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Watch #Dysphoric - a four part documentary on the rise of 'gender identity' ideology. Playlist here:
‘Dysphoric’ was made over the course of a year during lockdown, amid cancellations. Your support is appreciated:
#Dysphoric2021 RT Image
Thank you to Nicolas Casaux for creating French subtitles.
Watch #Dysphoric - a four part documentary on the rise of 'gender identity' ideology now with French subtitles (toggle settings to select a language). Playlist here: Image
Thank you to Anahi Castillo for creating #Spanish #subtitles.
Watch #Dysphoric - a four part documentary on the rise of 'gender identity' ideology now with Spanish subtitles (toggle settings to select a language). Playlist here: Image
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If you haven’t watched #AKvsAK (@VikramMotwane 🇮🇳 2020) yet, watch it! It’s amazing and kaleidoscopic! 🤩 1/10
Chances are you’ll need #subtitles, though. And since you people don’t sit through the end credits 🙄, I have compiled a list of (nearly all) #subtitlers. 😇 #loveyoursubtitler #nameyoursubtitler 2/10
The film is in both #हिंदी and #English, so let’s mention these two first:
🙏🏼 HI,EN>EN Sheela Sijin Matthews
🙏🏼 HI,EN>HI शालिनी शुक्ला Shalini Shukla 3/10
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Tamil Subtitles


இந்த வழி பின்பற்றினால் ஈஸியா தமிழ் சப்டைட்டில்ல படம் பாக்கலாம்..

வேறு ஏதும் டவுட் இருந்தா கேளுங்க தெரிஞ்ச அளவு சொல்றேன்

நான் சொல்லும் முறையில் 60% தமிழ் தான் சரியாக வரும், மீதி கொஞ்சம் நாமே தான் சரி செய்ய வேண்டும்..

1. முதல்ல எந்த படம் பாக்க போறோமோ அந்த படத்தோட ஆங்கில சப்டைட்டில் எடுத்துக்கொண்டு இந்த வெப்சைட் போயிட்டு, அங்க அந்த ஆங்கில சப்டைட்டில் File - அப்லோடு செய்யவும்.. (படம் 1)
2. Language தமிழ் தேர்ந்து எடுக்கவும் , Translate கொடுக்கவும்.. (படம் 2)
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Hey everyone, this is my first post for #AdaptTheFeed! I'm a disabled/#autism advocate (@AspirationAutie) and this account is to share my experiences making a #documentary about growing up #autistic in rural Cape Breton Island.

How will it be inclusive? LET'S THREAD IT! A promo graphic for the documentary, "A Strong Name: Po
"A Strong Name" is the first production by myself, Taylor Linloff. I'm a queer/nonbinary femme who's multiply disabled. I'm #autistic, #MedicatedAndMighty, and have severe #anxiety and traits of #hypomania. I'm not ashamed to have invisible #disability.
For the #documentary pre-production, I'm currently seeking out #autistic people of various backgrounds in my area; from #LGBTQ, to multiply disabled, to POC, to those who also have intellectual disabilities (especially those who experience intersections).
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Live tweeting re-watch of #MainPremKiDiwaniHoon henceforth to be referred to as #MPKDH

First 5 minutes, and this college clearly never had a #POSH training because a student has plopped into a professor's lap and the professor is telling the girls they'll clear the exams
And of course the #electricguitar is connected to

When I see a puppy
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@lichtmesz @Crescentia333 @_lnnen_WT @Liebes_Buch @profdrm_poettne @AlexLosse @luthvind @A_Saller @PhiKuro @MonsignoreCorpa @BenniAps @Lowl3v3l @Al_Katibu Sehr relevant (und streckenweise wörtlich mit dem Zitat von Friedell übereinstimmend) ist die Passage ab Position 9:30 in , die ich unten reproduziere, und hier transkribiere: "[...] l'axiom de base.
@lichtmesz @Crescentia333 @_lnnen_WT @Liebes_Buch @profdrm_poettne @AlexLosse @luthvind @A_Saller @PhiKuro @MonsignoreCorpa @BenniAps @Lowl3v3l @Al_Katibu .. C'est la donné [?] de base au-dessous laquelle c'est le---c'est l'enfer. Mais les gens vivaient avant capitalisme. C'est---la France vivait avant capitalisme. Il y avait quelque chose avant, et on nous le présente comme totalement inexistant.
@lichtmesz @Crescentia333 @_lnnen_WT @Liebes_Buch @profdrm_poettne @AlexLosse @luthvind @A_Saller @PhiKuro @MonsignoreCorpa @BenniAps @Lowl3v3l @Al_Katibu .. Avant la montée du capitalisme il y avait rien: c'était l'obsurantisme,
c''était le Moyen Âge! Ah! Arrêtez! Moyen Âge! C'EST LUMINEUX, MOYEN ÂGE! C'EST LUMINEUX, MOYEN ÂGE! Le Moyen Âge, c'est certainement la période en Europe la plus brillante! La plus brillante!
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Die Auffassung, der Erste #Weltkrieg sei Ursache aller folgenden Übel des 20. Jh., ist selbstverständlich älter als G.F. Kennans Buch von 1979. Z.B. sagt #BertrandRussell etwas Ähnliches im berühmten #BBC-Interview von 1959.

#Freimaurerei: #freemasonry (…)
Needless to say, the machine-generated #subtitles are obviously not free of errors; for completeness, I here transcribe the excerpt perfectly:

[Russell:] [...] ivory tower; this world is too bad. We must notice it.
[Freeman:] 'Were you a moral pacifist or was it more that that the war seemed to you inexpedient and unnecessary?
[Russell:] I thought(as a politician), and I still think, that it would have been very much better for the world if #Britain had remain neutral and the #Germans
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