yang sering kita baca ketika bulan Ramadan dan semakin diperbanyakkan ketika sampai ke penghujungnya.

Doa ini ialah wasiat Nabi Muhammad SAW kepada Aishah r.a. andai beliau bertemu dengan Lailatul Qadar. HR Ibn Majah 3805.

Doa yang sangat indah.
Antara keindahan doa ini:

1/ Disebutkan secara khusus nama Allah SWT العفو (Yang Maha Pengampun) dalam doa ini merupakan isyarat bahawa Lailatul Qadar ialah malam yang akan diampunkan segala dosa-dosa.
2/ Pada doa ini juga terkandung pengiktirafan diri hamba yang lemah yang telah melakukan dosa kepada Tuhan yang maha agung.

Dengan mengakui kesilapan dan kekurangan ini menjadikan hamba itu merendah diri memohon keampunan dari Allah SWT.
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During the last 10 nights of Ramadan, many Muslims spend more time in Mosques in contemplation & prayer.

Mosque ceilings are designed to reflect the magnificence of the universe.

For Ramadan, here are spectacular details of 24 Mosque ceilings from around the world…

A thread…
1/ Jami Mosque, Andijan, Uzbekistan

The construction of the madrasah began in 1883 and lasted for 7 years. It has a gorgeous fretwork of wooden columns supporting a ceiling decorated with bright patterns made of a combination of geometrical ornaments & vegetal elements #Ramadan
2/ Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Naqsh-i Jahan Square, Esfahan, Iran

Construction of the mosque started in 1603 and was finished in 1619. Built by the chief architect Mohammadreza Isfahani, during the reign of Shah Abbas I of Persia. Beautiful interior dome details #Ramadan
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20th of Ramaḍān

The conquest of Makkah: A thread
Before the Conquest:

The Treaty of Ḥudaybiyyah was written. It was a peace agreement between the Muslims in Madīnah and the Quraysh in Makkah.

The treaty would provide peace between each other for a period of 10 years.
The treaty allowed other tribes of Arabia to choose to be allies with either the Quraysh or the Muslims.

This meant that if there were any attacks or fighting, the allies would have the right to help and fight for the group they gave their support to.
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It's the month of #Ramadan and most of the Muslim community is observing a strict dawn-to-dusk fast in a disciplined manner.

After breaking the fast, people indulge in Iftar.

Here's what you can try if you are hosting an #IftaarParty at your house.…
1. Bhajiya

It's the most basic yet mouth-watering dish one can make for an #IftarParty.

All you need to do is cut your favourite veggies into different shapes, dip them in the gram flour batter and deep fry them in oil.
2. Chana masala

Black chickpeas is one of the healthiest foods that one can have after breaking the Roza.

It's loaded with protein & fibre.

Have this Chana Masala, which is made by sauteing boiled black chickpeas in a little oil and some spices.
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The art of calligraphy on a dried leaf, was practised widely in Ottoman Turkey. This was difficult & delicate work. The leaf was dried, & the tissue removed to leave the skeletal membrane, with gold ink applied over it.

For Ramadan, here are 20 exquisite examples…

A thread…
1/ Calligraphy Leaf
Ottoman Turkey
19th century

Golden calligraphy on a tree leaf from the Ottoman Era
Many featured verses written from the Qu’ran, Hadith prayers and poetry.

2/ Calligraphy Leaf
Ottoman Turkey
19th century

Chestnut leaf inscribed with a Qur’anic verse from Surat al-Isra’ (“The Night Journey,” Q17:80), which reads: “And say, ‘Lord grant me a good entrance and a goodly exit, and sustain me with Your power.”

@AgaKhanMuseum #Ramadan
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Bilāl, d'esclave à premier muezzin

« Abū ʿAbd ALlāh Bilāl ibn Rabāḥ al-Ḥabashī est né à La Mecque vers 573 de l’ère chrétienne. Fils de Rabāḥ, un Arabe du clan Banū Jumah, il a pour mère une certaine Ḥamāmah, une princesse abyssine capturée plus tôt...

...après la tentative de destruction de la Kaʿba par les armées du Royaume abyssin. Né en esclave, Bilāl est au service de la famille et bientôt nom­mé superviseur de la propriété familiale, quand, au début des années 610G, il entend qu’un Prophète...

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Must-Know Du’ās for #Ramadan

🧵A thread of 24 easy to learn du’as from the Qur’an and Sunnah.

📱Taken from the Dhikr & Dua app by @alifewithallah

“Remember Allah much that you may be successful.” (8:45)
1. Duʿa of the Grief-stricken Prophet Yunus ﷺ

لا إله إلَّا أنت سبحانك إني كُنت من الظالمين

Lā ilāha illā Anta subḥānaka innī kuntu mina-ẓ-ẓālimīn.

There is no god worthy of worship except You. You are free from imperfection. Indeed, I have been of the wrongdoers. (21:87)
2. Duʿa of Prophet Musa ﷺ for Forgiveness

رَبِّ إِنِّي ظَلَمْتُ نَفْسِي فَاغْفِرْ لِيْ

Rabbi innī ẓalamtu nafsī fa-ghfirlī.

My Lord, I have certainly wronged myself, so forgive me. (28:16)
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Suivre le Prophète Muḥammad ﷺ ?

« (...) Considéré comme le mo­dèle à suivre dans tout et pour tout, le Prophète Muḥammad ﷺ est ainsi mimé par les musulmans dans le but de se conformer au mieux au Qurʾān. L’une des « mères des croyants », ʿĀʾi­sha, disait en effet de son époux ﷺ...

...qu’il était tel « un Qurʾān qui marche sur la terre », et l’on sait que ses compagnons les plus proches l’observaient dans les moindres détails afin de mieux marcher dans les pas de celui qu’ALlāh a considéré comme la meilleure de Ses créatures.

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What our INDIAN MUSLIMS 🇮🇳 must do:
This is the holy month of #Ramadan &
1. Every single MUSLIM leader, scholar, entrepreneur, influencer must now PUBLICLY, very vocally denounce these #Communal riots taking place during our Hindu Festivals. Muslims must say NOT IN MY NAME! N
2. Any joker who stereotypes MUSLIMS by coming on debates with a cap & beard and speaks like a FANATIC & tries to polarize society must be publicly denounced. These jokers have an agenda and they DO NOT REPRESENT MUSLIMS! Tv channels must be told NOT to call them! N
3. Take to the streets during HINDU FESTIVALS with Hindu Brothers & sisters. Celebrate with them.. invite them to celebrate with you! Do not let those who want to demonize Muslims & create a divide win. This is your country. Be pro-active & defeat the fanatics on both sides!
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Emily, elder to many, storyteller, truthteller, struggling for words w/ brain tumor, says:

"Dare to be golden. Dare to love without judgements, conditions or fear of being judged. Be gentle with each other and yourselves; and trust that you are where the heart is held. (more)🧵
"It can be a difficult and cold world
but these guiding principles have brought joy and warmth to me and those around me throughout my life.
This is the gift that we have been given. (more)🧵
"We must trust that the connection is whole and not broken and let the message come through us.

I hear a call, I trust the call of those who bring hard truths and welcome us to be who we can be in this moment.

My time is too short but I have trusted the intention. (more) 🧵
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