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• October 06, 2021 — Maulana Sher Alam, Commander Asad and Dr. Hameed of Shehriyar Mehsud's faction professed dedication to Mufti Noor Wali Mehsud.

• August 07, 2021 — Ustad Aslam's faction consented allegiance to Mufti Noor Wali Mehsud
• January 09, 2022 — A faction of militants from Bannu, commanded by Comd Zarar, professed adherence to Mufti Noor Wali Mehsud
• March 07, 2022 — Hafiz Ehsanullah, with his compatriots, professed adherence to TTP. He is the grandson of H.Mirzali Khan Wazir aka Faqir of Ipi
• March 10, 2022 — Three jihadi factions from Lakki Marwat, run by Commander Molvi Tipu Gul, professed adherence to Mufti Noor Wali Mehsud.

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By all accounts, the NRF have launched a major offensive against the #Taliban across #Panjshir today -- taking multiple districts.

No doubt the #Taliban can respond in force, but it's yet another sign (beyond #ISKP) that #Afghanistan's new rulers are far from unchallenged.
NEW - x7 rockets fired into #Tajikistan from #Afghanistan.

In one month, #Pakistan, #Uzbekistan & #Tajikistan have all been hit by cross-border attacks, and #Iran affected by border clashes.

Tajik incident comes amid NRF (long associated with #Dushanbe) offensive in #Panjshir.
#ISKP have claimed today’s cross-border rocket attack on #Tajikistan.

This comes weeks after a similar volley was fired into #Uzbekistan & amid #TTP cross-border attacks into #Pakistan & clashes along the #Iran border.

#Taliban coming under mounting pressure.
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Our second ever Flash Mob project is now published and is Open Access in @JTHjournal. In the largest ever, multicentre study of time to treatment in #TTP we found that diagnostic uncertainty was the most frequent reason for treatment delay.…
We audited practice against @BritSocHaem guidelines (…) and gathered data on 251 patients with #TTP across 80 sites thanks to 148 cited collaborators. WOW!!! Image
Only 65% patients received plasma exchange within 24h of presentation with the cause of delays being diagnostic uncertainty because of older age, higher Hb (>100g/l) & platelets (>30x10^9/l), and absence of RBC fragments on blood film. Lack of on-site PEX also contributed. Image
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Visualizing #cybersecurity concepts can be a great way to learn more about specific tools, methodologies, and techniques! Here is a thread that shows 6 useful infographics on threat intelligence and related topics!🧵👇#infosec #threatintel

1⃣ - Practical Threat Intel
2⃣ - Tactics, Techniques and Procedures is an important concept to understand when you are working on threat intelligence to understand the capabilities of threat actors! 🤓 #Infosec #ttp
3⃣ - Mitre ATT&CK Matrix is became one of the references to classify and categorize attackers' TTPs! ☠️ #cybersecurity
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#Iran becomes the only foreign government so far to come out to openly endorse Prime Minister #ImranKhan's claim about a #US conspiracy to topple him. Tehran's state-run channel suggests that #Pakistan's opposition parties are executing American agenda:
Three weeks ago, #Nasrallah the chief of #Iran's main militant group #Hezbollah, globally designated as a terrorist organization, praised PM #ImranKhan in a TV speech. Pakistani @ARYNEWSOFFICIAL broadcast clips from militant chief's speech.

#Iran's state media is encouraging PM #ImranKhan to take on the West [], which serves no Pakistani interest, while #Tehran is busy negotiating a deal with Western powers that includes economic cooperation.
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#TTP released a statement about the recent political developments in Pakistan, asking public to pay attention to the 2 key issues:
"1. #PAK Army is the real culprit behind all the crimes in Pakistan inclu. riots, civil war, sectarianism, bargaining over national sovereignty...
...making the country a battleground for American proxy war, inflation, unemployment, insecurity etc. This is our& your first duty to get rid of the Army. So if you can't stand side by side with us against the mercenaries of these dollar priests, then at least get your loved ones
...out of this dirty rank (PAK Army) in time& think about their future, so that tomorrow there will be no place for them to hide.
2. As you are aware, PAK Army is the real obstacle to the great cause of Pakistan (establishment of a real Islamic Government) for seventy four years.
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Pakistan released 46 #TTP prisoners to continue progress towards a permanent ceasefire and peace agreement with the banned group 1/5
2/5 - The release of the 46 #TTP prisoners came as a result of the efforts of the tribal Jirga that first met the Taliban leadership in Paktika province on January 9&10 and then again in Khost province of #Afghanistan on February 17 & 18.
3/5 - Haqqani Network leader and #Taliban Interior Minister Siraj Haqqani played important role in breaking the ice. #TTP confirmed release of their 46 prisoners, but say they want release of 102 men, which also include leaders of Swat Taliban & only then will think of ceasefire
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#Pakistan Security Report -2021:

The incidence of #terrorism in Pakistan has increased by 42% in 2021 as compared to 2020, including five suicide bombings. A total of 335 people were killed and 555 injured in the attacks. That's 52 percent more than in 2020.

A total of 128 terrorist attacks were carried out by Tehreek-e-Taliban #Pakistan (#TTP), local Taliban groups and Islamic State of Khorasan, killing 236 people. In 2020, the number of such attacks was 95.

As many as 97 people were killed and 255 injured in 77 attacks by various Baloch, Sindhi nationalist and insurgent groups, compared to 44 attacks in 2020. Last year there were two attacks of sectarian terrorism in which 22 people were killed.

#BLA #Karachi #Sindh #Quetta
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A drone strike targeted former #TTP deputy leader, Mawlawi Faqir Mohammad, in #Kunar, #AFG today.
There are conflicting news about Faqir Mohammad's fate. Some sources said earlier that he was killed in the attack, but Tribal News just reported that he escaped unhurt.
Mawlawi Faqir Mohammad Bajauri was captured by AFG security forces in #Afghanistan in February 2013 & released by the #Taliban in August 2021, after they took over Kabul.
On 17 August, #TTP confirmed that Faqir Mohammad was released alongside some other group members from prison.
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1 - Foreign intelligence agencies behind Balochistan situation: Justice Javed Iqbal (9 June 12 Express Tribune)

Mr Moeed Yusuf Special Advisor to #PMImranKhan rips apart false claims of Fifth Columnists #Pakistanis about #MissingPersons in #Balochistan

2 - Foreign intelligence agencies behind Balochistan situation: Justice Javed Iqbal (9 June 12 Express Tribune)

Mr Moeed Yusuf Special Advisor to #PMImranKhan rips apart false claims of Fifth Columnists #Pakistanis about #MissingPersons in #Balochistan

1 - Foreign agencies behind missing persons: Justice Javed Iqbal ( The Nation | 9 June 2012 )

Mr Moeed Yusuf Special Advisor to #PMImranKhan solve the mystery behind the so called #MissingPersons in #Pakistan

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Victims of terror activities including #apsattack angry at the govt & military for making deals with #TTP.

The group accuses #Pakistan's govt of ceasefire violations even after prisoner release.

SC grilled @ImranKhanPTI "Are we going to surrender once again?"

via @AJEnglish
TTP spokesman claims killing two policemen

Earlier Noor Wali Mahsud asked fighters to resume attacks.

Banned #TTP declined to extend the month-long ceasefire with #Pakistan's govt, accusing it of failing to honour decisions reached earlier

With Afghan Taliban now controlling neighbouring Afghanistan, Waziristan residents say they fear a return to life under Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan

#TTP #Taliban…
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An alleged #TTP member wrote on twitter:
"Over the past few days, there have been reports of talks between the TTP& #PAK government/army:
* There is no progress yet.
* Prisoners release is the first condition but not fulfilled yet.
* About talks, all TTP is on the same platform.
* Both parties don't confirm talks to media, for caution.
* The #IEA may be a mediator, but neutral. Even it is possible that IEA as a mujahidin movement be more in favor of TTP.
* Attempts to spoil negotiations, make it unconditional& to prove it failed, are already neutralized.
* TTP will definitely not hold unconditional or non-Sharia talks, inshallah."
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ارشاد بھٹی اور جاوید چوہدری لوگوں کو چغد نہ بنائیں کیونکہ جس قسم کی قتل و غارتگری تحریک لبیک پاکستان نے کی ہے دونوں ماضی میں اسکی حمایت کرتے رہے ہیں -

قیامت کے دن سوال اللہ کریگا نبی کریم (صلعم) نہیں کرینگے

مفتی منیب کو مشاجرات صحابہ کی غلط مثال دیتے ہوئے شرم آنی چاہئیے
مفتی منیب الرحمان متنازع اسلامی سانحات پر بالکل غلط مثالیں دیتے رہے ہیں کچھ سال قبل لندن میں ایک ٹی وی چینل پر یذید کی حمایت بھی فرمائی تھی اور اس وقت بھی وہ جس جنگ جمل کا حوالہ دے رہے ہیں وہ بصرہ میں حضرت علی (رع) اور حضرت عائشہ (رع) کے درمیان ہوئی تھی حضرت معاویہ (رع) سے نہیں
بے ادب ، گستاخ مولویوں کو اندازہ ہی نہیں ہوتا کہ وہ ایک صحابی (رع) کا قول دہرا رہے ہیں اس قتل عام کا جواز دینے کے لیئے جو موجودہ دور کے مسلمان ایک دوسرے کا کررہے ہیں جبکہ حضرت علی (رع) کا قول صرف اور صرف جمل اور صفین کے افسوسناک سانحات پر تھا جس میں دونوں طرف صحابہ (رع) تھے ۔
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حقائق پیش خدمت ہیں۔۔ پڑھ لیں @mjdawar #قلمکار

شمالی #وزیرستان میں منگل کے روز #میرعلی کے قریب سیکورٹی #فورسز نے #دہشتگردوں کی گرفتاری کے لیے ایک سرپرائز چیک پوسٹ لگائی جس نے کامیابی سے #TTP دہشتگردوں کے ایک اہم سہولت کار عمران کو گرفتار کیا۔ Image
عمران ولد جمیل کا تعلق بدنام زمانہ خوشحالی گاؤں سے ہے جو #ضربِ_عضب سے پہلے #دہشتگردوں کا گڑھ رہا ہے اور یہاں سے #سیکورٹی_فورسز پر متعدد حملے کیے جا چکے ہیں۔
اس کارندے کی گرفتاری کے ساتھ ہی TTP کے سیاسی ونگ PTM کی جانب سے سوشل میڈیا پر "ایک بے گناہ پشتون" کی گرفتاری کا واویلا شروع
کرنے سے مطلب؟ یہ عجیب اتفاق ہے کہ PTM ہر وقت دہشتگردوں کی موجودگی کا شور مچاتی ہے لیکن آج تک کسی دہشتگردی کا نشانہ نہیں بنی،
جبکہ فوج جو روز دہشتگردی کا نشانہ بنتی ہیں ان پر ہمیشہ "بے گناہ پشتونوں" کے اغواء کا الزام لگتا۔۔۔
ایسے کیسے بغیرتو ایسے کیسے؟؟
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PNS Mehran attack on May 22, 2011 is one of the unsolved case which had several connecting incidents.

On 22nd May 2011, Few terrorists stormed into 3 hangars at PNS Mehran , Karachi after carefully cutting the fence in the areas where no security camera was present .
After the attack ( not briefing the details of attack ), the TTP had claimed the responsibility.

However Hamid Gul presented narrative stating it was CIA who did the attack.

Saleem Shahzad the head of Asia times wrote it was #AlQaeda not #TTP who did the attack for failed talk.
Saleem Shahzad also wrote AlQaeda wanted to get released few of their sympathizers whom military had taken into custody ( details of those are in above thread ).

Saleem Shahzad said it was through the insiders #AlQaeda attacked the Secured base. The insider had provided maps.
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1/ 42 yo patient presents with 3 hours of left hemiparesis found to have right M1 thrombus. Platelets are 24,000/uL!

Welcome to a CANNOT MISS #EmoryNCCTweetorials @EmoryNeuroCrit on a rare etiology of #acuteischemicstroke

#Neurotwitter #FOAMncc #stroketwitter
2/ 🚨Goals for the scroll:

✅Discuss a rare cause of acute ischemic stroke
✅ Review thrombectomy safety w thrombocytopenia (tcp)
✅Review dx and pathophys of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP)
✅Review the treatment of TTP
3/ Our patient with plt of 24,000 /uL is taken for #thrombectomy. Would you send your pt w/ severe thrombocytopenia for thrombectomy?
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Why must @ImranKhanPTI disgrace #Pakistan with his confused history?

During the war with the #Soviets, there was no #alQaeda or #Taliban. There was only #Mujahideen.

After the Soviet withdrawal & civil war, the Taliban emerged. There is no mujahideen in #Afghanistan today.
A major part of #Pakistan’s #PR problem is confused narratives driving confused perceptions.

We didn’t train the #Mujahideen alone. We had help from the #US, @CIA & #SaudiArabia.

Why does the PM forget this & place on the responsibility on Pakistan alone?
What is #Pashtun nationalism’s role in the war on terror?

All the insurgents that attacked #Pakistan post-#LalMasjid were ideological driven. Nothing to do with ethnic or linguistic roots.

It was the creation of the #TTP which kicked off mass #terror attacks in Pakistan.
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1 - Govt open to pardon for TTP : #Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi (Dawn 15 Sept 2021)

TTP & their links with #India & #USA explains PTI Leader Mr #FawadChaudhry

Ref :

#Daish #ETIM #FATF #Kabul #CPEC #OBOR #China #Talibans #Afghanistan
2 - Govt open to pardon for TTP : #Pakistan Foreign Minister #ShahMahmoodQureshi (Dawn 15 Sept 2021)

TTP & their links with #India & #USA explains PTI Leader Mr #FawadChaudhry

Ref :

#Daish #ETIM #FATF #Kabul #CPEC #OBOR #China
Govt open to pardon for TTP : #Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi (Dawn 15 Sept 2021)

PTI Leader Mr #FawadChaudhry links TTP with Chaudhry Nisar & PTI

Ref :

#Daish #ETIM #FATF #Kabul #CPEC #OBOR #China
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#Pakistan's claim to be a victim of terrorism rests on groups like #TTP ("Pakistani Taliban"), but it was the Army/ISI who created the jihadist emirate in North Waziristan where this group was formed, with the active and ongoing assistance of the ISI's loyal Haqqani Network. ImageImage
#pt: "The Foutainhead of Jihad", pp. 164-5.
The #Haqqani-run enclave in North Waziristan, operating with the full backing of #Pakistan's ISI, not only nurtured the #TTP the Pakistanis would later portray as a mortal foe, it of course supported the "Afghan" #Taliban and was where #Al_Qaeda organised many post-9/11 plots. ImageImage
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1. Here’s our detailed briefing note on #ISKP:…
2. Drawing on ExTrac analytics and on-the-ground sources inside #Afghanistan, it provides in-depth analysis on #ISKP’s:

i. Origins and relations with the #Taliban;
ii. Operational trajectory;
iii. Outreach strategy; and
iv. Significance within the broader global #IS movement.
3. The first section describes #ISKP’s roots in the #TTP, identifies the issues at the heart of its rift with the #Afghan #Taliban, and considers the strategic influence of its current leader, Dr. Shahab al-Muhajir.
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#Taliban/#ISI reportedly disrupting the Internet access of the #Panjshir resistance, whether in preparation for a final offensive is unclear.
This is absolutely extraordinary, all the more so for being presented as a myth-busting exercise.
The likelihood of a repeat of the 26 August attack by ISKP is very high
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Former US Ally Late Maulana Sami ul Haq explains how #USA & CIA financed #AfghanMujahideen (1979 to 1989) through him & his seminary

Ref :

#Taliban #Talibans #AlQaeda #TTP #Daish #ISIS #Afghanistan #Pakistan #OsamaBinLaden
1 - Mr Kamran Khan is nowadays very fond of #Talibans | 8 years ago he used to explain the effectivity & importance of #USA #Drones against Terrorist #Taliban

Ref : |

#Taliban #Talibans #AlQaeda #TTP #Daish #ISIS #Afghanistan #Pakistan #OsamaBinLaden
2 - Mr Kamran Khan quotes US Senator & Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee
Dianne Feinstein on the effectivity of #USA #Drones against Terrorist Taliban

Ref : |

#Taliban #Talibans #AlQaeda #TTP #Daish #ISIS #Afghanistan #Pakistan #OsamaBinLaden
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1 - (7 May 2009) Renowned #Barelvi Scholar Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman & Kamran Khan jointly condemn #Talibans for #Terrorism in #Pakistan

Ref :

#Children #Women
#Afghanishtan #TTP #ETIM #CPEC #China #AlQaeda #Daish #Waziristan #KP #FATA #FATF #KabulAiport
2 - (7 May 2009) #Barelvi Scholar Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman says that #Talibans are Kharijite Terrorist & should be crucified

Ref :

#Children #Women
#Afghanishtan #TTP #ETIM #CPEC #China #AlQaeda #Daish #Waziristan #KP #FATA #FATF #KabulAiport
3 - (7 May 2009) #Barelvi Scholar Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman condemns those Islamic Scholars who support #Talibans Un-Islamic #Terrorism

Ref :

#Children #Women
#Afghanishtan #TTP #ETIM #CPEC #China #AlQaeda #Daish #Waziristan #KP #FATA #FATF #KabulAiport
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1 - (21 Apr 2011) All those Muslims particularly Pakistanis who live in #USA & #Europe & support #Talibans, should know that living in Kaafir land is also Haraam (Forbidden) in Islam (Musnad Ahmad, Al-Bayhaqi, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi & Irwae Ghalil )

Ref : |
2 - (21 Apr 2011) All those Muslims particularly Pakistanis who live in #USA & #Europe & support #Talibans, should know that living in Kaafir land is also Haraam (Forbidden) in Islam (Musnad Ahmad, Al-Bayhaqi, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi & Irwae Ghalil)

Ref :
۱ - (۲۱ اپریل ۲۰۱۱ دنیا نیوز) پاکستانی مسلمان بالخصوص وہ جو یورپ اور امریکہ میں رہتے ہیں اور وہاں سے بیٹھ کر #طالبان کی حمایت کررہے ہیں انہیں معلوم ہونا چاہئیے کہ دارالکفر میں رہنا حرام ہے ( مسند احمد ، ابو داؤد ، ترمذی ، اروالغلیل و صحیح البانی)

حوالہ :
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