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A quick thread on the Liquidity pool Movements and how #safemoon exploits their army to enrich themselves. /1
The V1 liquidity pool from Pancake swap is locked, which means Safemoon LLC cannot perform a “RemoveLiquidity” function to take the BNB or V1 tokens out. /2
However, it still functions as a LP - if you put V1 in you take BNB out. If you put BNB in you get V1 out. However, there’s a 100% tax so anything you do is taxed and those funds don’t disappear, they’re sent to a liquidity pool that ISNT locked. /3
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Gonna host a live debate for Safemoon's best and brightest after my new video. It's going to be pure copium and I can't wait.
Please #safemoonarmy link me your bravest keyboard warriors, your most influential influencers and your best blockchain sleuths. I want to talk to them all. 🙏
Are people like this going to step up to the plate, or run away?
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Speaking of where. Where's that "HUGE iOS pump!!!" and #safemoonsqueeze the #safemoonarmy was on about for weeks? Looks like exactly what I STATED and that the pump would be meager at best. Volume is trash. Chart is trash. Enter/exit tax is trash. The name @safemoon is trash to
anyone in the industry with a brain. WHERE IS ALL this new money coming from thats gonna pump billions a day in SUSTAINED volume into #SAFEMOON ? Yell "exchange" and "blockchain" all you took 90+ employees (per @CptHodl ) MONTHS to produce this buggy MVP wallet. NO new
investor is looking in and salivating at the "LUDICROUS ACHIEVEMENTS" of this crack "dev team" (what remains of it). They're laughing. IF safemoon magically makes the exchange, just like the #SAFEMOONWALLET NOBODY outside the most dedicated hodlers who already invested will EVER
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Just because the #SAFEMOONARMY is triggered by and doesn't like to hear what @TheGingerRBTC has to say doesn't mean logical fallacies work to make the arguments magically go away. He has presented tremendous amounts of evidence proving safemoondev and other C-level staff AFTER
PUSHING @safemoon for it's "hold and forget" tokenomics we have Hank - Cashed out. Jack - Cashed out. Safemoondev- Cashing out EVERY pump and chance he gets INCL the last couple days (not from deployer @BlameBootsy has the receipts on that and it WILL COME OUT) Straw man fallacy
and attacking the person delivering the message is idiocy. How about you do something, ANYTHING to debunk his VALID, PROVABLE, ETERNALLY ETCHED ON THE BLOCKCHAIN TRANSACTIONS as proof forever of what the @safemoon devs did/are doing. Till then here's a flowchart to EVERY
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You can literally see Ryan's (safemoondev)'s wallet IN the screenshot as the "from" transferring the 1 Quadrillion Darkmoon to the other address. They are blatantly connected.

Argue about who actually deployed it all you want, it is not the point. The argument is that Nagy's
wallet has been messing around with scam contracts on the testnet.This is demonstrably true. All you're showing is Nagy interacting with the wallet that DID deploy these contracts moments after deployment. Safemoondev was testing around with scam contracts on the testnet.That IS
the case and the transactions are there for all to see. Do all the mental gymnastics you need to make it fit for yourself. There's plenty who can see the BLATANT connection and otherwise would not have known this was happening. And it has been happening. All pieces of the puzzle.
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@torffit How2wizard.
1.) Download truffle
2.) Copy pasta
3.) Deploy on testnet
4.) Code 1 Quadrillion @safemoon
5.) Fair launch...friends and family all aboard. 1T = 10$
6.) Pump with twitter bot army
7.) Get morons to adopt blatant psychological fallacies (unit bias, shiny
objects syndrome)
8.) Do this at the peak of the Bitcoin bullrun
9.) Call yourself a wizard
10.) Sell your trillions at ATH. How do you know it's ATH? It's a pumpndump...YOU MAKE the ATH crash happen in the first place.
11.) Windmills. Gold plated $1,100 Steak. Mclaren. Jet. Image
"Deploying on BSC Network
Run this command in root of the project directory:

$ truffle migrate --network testnet
Contract will be deployed on Binance Chain Chapel Testnet, it look like this:


Deploying 'Migrations'
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The safetard who STILL insists he's right. This is a testnet. This is how a contract looks that is deployed. No it does not require real BNB. It is the TESTNET, this is what a transaction looks like.…
How much gas did it cost to deploy this TESTNET contract? The blockchain doesn't lie. Stop pretending you know what you are analyzing if you still don't see your blatant lack of knowledge on chainalysis. Deploying on the testnet obviously doesn't cost real money. The parameters
could be set where there's 10's of thousands of "BNB" that do not exist on the mainnet. Doesn't change the fact that safemoondev is and has been provably deploying other quadrillion supply copy pasta contracts. Have another.…
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I've been saying this for weeks but to make a @SAFEMOON2 or a @safemoonjr or a @safermoon is possible because COPY PASTING A TOKEN is NOT THE SAME as "CREATING" a REVOLUTIONARY CRYPTOCURRENCY. Remix.ethereum . a 5 year old could do this. The #SAFEMOONARMY is buying literal lies. Image
"Shiny objects syndrome". It's all about "the next big tease". The next "big reveal" The next "world changing tech" (covered by NDA of course). @safemoon is delivering projects they were supposed to release MONTHS ago while all the rest of these things ROT including the "charity" Image
money raised for "India Covid Relief" that never went to any charity. @safemoon is good at one thing and one thing only. Delivering MVP (@TheFudHound that's MINIMUM viable product to SOME of the #SAFEMOONARMY months late) instead of complaining about the lack of ANY OF THE
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@safemoon #safemoonarmy Q+A
Q: What are the windmills being used for?

A: Shiny Objects Syndrome.
Just another gimmick made to keep investors interested. Just wait for the "sorry delayed because of *insert NDA*". @CptHodl is using the shiny object syndrome to his full advantage Image
. Always announcing new things before even releasing the first thing he announced." When promises? When roadmap? WHEN WALLET? Here's a look at some promises made, promises NOT kept.
Anyone remember these goals? No? Ok. Shiny objects syndrome in a nutshell. Wallet isn't here but ImageImage
CHECK OUT THESE OWLS...and oooh Hank revealed the truth about the owls...LOOK OVER HERE WINDMILLS!!! On and on and on till it's the most diehard of the diehard who will gladly accept a, "we tried our best but the @safemoon vision was brought down by the FUDDers and haters, I can Image
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@safemoon #SAFEMOONARMY There IS a clear difference between those "wanting to get rich right away" and "only putting in what you can afford to lose"...

and "ACCEPTING LIES AND BLATANT DISHONESTY from @CptHodl and the ENTIRE dev team (the shambles left of 'em) and NOT wanting to
become POOR right away because of deceit and lack of real products besides an MVP (minimum viable product STILL not properly explained extremely late #SAFEMOONWALLET ) which shipped with NO buy button, WITHOUT their "seed phrases will be a thing of the past" encryption, and with
NOTHING new to draw in ANYONE outside the #safemoonarmy themselves. By the way these are YESTERDAY's updated holder stats. 97% of @safemoon holders hold less than 1B. 53% hold between $1.50 and $150...and there's also a difference between "putting in what you can afford to lose"
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@safemoon #SAFEMOONARMY being specifically targeted for dusting attacks...the addresses are being hit hard. If random coins/tokens show up in your wallet DO NOT TOUCH THEM. Nothing is free besides a verified airdrop...they often have hidden permissions enabling theft of your
assets when you approve the spend on whichever dex you choose. They may even make it so it shows its worth thousands of dollars...DO NOT TOUCH IT. Period. Don't send, don't connect to dapps, don't read the messages, just DON'T. #PSA #SAFEMOONFAMILY #SAFEMOONBLOCKCHAIN @CptHodl
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@safemoon This is how they do it step by step. On chain for all to sleuth apart @de_crypto_mole @TheGingerRBTC #followthewallets #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOON #safemoonswap @CptHodl @TheFudHound

1.)Liquidity is removed by the deployer.…
2.)Tokens from liquidity removals are sent to another wallet.…

3.)Approximately half of those tokens are sent to another wallet.…

4.)Those tokens are sold for $5.6m.…
5.)The $5.6m in BNB is converted into ETH.…

6.)The ETH is then sent to another wallet.…

7.)That wallet sends ETH out in two transactions to another wallet.……
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$10M exploited. BTW I screenshot these so they will survive in case someone deletes a tweet one day in the future. Image
$17M in hacks this week Image
This one is being emptied as we speak I think. $14M so far lost Image
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$51M rug pull on yet another BSC scam. ImageImageImage
$30M exploitted Image
$10M exploited. BTW I screenshot these so they will survive in case someone deletes a tweet one day in the future. Image
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