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Bitcoin Cash Thread -
Bitcoin expands and contracts in many different ways. In other words, it's all a balancing act...

In 2017 the balance was broken. BTC would restrict the naturally required expansion of blocksize as the network grew.

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Thread - The history of #Bitcoin and how it was captured and nipped in the bud ? In this thread, you'll find out how bitcoin's capabilities were restricted to limit its technological power, so hang on! Image
In total, Bitcoin has had three lead developers. Wow, tell me you knew that Bitcoin's lead maintainers are no longer anonymous since satoshi left the project ? Image
But what happened ? Why did Satoshi jump ship and hand over the keys to the project to Gavin Andresen and disappear forever, prematurely ?
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I've been living on crypto since 2015. I know exactly which coins work best as digital cash ⚡️💵

But people ask me which ones will work long-term 🤔

🧵on what I call the "adoption churn". Keep reading if you want to know if your favorite coin will make it!👇

First, there's a bunch of different reasons a #Crypto will or will not get enough users to make it. Some data chains can only get one killer app and still be okay!

I'm talking about money, about currency that's used by the end user to buy stuff.

There's a few different coins that are almost universally accepted by crypto-supporting services. Every so often, these "churn over" and new ones are added, and old ones get kicked out.

This has changed many times over the years, and is critical in determining utility.

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This is a 🧵 on my campaign for President of the United States (Republican).

I am heavily shadowbanned and encourage you to turn on notifications and share this tweet 1/n

We have 12-36 months to halt a globalist takeover of America.

#Day2024 Image

When @realDonaldTrump borrowed Ronald Reagan’s MAGA tagline, I thought we might get Reagan’s 1984. Instead we got Orwell’s.

#Day2024 Image
3/n Under #Trump, 40% of all US Dollars were printed (inflation), $7 trillion was added to the debt (more than any other President in one term), and two bioweapons were unleashed (#covid and the #vaccine) - both funded by the US Government.

#Day2024 Image
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Pleas for reconciliation = subconscious fault recognition, precursor to humble conversion. #BCH needs all Bitcoiners, but cannot afford any previously purged nonsense.

Rethink the differences & come home. On some level, you already understand you eventually will.

We'll be here.
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Hilo🧵| ⛔🏦Evita exchanges🏦⛔ ¡Soberanía en Web 3.0!

1. 🥷💵 Comprar sin KYC
2. 📱🪪 Tarjeta SIM sin KYC
3. 🔀🔗 Bridges entre cadenas
4. 🏦🌐 Exchanges descentralizados y DeFi
5. 🏪🪙 Comprar directamente con cryptos

🥷No KYC (0/10)💵

El KYC (Know your custumer) es una forma de identificarte y por tanto a tus activos y su uso. Evitar asociar tu identidad con tus activos es primordial. Vamos a ver como puedes comprar activos sin que se asocien contigo:

🥷No KYC (1/10)💵

@hodlhodl . Una plataforma muy conocida, puedes comprar sin KYC (Te pide correo y contraseña pero no tiene que ser el tuyo personal). Es de las plataformas P2P más reputadas.

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Για το θέμα με Mt. Gox.
Εν τάχει :👇
➡️To 2014 «ανακαλύπτεται» το μεγαλύτερο Hack στην ιστορία του #Bitcoin, στο μεγαλύτερο τότε ανταλλακτήριο του κόσμου (Mt. Gox) όπου ~850.000 #BTC κάνουν φτερά. 100Κ $BTC περίπου ήταν δικά τους, και 750Κ $BTC ήταν των πελατών της.🧵1
➡️Δεν θα μπω σε λεπτομέρειες για το τι και πως έγινε, καθώς και για τους πρωταγωνιστές της ιστορίας, απλά να πούμε ότι ο τότε CEO (και κατηγορούμενος) Mark Karpelès ψάχνοντας σε backup αρχεία (από ότι είπε) στο cloud ανέκτησε την πρόσβαση σε 200Κ #Bitcoin. 🧵2
➡️Από τότε μέχρι σήμερα ο κόσμος προσπαθεί να διεκδικήσει αποζημιώσεις και πολεμάει δικαστικά ώστε ότι #bitcoin έχουν βρεθεί να επιστρέφουν έστω και με κούρεμα στους δικαιούχους. 🧵3
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HILO 🧵| Vamos a ver como crear tu propia billetera física o paperwallet de una manera muy simple y rápida para: #BTC #BCH #ETH #TRON #BNB #XMR entre otros... Explicaré como se genera, como obtenerla y luego que uso se le puede dar, es algo muy sencillo, 5 pasos.
Vamos a ello:
1.Accederemos a los links que dejaré más adelante según que paperwallet quieras. Una vez accedas a la página web desconectarás tu equipo de internet. Para generar tu private/public key, deberás mover el ratón por la pantalla (o escribir donde se indica aleatoriamente).
¿Para que?
Esto ayudará a randomizar el proceso por el cual se genera tu private key de donde se obtendrá tu public key. Tu public key es donde te enviarán tus cryptos, y la private key lo que necesitas (y no puedes compartir) para acceder a ellas.
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BTC is "Bitcoin" only because a group of centralized exchanges gave it that ticker.

In other words, it was fixed.

A few dozen people decided that the Segwit fork would be "BTC" and the version that worked the way Bitcoin had always worked would become an "altcoin."
There was no level playing field.

There was no hashwar.

The market did not decide.

The market was not given a choice.

It was fixed.
Remember when Faketoshi split BCH?

Even though he was a total fraud with a completely bogus motivation for causing a split only two weeks before code freeze, exchanges still gave that bozo a level playing field, renaming BCH into "BCHABC" and "BCHSV".
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What makes #Bitcoin unique from all previous forms of money is that it alone enables financial #sovereignty
That means, among other things:

* Nobody can change my #Bitcoin without my express consent

* I require no authority or intermediary to move my funds. They move to whom I say, when I say, with no intermediary who can gatekeep.
#bitcoin is not majoritarian. We have majoritarian money already. It's called "fiat."
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Unpopular opinion:

From a technical standpoint, #BCH's CODEBASE is far superior than #BTC's— it’s just that it lost the ticker symbol & thus had to start over with network effect.

👇👇 thread 🧵👇👇
If #BTC had #BCH’s code, it would have stopped the need for many altcoins that blossomed in 2017/2018 due to BTC’s congestion.

BCH would run the Lightning Network far better than BTC ever could because LN runs *better* with non-full blocks.

And there are much better solutions than Segwit. It’s really a bad solution for the problems it tries to “solve”.

Maxis claim destroying 0-conf was a feature. This was a lie to force adoption of layer 2 scaling while stunting layer 1 scaling.

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La débat sur la scalabilité constitue une période très importante de l'histoire de Bitcoin. Ayant eu lieu entre 2013 et 2017, cette tension a opposé deux parties de la communauté à propos de la façon de traiter plus de transferts monétaires avec Bitcoin. 1/10
Le point de tension est la taille limite des blocs (alors de 1 Mo) qui restreint la capacité transactionnelle. Deux camps principaux se font face : l'un désireux d'augmenter cette limite de manière importante, l'autre voulant la garder basse. 2/10…
Cette tension grandit pour devenir une vraie guerre civile en août 2015. En opposition à Bitcoin Core (favorisant les petits blocs), le développeur Mike Hearn lance Bitcoin XT, une implémentation qui augmente la limite à 8 Mo. Mais cette tentative échoue.…
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This 🧵 is for non-#XRPHolders & those who dislike @Ripple or believe #XRP is a shit coin b/c of how it was created. This 🧵 is also for entities that hold themselves out as so-called leaders w/in the Crypto Community, promoting blockchain technologies.
Before you celebrate or ignore the significant implications surrounding the filing of the lawsuit, you should consider that BEFORE the @SECGov sued NOT ONLY Ripple but de facto every #XRPHolder (as stated by Judge Netburn) the following facts and information was known:
DBS, Singapore’s largest bank and the 6th largest bank in the 🌍, declared #XRP better & faster than #SWIFT.

DBS launched a digital exchange between four fiat currencies - $SGD, $HKP, $JPY & $USD - and the four most established cryptocurrencies - #BTC, #ETH, #XRP and #BCH.
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#RAISETHECAPS is something we see coming by a lot in the @THORChain community. What are those caps? Why do we have these? Why should they be raised? And most important, what is the impact of it on $RUNE?

Let me explain 🧵
2./ @THORChain is a cross-chain liquidity protocol where users can swap native assets against each other. Without wrapping or pegging assets.

To enable users to swap a certain asset, a liquidity pool of that specific asset needs to be available on #Thorchain.
3./ For example, if you want to swap native $ETH for native $BTC there are 2 liquidity pools needed. The first one is $ETH / $RUNE, the second one is $BTC / $RUNE. As you can see, both are paired against $RUNE. This is the case for every asset on @THORChain.
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An eye opening reminder about the number of #Crypto Exchange hacks (2011-2021).

A Thread 🧵...
🔶 Mt. Gox (2011-2014)
Assets Stolen - 850,000 #BTC
Losses Recovered: Trial ongoing
Type of Hack: Database breached
🔶 Poloniex - 2014
Assets Stolen: 97 #BTC
Losses Recovered: 100%
Type of Hack: Bug Exploit
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1/13. #Bitcoin's Taproot upgrade is < 1 week out (block 709,632 - Nov. 14), meaning the network will undergo a historical upgrade that will enhance Bitcoin's smart contract flexibility, transaction efficiency, privacy, and security.

So, what's Taproot? A quick thread 👇
2/13. #Taproot is the first #Bitcoin soft fork since SegWit paved the way for the Lightning Network in 2017. The soft fork packages 3 BIPs that synergistically empower users and roll out the red carpet for vast innovation on Bitcoin:

✅Schnorr Signatures
✅ Taproot
✅ Tapscript
3/13. BIP340 (Schnorr Signatures) introduces a more secure, light, and flexible cryptographic signature that enables "key aggregation," a technique that ensures single-sig transactions, multi-sig transactions, and complex smart contracts are indistinguishable on the blockchain.
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Cobra is Satoshi is James Abbott
Alex Vinnek is Nakamoto
I havn't seen Alex since 2000, at which point an agreement was in place and timechain/blockchain operational. So yeah, Republic of Kea, #SatoshiNeedsYou!

One (key)ring to rule them all?
#BTC #BCH #BSV #rekeying
I hope I get an honorary because my major was Accounting Finance and Information Systems 2000 but MOSTLY Computer Science @UCNZ #rwrvru
@threadreaderapp unroll please
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In T-10 days,
one of the greatest mysteries "may" be solved in court...
I DARE to give my opinion...
FORK me if I'm wrong!…
For the record I am platform "agnostic"
We gotta quit this "there can be only one!" BS
There will be more than one.
For example:
Spock, and engineers say "Tell me your requirements, and I'll tell you what's best."
"...there can be only one."
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Active addresses don't tell the entire story, but there are still sub-plots to every story.

#LTC active addresses went over 700k for the 1st time ever on Oct 14, 2021

#Ethereum active addresses have been on a decline since May 2021

Some potentials reasons?

A thread...
2/ Over the past 12 months, tech & adoption breakthroughs have occurred for both #Litecoin & #Ethereum:

ETH: #NFTs, institutional investing, @Grayscale, PoS

LTC: @litebringergame @BitPay @PayPal @Venmo, institutional investing, Grayscale, OmniLite, etc.

3/ Is the fact one (#LTC) is trending up in active addresses & one (#ETH) is trending down attributed to one becoming more used than the other?

It depends on what your definition of 'used' is. Ethereum is staked more prominently than Litecoin, causing less to circulate.

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Why I stacked #Bitcoin all of 2020 but started stacking #Litecoin in January 2021: 👇A thread: 👇
What is #Litecoin
#LTC was created in Oct 2011 by computer scientist Charlie Lee, an ex-Googler.
$LTC is based on Bitcoin protocol but it has a different hashing algorithm, and the total supply is capped like Bitcoin, but a higher number of total tokens (84M vs 21M).
Gold vs Silver
#Litecoin is scarce in the same way #Bitcoin is, but it is cheaper and faster to transact in on the base chain (Layer 1). This leads to the narrative that #LTC is the "silver" currency to #BTC's "gold" store of value.
Its network is 10 years old with 100$ uptime.
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As much as they are technologies, #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, and other #cryptocurrencies are communities of users and developers. What is the profile and the motivation of cryptocurrency owners? Do they really #hodl? How does education etc. differ across cryptocurrencies? ⬇️[1/7] Image
Answers based on work with @David_III_L:…

#Cryptocurrency investors tend to be young, educated and high-income, are likely to have experience of using digital finance but do not seem motivated by distrust in fiat currencies or regulated finance. [2/7] Image
We look into the role of knowledge acquisition about the technology, finding it has limited impact. For example, in recent years a #GenderGap in crypto ownership has emerged, while knowledge has actually converged. #Cryptocurrencies #Banking #Bitcoin [3/7] Image
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I made quick calculations comparing Crypto Reddit growth vs price variation.

Results below 👇👇👇👇
1/n Reddit Followers Growth since 31/12/2020 :

#Ethereum grew from 510k to 921k
#Cardano grew from 94k to 433k

#Dogecoin grew from 172k to 1.8M
#Pancakeswap grew from 50 to 32k
#Tezos grew from 31k to 45k
#Litecoin grew from 218kt to 323k
2/n Price growth since 31/12/2020

#Ethereum grew 422%
#Cardano grew 1204%

#Dogecoin grew 11334%
#Pancakeswap grew 5087%
#Tezos grew 205%
#Litecoin grew 144%

Do do you see a pattern ?
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