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Basic guide on how to restore a wallet on @GeroWallet . Please RT to help spread the message. #Cardano #ADA
First, navigate to '' and click on the button 'Download'. It will redirect you to the extension of it in the Chrome Web Store. Then click on the button 'Add'.

On the top right corner of your browser, look for and click on the extensions icon. Next, click on the 'Gero Wallet' button.

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Guide on how to restore your wallet in @BeginWallet and connect to a DApp, mobile version. Please RT to help spread the message. #Cardano #ADA
First, search in the App Store / Google Play Store the Begin Wallet app. Download it and open it.
(2/10) Image
At the bottom, it will show the option of create and restore wallet, click on the button 'RESTORE WALLET'.
(3/10) Image
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Seeing projects failing to release on #Cardano makes me even more appreciative to some of projects that are killing it 👇👇 thread time 🧵
🧵 1) Dex Aggregator - @MuesliSwapTeam

Has the title for the first Dex on Cardano and my go to place for tokens as it's aggregator function is awesome. Image
🧵 2) Nft Minting - @nmkr_io

One of the first nft minting services to Cardano. Nft Maker has worked with hundreds of Nft projects an absolute treasure. Image
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Πως φτιάχνω & σετάρω το #Cardano πορτοφόλι μου; Ένα thread για τους απανταχού #ADA lovers ή/και hodlers. ​👇

#cardano #CardanoSummit2022 #CardanoADA #CardanoCommunity

1// To wallet που προσωπικά χρησιμοποιώ και οδηγός θα αφορά ειναι το @eternlwallet. Φυσικά, υπάρχουν και άλλες επιλογές όπως το @YoroiWallet αλλά, αυτό που οι περισσότεροι προτιμούν και δικαίως είναι το eternl.
2// To Eternl είναι non-custodial wallet aka δεν κρατάει αντίγραφο ούτε του κωδικού που θα χρειαστείτε ούτε το seed phrase. Πρέπει να φυλάξετε/αποθηκεύσετε/κρατήσετε εσείς τους κωδικούς σας και ΔΕΝ υπάρχει τρόπος να ανακτήσετε πρόσβαση στο πορτοφόλι σας χωρίς αυτούς.
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Without Decentralization, Cardano Will Die.


- Thread Time 🧵-

#axotrade #cardano #cardanocommunity #ada $ada #defi Image
1/ Decentralization

The philosophy underpinning blockchain is that no person could or should be in power, as this leads to the abuses and oligarchies that we see in our everyday lives.

Instead, every user is given the ability to decide the best course of action for themselves. Image
2/ The Basics

Cardano is a decentralized network run by computers called "stake pools" that process the transactions. Users can support these stake pools by delegating ADA, and in turn they receive a reward for keeping the network operational. This action is called "staking". Image
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Here is the story of @cz_binance overtaking @SBF_FTX

How @SBF_FTX and @AlamedaResearch lost today

Total Surrender

One of the fastest wars in business history

🧵A thread for those who missed it

#cryptocrash $bnb $sol

#BNB ImageImage
Fuck around > Find out


@milesdeutscher wrote a great thread about Sam Bankman Fried and Alameda

Here is the gist of it:

SBF was hailed as a hero in the past

Moving the blockchain space forward, doing a service to the industry @linkchainlink
Sam Bankman Frieds net worth grew close to $15 Billion

He started to invest in companies (@Aptos_Network and @SuiNetwork e.g)

and had enough fire power to bail out Blockfi and considered even helping Celsius.

He also heavily got into politics and started donating

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[TradFi Tales Ep 19] 💱

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

And why this is important for crypto.

- Thread Time 🧵-

#TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity #ADA #axotrade $ada Image
1/ Poll Time

Is a hot dog a sandwich?
2/ Intro

To make sense of the world, we often make arbitrary classifications. This can lead to amusing philosophical questions, like whether hotdogs are sandwiches.

In this particular scenario, the question has big effects, as the answer determines how it is taxed. Image
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Hey #CardanoCommunity!

Under the banner of our new weekly series of threads called #ThisWeekInCardano

we will have a #FeaturedProject section,

deep-diving into one project within the #Cardano ecosystem.

This week's #FeaturedProject is @liqwidfinance 👇🔥
@liqwidfinance is a decentralized lending & borrowing platform on #Cardano

Users participate in the protocol as lenders or borrowers

Lenders supply liquidity to the Market to earn interest on deposits.

Borrowers are able to open perpetual loans in an overcollateralized manner
@liqwidfinance If you wanna know more about DeFi Lending/Borrowing check out this thread:
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Know Your Voting Rights

Learn about several federal laws affecting voting rights and how members of the public can report possible violations of those laws to @TheJusticeDept



Spanish:… Know Your Voting Rights. Yo...
@TheJusticeDept Who runs elections in my state?

State and local election officials run local, state, and federal elections, including for Congress and the Presidency.

Visit for election officials in your state.

#KnowYourVotingRights… Who runs elections in my st...
@TheJusticeDept Do federal laws protect against voter intimidation?


There are civil and criminal federal statutes that make it illegal to intimidate, threaten or coerce someone for voting or attempting to vote.

#KnowYourVotingRights… Do federal laws protect aga...
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How to buy the dip, and not get wrecked.

- Thread Time 🧵-

#axotrade #cardano #cardanocommunity #ada #defi $ada Image

This thread will necessarily talk in vague terms and avoid giving concrete examples, as the goal is to teach financial principles - not to give you an excuse to YOLO your life savings away.

Only ever invest money you can afford to lose. Every trade carries risk. Image
1/ Intro

A phrase that is often repeated in the crypto world is to "buy the dip". The idea is that if you buy when prices are low, you'll be able to sell high. This is not always the case, you need a strategy to approach buying assets - don't just blindly throw money around. Image
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My kid has #asthma & a severe, life-threatening dairy #allergy. We’ve been fought by @wilcoxprincipal and now @TwinsburgSupt every step of the way to get our child a section 504 plan. I want my kid alive with access to aninhaler, not dead with a law named after him. #disability
This is a story about how school district administration will fight you every step of the way when all you want them to do is comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (#ADA), #IDEA, or #Rehabilitation Act. It’s a story about intentional delay and confusion they sow.
First, the school’s principal Mrs. Villa Turner and school nurse tried to talk us out of a 504 plan. They discouraged it saying an unenforceable “health plan” would be sufficient because the staff deals with this all the time and is “trained.” More on “trained” later.
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So what are the pros and cons of each form of network?
I'll start with the Centralized Networks (CN). The pros for the end user you: 1) Free interaction. 2) No need to have technical/computational knowledge . 3) Speed of command execution. 4) Ability to correct errors.
On the negatives: 1) data security 2) network stability 3) network accessibility
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Ποια είναι λοιπόν τα υπέρ και τα κατά κάθε μορφής δικτύου ;
Θα ξεκινήσω από τα Κεντροποιημενα δίκτυα (ΚΔ). Τα θετικά για τον τελικό χρήστη εσένα: 1) Δωρεάν αλληλεπίδραση. 2) Δεν χρειάζεται να έχεις τεχνικές/υπολογιστικές γνώσεις επιπλέον. 3) ταχύτητα εκτέλεσης εντολών. 4) δυνατότητα διόρθωσης λάθους.
Στα αρνητικά είναι 1) η ασφάλεια των δεδομένων 2) η σταθερότητα του δικτύου 3) η προσβασιμότητα του δικτύου
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📢Udite udite

Sono felicissimo di annunciare il nuovo portale di informazione incentrato sull'ecosistema #Cardano è sponsorizzato dalla Cardano EASY1 Stake Pool in collaborazione con @francinorbita @alby_rizzi e @LorenzoMarcolli
Scopri con noi come funziona #CardanoADA, la DeFi, lo staking e resta aggiornato su progetti NFT e dApp.

Su troverai video, articoli brevi o lunghi, interviste e chi più ne ha più ne metta!
Il pezzo forte di questa settimana è ... 🥁.. un articolo su HYDRA!

Scopri a che punto siamo con lo sviluppo e come @SundaeSwap sta lavorando per integrare Hydra sul proprio DEX!…
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1/ And now let's take a look at the philosophical side of the differences between a centralized and a decentralized network
2/ Generally a centralized network is perceived ,by the Blockchain and technology community , a network which an entity (be it a company, an individual, or a board) can spoof its data and/or pull down the switch of that network.
3/ Based on this definition and Distributed Networks are also centralized.
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A short thread on $Qnt price action..

Check it out .. If you don't wana miss the opportunity of a lifetime, as #qnt dips are bought very quickly
$btc $eth $link $xrp $doge $dot $atom #eth #Crypto #altcoin #btc #bitcoin #Binance #ADA #doge #Algo #xrp #AVAX #NFT #ethereum
If you are trading or investing in $Qnt based on RSI or Stoch levels then check the chart below to get the over all picture of what's happening and how you can get rekt just based on these levels.

And even if you are trading $QNT on the bases of these RSI or Stoch levels then atleast zoom out and check out how much massive room #Qnt has left to grow on the monthly RSI & stoch levels, on the #QUANT inception chart ..
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What is a centralized, a decentralized and a Distributed network? And why does it concern you?
These three different types of network are the backbone of today's internet.
Where are they used? Everywhere Twitter, google even the website from the pizzeria that you makes use of one of these networks.
Of course to get a simple website up you don't need to know what type of network you are using or should you?
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Τι είναι ένα κεντροποιημενο, ένα αποκεντροποιημενο και ένα διαμοιρασμενο δίκτυο; Και γιατί σε αφορά;
Οι τρεις αυτές διαφορετικές μορφές δικτύου είναι η ραχοκοκαλιά του σημερινού διαδικτύου.
Που χρησιμοποιούνται; Παντού το Twitter, η google ακόμα και η ιστοσελίδα από το σουβλατζίδικο της γωνίας κάνει χρήση ένα από αυτά τα δίκτυα.
Βέβαια για να σηκώσεις μια απλή ιστοσελίδα δεν χρειάζεται να γνωρίζεις το τι τύπο δικτύου χρησιμοποιείς ή μήπως θα έπρεπε;
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So Pennsylvania Lt. Gov and Democratic Senate candidate @JohnFetterman had an exclusive interview with @NBCNightlyNews reporter @DashaBurns. Like 37.5 MILLION hard-of-hearing Americans, Fetterman, who had a stroke in June, used closed captioning.
The GOP has been pushing the narrative that @JohnFetterman isn't fit for office, yet it's Fetterman speaking to reporters and campaigning across the state--not his opponent, @DrOz.

As the GOP and some pundits do when Biden, a life-long stutterer, stumbles on a word,they did the same with Fetterman over @DashaBurns interview. And Burns told @LesterHoltNBC that in her pre-interview talk, Fetterman would pause, but showed no video.
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[TradFi Tales Ep 18] 💱

Trading Under The Influence - The rise of the drunk trader and the emotional investor.

- Thread Time 🧵-

#TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity #ADA #axotrade
1/ Intro

It's never been easier to trade. You can affect global markets from the comfort of your home, on holidays, basically wherever you want.

But some are finding the modern accessibility to trading is leading to big regrets, including drunken $500m bets on commodity markets
2/ Can't Have Nice Things

In the US, in 2021, an estimated 66% of investors said they made an impulsive or emotional investment decision they regret & 32% traded drunk

More people are trading without any background in finance or advice from professionals…
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A look into @SundaeSwap published #Tokenomics vs. #OnChain reality 🔍

A thread 🧵

#Cardano #ADA #SundaeSwap #Transparency #Accountability #NFT #eUTXO #DEX Image
1) It seems like Sundaeswap originally placed tokens into #eUTXOs with respect to the posted #tokenomics, looking at the early eUTXOs. However, it also seems that this intentional separation did not work out.
2) Additionally, looking at the published tokenomics and the on-chain reality captured by the #token distribution over wallets, it becomes hard to identify which portion of the tokens are indented for the advertised use case. Image
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@MELD_labs #Tokenomics: Someone asked in our previous @nmkr_io thread if we generally have observed smart contract-based vesting: We think so, but we have yet to confirm our observation officially. (@flubdubster)

A thread 🧵

#ADA #MELD #transparency #accountability #NFT #eUTXO Image
1) Upon initial research, it seems that #MELD is seemingly using a smart contract to operate its various vesting schedules.
2) We kindly ask the @MELD_labs team for more information about this smart contract and its uses, is it meant for vesting schedules as theorized?

👇 See link 👇…
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#CardanoCommunity is the most active out there

To further spread the word about #Cardano & #Decentralization, we need to make fundamental comparisons

Cause u only understand a blockchain's value by comparing it to others

Here is an analysis of fundamental metrics of #Polkadot
Crypto is an emerging asset class of the 21st century.

And when making investment decisions in this particular asset class,

it is important not to base them on hype or ever-changing narratives.

So let's take a look at 3 metrics areas of #Polkadot

to better understand it's

1/ Decentralization

2/ Security &

3/ Scalability
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[TradFi Tales Ep 17] 💱

Recessions Make Unicorns -

How economic downturn created some of the most innovative and successful companies in the world and why it will happen again. 🦄

- Thread Time 🧵-

#TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity #CardanoVasil #ADA $ADA
1/ Intro

Depending on the indicator, the US may be in recession - consensus is it's at least close. When the US is down, typically everyone else is too

Undoubtedly, hard times are ahead, but for some, economic downturn is the perfect time to make it big…
2/ Worst of Times?

What do General Electric (GE), Disney, Apple, Microsoft, & Uber have in common despite obvious financial success?

They were all founded in a recession. Sometimes right place, right time is in the middle of an economic disaster, but only if you’re ready.
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