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How to NOT get "hacked" and lose all of your #SafeMoon. Guide by Daners101.

If you know about extra security measures share it in the comments.

1. Keep your seed phrase secret. Don't EVER store it on a PC or Phone or anywhere online. Both can easily be hacked.
2. ENABLE 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION for all security sensitive websites and software. You want to make sure that anyone trying to access your accounts needs to also have access to your phone.
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• 500T total supply
• With 42T+ BURNED 🔥 already in less than 1 month.
• With just over 2k holders
A young, very strong community focussed #BSCToken

$500+ Market Cap
Locked Liquidity
Listed on HOTBIT
Listed on Coingecko

Very transparent & Doxxed team
This is a HIDDEN GEM 💎 I cannot stress enough how transparent and community centered this project is! Absolutely a must HODL for anyone who's in Crypto. There's no safer investment that rewards holders. THE SUPPLY IS SHRINKING RAPIDLY! Get some!

#TheRealGoldenInu #TRGI $TRGI
#TheRealGoldenInu #TRGI $TRGI about to make moves. Low MC = Big gains still to come! @RealGoldenInu #TheGoodBoy
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SafeMoon AMA recap, according to #SafeMoonSpidey
1. #SafeMoon Bridges launch Tuesday!
- Bridge to $ETH = DeFi community, dApps, NFTs
- Bridge to $EOS = Governance and voting
- Bridge to $WAX = Gaming and NFTs
++ Bridge is done via pSFM (Provable SFM)
++ Thomas explains on AMA vid
++ Your $SFM token is saved in a vault and the $pSFM is minted. You use the pSFM on one of the bridging networks. When you are done, you exchange back to SFM and the pSFM is destroyed.
**No SFM is created or destroyed, only pSFM**
++ Using the bridge created an updated balance event, so every time the bridge is used, you WILL receive your reflections (for tokens in vault).
++ 1 SFM = 1pSFM
++ Through bridge, the SFM price is less volatile bc it will not rely solely on the $BNB price.
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1) Updated #SafeMoonCheatSheet! Added 2 unconfirmed celebs and deleted 3 that are rumored to have sold (KeemStar, JesseWelle, JakePaul). My lists are to reward HODLers, so if you see celebs supporting tag me in their post. If you know of a celeb that sold, DM me.
2) As always, the updated version is always pinned to my profile page. This is just meant to be a starting guide for for those new to SafeMoon to have resources for news and safemoon education. It is NOT ALL INCLUSIVE.
3) If you have a recommendation to the list, please DM me with who it is and what service they can add to my list. Please note, I DO NOT care about how many followers you have. It will have no bearing on my decision to include you.
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One thing I have not personally seen discussed, though I'm sure it exists somewhere in the #safemoon zeitgeist, is what happens when/if the burn is ever halted, meaning reflections are not allowed to go to the burn wallet.

This is extremely important. Here's why:
Never underestimate the denominator. It changes everything. 1/1 is just 1, but 1/0.001 is 1,000. Denominator is important.

Your token supply is likely at the forefront of your mind, right. You watch that number with regularity. One day, you may not.
The equation, as it stands now, for calculating reflection income is:

(Your Tokens * 0.05 * Trade Volume) / Total Supply

Total Supply is currently 1 Quadrillion, due to the fact the burn wallet is still included, but what happens if they stop the burn?
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I spent the last 2 months studying Meme Launches in search of the secret 🌜 sauce. I witnessed...

🚀 100x’s
📉 Rug Pulls
🍯 Honeypots
💰 Shills
🪙 Decoupling of $BTC
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Communities Forming

A Thread on 3 Strategies, why I feel $_ _ _ _ is the next 100x 👇 + an AirDrop Giveaway!
1/ Let's start with who I am. I created @DefiHole to accomplish 4 goals:

1. Discover 100x's ( $Shib, $Kishu, #DireWolf, $Doge)
2. Educate You and Me
3. Better understand communities
4. IF my Business Development Skills fit, help a project realize its full potential
2/ tl;dr

1. Find a strategy that fits your skills
2. Dedicate 3-5% of your portfolio to finding 100x investments
3. Find coins that are more #MemeFi than memes ( $AIDI / $HOGE / $HOKK)
4. Win by playing a different game than others are playing
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Was this the top for #Bitcoin? Or just the start of something bigger?

A thread.

I will look at different factors (fundamentals & TA) for $BTC as well as #cryptocurrency in general and come to my own conclusions at the end.

First, the bull case:

- EIP 1559 coming up in Jul/Aug for #Ethereum.

Markets usually don’t crash before such a highly anticipated fundamental driver.

Counterpoint: could also see the complacency shoulder coming right into this event.

(2/15) Image
- Big players have bought the dip (or keep #HODLing) and seem positive about upside price potential.

Be it @michael_saylor, @CathieDWood, @novogratz or @elonmusk… just to name a few.

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After the memes slow down on crypto and you are asking what the next big thing is.

Look no further:


@worldtoken_ is going to be THE marketplace for all.

$WORLD will be the bridge used for mainstream, mass crypto adoption.
$WORLD will include the following:

Gas-less NFTs 🖼
#opensea #nftmarketplace

Virtual Items 🧑‍💻
#g2a #beatstars #skins #steam

Physical Items 🏍
#amazon #ebay #deals

Services 👨‍🏫
#lessons #freelance

Adult Services 💌
#onlyfans #snapchat

Subscriptions 🗞
#patreon #paywall
BUT before we get to that, let’s cover a few things...


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:



#DeFi #CryptoCurrency #eCommerce $ETH $BSC #FutureOfFinance #AltCoin ImageImage
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A metaphorical mapping between cryptocurrencies and legacy assets:


(1) #Bitcoin = Gold

Bitcoin doesn't do anything but it is scarce and Lindy. It has amazing brand recognition. Bitcoin will preserve wealth in bad times.
(2) #Litecoin = Silver/platinum

More exotic precious metal, copycat of gold. Less brand recognition.
(3) #Dogecoin = Food/grain

A store of value that perishes over time. Good for parties, good for the good times. Dogecoin inflation is about 5% per year, but taking lost coins into account it might actually be more than that as a percentage.
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Why I Think $MICRO / MicroPad Will be BIG (a thread)...

1/ MicroPad is a launchpad for meme coins and micro cap projects.

This thread explains why I decided to invest in $MICRO and the potential I think it has.
2/ A few facts:

- MicroPad is an anonymous project so it's high risk, high reward.
- That said, they had a fair launch (raising 50 ETH on SAFU).
- 80% of raise was added to liquidity and locked for 5 months.
- I'm not a financial advisor.

With that out of the way, the thread:
3/ Launchpads have been hot for a while now and the market is clearly saturated with them.

However, it's hard to find launchpads for meme projects.

$MICRO aims to fill this gap by being the first launchpad for meme coins and micro caps on ETH.
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Here are some tips, observations and ideas for new comers in crypto 👇🏽
1/ Don't trust anyone.

Approach everyone with skepticism.

That includes people shilling coins, anyone asking for your #crypto to invest, and random people that message you.
2/ Every position you enter should be a fixed percentage of your portfolio.

Preferably 1% for a typical trade.

Risky #Uniswap gems might be 0.5%.

Very strong longer term positions say 2-5%.
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Son zamanlarda çok fazla sorulan bazı benim gözümde scam coin ya da shitcoin diye niteleyebileceğimiz isimler dolaşıyor;
#safemoon, #safemars, #safegalaxy, #elongate, #zepplindao, #ravenx, #foxfinance, #moonpirate, #moonrate, #hungrybear, #pomsky(pomp)
Böyle isimleri var yani çok daha fazla bu şekilde coin de çıkmış olabilir bunlar ancak benim gerek reddit, gerek youtube ve twitter mecralarında duyduklarım. Hatta şaşırıyorum ama bazı canlı yayınlarda ciddi ciddi bunları aldığını söyleyen ve öneren kişilerin olması++
Benim vicdanım el vermiyor açıkçası herkese saygı duyarım düşüncesine,tecrübesine ve olaya belki para kazandığım her yatırım doğrudur diye de bakıyor olabilirler ama öyle değil bu projeler resmen bir ponzi-piramit şeması şeklinde ilerliyor++
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[THREAD] Pérenniser son portefeuille de Cryptomonnaies.

Le portefeuille suivant a été construit dans la même logique qu'on applique et utilise en bourse.
Il permet de reproduire :

- Du risque
- Du rendement
- De lisser ses résultats sur le long terme

#MJR Image
La construction de ce type de portefeuille est simple :

- On a des obligations : 2%-3% de rendement qui sont une dette remboursé par l'état
- Des Actions : comme Apple, FB, Google,..
- ETF : un groupement de plusieurs actions
- Matière première
Ces éléments, bout à bout, permettent de créer de la stabilité dans son portefeuille, tout en étant exposé au rendement des marchés financiers.

Par exemple, si j'achète pour 1000 $ d'actions en le répartissant de la façon suivante
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(A Thread For 7 year olds 🌝)

This thread will try to educate newbies on shitcoins so you know what you’re going into.

The name shitcoin to begin with is already a red flag but why is everyone talking about them?

What are Shitcoins?

Shitcoin has been used to refer to any cryptocurrency with little to no value or a coin that has no Use-Case or purpose. Their prices are based on speculation.
In other words, a shitcoin is a cryptocurrency that will someday be totally worthless.

While shitcoins are considered worthless, that doesn’t necessarily stop them from going ‘to the moon’”.
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How much $LUNA is really left?

Wen moon? Wen price rise?

Why $DOGE, $ADA and other coins have bigger market caps?

What can you do to help?


(Rant included)
I was checking @SmartStake's stats regarding $LUNA's supply:

The 126.53 million $LUNA includes LUNA that has been bonded into $bLuna, LUNA in exchanges, and LUNA being hodled.

So I wondered, how much LUNA is really in circulation?
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2. Well for starters, look at the life time chart. 5 days ago an article saying “If you had invested $100 at launch for #SAFEMOON you would have 8 million now”.

It’s just shooting up and until the last rise to .0000016, not a long coiling or consolidating. Image
3. But what I pointed out yesterday is look at the fundamentals of the chart and volume path.

This last rise was not like a huge spike in volume like the last two. And the reason (possibly) for this is actually why people are so stoked on #SAFEMOON now, and esp moving forward! Image
4. What’s a possible explanation? First, unlike $doge coin, #SAFEMOON had the full public float of coins burned & structured at the start (dev coins included in the initial formation) So NO dilution or mining of new coins like doge adding 5 bill coins YEARLY to a 110 bill float.
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Dicen que "brilliant minds think alike" 😅

Os iba a escribir hoy un hilo sobre $SAFEMOON pero @RRCrypto_ se me ha adelantado y ha escrito uno magistral.

Podría ahorrarme compartir una entrada DE RIESGO en un proyecto CHORRA que en principio no aporta nada.
O postear en un par de semanas (si va bien) y darme palmaditas en la esplalda a mí mismo por haber hecho un x2 / x3 (sin haber compartido la entrada públicamente).

Este proyecto, pese a no hacerme gracia en ningún aspecto, tiene mucho hype y un par de infuencers pumpeando
He invertido 1BNB en $SAFEMOON a $0.00000042
Pienso re-evaluar la entrada a diario.
Lo mismo si hace un x1.5 o un x2 saco todo; o tal vez saco el inicial y dejo el resto corriendo.

Sea como sea, por ahora no es un long HODL por riesgo de rug pull.
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Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Garaysar Fear 116 Semi-Auto Tactical Shotgun. Sporting a 3" 12 gauge chamber, 20" barrel, adjustable cheek weld stock, 2 5 rnd mags & set of flip sights & more #Trump2020 #MAGA2020 #MondayMotivation #2A #KAG…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Compact Pistol. Chambered in 40 S&W with a 3.125" barrel, 3 Dot Sights, No Manual Safety and 2 mags. A great conceal carry option with excellent reliability #MAGA #Trump2020 #KAG #2A…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the very popular IWI Masada. An Excellent made in Israel pistol, it's chambered in 9mm, 4.1" barrel, Optics ready with 4 plates, 3 Backstraps & 2x 17 rnd mags. A superb deal! #Trump2020 #ThursdayMorning #MAGA2020 #2A…
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