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خیلی از توکن هایی که قراره بعدا تو شبکه کاردانو بیادبه صورت iso داره به کسایی که کاردانو استیک کردن تعلق میگیره
اولین مورد برا گرفتن ایردراپ کاردانو اینه که از کیف پول یورویی استفاده کنیم

ایزو مخفف initial stake offering هست یعنی شما میاین ارز ada رو استیک میکنین به جاش یه توکن دیگه به دست میارین
یکی از این توکنها که داره کاردانو عرضه میکنه sundea swap هست
ساندی سواپ یکی از صرافی های غیرمتمرکز شبکه کاردانو هست که قراره بعدا تو شبکه کاردانو فعالیت کنه
ساندی سواپ هنوز داخل هیچ صرافی لیست نشده و شما با استیک کردنش تو یکی از استخرهای مخصوصش این توکن دریافت میکنین
لیست استخرهای یورویی ولت که با استیک کاردانو میتونین توکن دریافت کنین از این آدرس قابل مشاهده است
که سی تا استخر داره
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1/n There are important differences between city infrastructure, governments, institutions, bureaucracies, and the communities and ecosystems that take root and thrive within these contexts. Lets focus on how blockchain infrastructure is analogous to city infrastructure.
2/n City Infrastructure consists of things like roads and highways, public transportation, and utilities like sewage, water, energy among other concerns. This infrastructure is planned and developed in the context of the citizens and communities they will support.
3/n City infrastructure is scrutinized by architects and civil engineers who ask questions like how wide should the roads be? how will traffic flow? how to ensure safety? will we bury our utilities? how much sewage and water treatment do we need?
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The opinion in the decision goes farther than that: universal masking is required to provide (pg. 20 of opinion) talking now
Is this person on the back foot?
Core of state/local subdivision? #IowaGOP abolished local control
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The above language is not John Deaton’s interpretation of the SEC’s Complaint. The above is from Judge Torres herself. She acknowledges that the SEC claims Ripple created the secondary market for #XRP - including all sales - whether between individuals or sold on exchanges.
Judge Torres recognizes the SEC’s claim that b/c Ripple undertook efforts to create a secondary market for XRP, that, therefore, ALL #XRPHolders must have entered into a common enterprise with Ripple - regardless of whether they acquired #XRP directly from Ripple.
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#DEFI Thread

#Defi is one of sectors revolutionizing #Crypto but for a beginner it can be complicated and hard to understand

Starting from small beginnings #defi is now a 270 billion dollar industry.

Below is all you need to know about #defi and how you can profit from it 🧵
1/ Traditional Banking System

Before we understand #defi lets talk about Centralized Finance (CeFi) our current financial system where the authorities control and set the rules for the industry. So when you use CeFi, you put your trust in the authorities like banks or the Govt.
2/ This model worked well in the last century but the Global Recession revealed its flaws. The balance sheet problems of a few large over leveraged financial institutions resulted in a global recession through which millions were impacted and huge bailouts resulted in inflation
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👨‍💻Curso Básico Análisis ON-CHAIN👨‍💻
🔰Utilizando herramientas GRATUITAS🔰
🥇Se agradece vuestro ❤️🔁
Hablando de #onchain buscaba empezar trayendo lo más básico, algo sencillo con lo que cualquiera pueda dar sus primeros pasos en este apasionante tipo de análisis crypto.
No se puede empezar la casa por el tejado y recuerden mi gente, yo enseño a pescar, no les doy los peces. 🐠
Os va a sorprender porque no mucha gente lo sabe, pero la herramienta que vamos a utilizar para este analisis on-chain básico es:…
Como vereis, es un análisis #onchain muy sencillo y fácil de interpretar.
Para entrar a este apartado por tu cuenta sin link:
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"parabolik eğri formasyonu" benim en cok kullandıgım bir formasyon biçimi. #Solana 'da bir süredir fark ediyordum bu kırılımla artık kesin gibiyim ( bilen arkadaşlar varsa grafikleri incelesin) son flama kırılımının grafigini ayrı hazırladım 341 dolar yeni rekor 👇 ImageImageImage
Gözüküyor. fakat formasyon sonucu subat ayı sonu itibari ile 4-5x gibi bitiyor. 5.noktaya degdiginde mutlaka elden cıkartman gerekiyor. pazartesi günü tüm #ada ve #IOTA coinlerimi #sol cevirecegim. zarar edecegimi düşünmüyorum...
macbook ekranı cok küçük o yüzden grafik biraz iç içe oldu. ofisteki bilgisayarın ekranı ile tekrar çizip yollarım. aslında 1 günlükte muhteşem sonuclar gözükür ama benim ekran boyutu yetmedi
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1 Look for US market to become more accepting of #stablecoins as they can:

Reduce costs of basic financial services
Add transparency
Can be regulated to ensure no systemic risk to financial system

2 Innovate payment systems with stablecoins👀

Provide faster/realtime/cheaper/&more reliable payment systems which will benefit both poor & rich alike

Eliminate & lower fees compared to legacy tradfi systems💪

3 If the #USA brings fair stablecoin regulation within its borders it can both innovate, protect & prop up the interests of businesses, the general public & the country itself @SECGov @SecYellen @GaryGensler

#GaryGensler #crypto #cryptocurrencies #ADA #XRP #LUNA #TerraLuna #BTC
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i sold 25% of my #nft portfolio last night...
heres why
first in foremost:
don't panic sell/don't fomo buy.
(not spreading fud)
here is my game plan in preparation of ETH hitting $8k+
i've never been more bullish on #NFTs
zoom out - NFTs might be bleeding now, but with time, its correlated to ETH price. 🚀🚀🚀
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how is #Coinbase launching #NFTs going to x100 your portfolio!?
first off, we need to understand what #coinbase is and what it means to the #nft/#crypto world.
then you will know how their entry will literally change your life if you are in #nfts now.
so pay attention 🚀
0.1 coinbase

is one of "the easiest place to buy and sell crypto". if #robinhood was for stocks, then #coinbase is for crypto.
$coin - $249USD/share
market cap - $52 billion
2100+ staff
+68,000,000 users...

for comparison
#twitter market cap is $49 billion... ImageImage
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#Bitcoin - Most of us probably know, some of us don't:
#BTC Dominance is a measure of how much of the total market cap of crypto is comprised of Bitcoin
🔹If BTC Dominance increases #altcoins lose value against BTC
🔹When BTC Dominance decreases #alts gain value against BTC
To keep it plain and simple; If #BTC dominance rises, #Bitcoin will outperform #altcoins, if it decreases vice versa. Seeing $BTC dominance drop can be an indication of an incoming 'alt-season'. Atm dominance is rising. As you might have noticed, your #alts look weak..
..while #bitcoin shows strength. This is (for now) nothing to worry about. Money flowing into the #crypto market finds #BTC first. Sooner or later, this money will find #altcoins. This is the moment #altcoins will start to outperform $BTC and dominance drops.
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Bayanlar Baylar, Herkese merhaba...Bugün sizlerle #Bitcoin Dominansı'nın markete ve özellikle #altcoin lere olan etkilerini inceleyeceğiz. Ben, @LogosTrade @E_Alptug ve @DaedalusEG sizler için hazırladık.Haydi başlayalım+++

#Bitcoin #eth #altcoin #crypto #cryptocurrency #kripto ImageImage
Dominans; kelime anlamı olarak "Hakimiyet,baskınlık" anlamına gelir. #Btc Dominansı ise #Btc'nin marketteki hakimiyetini ve pazardaki pay oranını sembolize eden bir göstergedir.
Grafikte gördüğünüz gibi en üstteki Dominans grafiği zirve seviye olan 73.63'ü gördükten sonra düşüş trendine başlıyor. Yani, #Btc nin pazardaki hakimiyeti azalarak, para #altcoin lere akmaya başlıyor. Ta ki 39.66 seviyesine inene kadar.+++ Image
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Alt Chart Analysis

1. #ATOM
Good support at $30 zone
Next Levels which can be seen are $47 / $56

(#BTC should be rangebound for #ATOM to keep moving up)

Can trade #ATOM perp on @Delta_Exchange Image
2. #LUNA moving in good uptrend
If $30-$32 level shows support can be good swing long for $42 level

As of now $45 and $22 are major resistance and support Image
#AAVE still in range
Need to break above $425 decisively for bullish continuation towards $575 level
Support at $300 level should hold for uptrend
Will wait for breakout/breakdown to trade Image
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My wallets:
BTC: 37kJHRBLaiyfhmXGyTAJbCz3J2SzxRJbLw


Tag: 4200461204

If you think I'm kidding about Central Bank digital currency! Here's a job for you posted 27 days ago... but the passport wasn't planned in advance with this ;) Image
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Is my 🦋CicAda #NFT a Shiny ?

• Look for these Palette values: 0, 100, 150, 250 as they indicate a +-50 mutations (and usually visually distinct)
• 2-Colored are rarer than 3-Colored

6 Factors of Rarity:

#Cardano #ADA #CardanoCommunity
For Expert CicAda🦋Appraisers🧐the visual pattern on the Cicada's 'blocks' can also be important:

The 'Diamond' 💎blocks in the Body are mirrored and the 2 Gems in the Wings are almost mirrored.

Humans like symmetry and this could be a higher-grade 🦋 Image
The 🏰Academy of Expert Appraisers🧐can help you 🔍grade your Cicadas in our Discord Channel
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Dearest gamers, hackers, InfoSec, STEM: If you get the opportunity to enter “alternate text” for images on a post, PLEASE take the extra *less-than-a-minute* to type out the alt text to make it accessible to more people!❤️

#accessibility #accessible…
#EmbraceTypos #EmbraceYyyos

Also, Twitter API developers: Definitely implement “alternate text” in your non-native apps!!!
#accessibility #accessible @_DEAFCON_ #accessibility #accessible #ADA
Also, ALL DEVELOPERS: Definitely implement “alternate text” for images in your UX!!!

IMG ALT used to be standard in HTML back when we were browsing in Lynx, so surely it can't be that hard with social media!
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1. The truth behind the Rise of #Cardano #ada EXPOSED. How the market cap of ada will soon drain into #XRP. Facts only. 1. Early investors of Cardano started putting mass amounts of pressure on Charles Hoskinson @IOHK_Charles. Investors were getting very frustrated 🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽
2. at C.H due to his endless delay's in "Tech" and price of @ADA going down over 95% during the bear market (straight from the horses mouth @IOHK_Charles).
C.H saw the perfect opportunity to pull off the perfect scheme. A scheme that brought Billions of $ into ada 🔽🔽🔽🔽
3. therefore giving the early investor the opportunity to cash out. And it was all done through the #xrpcommmunity. When the SEC lawsuit was announced, the price of #XRP crashed over 70%. $XRP investors were like chicken's with their heads cut off. 🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽
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#ADA #Cardano

Com várias usabilidades, a Cardano visa permitir que aplicativos descentralizados e contratos inteligentes sejam desenvolvidos com maior escala e segurança.
Ela pode ser muito útil em áreas como:

-Educação (certificados).

-Vendas (anti-falsificação).

-Agricultura (rastreabilidade da cadeia de abastecimento).

-Governo (ID digital).

-Finanças (verificação de ID de clientes).

-Assist. médica (maior controle sobre medicamentos).
Os desenvolvedores da plataforma pretendem adicionar +100 milhões de usuários nos próximos 3 anos, com foco inicial em países africanos desbancarizados, resolvendo vários problemas relacionados às finanças.
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Fundada em 2017 sob o propósito de “redistribuir o poder das grandes estruturas ​​para os indivíduos", a Cardano (ADA) vem ganhando muita força nos últimos meses, com uma valorização superior à do Bitcoin, e hoje já é a 3ª cripto em termos de capitalização de mercado.

A sua tecnologia oferece segurança e sustentabilidade para apps e sistemas descentralizados.

Um de seus diferenciais é ser um dos maiores blockchains a usar com sucesso um mecanismo de consenso de PoS, que consome menos energia do que o algoritmo de PoW (usado pelo BTC).

A rede possui um certo rigor acadêmico, em que toda tecnologia desenvolvida passa por um processo de pesquisa revisada por pares, o que permite que ideias ousadas possam ser questionadas antes de validadas.

Isso gera pro #blockchain:

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1/ So. #Cardano curators decided to advance regulatory compliance of $ADA token, partnering with #Coinfirm, provider of (#AML)anti-money-laundering analytics.

Bad move all around, disappointing. Here's why: (THREAD)
2/ The excessive regulation is how the banking system was choked to death. With this announcement, it would seem #ADA is proudly announcing they want to follow in their footsteps.
3/ While still a free and decentralized network, this brings #Cardano closer to becoming a censorship-prone, politicized, and manipulated network. If you're going down this route, there are far better tools for the job - Facebook's Diem, #CBDCs and the networks they'll spring up.
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🧵 Here's our big thread on #SB1 and the provisions that will make it more difficult for Texans with disabilities to exercise their #CivilRights and participate in democracy #txlege #CripTheVote
❌ Section 4.01 (5.01 in HB 3): “Wet” signatures

Mail-in ballot signatures must be “ink on paper” and does not allow for electronic or photocopied signatures. This potentially violates #ADA bc it does not accommodate Texans who cannot physically sign because of a disability
❌Section 4.11 (5.08 in HB 3) Any known signature verification

Mail-in ballot signature can be compared with ANY known signature of voter by signature verification committee. Many voters with disabilities have inconsistent signatures due to their disability.
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So who owns any $nano cryptocurrency? The zero fee green underdog that’s going to achieve and help fund and pave way for more any many more innovations that will lead us into the future at an optimal rate!

Example advertising with crypto vs paying for them .. explained below👇
With the Crypto being used aka you own some of a decent crypto say in the top100 list and use this to advertise and generate traffic to any post/s or websites or affiliated pages by offering it for free or for the value stated which are often “giveaways” but these can be faked..
To avoid fakes either check their past and with the people that have won if their account exist anymore or if it’s changed or whatever OR only use or submit and like retweet or do tasks to enter if it’s a guaranteed entrant or guaranteed % of a set amount of XYZ coins for …
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@Hertz I just renturned my rental to your Chesapeake, VA location and was charged a $400 cleaning fee because there was a minimal amount of pet hair in the back from my wife’s service dog. I informed the staff at pick up and return There would be a service animal in the vehicle.
@Hertz this is a pretty clear violation of the Americans with disabilities act… ADA requires that cleaning fees associated with a company’s pet policy do not apply to service animals and mandates those fees be waived.
@Hertz for context, my wife and I rented a minivan for three weeks and drove from VA to KS with our 3 foster children to visit family. We diligently made sure the dog laid on the ground on top of a mat we brought along. As a courtesy I even vacuumed it out before returning it.
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Hey @AtoosaReaser @LCPSMahedavi and the rest of the school board. Remember this email from a year ago that none of you bothered to respond to? See you Tuesday! @LCPSDoBetter @GlennYoungkin @BrandonMichon #unmaskourkids #loudouncounty @iandprior @fightforschools Image
Since I have multiple reasons to doubt that I’ll be able to speak tonight, I’ll draft my concerns here. Pretty frustrating to find we’ve scheduled it for 4pm, and made it as difficult as possible for working mothers to attend. *a thread of a speech that would have run over anyway
(2)I come here today to speak for my son, part of another group of marginalized students that have been all but discarded for the last year and a half. My son was born with bilateral severe to profound hearing loss. He has been part of Loudoun county’s program since he was 2.
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