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"I think it's sweet" Frenchie declared. "the idea that some people just /belong/ with each other, that they always find each other."
"'S fucking absurd is what it is," Iz sneered.
"Aww c'mon Iz, you don't think the idea of fated loves is at least a little romantic?"
"I'm a pirate," Iz replied dryly, "fate has no power over me."
"So you think in other universes we aren't together?" Stede sounded hurt.
"Fuck are you talking about, Bonnet?"
"Well it's fate that brought us together!"
Ed wondered if it was bad the way his heart swelled at the
snort of derision Izzy gave their boyfriend. "Fuck off. Wasn't fate you git it was the tides & winds & shipping lanes & the fact that your moronic self couldn't tell a hawser from a hole in the ground! So I guess if you consider your idiocy fate maybe it is to blame." Ed snorted
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Steady lads, deploying more resources and tools to Sov's Compendium

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1/ CryptoFlows is a new project from the good folks at @CryptoStats_

2/ @coolnothankyou wrote an awesome piece on Web3 credentials that had a few items I was missing from my compendium

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1/ TL;DR of today live with my 2cts about Macro narratives of #DeFi and my take on what would be the narratives for End 2022 & 2023.

Big news at the end for those who couldn't make it.
2/ 2020/2021 were the years of ICO & DEX. People got rich, liquidity mining + bull run was the most efficient yield farming.

However, as of today, yield farming will NEVER cover farmed tokens price variation.
3/ ICO + Liquidity mining are the worst things ever for tokens price dump. And new models have already been launched:

ICO rewards anyone who wants to join the Party. Now, Initial Token Offering or ITO reward users of Beta Platform.
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How Can #Soulbound Tokens AND #ZeroKnowledge Tech Be Integrated?

In the final instalment of this 3-part series, we present our implementation of private Soul Bound Tokens (SBT) using #zkSNARK tech👇

For the devs, the #Solidity code included below! Image
1/ Check out the full article below:…
2/ In part 1 of the series, we went through the WHAT and WHY of SBTs and the design guidelines around them 👇

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🧑‍🏫 time: zkAssets

Why did @MantaNetwork create #zkAssets, and what are they?

zkAssets are natively (on-chain) private crypto assets, guarded by zero-knowledge proofs. They contain all properties of normal crypto assets, and add a layer of configurable privacy. Some properties: Image
🤸 Flexible Asset Types

zkAssets can be any asset type: fungible (eg tokens), non-fungible (eg #NFTs), and non-transferrable non-fungible (eg #soulbound)
🔒 Private by Default

The asset holder’s address, the nomination of the assets of each holder, and asset type are all natively encrypted on-chain, only to be seen if the holder chooses to show.
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@SpaceXStarlink was publicly announced in January 2015. The name was inspired by the book The Fault with our Stars…
That title of that book was in turn inspired by a quote from William Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’, in which Cassius is speaking with his friend, Brutus, trying to persuade him that - in the best interests of the public -Julius Caesar be stopped from becoming monarch of Rome...
"Men at some time are masters of their fates:
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.
Might you become master of your fate through choice—no matter what the stars say?"
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Why Are #Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) So Hyped Up?

When the SBT concept was first dropped, it took the crypto world by storm.

But what are #SBTs and why should we care?

In this 3-part series, we explore all things SBTs: definitions, uses and improvements!👇…
2/ In May’22, @VitalikButerin co-authored a white paper on SBT with fellow authors @glenweyl and @pujaohlhaver.

Within the white paper, they detailed their vision for a fully decentralised society and how the concept of “Soulbound” tokens could make it a reality.
3/ The economic value of the world is largely produced by people and their interdependent relationships.

However, Web3 lacks the representation of such social relationships and identities, which results in its dependence on the centralised Web2 infrastructure.
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Until it becomes obvious that we are being TOLD what to do by @Lasrevereth (which I personally don't think will happen) I'm going to be playing the game the way I think they want us to play it...
It is my firm belief that we are dealing with something totally different to anything else before, and I am confident in my predictions about what we are dealing with here...
In simple terms I believe that $LSVR are launching the world's first truly decentralised society, as laid out in #soulbound whitepaper published by @VitalikButerin et al. - but in a way that ONLY a large and masterful organisation would be able to do...
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I’ve changed my mind IDGAF what anyone says about me fudding. I’m working harder for this community than anyone, and believe me I know how hard you NERFS are all working…
This project is a massive collaboration and my bet is that @Disney, @konomi & @ethdotorg are all likely involved…
I have no proof for this theory WHATSOEVER yet but I am working hard to figure out what’s happening and find answers. There are clues everywhere…
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[THREAD] Que sont les #Soulboundtokens, la dernière invention de @VitalikButerin ?

Revenons sur ces #NFT d'un nouveau type, qui pourrait bien devenir une pierre angulaire des sociétés décentralisées.

C'est parti ! 🧵
1. Qu'est-ce qu'un #Soulbound Token (SBT) ?
2. Quelques cas d'utilisations des #SBT
3. Le nouveau paradigme de la société décentralisée (#DeSoc)
4. Les Soulbound Tokens et #ZKproof
1. Qu'est-ce qu'un #Soulboundtoken (SBT) ?

Les #Soulbound Tokens sont des jetons intégrants une notion de non-transférabilité.
Par conséquent, le détenteur d'un jeton #SBT ne peut pas le transférer vers une autre adresse.
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Everything you wanted to know about $SeedsOfLove, the new- dare I say revolutionary?- #NFT held in an inter-Ethereal inter-dimensional #SeedPurse by @FlowerGirlsNFT holders on @0xPolygon.
It's a hybrid token that acts as a #soulbound ERC-1155 NFT full of tradable ERC-20 tokens 🧵
🪡 First, a bit of storytelling..

Where did these seeds come from? Why do they look so awesome? Do they really each have unique DNA? 🪡
🪡 Thanks for asking! The Flower Girls are 10k $ETH NFTs. They were created by @VarvaraAlay and are pretty objectively beautiful. Each one has one or two #FlyingCompanions like bees, birds, bats, even fairies. They're also beautiful. And useful! 🪡
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[THREAD] 🧵Soulbound tokens

I read @VitalikButerin latest paper: Decentralized Society (DeSoc).

In this thread you'll find a summary with my main takeaways…

#SBTs #Soulbound #Soulboundtokens #NFT #Crypto #NFTs #Metaverse #Ethereum #ETH Image
Outline of the thread:

1. Context
2. Stairway to DeSoc (use cases)
3. Pitfalls
4. Conclusion
Before we move ahead, some definitions:

- Soulbound tokens (SBTs): a non-transferable but revocable token (by the issuer). These can represent real world credentials, degrees, certificates, and so on.

- Souls: your account/wallet - you can think of it as an identity
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