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1/ A whale that has been dormant for 2 years sold 10,000 $BNB ($2.3M) at $230 today.

This whale was a #SAFEMOON whale before and made 110K $BNB ($47.5M at that time) with only 10 $BNB($2,400 at that time) on #SAFEMOON. ImageImage
2/ Whale"0x86b6" transferred 10 $BNB to #SafeMoon and received 100T #SAFEMOON.

Then the whale dumped most of the #SAFEMOON for ~110K $BNB($47.5M at that time) at the price high. ImageImageImageImage
3/ Then he transferred 25K $BNB to whale"0x9e64" in June 2021 and has held 25K $BNB until now.

Whale"0x9e64" currently has $15K $BNB ($3.5M) left. Image
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Exciting update, #SAFEMOON Family! We've hit a key milestone in the #SAFEMOONBLOCKCHAIN development - the integration of the SafeMoon Orbital Shield (SOS)! 🙌

We understand these updates can be quite technical, so to provide a touch more clarity, here's a short breakdown… SafeMoon Blockchain Update
For starters, a major achievement: We've completed P2P node SOS integration, yielding positive initial test results.

Why this matters?
P2P nodes construct a reliable network. They're pivotal for secure transactions, enhancing the robustness & seamless function of our blockchain. Image
We've achieved the validation milestone, reinforcing our commitment to protect user data and enhance the integrity of our network. A dependable network increases user trust, and we're on track to provide that.
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1/ #Tokenomics designs have a long history–some good, some bad.

So how do you distinguish between good and bad tokenomics designs without having much economic knowledge?

Simple answer: the narrative.

A thread: 🧵👇
2/ A good tokenomics design is consistent with the narrative of the #token. The goals and values promoted by a project should be reflected in the way they design and manage the token’s supply and demand. 🪙
3/ The best way to explain this is to go through some examples. Let's get started. 🚀
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Presales and Liquidity Sniping 🧵


When a Liqudity pair is created via a DEX, an event is emitted.

Sniping bots are able to listen for this event (or any event from the DEX itself as long as they have the tokens smart contract address).
Once the bots are able to see that the event happened, they are then able to front-run all other trades making sure that they get in at the lowest possible price. They circumvent all normal means of trading (f.e. using a DEX's UI).
The inherent risk from participating in a public launch, especially one that is 'hyped' up is that everyone knows when a launch is generally going to happen and the people who operate said bots are going to be the ones who take advantage of that.
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A quick thread on the Liquidity pool Movements and how #safemoon exploits their army to enrich themselves. /1
The V1 liquidity pool from Pancake swap is locked, which means Safemoon LLC cannot perform a “RemoveLiquidity” function to take the BNB or V1 tokens out. /2
However, it still functions as a LP - if you put V1 in you take BNB out. If you put BNB in you get V1 out. However, there’s a 100% tax so anything you do is taxed and those funds don’t disappear, they’re sent to a liquidity pool that ISNT locked. /3
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Ladies and Gamers, this crab market is boring as shit, so I made some Bagholder Horoscopes that indicate what your bags say about you. We might be down bad but we are all down bad together. Image
BTC holders are the most generic investors, they only eat white rice, shop at Marshall's, and have missionary sex. Either they are trad-fi with $BTC in their portfolios for Twitter engagement or anarchists trying to abolish the financial system. Their only commonality is low IQ Image
$ETH holders who bought under $10 enjoy the finer things in life; like resin statues of anime characters, gaining weight, and donating to Ukraine. They find joy in spending a day’s minimum wage salary swapping dog coins. Most importantly they believe the merge is happening in Q4 Image
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It's OFFICIAL: #Indonesia Military Finally Ends ‘Virginity Test'🙌🏾
Indonesia’s armed forces have finally ended all so-called “virginity tests” as part of the recruitment process for women.
Last week, Indonesian armed forces spokesman Maj. Gen. Sudirman announced that all three ImageImage
branches of the military – the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force – had “effectively ended virginity tests” for recruitment.
The military’s first actions against this abusive practice began in June 2021 when then-Army Chief General Andika Perkasa issued an order to army commanders
that female recruits should only be assessed on their ability to take part in physical training.
He also ordered that the fiancées of male officers who applied for permission to get married no longer needed to get a medical check, including a “virginity test.”
But despite the
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A lot of "Analysts" will try to write a lot of stuff about predicting trends in the Crypto space, and they end up leaving you more confused.

Let me be your filter.

A short 🧵 on two simple ways you can predict trends and position yourself to make the most money in DeFi:

Capitalizing on Trends is key to making it as an Investor especially in Cryptocurrencies/Decentralized Finance, knowing when & why you need to rotate your capital & be on the watch for certain protocols before the noise.

It's not as hard as you think, let's dive in:
The first thing you need to watch out for is

• Total value locked: Or TVL for short. It's simply the amount of liquidity locked or deposited in a protocol or Ecosystem, can be in the form of staking pools, farms, etc.

Why is this important and why is it an indicator of trends?
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#Alpha Hunting Thread 👇👇👇!

How do people keep finding these #100X Gems and sold out #NFT’s?

In this thread we’ll cover how to TUNE out noise in the market.

Let’s improve your alpha sharp shooting skills so you are in and out before it starts trending!

Remember the giga whale who turned $8K into $5 Billion last year on $SHIB?

What if you bought #ShibaInu at the time he did? You’d be set for life just with a quarter of the amount invested.

Alpha Hunting is very similar to sharpshooting, it is a skill that can be developed and improved over time.

Before we dive deep, let’s lay out the definitions.

Alpha Hunting:
1. Being aware of a potentially #profitable decision
2. Compounding your knowledge

3/ Image
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GM everyone.

At the request of @cryptoavon, today’s coin breakdown is on @helium ( $HNT ). If you have any coins you would like to be featured, comment below.

#1 The @helium ( $HNT ) network is a decentralised wireless network that enables devices anywhere in the world to wirelessly connect to the internet and geolocate themselves without the need for power-hungry satellite location hardware or expensive cellular plans.
#2 The mechanism powering the @Helium network is a blockchain with a native protocol token that incentivises a two-sided marketplace between coverage providers and consumers. $HNT
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GM everyone.

Today we will be covering @SChainCapital ( $SCC ). This is a 7 MILLION dollar market cap project. If you have any coins you would like to be featured, comment below.

#1 @SChainCapital is another addition to the #FaaS (Farming as a service) projects known as DeFi 3.0. SCC invests their treasury on multiple chains and returns the profits to $SCC holders.
#2 $SCC is the first DeFi 3.0 project to be built on $FTM. $SCC is a blockchain investment fund that employs DeFi. They provide a decentralized ecosystem that facilitates secure, autonomous and meaningful transactions of $SCC.
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Hello @kasta_app
Here is a digital forensics investigation for your $KASTA scam 'project'

Which IMO will be Pump&Dump, Rug-Pull-on noobs


CEO @CarlRoegind
CMO @TheMoonCarl
CTO @Sebastian_Kasta
CPO @hans_lusmagi
Partner @IvanOnTech
Platform @Bybit_Official
Links for starters.
Medium Blog:
Telegram /kasta_app
Let's dive into the Team and their credentials.

10 People according to your website. Kasta Team screenshot from ...
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L'analyse fondamentale [Thread]

L'analyse fondamentale, c'est ce qui vous permet de déterminer la valeur intrinsèque d'un projet.
A mon sens, c'est le meilleur outil à votre disposition pour progresser.

Alors comment ça marche et pourquoi vous devriez vous y mettre ?
#Crypto Image
En investissement/trading, il y a deux types d'analyse : l'analyse fondamentale (AF) et l'analyse technique (AT).
L'analyse technique se base sur l'évolution du prix (les chart) pour faire des analyses graphiques et déterminer une prédiction du prix.
C'est typiquement ce que vous voyez passer sur twitter, avec des grandes lignes de résistance, supports, des triangles, des bandes de Bollinger, ...
C'est intéressant parce que ça peut s'appliquer à n'importe quelle time frame (bougies d'une minute comme d'une semaine)
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#Competition time 🚨🚨🚨

It's been a crazy week on #crypto Twitter for me.
Closing in on 10k followers, thanks everyone 🙏.

If i get there i will give one of my followers 10k.
Thats right 10k! for 10k followers.

Just RT this tweet & follow.
To win 10,000 in #Safemoon
dont miss out @CryptopepperP !
10,000 in Safemoon could be life changing @futrii dont miss out!
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Speaking of where. Where's that "HUGE iOS pump!!!" and #safemoonsqueeze the #safemoonarmy was on about for weeks? Looks like exactly what I STATED and that the pump would be meager at best. Volume is trash. Chart is trash. Enter/exit tax is trash. The name @safemoon is trash to
anyone in the industry with a brain. WHERE IS ALL this new money coming from thats gonna pump billions a day in SUSTAINED volume into #SAFEMOON ? Yell "exchange" and "blockchain" all you took 90+ employees (per @CptHodl ) MONTHS to produce this buggy MVP wallet. NO new
investor is looking in and salivating at the "LUDICROUS ACHIEVEMENTS" of this crack "dev team" (what remains of it). They're laughing. IF safemoon magically makes the exchange, just like the #SAFEMOONWALLET NOBODY outside the most dedicated hodlers who already invested will EVER
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Just because the #SAFEMOONARMY is triggered by and doesn't like to hear what @TheGingerRBTC has to say doesn't mean logical fallacies work to make the arguments magically go away. He has presented tremendous amounts of evidence proving safemoondev and other C-level staff AFTER
PUSHING @safemoon for it's "hold and forget" tokenomics we have Hank - Cashed out. Jack - Cashed out. Safemoondev- Cashing out EVERY pump and chance he gets INCL the last couple days (not from deployer @BlameBootsy has the receipts on that and it WILL COME OUT) Straw man fallacy
and attacking the person delivering the message is idiocy. How about you do something, ANYTHING to debunk his VALID, PROVABLE, ETERNALLY ETCHED ON THE BLOCKCHAIN TRANSACTIONS as proof forever of what the @safemoon devs did/are doing. Till then here's a flowchart to EVERY
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You can literally see Ryan's (safemoondev)'s wallet IN the screenshot as the "from" transferring the 1 Quadrillion Darkmoon to the other address. They are blatantly connected.

Argue about who actually deployed it all you want, it is not the point. The argument is that Nagy's
wallet has been messing around with scam contracts on the testnet.This is demonstrably true. All you're showing is Nagy interacting with the wallet that DID deploy these contracts moments after deployment. Safemoondev was testing around with scam contracts on the testnet.That IS
the case and the transactions are there for all to see. Do all the mental gymnastics you need to make it fit for yourself. There's plenty who can see the BLATANT connection and otherwise would not have known this was happening. And it has been happening. All pieces of the puzzle.
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I've been saying this for weeks but to make a @SAFEMOON2 or a @safemoonjr or a @safermoon is possible because COPY PASTING A TOKEN is NOT THE SAME as "CREATING" a REVOLUTIONARY CRYPTOCURRENCY. Remix.ethereum . a 5 year old could do this. The #SAFEMOONARMY is buying literal lies. Image
"Shiny objects syndrome". It's all about "the next big tease". The next "big reveal" The next "world changing tech" (covered by NDA of course). @safemoon is delivering projects they were supposed to release MONTHS ago while all the rest of these things ROT including the "charity" Image
money raised for "India Covid Relief" that never went to any charity. @safemoon is good at one thing and one thing only. Delivering MVP (@TheFudHound that's MINIMUM viable product to SOME of the #SAFEMOONARMY months late) instead of complaining about the lack of ANY OF THE
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@safemoon #SAFEMOONARMY There IS a clear difference between those "wanting to get rich right away" and "only putting in what you can afford to lose"...

and "ACCEPTING LIES AND BLATANT DISHONESTY from @CptHodl and the ENTIRE dev team (the shambles left of 'em) and NOT wanting to
become POOR right away because of deceit and lack of real products besides an MVP (minimum viable product STILL not properly explained extremely late #SAFEMOONWALLET ) which shipped with NO buy button, WITHOUT their "seed phrases will be a thing of the past" encryption, and with
NOTHING new to draw in ANYONE outside the #safemoonarmy themselves. By the way these are YESTERDAY's updated holder stats. 97% of @safemoon holders hold less than 1B. 53% hold between $1.50 and $150...and there's also a difference between "putting in what you can afford to lose"
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Did apple lie and say that their customers are the reason for the botched release? Were they putting out hype tweets to pump their stock price right up until countdown timers on massive billboards countdown to zero? After the fact did the C-level staff have leaks released that
crushed their credibility? Will they tell us tomorrow that development is just starting? When the product is delivered will it clearly be a copy/paste MVP (MINIMUM viable product) like the safemoon wallet? @safemoon #SAFEMOONWALLET #SAFEMOON Will they continue to hide and lie
for weeks ahead as to the reasoning behind the delay? Once released, will the phone include features that apple promised, unlike @safemoon (revolutionary encryption, "seed phrases will be a thing of the past", BUY BUTTON). Will they release it to HALF their customers who use a
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@safemoon This is how they do it step by step. On chain for all to sleuth apart @de_crypto_mole @TheGingerRBTC #followthewallets #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOON #safemoonswap @CptHodl @TheFudHound

1.)Liquidity is removed by the deployer.…
2.)Tokens from liquidity removals are sent to another wallet.…

3.)Approximately half of those tokens are sent to another wallet.…

4.)Those tokens are sold for $5.6m.…
5.)The $5.6m in BNB is converted into ETH.…

6.)The ETH is then sent to another wallet.…

7.)That wallet sends ETH out in two transactions to another wallet.……
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Što je #centralizirani #VPN?
VPN je bitan alat za Internet privatnost.
VPN je posrednik između #internet korisnika i #weba. Korištenjem VPNa internetski se podaci s vašeg uređaja kriptiraju i anonimno šalju putem VPN poslužitelja prije nego što stignu na odredište.
Ista pravila primjenjuju se kada podaci dolaze s web stranice: podaci moraju proći kroz #centralizirani VPN poslužitelj prije nego što vam se vrate.
Centralizirane VPNove kontroliraju i njima upravljaju centralizirani subjekti (obično privatne tvrtke).
Te tvrtke svojim korisnicima omogućuju pristup skupu privatnih poslužitelja putem kojih se upravlja njihovim VPNom.
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What is #centralized #VPN?
VPN is an essential tool for Internet #privacy.
VPN is an intermediary between #internet users and the #web. By using a VPN, Internet data from your device is encrypted and sent anonymously through the VPN's server prior to reaching its destination.
Same rules are applied when data is coming from a website: data has to pass through the #centralized VPN servers before coming back to you.
Centralized VPNs are controlled and operated by centralized entities (usually private companies).
These companies provide their users with access to a set of private servers through which their VPN is operated
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If you are feel frustrated by the lack of new information and the repetition of older ones from the #safemoon team I got something to explain to you.

I worked in an embassy as the assistant of the ambassador. ALL documents, business deals, correspondences between countries went
Through ME. I did translations and stored them for the ambassador. I have also had the opportunity to meet and work with people from big French companies like JCDecaux, Areva (now Orano), Peugeot etc who came to my country to initiate business partnership locally. And while
I was in no way concerned by the deals themselves, of course, I knew the ins and outs of every deals and was under NDA at all time at risk of losing my job if I were to divulge anything to an outside party. Especially business done in close collaboration with the government.
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