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Two security guards recorded a video of themselves dancing on duty and the serious employer did the right thing by sacking them.

Then, cyber clowns went wild condemning the sack. They even named them Happie Boys. Then, Apostle Chibuzor came on board. Image
He decided to go the way of the headless mob. He was applauded for the 'kind' gesture. He was celebrated. Lol

Then he sent them abroad on scholarship.

Oh, a kind man has come to their rescue.
And then, the boys were no longer getting financial support from him again and they went on social media to tell their fans, those that blamed their employer for sacking them that their Messaiah has stopped paying their fees and taking care of them.
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Sunday Wale write ✍️

I told you that at a junction not far from my place, there were at least 6 PoS operators but on that faithful Monday morning, I found just one and that one did not have cash. I told you that trouble was coming but we were called alarmists. Image
Then, few days later the price of naira to naira official rate became N5,500 to N5,000 and N6,000 to N5,000 at the black market.

Then, even at N7,000 to N5,000, there was no cash anywhere.
The bank were able to pay N2,000 to an individual who has stayed on queue since 5am to 4pm and it wasn't even every customer that was fortunate to get N2k after queuing for that long yet some people were busy defending the wickedness.
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@officialABAT begged @MBuhari to recognize June 12 as the real Democracy Day and Buhari agreed.

The then president also honoured Abiola the highest award in the land, GCFR and tendered apology to his family for the injustice meted to the winner of that presidential election. Image
It was a day I’ll live to cherish. It was my first time of voting in a presidential election as we queued behind the SDP agent because it was Option A4 system of voting where every voter openly queued behind SDP or NRC party agent after accreditation.
Abiola was a businessman and he would have been the first private business investor who would have ruled Nigeria, not Asiwaju.

His running mate was a Muslim too and he also hails from Borno state like Tinubu’s running mate now Vice President.
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Tinubu won in six states in the North and Jigawa, the New World was one of them.

Alhaji Muhammed Badaru Abubakar, MON was also a presidential aspirant of APC but the day a meeting was held and it was made clear that the APC ticket should go to the South, Image
he there and then expressed his decision to withdraw from the race and since that moment till date, he never looked back in his support for President Tinubu.

Alhaji Badaru was an ACN man. He is a progressive to the core and a very reliable and trustworthy ally of the president.
No single individual can lay claim to delivering a state in an election but as Governor of Jigawa state, the role played by Badaru in ensuring that Tinubu won the state can not be overstated.

Badaru, a Fulani prince worked tirelessly for the success of a Yoruba man.
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APC was basically formed when Buhari and Tinubu agreed to work and walk together by collapsing CPC and ACN with ANPP and a faction of APGA into a national party big enough to challenge PDP. Image
In 2022, with Buhari as President, he had all the power to stop Tinubu from getting the APC presidential ticket but Buhari is not Obasanjo.

Some progressives felt that he did not want Tinubu to emerge but that is not true rather one can only say that he did not support Asiwaju
enough by imposing him on others given the fact that it was Tinubu, more than anyone else, that made him win in 2015 but imposing Tinubu would have caused the party the general election!

Even without imposition, someone like Rotimi Amaechi is still angry till date
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Tinubu opposed Jonathan removing fuel subsidy.


Is that your new line of argument?

Okay, but do you not know that it is the job of opposition to challenge a sitting government while it is the duty of a serious government to remain focused
and firm on decisions that will in the short or long run safe the country?

Don’t you know that you are only saying that President Tinubu is actually the kind of leader we need if we must move forward as a nation?
Or do you think that he should be lilly livered too and be at the mercy of the opposition especially when the present opposition also promised to remove fuel subsidy if elected?
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On May 29, President Muhammadu Buhari will hand over the military colours to Bola Ahmed Tinubu and that will make him the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria... Image
The military colours was the flag that was put behind President Muhammadu Buhari along with the Nigerian flag when he addressed the nation over Covid-19 which wailers said was Cuban flag. You remember that show of lunacy?
the National Security Adviser becomes answerable to him;

the Chief of Defence Staff becomes answerable to him;

the Chief of Army Staff becomes answerable to him;

the Chief of Air Staff becomes answerable to him;

the Chief of Naval Staff becomes answerable to him;
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💥Sunday Wale write ✍️:👇

On October 20, 2020, the whole world was told that protesters were being killed in tens at Lekki.

DJ Switch said that she was carrying dead bodies and dropping them at the foot of the soldiers. ImageImageImageImage
And the following morning, Lagos was under attack. Police stations were set ablaze. Prisons were attacked. BRT buses and government buildings were burnt. Even a court was burnt. The palace of our revered Oba of Lagos was attacked and the staff of office taken.
Success has been achieved. Arsonists were in total control. 72 youths have been killed a night before where Eniola Badmus was the first casualty. Nnamdi Kanu then called his boys in Lagos to go after the governor and the commissioner of police and especially Tinubu.
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Aburee had forged the signatures of the party’s national treasurer and a few other excos to open a new account for the party but he did not do it alone. Image
The party’s presidential candidate was fully carried along because he’s the poster boy. The campaign fund that was rolling in was because of him - his deceit and pranks on the gullible mugus around the globe.
They concluded not to use Fidelity because it would naturally be the first point of call since he was once its chairman so they opted for the Z bank.

And in no time, they had $15m in the new account!

Fifteen Million United States Dollars.
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Except a higher court overrules the high court, Alex Otti will not be sworn in on May 29 as Abia state governor because Labour Party violated the 2022 electoral act by not submitting it members register 30 days before primaries. ImageImageImage
You will recall that APC/Tinubu counsels also petitioned the presidential election tribunal that the nomination of Obi did not follow the 2022 electoral act as well.
This is not about carryon placards around court or asking that the proceedings of the tribunal be aired live like the Big Brother Nigeria show or acknowledging Abure who court has removed as chairman, it is about law.
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Ten days from today, Tinubu will be sworn in as president while the tribunal will continue to seat over the petitions brought against him by Atiku and Obi.

There is no where in the world that inauguration of a new government is postponed because of cases in court.
A sitting president does not extend his term by one minute just because some people are in court.

This hallucination is becoming a mental issue gradually and that is the fact.
Atiku wants the proceedings to be covered live by tv and that is what the tribunal will have to determine soon. He doesn’t know that he’s wasting the time of the tribunal which is not our business.
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The moment you heard that the oil was swinging towards a particular aspirant, you moved your loyalty to that individual instantly and castigated Tinubu whom we all knew was not after imposition by the president. Image
From Osinbajo to Amaechi to Adesina to Lawan and even Nwajuiba. Everyone who looked up to the cabal oil which Aisha Buhari later used to fry kosai was your choice because you thought that you were smart.
You even said that those of us who wanted election during the primary would leave with Asiwaju for SDP because APC would not hold the presidential primary.

You made it clear that you were a mere political gambler that lacked any form self discipline, respect and dignity.
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It is true that INEC chairman said that results will be uploaded real-time.

And so because of that, they prepared result and recruited hackers to compromise INEC server and input their written result.
But INEC had her own cyber security professionals also on ground who kept raising red flags of attempts to attack the server and therefore advised that it was not save to upload the results immediately.
The employers of hackers closed their eyes to the results their agents were sending to them from all the polling units which were duly signed by the same agents and focused on IREV only.
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When Oyegun’s name was announced as chairman of the screening committee, they said that it was Tinubu who orchestrated his removal as the party’s chairman and so it was pay back time.

They said that he was purposely brought to disqualify Asiwaju. Image
Even before the screening, they said that he has been disqualified and so I started receiving calls. I told a former boss of mine who’s an ardent progressive that ‘oga, I will not advise you to go into politics Lol

They said that he didn’t go to primary and secondary schools. 😝
But on the day of the screening, Tinubu,the applicant became their lecturer while Chief Oyegun and his team paid rapt attention.

The screening ended and as the world awaited the outcome, ‘my source’ people said that the committee had recommended young aspirants only.
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The truth of the matter is that people don’t want to accept that our choices have consequence(s).

A lot of aspirants bought APC’s presidential nomination and expression of interest forms last year. ImageImage
But it was not everyone who paid N100m for the form that really hoped of winning the ticket. Some bought it to negotiate while some were only hallucinating. Tunde Bakare falls into the last category.
In the case of Sen Orji Uzor Kalu, he tried to see that the ticket was micro zoned to SE but that did not happen.

He then weighed his options and after Lawan had secured the backing of the party’s chairman, he withdrew from the race and pitched his tent with Lawan.
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Sunday Wale write ✍️

At the Banquet held in honour of the President-elect in Port Harcourt last night, Gov Nyesom Wike, among other things, said the followings:

- that national politics is different from local (state) politics. Image
- that in the last presidential election, sustaining the unity of the country was more important than his party winning the contest. He added that the G5 Governors appreciate APC Governors who thought it wise that power should rotate to the South.
- that he kept calling Gov Badaru to ask if they (Northern Progressive Governors) would truly deliver for a Southern candidate and the response was always positive.
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Peter Obi Naanu, like Sunday Igboho was arrested over questionable travel documents. The only difference was that while Sunne was arrested in Benin Republic, Gringori was arrested in London. ImageImage
Another of Naanu’s offence was that he was involved in money laundering. He has gotten a lot of money from his failed presidential race by unsuspecting donors all over the world. He was deported after hours of detention and interrogation by the Interpol.
The Interpol had earlier put him on their watchlist and had notified other security agents including the UK Immigration Office.
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#Jetblue is trying to buy #SpiritAirlines. It's a terrible idea. Consolidation in the US aviation industry has resulted in higher fares, less reliable planes, spiraling junk-fees, and brutal conditions for flight- and ground-crews. 1/ A crashed WWI biplane, rede...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
The four remaining US major airlines, who gobbled their rivals, are three times more profitable than their European counterparts:…

That's great news if you're an airline shareholder. 3/
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a @StatsPerform #ProForum thread with quick summary and a few slides per presentation 🧵

(full videos should be public in a few weeks)
1: predicting counterattacks before they occur in real-time by Henrick Biermann & co

interesting look at defensive implications of possible turnover when in possession e.g. risk of your current attacking position; what decisions? (e.g. positional shape, tactical fouls 😍)
KPIs: position of turnover, # players behind the ball, vertical compactness

don't lose the ball 😅
don't lose the ball in centre of the pitch
+2 extra players behind the ball
tight vertical compactness
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We're attending this and looking forward to learning a lot. You can watch it live on the Screenwriters Association of India's Facebook page:

#SWA #MeToo #SexualHarassment #Workplace
1) This is a civil law, not a criminal law. That means the victim does not have to go to the police. The law says that any organisation with employees above ten employees need to implement the internal committee. This looks into the complaints and conducts an inquiry.
2) The presiding officer of the committee is a senior female employee. The minimum of four members and mostly less than ten. The complainant does not have to be officially an employee. The third-party can also complain. A customer, visitor can also lodge a complaint.
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Have that @GaryLineker! Someone get that bloke to come and paint a mural on the side of the pub. Don’t tell @ThwaitesBrewery! Bring on Man Untied! #SWA #TRFC
Man Untied sounds dodgy. I was a bit excited when I wrote that.
Ok this is starting to gather momentum. My area manager is coming at 10am tomorrow. Should I ask him then?
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We’re quite tired of hearing #PTM being called an “organic human rights movement,” because there is neither anything organic or human rights related to this movement.
.@PashtunTM_Offi is a manufactured movement to achieve specific objectives.

1) Remove the military from #FATA so the #TTP & other #terror groups can return to hold the area hostage again.
2) To create a false impression that #Pashtuns are being victimized by the #PakArmy.

The only people being harassed are those who are not #Pakistani and living illegally within our borders.
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The 2 Most Difficult Times For Buharists

The first most difficult period to be & remain a Buharist was in 2016,d year of economic recession. After experiencing 2 consecutive quarters of declining growth,d FG on August 31, 2016 announced formally dt d nation had entered recession
But even b4 d announcement, we all knew we were into it. A module of garri cost N350(now N150). A pack of 4 Eva bathn soap was sold for N750(now N600). A tube of family size toothpaste was N350(now N260). D effect was ws bitn but it ws never d fault of d govt of d day
Oil price had been on steady fall and even the 'rich' Saudi Arabia borrowed to partly fund her budget, the first time in decades. Venezuela, another oil-dependent economy is still wallowing in economic mess till date as her currency has become worthless.
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