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Today's #January6th photo spread: Lonely middle aged #Seditionists and their #ProudBoys :
#IAmGenevievePeters actually adopted one of them! Image
At least she fortified herself before trying to overturn the election: Image
Not a #ProudBoy but close enough: at #SCOTUS January 4-5 Image
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🚨Fmr #NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik turned over some documents to the @January6thCmte but withheld numerous others, including one titled “DRAFT LETTER FROM @POTUS TO SEIZE EVIDENCE IN THE INTEREST OF NATIONAL SECURITY FOR THE 2020 ELECTIONS.”…
Kerik’s lawyer provided the “privilege log” to the #Jan6thCommittee saying the file originated on 12/17, a day before Trump huddled in the WH w/advisers including Misha Flynn, where they *discussed seizing election equipment* in states whose results Trump was attempting to throw.
Another file provided by Kerik included emails btwn Kerik & others about paying for rooms at the Willard Hotel. Kerik wasn subpoenaed by the #Jan6thCommittee into the Willard Hotel “war room,” where Trump cronies plotted to prevent Congress from certifying @JoeBiden’s victory.🧐
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🚨BREAKING: the @FBI has location, cellular and call record data revealing a call tying a Proud Boys member **to a person in the Trump White House** in the days just before the Jan. 6 attack of the Capitol.

#TrumpInsurrection #TrumpIsGuilty #GOPSedition…
SHOCKER (not!): Separately, Enrique Tarrio—a Proud Boys leader—told the @nytimes that he called Roger Stone while at a protest in front of the home of Marco Rubio in the days before the Capitol assault & put Stone on speaker phone to address the gathering.

That’s at least 2 members of the Proud Boys who were in communication with people associated with the Trump WH, underscoring the access that violent TERRORISTS had to the White House and to people close to Trump.🤬

#GOPSedition #TrumpInsurrection #TrumpIsGuilty
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‼️Rebekah Mercer—whose family bankrolled Breitbart and Cambridge Analytica—is a founding investor of Parler & holds the majority stake. She also controls 2 of 3 board seats to which she packed with allies.

Now, she’s scheming Parker’s next act.🤬…
Parler—which came back online last week with Mercer’s new handpicked CEO (former tea party patriots leader, Mark Meckler)—is the latest in a long line of Mercer family schemes to create alternative media that pushes a spin of the news that fits with their right-wing agenda.🙄
Parler—while claiming it operated as a neutral tech platform—issued this news release Nov. 23:

“Social media publishers have also erroneously labeled Joe Biden as the president-elect, continuing the spread of misinformation concerning the outcome of the 2020 election.”🙄
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🚨BREAKING: At least 6 people who had provided security for Roger Stone—members of the Oath Keepers—too part in the siege of the Capitol.

Videos show the group guarding Stone *on the day of the attack or the day before*.

On Jan. 5, the day before the Capitol siege, Stone made 2 public appearances in DC in support of Trump’s false claims of election “fraud.” Six of the #Seditionists who stormed the Capitol provided security for Stone.🤬 Image
That evening, Stone spoke at another rally near the WH, in which he claimed: “We will win this fight or America will step off into a thousand years of darkness.” Several of the 6 #Seditionist Oath Keepers continued to provide security for him at this event.🧐

#GOPSedition Image
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🔥Dozens of influential @GOP in DC—including former top Trump administration officials—have been quietly lobbying GOP members of Congress to impeach and #ConvictTrump.

Efforts started with the @HouseGOP, but now are focused on Minority @LeaderMcConnell.…
“Mitch said to me he wants Trump gone," per 1 @HouseGOP.

The GOP whisper campaign is based on a shared belief that a successful conviction is critical for the future of the GOP, described as a “reckoning.”

The GOP had better face a “reckoning,” after Trump’s #sedition.🤬
The lobbying effort has included behind-the-scenes pressure by GOP donors—#Sedition is bad for business and political fundraising.🤷‍♀️

PLUS calls from former top Trump WH officials and a set of talking points **circulating among Republicans arguing FOR Trump's impeachment**.😎
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🚨An @FBI intelligence report warns that “QAnon members have discussed posing as National Guard soldiers, and others have reviewed maps of vulnerable spots in the city — signs of potential efforts to disrupt Wednesday’s #inauguration.

Both “lone wolves” and QAnon #terrorists—some of whom joined in the Capitol siege—have indicated they plan to go to DC for @JoeBiden’s #Inauguration.

The FBI also observed them downloading & sharing MAPS of sensitive sites in DC & discussing how they could interfere in security
‼️FBI: “QAnon members have discussed posing as National Guard soldiers, believing that it would be easy for them to infiltrate secure areas,” adding that the #Seditionists have been **crowdsourcing images to surveil the security perimeter**.

#TrumpInsurrection #GOPSedition
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😱From a DC police officer: “We were battling 15,000 people. It looked like a medieval battle scene.”

So many more people could have been murdered during the #TrumpInsurrection....…
Trump’s #Seditionists beat officers with metal pipes and a pole with an American flag attached, and used stun guns. Officer Fanone suffered a mild heart attack and drifted in and out of consciousness.

Fanone said he heard rioters shout. “Kill him with his own gun!”🤬
Here’s video of Trump’s violent #Seditionists beating an officer with a pole with an American flag.🤬

@Cleavon_MD #TrumpInsurrection #TrumpCoupAttempt
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🚨BREAKING: Dozens of people on @FBI’s #terrorist watch list were in DC for the #TrumpInsurrection.

Those terrorists then tried to overthrow our government.🤬

The majority of Trump’s terrorists are white supremacists whose past conduct was so alarming that their names had been previously entered into the national Terrorist Screening Database.

And Trump threw gasoline on their raging fire of hate.🤬

#ConvictTrump #TrumpInsurrection
The presence of so many watch-listed #terrorists at the Capitol *without more robust security measures to protect elected leaders, including the @VP* is another example of the intelligence failures preceding the #TrumpCoupAttempt that sent lawmakers running for their lives.🤬
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‼️ Donovan Crowl—a 50 yo former @USMC who served as a helicopter mechanic—was among the uniformed #seditionists. While storming the Capitol, he wore a combat helmet, ballistic goggles, and a tactical vest with a handheld radio.

A patch on Crowl’s sleeve identified him as a member of the Oath Keepers, a far-right anti-government group identified as one of the largest and most dangerous extremist groups in the country that's been involved in several armed standoffs with law enforcement in recent years.🤬
Mary McCord, a former acting assistant AG for national security in DOJ, said that while “these types of modern unlawful militias have been around for decades, ever since Ruby Ridge and Waco,” Trump’s incitement had encouraged their #insurrection.🤬

#TrumpInsurrection #sedition
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🚨#Seditionist Audrey Ann Southard—#Florida singer & vocal coach—used her soprano at the #TrumpInsurrection to scream at cops that they should “tell f**king Pelosi we’re coming for her! F**king traitorous c**ts, we’re coming! We’re coming for all of you!”…
‼️Just prior to storming the Capitol, #Seditionist Southard posted a now-deleted live video to Facebook: “We’re standing in front of the Capitol building, ready to take it. It’s gonna be fun.”

Clear premeditation. ARREST HER NOW.🤬

@lauferlaw #TrumpInsurrection #Sedition
While pushing a wooden pole with an American flag against an officer’s torso, Southard yelled: “Bulls**t! They’re going to feel us!We’re pushing through. Boys, ready to go again?” she shouted before yelling at an officer, “last breath or last bullet, what’s it going to be?”🤬
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Dear #Corporations -

While we appreciate your well intentioned gesture to cut off the flow of money to #Seditionists who tried to thwart the will of the People by refusing to certify valid vote counts, it's not enough. 1/13
Because nothing stops you from funding their challengers in the next cycle. And that does nothing to stop the corruption of our body politic.

What we need is for you to #CloseYourCheckbook and get out of the politics business. 2/13
You cannot claim to value #democracy while you devalue its purpose to represent the people. And I hate to be the one to tell you this but in spite of what @MittRomney said, corporations are not people. I'll believe they are when Texas executes one. 3/13
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@bradheath @ryanjreilly Ladies and Gentlemen, The #Seditionists

#NeverForget their names. 1/3
@bradheath @ryanjreilly Ladies and Gentlemen, The #Seditionists

#NeverForget their names. 2/3
@bradheath @ryanjreilly Ladies and Gentlemen, The #Seditionists

#NeverForget their names. 3/3...oh wait, there's more, 3/4
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