$10M exploited. BTW I screenshot these so they will survive in case someone deletes a tweet one day in the future. Image
$17M in hacks this week Image
This one is being emptied as we speak I think. $14M so far lost Image
This happens rather too often. Image
#EOS nodes seizing funds Image
OMFG... Image
#WarOnRugs just rugged and exited. Epic. ImageImage
You see that all the UP and DOWN coins lost money? BOTH.
@CoinDesk appears to be selling sensitive user data. Image
#dot #polkadot $dot the network is down for almost a day now. Image
This is why I prefer proven code. Image
#OKEx sms stolen. Image
The same illegal things that happened in 2017 are happening now. Image
Copies of failed 2017 ponzis are being listed and promoted. #SAFEMOONARMY #Safemoon $safemoon @safemoon $safe ImageImageImage
Influencer shill scum shilling trash and pump and dumping on their followers heads. Image
$300 million USD of hacks and exploits against projects on #binance #BSC recently. ImageImage
Lol so many hacks on #BSC. Some call it the rug factory, because rug pulls. Image
Apparently the #Binance insurance fund went bankrupt? Image
Ruh roh. Image
@elonmusk #Dogearmy solve this!
Rug pulls gallore Image
Brian and I are in agreement here. ImageImage
#thorchain exploited. This is $26,000,000 Image
I've seen reports that the above hack was actually $8,000,000
Not your keys, not your coins. #Cryptocurrency was invented to get rid of middleman and remove counterparty risk. HEX.com solves this. Image
Do not interact with this UniH stuff. Or dust attack stuff in general. You could get your wallet drained. ImageImage
#Binance moves the withdraw limit 33x lower from 2 #Bitcoin to 0.06 $BTC for people that don't send them selfies and personal informaiton. Image
#monero bug. #XMR "If users spend funds immediately following the lock time in the first 2 blocks allowable by consensus rules (~20 minutes after receiving funds), then there is a good probability that the output can be identified as the true spend. " Image
250 million dollar hack lol. ImageImage
Oh lol it's $611 million including bsc and polygon
$350M just saved by a white hat. (It really disgusts me that people are so careless with their money.) Image
$74M exchange hack. Image
#binance wants all your selfies. Image

• • •

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18 Jul
I've never shared a conversation publicly before, but I feel I have to here. @AlexSaundersAU. Alex begged me for a 50 BTC loan. Then tried to sell me a "pre allocation" in a token. Then tried to sell me on just giving him money to talk. I feel this may represent most paid groups.
I have a feeling the only thing going to be deleted is you deleting our telegram chat.
All these times are UTC time by the way.
Read 13 tweets
17 Jul
#Bitcoin bros. Now is the time for you to show you are the best #cryptocurrency community in the world! We've seen way more #Ethereum based money coming into SENS.org/donate than #BTC based! You can beat $ETH right?

Oh, and you may get a tax write off, or free coins! PulseChain.com
The biggest #Ethereum #USDC send we've seen hit so far was $10,000,000. The biggest #Bitcoin #BTC send was $704,000? $BTC

The #ETH guys are winning hard so far!
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14 Jul
Let's bring #Bitcoin some adoption! Install electrum.org #BTC wallet.
Master key:

Now you can monitor the $BTC sacrifices when that phase starts.
As always, avoid the advertising links trying to get you to download fake wallets.
View tab>show console.
Click console tab.
paste: wallet.change_gap_limit(1000)
Wait for it to synchronize.
Now the wallet will scan addresses 1,000 past the last used address derived from the masterkey. That limit can be set to what you like and its default is 20.
Read 6 tweets
13 Jul
Draft: I'm sure this will generate a million questions.
That's good. It will help refine the explanation.
Earlier and larger sacrifices get more points.
The first 3 days get the same rate.
The rate increases 5% per day for the remaining 14 days. Earlier is better.
Email airdrop@sens.org now if you're going to sacrifice to them. You might get a tax right off.
1x-2.5x linear bonus curve ordered by sacrificer's point volume. Larger is better.
Read 6 tweets
11 Jul
I really really believe that the sacrifice phase starts this next week. REALLY. PulseChain.com
Install metamask.io now so you can connect to the sacrifice dapp on when it's live.

If you're donating to SENS.org you need to email them at airdrop@sens.org You can get a tax write off and 75% of the credit that you'd get sacrificing otherwise.
DO NOT FALL FOR SCAMS. The sacrifice has not started until you hear me say it to your face on my youtube channel, here, and my telegram channels all at once. Don't fall for the fake chat rooms, fake direct messages, fake websites.
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15 Jun
Market cap is a vanity metric. You can't make money on it. You can't place orders on the market cap chart. No cryptocurrency lets you sell a large portion of the market cap without murdering price. NONE. Coins that have never moved (Satoshi's) are counted as "circulating."
Volume is a measurement of how rich exchanges and market makers are getting on the backs of users, users lose money on "volume." Often in crypto it's entirely fake as hell. That's why on chain exchanges are so cool, you can see the real traders and users and what else they have.
Every coin's ownership is crazy centralized, compared to say, car ownership.
Read 7 tweets

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