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#Ethereum's #revenue sees fourth consecutive monthly increase, reaching $208m, but underperforms compared to #Bitcoin as global #crypto market faces #bearish trends. 🧵👇

Sub to our TG for the latest:… Image
1/10: #Ethereum's monthly #revenue has improved for the fourth consecutive month to $208m, but is still low. When monthly revenue began ramping up in 2021 and eclipsed >200m for the first time, #ETH was trading around $1,300. Image
2/10: #Bitcoin (#BTC) price is $28,048, above the 50d MA of $27,963, which is #bullish. #Ethereum (#ETH) price is $1,828, below the 50d MA $1,854, which is #bearish, with the price #WoW decreasing by -1.9%.
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#Bitcoin is your retirement. 👇

Here's your guide to retire early and live stress free.

🧵 A thread.
1/ Some basic principles first:

1️⃣ #FIRE = Financial Independence / Retire Early

2️⃣ #FatFIRE = over $150k/year in income

3️⃣ The 4% rule = how much you can withdraw without running out of cash during retirement

But that's TradFI talk & we can do better. 🔥

Hello #Bitcoin 👇
2/ That 4% rule is smart, but you are smarter.

By the time you retire, one #BTC will be worth over $1 mil.

Buying it now, AT ANY PRICE, gives you a huge positive risk/reward.

It's 1 to 40. You can make 40x by investing $25k today.

Here's the secret - YOU NEVER SELL IT! 👇
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🔸#Coinbase Jan '23 attestation missed and delayed
🔸Justin staked 150.000 #Eth and use stETH on DeFi
🔸SEC targeted #Paxos
🔸#Busd deplete mode on
🔸#crypto pumped on "security risk rumors"
🔸Vitalik Buterin missed
🔸#ETH2 Shanghai soon

🔸#WBTC here and there
🔸#LIDO used in a way you should be worried
🔸#MAKERDAO high risk loading
🔸#DJI too high
🔸#US30 too high
🔸#SP500 too high
🔸Us Gov Treasury Total Default before July
🔸Inflation high
🔸Interest rate low

Few understand the risk, But they will feel it
If you are a #crypto enthusiastic, risk sits on
🔸Wrapped tokens, mostly #wbtc #weth #stEth
🔸Real risk is if Vitalik lied on #ETH2 and Rug Pull #ETH

Without #ETH almost all #crypto will blow
Wrapped tokens are perfect for laundering
Un- #stablecoin issuers will blow
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1/ Negli ultimi giorni c’è molto timore dietro i token wrapped di Bitcoin. Ho già sollevato qualche qualche giorno fa la questione di wBTC, ma facciamo un piccolo recap perché ci sono delle cose che DEVI sapere!

2/ C’è una forte incertezza dietro al token #renBTC per via del suo legame con #alamedaresearch. Ma, a differenza di #wBTC possiamo vedere che il suo valore è ancora peggato, sostanzialmente perché c’è ancora il collaterale a sostenerne il prezzo…
3/ La bancarotta di #alameda ha prosciugato le casse del team che sta dietro il progetto. Per questo chiuderà l’attuale versione di #ren in favore di una sorta di #renDAO. Qui @renprotocol ci spiega tutti i dettagli:

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Get out of #WBTC NOW!!!

Turns out half of all #WBTC was minted by none other than… wait for it:

🔸 Alameda Research

🚨 They minted over 100k WBTC 🚨

This explains why the depeg of #WBTC vs #BTC began when #FTX imploded!

Major red flag below (pictured)! Image

Bail NOW!!!
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This is probably the most detailed analysis of #Alameda's on-chain status:

We pull a total of 643 #Alameda's addresses data on different chains.

Right now, they have $310M in EVM positions and assets, $200M on Solana (excluding low liquidity assets)

A breakdown:
Assets on Ethereum worth $230M include:
$99M #USDC
$32M #BIT they keep the oath I guess
$23M #USDT
$18M #WETH
$12M #ETH
Mostly major assets, on the other hand, other altcoins decreased. Image
Besides, they have around $80M worth of Ethereum positions like:
$23.5M #FTT collateral to borrow $MIM
$3.66M #WBTC collateral on @AaveAave to lend $CRV
$2.37M aETHc on @ankr
$5.64M #USDC Liquidity on @ClearpoolFin
$7.11M #xSUSHI @SushiSwap
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Atomic swaps allow you to exchange or #swap tokens from different #blockchains in one #Trade with nearly zero #slippage.

Here’s how they work on SYNTHR ⬇️🧵
🟢User executes swap from #ETH to #WBTC on SynthSwap
🟢#DEX aggregator swaps ETH to syETH
🟢syETH is burned
🟢syBTC is swapped for WBTC on DEX aggregator
🟢User receives WBTC

These steps occur within one transaction from a user’s POV, & reduce #slippage costs by over 80%.
Our Atomic Swaps tech enables #DEXs and #Bridges to integrate with us, making SYNTHR a highly #composable protocol that serves utility to the wider #Crypto community; in this case, zero-to-low slippage swaps.
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Who was the biggest victim of Sandwich #MEV yesterday? It's a Token Millionaire who's been receiving more than $10M $USDT.…

The whale swapped more than $6.1M $USDT for $WETH and became the 😢 of 🥪 , losing $21,357.53.…

The 👿 used ( $WETH , $aWETH , $variableDebtUSDC , $USDC , $aUSDC , $USDT ) for the attack. We have dissected this MO in this post: How to Use AAVE Loan to Launch a Sandwich MEV Attack?…

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1/10 Who was the biggest victim of Sandwich #MEV yesterday? It's a Token Millionaire who's been receiving more than $10M $USDT.… Image
2/10 The whale swapped more than $6.1M $USDT for $WETH and became the 😢 of 🥪 , losing $21,357.53.… Image
3/10 The 👿 used ( $WETH , $aWETH , $variableDebtUSDC , $USDC , $aUSDC , $USDT ) for the attack. We have dissected this MO in this post: How to Use AAVE Loan to Launch a Sandwich MEV Attack?…
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Hey anon, this week we present you Wagame #Polygon #yield & #airdrop 🪂 strategy

We prepared a walkthrough guide (think of it as a quest)

We grouped the projects into categories - don't skip a category - but you can skip/select projects according to your liking. 🧵👇
1/ We recommend only using a products/projects which you would use regardless if they dropped you free Tokens later

While we already tried to preselect for Wagame #Polygon strategy only probably safe, useful and yield generating Dapps (w/out Token 😉) - remember ⚠️NFA, DYOR⚠️
2/ #Polygon strategy Dapp categories:

💰 Lending/Borrowing
💸 DCA in/out
📈 Portfolio
👨‍🌾 LP farming
🤖 Automated Strategy
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1/ This is why #Celsius froze withdrawals. 👇

They have half a bil in #WBTC at risk of liquidation if they don't add more collateral, i.e. #Bitcoin!

So they stopped withdrawals & added YOUR Bitcoin as collateral to reduce their margin call.

Now standing at $18k / BTC.

Next 👇
2/ They added over 2k in WBTC to reduce their margin call from 20k to 18k (see both pics).

Whales and sharks will hunt this margin call... half a billion is a juicy target.

Can they save it? Hard to say.

There is another similar situation 👇
3/ #MicroStrategy, with their 130k BTC. 👇

They need to add collateral at $21k / BTC or they face margin calls!

Sure they may be able to do it without a sweat, but these companies are putting themselves at huge risk.

Celsius already REKT its users to save itself.

Next 👇
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Quick thread on @CryptoEQ Fundamental Ratings as we get TONS of questions around them.... especially in a bull market when XYZ coin is pumping and outpacing #BTC and #ETH
We list ~50 crypto assets but only have a Fundamental rating on ~30. Why so few?

Because that's all that ACTUALLY matters in the #crypto ecosystem.

And, if we're being honest, probably just 15 but we feel a bit obligated to cover the crap/scam coins in the top 30 as warnings Image
The top ~15 assets make up ~90% of the market cap.
With ~5 of those being #stablecoins and 2 are wrapped assets (#stETH and #WBTC)

So, by and large, we may seem selective but we cover 90%+ of the MC and 99%+ of what is actually legitimate, innovative, or intriguing.
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¿Te acordás de la DeFi Express sobre Exchanges Descentralizados?

Sale [HILO] 🧵

En esta ocasión armamos un vídeo tutorial sobre @SwappiDEX , un DEX que corre sobre la blockchain de @Conflux_Network, específicamente sobre la #ConfluxeSpace🥑

En español, como @Conflux_LATAM 🌎
Algunas cuestiones que me parecieron muy piolas:

🥑 Me resultó muy buena la UI, ya que tiene una interfaz muy limpia, con colores amigables a la vista

Acá podes verla: Image
🥑 Es compatible con diferentes wallets:

- Nuestro amigo el zorrito M.M 🦊
- WalletConnect
- TokenPocket
- Fluent (será, más adelante según nos indica) Image
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Are you trying to understand #THORChain? ⛓️

Here's what I learned about THORChain and the best resources I've found to read more about it. 🚀

A thread 🧵👇
@THORChain is a decentralized cross-chain automated market maker (AMM) that allows users to trade spot Tokens across blockchains.

It allows users to trade in the native asset, not a synthetic wrapped version like #wBTC.
Trading over centralized exchanges presents risk through:

⚈ counterparty risk
⚈ the time that it takes to send assets to #CEX and withdraw again
⚈ forced seizure of assets through regulators or governments
⚈ hacks
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Some of You may be already familiar with @standarddefi but If You are somehow not, check what is coming from this #MultiChain #protocol for #synthetic assets. Standard Protocol is coming with lots of goodies for #Dotsama #Defi degens. Check this thread to know what to expect…
1. Standard Protocol Decentralised exchange with own AMM module launching on @ShidenNetwork with swap functions, LP provision and unique #Standard #dividends pool. Users will have a great Opportunity to generate revenue from DAY1 of #mainnet launch on #Shiden
Users will have unique #opportunities to generate #revenue on Standard DEX, with #STND and #SDN @ShidenNetwork tokens. #Defi #degens from #Dotsama ecosystem can try all those on testnet in from of mainnet Launch

You can join testnet Here:
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1/ things are hotting up 🔥 as we get closer to the mainnet launch and TGE for our platform and the global #DeFi FX protocol. 💱

we've certainly made a lot of progess since our last tweetstorm, so it's time for a #troop update.🦍

firstly, a platform walkthrough.
2/ mint our stablecoins #fxTokens in a range of currencies. backed by #ETH, #wBTC, #DAI with more to come...

borrow in your local currency, removing FX risk and making accounting easier.

#fxEUR #fxCNY #fxKRW #fxAUD #fxJPY Image
3/ burn #fxTokens quickly and easily to repay debt and manage your vault collateral ratios. Image
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DeFi Q2 report is out! Full report will be released soon. Here is the thread of it! Please enjoy and email us if you have any thoughts about it or need any help.(
#UNI became the most dominant token in the top 15 #DeFi tokens, accounting 37% of the top15’s mkt.cap, #10 among all cryptocurrencies. #AAVE became protocol with the highest TVL, more than $10bn. Only #MKR & #CAKE decreased in mkt.cap.
May 19 crash caused the price of #ETH halved, while the TVL of the total market decreased by only 40%. We witnessed the TVL peaked more than $100bn in May, a history record was made. 🚀🚀🚀
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1/5 #Deforestation is leading to increasingly #fragmented landscapes🌲
Aim: How do #bats respond to changes in local habitat quality and fragmentation of the wider landscape via investigation of 3 holistic diversity facets #taxonomic, #functional, #phylogenetic🦇

#WBTC #Land1
2/5 Data from #BDFFP in Central #Amazon 🇧🇷 largest & longest running ecological (+40 y/s) study of #fragmentation

• Field work by: @adria_baucells @RicardoNature
• When: 2011-2013
• Sites: 33
• Acoustic data: 281,664 calls
#Bat Species: 21 🦇
• Families: 5
#WBTC2 #Land1
3/5 #Taxonomic, #functional & #phylogenetic metrics based on #acoustic data were related to local vegetation descriptors & landscape-scale habitat composition & configuration variables using #GLMMs.

#WBTC2 #Land1
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$10M exploited. BTW I screenshot these so they will survive in case someone deletes a tweet one day in the future. Image
$17M in hacks this week Image
This one is being emptied as we speak I think. $14M so far lost Image
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$51M rug pull on yet another BSC scam. ImageImageImage
$30M exploitted Image
$10M exploited. BTW I screenshot these so they will survive in case someone deletes a tweet one day in the future. Image
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El producto interno bruto (PIB) mundial en el 2017 fue ~$80,000,000,000,000

En el 2021 el PIB mundial será de ~₿18,500,000 #BTC
El sabado se dispararon mis alertas de #BTC a $14K... pero #fiambre
Que por cierto; Ayer bitcoin tuvo el segundo cierre mensual mas alto de su historia , $13,816 en bitstamp. Tomenlo con un grano de sal, sin embargo me hace pensar, cuando les toca a las altcoins? #BTC
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