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#harassment #sexualharassment #catcalling #thread
Don’t know what “men” (yeah, in quotes bc it’s laughable) think, but the vast majority of women don’t want to be honked at by randos. We don’t find it cute, flattering, or fun. It’s mostly annoying af and sometimes scary.
Silver lining? After 30 years of dealing with your bs entitlement to my existence, at least I’m not dealing with it as a 10yr old anymore... fuck ya’ll. P.S. if you’re thinking #notallmen, you’re probably sexually harassing someone or thinking of calling me a fat bitch. #tiredass
I think I was probably 7 or 8 when I first noticed men (20-70 years old) thinking it was ok to invade my space with the drive by kiss, tongue flick, catcall, letting me know the firmness of their dicks, hugs that lasted to long, hands on my knee, or asking for my personal info.
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1/ Delighted to see that firm actions planned following launch of national survey results… well done to all involved @PMacneela @LouiseCrowley2 @Lornafitz3 @NWCI
2/ Very happy @DCU @DaireKeogh (our new President) has already taken steps to address #Sexualharassment #Sexualviolence on campus @DCUSU @DCU_EDI @annelooney @SanHealy @ItStopsNow_EU
3/I want to share the story of one lecturer’s experiences in her involvement with getting #Consent on the agenda at 3rd level- one of the backstories behind this progressive movement
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100+ IMPORTANT articles & videos from a perspective corporate media won’t show you in Thursday’s @ProgNewsDaily. Topics include how the Rs tried to rig the #2020census, Dems allow expanding surveillance powers…

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the Senate’s vote against cutting military spending by 10%, #FoxNews #SexualHarassment lawsuit, sewage indicating #Yosemite may have infected visitors with #COVID19 & many more! Click to see them all!…

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Thursday’s Top Articles:

* White the vote - @JuddLegum, Popular Information
#2020Census #Census2020 #Census #gerrymandering #redistricting #RepublicansAreTheProblem #citizenship…

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I think it’s time for the truth to come out... dirty secrets are not my burden to carry.
I’ll start by saying up until a few years ago, I was fully indoctrinated into toxic police culture. I fully bought into it. If I heard anything like my story I wouldn’t believe it. I’d hold popular opinion that she’s crazy/incompetent/vindictive/lying/slutty and a bitch.
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Twitterjaya I need your help. Yesterday, one of my family members was sexually harassed by a grab driver in Ipoh. Kalau ada yang kenal dia ni or have any info pasal dia ni boleh DM me ASAP. #sexualharassment
His name from what I can get from the Grab App is Muhammad Hanafi Bin Mohd Hanif. Dia bawak kereta Perodua Axia warna silver. Number plat kereta is 4141 tapi huruf depan not sure, maybe VAW 4141 sbb the victim tak berapa ingat. Also, I couldn't find the vehicle info via Grab App.
Ceritanya, semalam bila sampai di rumah sahaja the victim terus masuk ke bilik dalam keadaan ketakutan dan kemudian menangis.

Lepas beberapa minit baru dia cerita yg grab driver tu telah melakukan gangguan seksual terhadap dia.
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We're attending this and looking forward to learning a lot. You can watch it live on the Screenwriters Association of India's Facebook page:

#SWA #MeToo #SexualHarassment #Workplace
1) This is a civil law, not a criminal law. That means the victim does not have to go to the police. The law says that any organisation with employees above ten employees need to implement the internal committee. This looks into the complaints and conducts an inquiry.
2) The presiding officer of the committee is a senior female employee. The minimum of four members and mostly less than ten. The complainant does not have to be officially an employee. The third-party can also complain. A customer, visitor can also lodge a complaint.
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4 years ago today I sat in a Tokyo police station til 2am reporting my #sexualassault. Relevant to present convos on racism in #Japan, police at the time insisted it had to have been a Korean man. Every year I post resources for students, educators & visitors. So here's a thread:
I was lucky I was not raped or worse, & I stand in support of survivors who have had to endure so much more. But every experience is valuable & reveals the systemic issues that prevent women (& others) from reporting, so I wrote an account of that night:…
When I wrote that & when I was interviewed on secondary victimization from poor police training/lack of training in #Japan, I wrote semi-anonymously so my name wouldn't be closely tied to searches. Why? Most colleagues worried it would hurt my job search.…
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1/Just out-@MayoClinic shares approach to addressing, preventing #Sexualharassment, & developing a culture intolerant of this behavior. I hope this #Tweetorial is helpful #Medtwitter @TIMESUPHC @ChetRihal
2/ #Sexualharassment in healthcare cannot be uncoupled from issues in larger society. 60-80% of the health care workforce has experienced #sexualharassment. @TIMESUPHC @reshmajagsi @ChetRihal…
3/ #Sexualharassment in healthcare is particularly pernicious--serious & lasting psychological damage to victims & deleterious effects on teamwork & communication, affecting patient care. @drjessigold @pringlmillermd @JWestendorfPhD @TIMESUPNOW @TIMESUPHC
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@phatpiano @RealSaavedra "Strip clubs set up a social environment that “fosters male privilege and dominance . . . It’s not just “harmless fun” but a system that legitimizes the larger infrastructures of sexual exploitation and stereotypes oppressing women.” 2)
@phatpiano @RealSaavedra As many as 85% of strip club workers are survivors of sexual violence, reporting experiences of repeated sexual violence or abuse in the work environment. 3) #sexualviolence #sexualabuse #EndHumanTrafficking #saveourchildren
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#SuicideAwareness I very nearly didn’t make it to 2020. I don’t even know how I’m still here. I need to thank those who helped me up when I fell down.This is a thread about how grateful I am for being alive today.
From 2016 to 2019, I was stalked, sexually harassed, threatened and intimidated by a man from my society where my family and I were renting an apartment because it was close to my college. I was pursuing law.
In early 2018, after the man attempted to run me over with his car and later forcibly grabbed my hand and tried to touch me, my mother and I decided to take action. I was afraid but I knew we had to do something. Ignoring him had not worked.
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Welcome to the #Pennsylvania Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending 11/24/19.

This is where you'll find all the votes and quotes from our 18 House members as well as @SenBobCasey and @SenToomey.

#MoCTrack 1/19…
@SenBobCasey @SenToomey The folks at @538Politics have you covered if you want to assess what percentage of the time your MoC votes along with the Trump Administration’s agenda.

And we collect all of that for our 20 PA MoCs all in one place for you.
#MoCTrack 2/19
@SenBobCasey @SenToomey @538politics We averted a #Shutdown this week, but did so by having Congress pass a continuing resolution, aka "kicking the can down the road until the week before Christmas"
...when MoCs always make great decisions, right? (cough, #GOPTaxScam)

#MoCTrack 3/19…
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Incident date: 21st April 2018
Case filed to authorities on: 22nd April 2018

I was at the shop sitting near the counter just like a normal person would and this guy with a height of a NORMAL MALDIVIAN walked in and asked for jeans. I showed him where the men jeans were kept.
(He came like a week before and asked for the same shit but today he acted like he never walked into this place 🙂)
so yeah he asked for size 28 and he chose what he wanted and got inside the changing room and he neither locked the door nor closed the door.. (well that's a bit normal so yeah keep on reading)
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Welcome to today's session of #HRwithEM, a weekly #TwitterSession #TweetChat to connect, learn and share career development tips, employee experience practices, as well as resolve burning #HR issues and/or questions. #SexualHarassment
Thank you to everyone joining us this evening. Please identify yourself and the location you are joining from, so we can acknowledge you properly. #HRwithEM #SexualHarassment
Feel free to tweet your question(s) at me with the hashtag #HRwithEM as the session is going on, and I would respond to all at the end of the session. #SexualHarassment
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I'm so excited for the keynote by @Purna_Sen from @UN_Women. #FASSM #MeToo #SexualHarassment #GenderHarassment
@Purna_Sen talks about the @UN_Women report about #SexualHarassment. Among 10 essentials is the "prompt, appropriate, and PUBLICLY DISSEMINATED sanctions..." #metoo #FASSM
The other half of the 10 essentials notes how institutions need to change their stances vis-a-vis reporters of #SexualHarassment. We HELP institutions, so don't treat us like threats! @Purna_Sen @UN_Women #FASSM #metoo
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Witnessing a rather infuriating situation reg #sexualharassment in #Hyderabad. I'm putting this up here to seek advice. Please help.

*Strong language used. Apologies in advance*

My friend's office is in a residential building re-used as a commercial complex.
The watchman, a perpetually drunk, rude, old man is a disgusting piece of shit to deal with. He has had multiple run-ins with tenants, guests, clients alike. Yet, one of the owners, living on the top floor has never fired him or even corrected his ways.
Recently, we realised that the watchman tried to rape one of the maids who regularly works in the building. A 30s something woman, married with two kids. Trapped her in a vacated apartment, locked the door and tried to have his way with her, but backed off when she threatened to
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@jaketapper @LucyFlores @CNNSotu @JoeBiden @TheCut "Offered" has a ring of solicitation in it. According to both @LucyFlores & numerous news footages of #Biden's #UnwantedTouching, he NEVER solicited consent, but took a #privilege that was not his to take. #OurBodiesOurHomes #OnlyYesMeansYes
@jaketapper @LucyFlores @CNNSotu @JoeBiden @TheCut 2/ And the audacity of of saying "And not once - never - did I believe I acted inappropriately. If it is suggested I did so, I will listen respectfully. But it was never my intention.
The 1st part, using his own assessment to measure others' feelings wo their input-cute!
@jaketapper @LucyFlores @CNNSotu @JoeBiden @TheCut 3/ I wonder, if @pewresearch or some other researchers (FYI, @ConversationEDU) did a #survey of accused/convicted #sexualharassment & #sexualassault predators, how many will offer that exact defense?
2nd part, #victimblaming. No, @JoeBiden, if u actually believed in...
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@mtobiasneely @NIH @TIMESUPNOW @MeTooSTEM @socwomen @Clayman_Inst @ASAnews @insidehighered @chronicle @JHUmetoo @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @darakass @maddow @CWolinetzNIH @SUNYChancellor @NLMdirector @rejoicePhD @CWGreider @500womensci @500WIM @JamesRPriestMD @scoutout @JulieSegre @kaymtye @HannahValantine @choo_ek @KayKosmos 3. @McLNeuro is founder of @MeTooSTEM. Her department chair, Sweatt, on leave for allegedly drugging and raping a student, was allowed to be part of the decision to reverse her tenure (at the request of Dean Jeffrey Balser) after tenure had been…
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The level of the debates in France regarding French Muslim women, part 878678678678. Sportswear brand Decathlon decided to release a sport headscarf gear (basically a sort of hood/Cap) so that hijabi women can practice sport and be comfortable. #ReligiousFreedom
Of course, this led to a big outcry on how Decathlon is condoning so called women oppression and radical Islam (usual arguments). The Minister of Health declared that such a vision is contrary to the French values.
None of this surprises me. Back in 2016, then Minister of Women’s Rights, Families and Childhood compared women who willingly wear the Islamic headscarf to “American n****** who accepted slavery” and described Islamic fashion as “irresponsible”.
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@McLNeuro @DrAilshire @JMGrohNeuro @sbarolo @hormiga @risss_evans @KKTreseder @SarahEMyhre @batssiki @sbrietz Set up ways to continue dialogue with @NIHDirector & committee–ongoing conversation & input. Action plan before you leave. Also make clear any further delays are unacceptable. Action plans, strong regulations/policies must be instituted immediately. Petition is excellent example.
@McLNeuro @DrAilshire @JMGrohNeuro @sbarolo @hormiga @risss_evans @KKTreseder @SarahEMyhre @batssiki @sbrietz @NIHDirector 1- Many excellent thoughts/suggestions in thread. We thought a list of comments/support/urgency from many sectors may be useful. Concerning that @NIHDirector has not made clear, active efforts to stop #SexualHarassment by @NIH grant holders while @NSF & other orgs have.
@McLNeuro @DrAilshire @JMGrohNeuro @sbarolo @hormiga @risss_evans @KKTreseder @SarahEMyhre @batssiki @sbrietz @NIHDirector @NIH @NSF 2- Why isn’t #SexualHarassment a top #NIH priority. Why the resistance to actively creating strong policies against #SexualHarassment to protect #WomenInMedicine #WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM #WomeninEngineering, even when called out repeatedly by many. What’s the real issue here?
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#Thread #JNU #MeToo: ICC just made sure no woman will ever find the courage to report a sexual violation to them. They said the complaint "was frivolous" and hence not proven conclusively. The story doesn't clarify whether "malicious intent" was proven.…
#JNU #sexualharassment #MeToo: In that case, here's what the POSH Act states. Malicious intent has not been proven. And the mere inability to prove the case doe NOT merit punishment as harsh as being recommended by JNU ICC.
So what are the punishment suggested? For starters she's being treated like a common criminal. Please remember this is a student we are talking about.
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#MeToo: She got in touch saying she is under severe mental trauma. Her harasser was found guilty by an internal committee. This happened at National Institute of Nutrition. In touch with her, will keep updating this thread. She wants the accused sacked.
She said she's being pressured to withdraw her complaint.
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#SexualHarassment #Workplace #Law #MeTooIndia
Just clarifying some stuff on the law on sexual harassment at the workplace, in light of the many incidents which are coming out. Slightly long thread, please read till the end.
When someone at a place of work behaves in a sexual way towards women and it is unwanted, offensive, threatening, or humiliating, it is seen as a form of harassment.
There is no fixed definition of sexual harassment. It would change from person to person, but most importantly, it depends on how comfortable the woman is with the behavior.
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There are diff views of what construes as #SexualHarassment or not but absolutely important to remember that it takes a whole lot of courage to come out, share personal experiences & name someone who is a predator, who assaults or exercises power through sexual innuendos. #MeToo
Many men/women were not able to say NO when they found themselves in an uncomfortable position not because they wanted it but because they simply froze. What is encouraging is to find the whole #MeToo debate going on led by young people who refuse to internalise sexual abuse
These #MeToo debates must lead to concrete actions. Office managements/HRs/ Newsroom Editors/ Owners cannot simply not act. Act against the guilty. HRs must Do more than organising Rangoli contests. Let an employee have courage to come forward to report #SexualHarassment
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