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In my 1st tweetorial, I’m happy to share our preprint—my first, first author manuscript! We used @10xGenomics single-nucleus RNA-seq in a mouse model of electroconvulsive seizures (ECS) to assess activity-regulated gene expression in hippocampal #neurons.…
Activity-regulated gene expression patterns in the #hippocampus regulate #plasticity, #learning, and #memory, and are linked to risk and treatment response for neuropsychiatric disorders. However, the cell type-specificity of these patterns is still not well characterized.
We sequenced a bunch of neuronal nuclei (15,990) from mouse hippocampus and used graph-based clustering and a priori marker genes to annotate these nuclei across all major hippocampal subregions and neuron types in both of our experimental conditions (Sham and ECS). Image
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How did we speculate on the market based on information appearing on the anonymous #web3 platform?

We check if the information in #bigshortbets is reliable!


It was a very high-profile case, for several months we were talking about the potential demise of LUNA in many media, even @dokwon engaged in insulting @rafal_zaorski.
We started in January, there are some baits about.…
[2/x] During the #depeg at the beginning of the year, we warned the community about #Terra problems and the high yields needed to capsize the project. They called us FUDsters then.

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I'm an avid reader of @saxena_puru investment tweets and am seeing tons of interest lately in @SnowflakeDB since $SNOW IPO is coming this week. I want to help people understand the product from my perspective of actually using it vs it's competitors. <THREAD>
On the PRs and web articles people cite $SNOW's architecture of decoupled compute vs storage as a moat against competition. This is simply false as all 3 cloud providers @Azure @googlecloud and @awscloud today offer data warehousing engines that decouple compute and storage.
Another factor mentioned as a moat is $SNOW's capability to easily handle "unstructured" data, usually meaning loosely structured text (JSON, logs, etc). Again, all 3 cloud providers offer robust capabilities in this regard.
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Meet Barbora Fulopova @BarbFulop, the PhD candidate at @WickingDementia @UTAS_ that is investigating how synaptic #plasticity changes in familial Alzheimer's Disease

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@AcademicChatter #neuroscience #medicalresearch #Alzheimers #synapse Image
Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to continuously change its neural connections, which is necessary for storing new information. This phenomenon is crucial for key processes including memory formation, skill acquisition, learning & adapting to our ever-changing environment.
Barbora is a PhD student at @WickingDementia @UTAS_. Her research focus is on understanding how brain plasticity is derived, through studying neural synapses (junctions between cells which are communication hotspots) in neurons from a 🐭model of familial Alzheimer’s Disease. Image
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