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It's over! The Content ID lawsuit against YouTube brought by composer Maria Schneider is dismissed, with prejudice, the weekend before the start of the trial.

Here's what's happened... 🧵

#ContentID #copyright #YouTube #creators #CreatorEconomy ImageImageImageImage
If you recall, the lawsuit was filed in 2020 and focused on the lack of broader access to copyright management tools, such as Content ID, for independent musicians and creators.
Maria Schneider and others filed the class action against YouTube and Google in an attempt to claim the current system supports piracy, while boosting profits for YouTube, and can't handle repeat infringers.
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Buckle up, crypto enthusiasts! 🌟 Prepare to witness the meteoric rise of @zethan_dao, the ultimate game-changer in DeFi and blockchain technology.

If you want to know how to be eligible for their airdrop (it's gonna be huge), then read to the last tweet. Let's Ride!!!!🚀💎 Image
♦️About @zethan_dao: Zethan is a decentralized gaming ecosystem built on Zksync powered by Zethanx NFTs.

It's an excellent place for Web3 gaming enthusiasts. ♻️

#ZETHAN offers a variety of decentralized fun and addictive Skilled web3 games that will keep players entertained.
♦️Ecosystem: @zethan_dao is a comprehensive ecosystem that offers a range of mind-blowing features, all aimed at empowering users and reshaping the future of finance! 💪

♦️ZETH Token: The heart and soul of the platform, $ZETH fuels the entire ecosystem. Image
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I'm now joining the #NISOPlus23 session: "Making the business case for investing in metadata" with Josh Brown, Heather Kotula, Michelle Urberg, & Julia McDonell
#Metadata #MetadataMatters #NISOPlus
The opportunity costs of poor metadata re-use - Josh Brown from @MoreBrains_Coop
PIDs are keystone metadata! - Powering Reuse, Automation, Aggregation & Analysis
#metadata #NISOPlus23
NOT reusing #metadata has costs in money, time and knock-on effects - rekeying of metadata is essentially unnecessary duplication of effort across sectors, institutions and individuals! #NISOPlus23
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What's going on with this class action lawsuit against both Google & YouTube as well as several creators and toy brands?

More importantly, why should you care?

I got you covered... 🧵

#google #youtube #creatoreconomy #creators #privacy #COPPA #FTC Image
A class action was filed in 2019 by a class of children against both Google and YouTube, as well as numerous kids and family media channels, including
Ryan's World,
Cartoon Network,
Mattel, Inc.,
DreamWorks Animation, and more.
The use of "targeted advertising, powered by persistent identifiers, that allowed Google and YouTube to collect data and track the online behavior of children without proper parental consent."
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@EVMavericks weekly #4 Jan 2-8, 2023

Starting New Year off with a bang!

Important Information 👇
The reelection process of stewards has begun. Apply in the #financial-steward-applications!

Check out - Weekly Ethfinance Doots Roundup #1. And tune in next week!

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Huge news from @discord about the launch of server subscriptions that will impact #creators for a variety of reasons.

Let’s explore! 🧵

#CreatorEconomy #CreatorEconomyLaw #discord #DiscordServer
👉 When an audience becomes a customer, it can dramatically change the relationship. Creators, and their mod teams, need to ensure they understand how to manage customer relations.
This subscription offering may be different to manage than that of other platform subscriptions or purchases, such as on YT or Twitch, and more akin to Patreon.
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"#Collectibles market size was estimated at $402B in 2021 and is expected to cross $1T by 2032." -@MarketDecipher

@AmericanaNFT provides an ecosystem for #artists & #creators to interact with #collectors who can then engage with producers and consumers alike.

1/14 🧵
2/@NFTerps, @dozaster, @NPecor, and @musicalnetta of @AmericanaNFT shared insights and alpha around the future of physical collectibles in a digital world at #NFTNYC2022

Vibe? "Buy shit you love."

What is Americana? Let’s peel the🧅
3/Stripping away digital art and using #NFTs for their core value - digital #provenance, #proofofownership & proof of origin. 📜

How does this improve physical collecting?
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We're here at @dtec_dso for the 2022 edition of #DtecForum which will be exploring how the #metaverse can create entrepreneurial opportunities! Stay tuned to @entmagazineme for more updates from today's proceedings.
The agenda for the day is set! Here's a quick look at what lies ahead at today's event.

#DtecForum @Dtec_dso
. @EntMagazineME Managing Editor @tashapupic kickstarts the event and welcomes the crowd at #DtecForum.
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NFT Community – today, we announced the beta launch of CB NFT. We also want to highlight how we plan on supporting royalties for the #creators.

Here is our plan to support #creatorroyalties and how we plan to support them in partnership with @manifoldxyz.

1/First off, what are creator royalties and why are they important?

Creator royalties provide the creator of an NFT a percentage of the sale price each time the #NFT is sold. These percentages are determined by the creator and can be baked into smart contracts…
… Getting creator royalties right, meaning enabling creators to set their royalties and ensuring royalties are paid out on secondary transactions, is critical for preserving true creative ownership for creators.
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Since it's #InternationalWomensDay, here's a thread of TEN #BlackWomen #Creators in #Anime and #Manga Spaces that you NEED to know about!
First up is: @NeyshaPlays, an exceptionally talented
multidisciplinary Digital Creative. She's a podcaster, writer & pop culture critic and an AMAZING Cosplayer. Is there anything that she can't do?

P.S. The answer to that question is NO. She can do everything!
Next we have: @tudzdotexe! Tudz is a #BlackBritish Youtuber, Podcaster, Streamer and Magical Girl. Get into her content please, because it is AMAZING!

Her #Podcast: @4EyesAcademia

Her #Youtube Channel:…
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1 - @StargazeZone the #IBC connected interchain NFT marketplace takes a robust approach in bringing the #NFT space, which has grown by 25,000% in the last year, to @cosmos. Aiming to solve the issues currently surrounding NFT marketplaces, my thread🧵on $STARS starts here👇
2 - Utilizing the Cosmos SDK, @StargazeZone intends to create a dedicated zone for NFTs that doesn't suffer from scalability issues while also being more secure, decentralized, transparent and flexible than existing marketplaces built on $ETH, $SOL, and other competing chains.
3 - @publicawesome_, the core dev team behind Stargaze, is led by @shan3v, @JakeHartnell, & @jhernandezb_. All three are heavily involved w/ @cosmos, however, prior to Stargaze, Shane built several top apps in the App Store and Jake has been involved w/ @JunoNetwork & @DA0_DA0
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/13/2022…
Inside the multibillion-dollar, Silicon Valley-backed effort to reimagine how the world funds (and conducts) science – Endpoints News…

#ScientificResearch, #ResearchFunding, #FundingFlows
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🎉 The Callin family is growing 🎉 We’re excited to welcome new creators exclusively on Callin – @ggreenwald, @mtaibbi, @briebriejoy, @andraydomise, @antoniogm, and many others!

Stay tuned today as we spotlight each new creator & their shows.…
Creators are excited about Callin for a few reasons:

1) A #fullstack #podcasting #platform.
Record, edit, publish, and distribute with a few taps. #Creators love how seamlessly Callin fits in with and complements their other content & social channels.
2) #Audience #engagement.
Live recordings and hosts/listener interaction = questions, commentary, discourse, and debate. Bottom line – it makes the listening experience FUN!
Highlights, social sharing & messaging means new ways to engage and share your favorite #content.
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Some thoughts on managing your mental health as a Content Creator: 7 TIPS

#mentalhealth #creators #creatoreconomy
Take criticism to mind and not to heart. Valid criticism has qualifiers, and the critic doesn’t dictate what is valid, reality does.

If criticism isn’t useful in improving the quality of your work, or helpful in understanding the concerns of your intend audience, ignore it.
Give yourself reasonable expectations.

If something wouldn’t be fair of an employer to ask if you, it may not be reasonable for you to ask it of yourself.

Understanding what is realistic and reasonable matters.
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@tari has hit a home-run with Yats based on the appeal of universal aesthetics, ease of entry into the #NFT space for #creators, and a viable model of scarcity #economics. Lastly, they are good fun!

#Yats are modern hieroglyphs. Visual communication is ancient, and crosses all language barriers. The best Yats will capture human experience without being overly complex. Simplicty means mass appeal.
#NFTartist will find #Yats an easy medium to work in. The 4/5 string Yats are going to yield the best return for artists on a budget bc these can be created for $4-$8, and offer more room for expression.
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✍️ Thread: The importance of the "Interactive NFT" format (…):

#NFTs today are mostly static files:

An PNG, a GIF, an Audio file, a Video file... which means they are bound to always stay the same.
This is a sufficient in a lot of cases, but this is also very limiting considering we are mostly consuming NFTs using browsers.

➡️ As #creators, it makes sense to actually use all the tools at our disposition. Why still transform an awesome animation into a bad quality GIF?
That's why the Interactive NFT (#iNFT) format is born:

allowing creators to use code (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) to define their NFTs.

This, allowing a full interactivity of the NFT, being it Art, Games, Audio, Videos, Experiments, Animations, Fetching external data for stats, ...
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1/ Prediction: if you come back to @joinClubhouse in a year, you won't recognize what it pivoted to. Here's why:
As #content, learning and enjoyment per minute is low. After listening for hours in multiple rooms, I don't feel like I used my time well. Podcast has higher info density.
As a #social experience, Clubhouse doesn't feel social. There's no feedback for speakers and listeners. It's drop-in audio, not drop-in audio chat. @Twitch @Minecraft are more interactive hangouts.
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I spent my weekend thinking of how #creators can monetize better their content and my conclusion is that there is much more interesting stuff to do than just paid content, ads, subscriptions… Basically, if I had to summarize my thoughts I would say the following:
Advertising is definitely a broken model for content monetization. Ads lead creators to look for millions of views and therefore to privilege sensationalism.
People will always be more attracted by a video of a plane crash than by a reflection on the harmful effects of opioids on the younger generation. No wonder there’s so much shit online...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/20/2020…
Universal basic income helped Kenyans weather COVID-19 - but it’s not a silver bullet…

#UniversalBasicIncome #kenya #PandemicResponse #COVID19
Amazon Pharmacy is a thing because we live in hell…

#amazon #DrugCosts #MedicalCosts #healthcare #capitalism
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There has been a drastic fall in traffic on my @YouTube channel this month. I've been reading that it is the same with a lot of travel #creators across the world. ☹️

At the same time, we all seem to have a lot of time & less things to do in this work from home situation.😃

So.. Image
If you are a creator, add your best vlogs/blogs to this thread. I'm going to add my best ones too.

All of us can watch/read these at home + add new places to our bucket list for the other side of the epidemic.

Let's support creators & spread some positivity.
RT for reach 😀
Let me start with my favourite: Mt. Bromo active volcano in Java, Indonesia 😃
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