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The Squad and Theta Network have announced MetaCannes Film3 Festival 🎥

Here are some things you need to know: 🧵🔽

1⃣ What is the MetaCannes Film3 Festival?
The Squad has released their latest revolutionary initiative - the MetaCannes Film3 Festival!

Scheduled to take place during Cannes' famous film festival from May 16th through 29th 2023. Image
MetaCannes Film3 Festival is gearing up to be an incredible event, offering 25 hours of engaging Q&As, curated panels and films.
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The Philippines' top content company, ABS-CBN Corporation, has joined forces with Theta Lab. Here is what you need to know:

1⃣ Who is ABS-CBN?
ABS-CBN is considered one of the leading media and entertainment companies in the Philippines. By collaborating with independent production firms and broadcasters, the company brings captivating television programs, films, and other content to life. Image
Their digital media division, ABS-CBN Digital Media, manages their social media accounts, amassing an impressive following of nearly 100 million across various sites. They have the most popular entertainment YouTube channel in Southeast Asia, with 43 million subscribers. Image
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Theta Labs has partnered with the artificial intelligence ( #AI ) platform FedML. Here are some key details about the partnership: 🔽🧵

#THETA $THETA @Jimakos13 @Thetarian11 @THETA_ECOSYSTEM @ThetaLeviathan @FedML_AI @Theta_Network @ThetaProfessor @Theta_Ghost Image
1⃣ What is the Partnership about?
Theta Labs has joined forces with FedML, an artificial intelligence platform, to facilitate collaborative machine learning. The partnership aims to focus on improving content recommendation and generative AI through joint efforts. Image
The two companies have declared that they will collaborate to train large-scale generative AI models. The main objective of this partnership is to enable the Theta TV community to participate in the process by providing their individual preferences and computing resources.
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Theta is utilizing web3 technology to establish a new class of decentralized, community-oriented businesses in the media and entertainment industries. This is how $Theta can revolutionize the online video platform market: 🔽🧵
#Theta #thetanetwork @Theta_Network @w3Andrea Image
1⃣ Subscription-based streaming businesses
As the market becomes oversaturated with streaming services like Netflix, users are beginning to question whether the high monthly fees are worth it. They are reevaluating the need to continue paying costly fees due to market saturation. Image
📽️Theta's solution
✅Theta proposes a Web3 equivalent that leverages its video focused edge computing infrastructure and Theta Video API technology to reduce costs of encoding, storing and delivering videos across devices.
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🔴Resumen OBJETIVO de lo q ha pasado en 2022 para TODO el ecosistema crypto.

Como siempre, los tontitos tacharán este hilo en sus comunidades privadas como algo tóxico, pero es imposible negar lo q voy a decir incluso aunque te caiga mal, y eso jode más.

Quédate hasta el final.
1⃣ Casi todos los creadores d contenido crypto os han vendido subidas estratosféricas de #BTC y os lo habéis creído.

De forma objetiva yo y pocos más no estábamos alcistas desde hace mucho tiempo, y estoy hablando d cifras como 50k, mientras randoms os daban esperanzas (cont➡️).
2⃣ Todo esto empezó antes del conflicto Rusia - Ucrania, no os traguéis lo que el tonto de turno se invente ahora.

Todos y cada uno de ellos (sin excepción) ahora mismo dicen que vieron venir la caída.

Es falso, y ha quedado registrado en muchos sitios. (cont➡️).
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#Tfacts n.31

- 2.5 billion monthly video views.
- 67 million Prints.
- 100+ million monthly Web visits.
- 200 million consumers Worldwide

Who is the new Validator of @Theta_Network and Sub-chain partner?
Let's find out more about 🧵⤵️

#theta $theta
TMB is home to some of the best-known and most-loved media brands in the world. Their brands span across a wide range of verticals, from home and garden to food and nature.

TMB will be one of @Theta_Network 's Sub-chains, $theta stakers will be able to earn TMB's #crypto token.
TBM's portfolio of brands, including @failarmy , @Family_Handyman , @PAAVideos (People are awesome), @readersdigest , Taste of Home, The Healthy and the Pet collective will be powered by #Theta's Edge Nodes! Let's check TBM's brands one by one!

@Theta_Network $theta #crypto #btc
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#Tfacts n.31
In September of 2022, one step before MN4, #Theta Labs made the big surprise and announced that RJ Williams, CEO of @younghollywood, has joined Theta's Metachain Advisory Council.

$Theta is determined to conquer #Hollywood. 🧵⤵️

$theta #crypto #cryptocurrencies
RJ Williams is the founder of digital video platform Young Hollywood.

The company has partnered with #Yahoo, #Hulu, #Google, TVGuide, Blinkx,#Metacafe and #YouTube which selected @younghollywood to be their partner for their first ever live #streaming project.

#theta $theta
Also recent partnerships include #Apple, #Google, #Roku, #Amazon and #Microsoft. Williams also announced plans to launch Young Hollywood TV, a streaming celebrity focused digital network built for Millennials.

#theta $theta #crypto #binance #AppleTV #btc
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Just in 🔥

@NewsGagarin 🇷🇺 article about @Theta_Network !

Gagarin show on @YouTube has 86.6k subs.

Ребята, пришло время поговорить о $theta!

#theta #Crypto #cryptocurrencies
#CryptoNews #binance #bnb #eth #btc #matic #ada #sol @mitchliu @w3Andrea @wes_levitt Image
You can find the article here…

#theta $theta @Theta_Network #crypto
The "Most Idiot" award of the day goes to me. @NewsGagarin is Ukrainian channel , not Russian. Bfore i delete the post I want to apologize.
Sometimes this sht happen when you look for articles in all over the wrld ( no Jim knowing 200 russian words doesn't mean you understand it)
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Theta today announced its first AI company, named Lavita, as a partner. Here's what you need to know:🔽🧵

#Theta #thetanetwork @Theta_Network @Lavita_AI @mitchliu @w3Andrea $theta
1⃣ Who is Lavita?
Lavita is a Singapore-based company with global ambitions, aiming to revolutionize the healthcare industry and empower 8 billion people around the world.
Using cutting-edge blockchain and AI technology, Lavita aims to provide earlier detection of health issues allowing for improved diagnostics, analytics, and treatments that will ultimately support brighter futures worldwide.
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#THETA Homework: Gary McKinnon > Hacked #CIA, #FBI, #Pentagon + #NASA Feb 2001 - Mar 2002 > #Extraterrestrials control #KhazarianMafia #USA & #Earth > Notice Global framework being built since #Sept11 to solidify their dominance: #Agenda2030 #ClimateScam #GreatReset #COVID19, etc #THETA Homework: Gary McKin...
#THETA Homework: Gary McKinnon. He found "Non-Terrestrial Officers" list, with names and ranks of #USA #AirForce personnel who are NOT #Earth-based but off-planet (#Space) plus tabs for "fleet-to-fleet transfers".

#Agenda2030 #ClimateScam #GreatReset #COVID19 #Extraterrestrials #THETA Homework: Gary McKin...
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[THREAD] : #MetaChain

▫️Les technologies de Youtube, Netflix et Twitch seront obsolètes d’ici un mois !

▫️Avec une sortie du MetaChain prévue pour le 1er décembre, @Theta_Network est sur le point de révolutionner le streaming vidéo.

#Crypto #THETA Image
▫️Les entreprises de streaming par abonnements comme #Netflix ou #Disney+ commencent à stagner avec une faible croissance de nouveaux utilisateurs et un taux de désabonnement accru.

👉🏼 Les utilisateurs jugent qu’un abonnement mensuel variant de 10 à 20$ est trop important. Image
▫️Cependant les services gratuits comme #YouTube et #twitch sont un vrai succès avec un taux de popularité au maximum.

👉🏼 Néanmoins ils restent peu rentables à cause de tous les frais liés à un service centralisé. Image
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1/ Tu as raté l'explosion de $Mana, $Sand ou $AXS ?

Je pense que le prochain narratif qui risque de nous surprendre est le streaming vidéo décentralisé.

Ce thread parlera donc de #Theta : $Theta et $Tfuel.
2/ #Theta est l'une des premières plateformes de streaming vidéo dans le monde de la crypto.

Elle permet principalement de regarder du contenu vidéo mais aussi d'être récompensé si vous relayez du flux vidéo destiné à d'autres utilisateurs.
3/ Dans ce réseaux, vous avez la possibilité de partager votre bande passante et les ressources de votre ordinateur pour relayer du flux vidéo.

Pour cette contribution, vous recevez en échange des tokens.
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How to build/backtest a strategy 🧵?

1) Idea/Hypothesis
2) Specify entry,exit, SL & position size
3) Generate trade log & Backtest Report
4) Test in diff. market condn.
5)Optimise the strategy
6) Evalute the robustness & stress testing
7) Track Real Time performance
8) Deploy Image
1) Idea( Eg. Theta Eating Strategy)

Options decay with passage of time.
I look at the theta decay curve & wonder that some decay is intraday and some is overnight.
Can I capture the intraday theta decay by creating delta neutral positions ?

#idea #theta Image
2) Entry, Exit, SL & position size

Can we create intraday straddle to capture theta decay ?

Initial Logic :

Entry : Create straddle at 9:20 am
Exit : Close the straddle at 3:15 pm
SL : 10% of combined option premium
Position Size : 1 lot (CE & PE) per 2 lakh Image
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I have already mentioned my fascination and love of precious metals. Gold and Silver have been in the battle, almost unnoticeably this year. Why? Because the media props you up with the narrative called “bitcoin."
And like many things making headlines it's a very weaponised narrative: contrived and put forth as what they call “digital gold.” As I've said before, Bitcoin is no more gold anymore than fiat is real money.
I have written quite a bit around the debasement of currency and have started to touch on the [corrupt] organisations who oversee legislation for monetary policy.
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$10M exploited. BTW I screenshot these so they will survive in case someone deletes a tweet one day in the future. Image
$17M in hacks this week Image
This one is being emptied as we speak I think. $14M so far lost Image
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$51M rug pull on yet another BSC scam. ImageImageImage
$30M exploitted Image
$10M exploited. BTW I screenshot these so they will survive in case someone deletes a tweet one day in the future. Image
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(1) So let me try to write something down on #options, more specifically #LEAPs (Long-term options).


Options give you the 𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁 to buy (call) or sell (put) an underlying asset (= stock/ETF) at a fixed price (= strike price) up to a spec. date (= exp. date).
(2) Premium.

Ofc. options aren't free. You'll have to pay a premium for this right. Important to keep in mind is the multiplier, which often equals to 100 (every option covers 100 of the underlying shares).

𝗣𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗲 𝗽𝗲𝗿 𝗼𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 = 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗺𝗶𝘂𝗺 * 𝟭𝟬𝟬 (+ 𝗰𝗼𝘀𝘁𝘀)
(3) Pricing
Options pricing is determined by the four greeks (separate thread in the future). Important to take into account is that options will be more expensive if:
1. Your expiration date if further out (#theta).
2. The closer the strike price lies near the asset (#delta)
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La tormenta subtropical #Theta se ha formado en medio del Atlántico y esta es su posible trayectoria prevista. Este es el sistema número 29 nombrado esta temporada, un nuevo récord histórico desde el inicio de las observaciones. Nunca habíamos tenido tanta actividad.
El récord anterior estaba en el año 2005, cuando se nombraron 27 tormentas tropicales más una sin nombre que se observó en un análisis posterior. En total fueron fueron 28.
Este año la actividad de la temporada comenzó muy temprano con dos tormentas con nombre antes del 1 de junio: Arthur y Bertha. A mediados de septiembre ya se había formado casi el doble de lo que suelen haber en una temporada habitual. ( 📷Arthur)
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El producto interno bruto (PIB) mundial en el 2017 fue ~$80,000,000,000,000

En el 2021 el PIB mundial será de ~₿18,500,000 #BTC
El sabado se dispararon mis alertas de #BTC a $14K... pero #fiambre
Que por cierto; Ayer bitcoin tuvo el segundo cierre mensual mas alto de su historia , $13,816 en bitstamp. Tomenlo con un grano de sal, sin embargo me hace pensar, cuando les toca a las altcoins? #BTC
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Decent Week. Decent Gains. Sharing my #Banknifty strategy for learning purpose. The below positions and P&L are only for reference. Actual trades were done in my account, but would not share actual P&L Screenshots here.
2. What you see here is a Double Calendar Spread modified to follow trend of the market. If the market is non-trending and stays within 0.5 sigma (standard deviation), it gains due to positive #theta or time-decay. If the market is trending on one side, #gamma gets active.
3. I should have captured initial #Greek positions also, that would have given a good perspective on how the strategy was planned. Will do it next time.
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🎊🎉Happy New Year 2020!🎉🎊

We had such an amazing time interacting with the community and our partners throughout 2019🌎

Follow the below thread for a 2019 @CryptoLiveLeak Recap

#Crypto #Blockchain #CryptoNews #CryptoMedia #Marketing #Advertising #Bitcoin #Tezos #CLL $CLL
Tezos Boston Meetup 5 Featuring @KenGarofalo and @TezosCommons - Presentation on Tezos Amendment Process and Governance. @TezosBoston

Athens Tezos Protocol upgrade initiated.

#Tezos #XTZ $XTZ #TezosBoston #TezosBostonMeetup #TBM #Governance #AThens #TezosAthens
MVP launched for @AttentionMining - #AttentionMining #CLL $CLL - Check it out at and being demonstrated on
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