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We’re back! But is the market? 📊This week in the @BSCNews[Letter] from @Kabezo7 📜 we look at EU inflation, more silly comments from CNBC talking heads, and the boys from #3AC are back in town!
Here's the recap 🧵

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Markets were on the move last week, seemingly selecting bullish macro data📈

💥The bearish Euro Area inflation of 9.2% and hawkish warnings from Mdme. Lagarde were ignored while dovish comments by Fed Waller brought out the bulls, including crypto markets! 😬
2/7 Image
🏦@jpmorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, the new “Jim Cramer of Crypto,” was blasting crypto again at Davos🗣️ He likes blockchains, but not the decentralized, permissionless kind.

“Blockchain is a technology ledger system that we use to move information.”

Like a, um, database? 🤦‍♂️
3/7 Image
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#Bitcoin has reversed and confirmed its trend change as the majority of #crypto experts still fail to accept it and will be missing out.

The question is, will you ❓

Find out why in this thread below 🧵👇

Nearly all major longer-term tools a lot of people use such as market structure, moving averages, supertrend, RSI, MACD, MVRV, Puell, % drop, and so on are pointing out to a trend reversal

That by itself wouldn't matter that much, it's the CONFLUENCE that matters here

So first of all it's important to realize the time spent during each bear market + the percentage drop!

Diminishing returns each bull = diminishing drop each bear

With higher market capitalization the volatility will also diminish.

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I'll tell you the whole #Gemini & #Genesis story & what the #SEC did to protect people in short bullet points to save you time.

Here's what every #crypto trader/investor should know!

A thread 🧵
• Cameron Winklevoss a founder of Gemini, an American regulated exchange send a public letter to Barry Silbert the CEO of DCG one of the biggest crypto investment companies, it owns Grayscale, Genesis, coindesk & more
•Gemini lent to Genesis over $900 million in funds as a part of its earning program.

•Genesis lost billions in the FTX collapse, so they didn't return the money to Gemini.
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Roundup on #crypto and #macro
✅ 2023 > 2022 on liquidity
✅ 5% terminal rate
✅ China de-risk for global econ
🤔 War de-escalates
🤔 Q1 earnings, recession?

✅ Similar to 2015 cycle
✅ Deleveraged
🚩Imminent regulation
🤔 $ETH vs #BTC

I’m long here🐂
1. Terminal rate ~5%, priced in for an extended time of high interest rate (no easing for 1-2 years). Pace of rate hike to slow down, but liquidity is still bad.
2. Fear of recession is the biggest risk, all eyes on Q1 earnings and outlooks.
3. US M2 grew 25% in 2020 and 12% in 2021, much higher than 7% avg cagr since 1995. We are still at ~10% excessive supply versus where we “should” be. Liquidity for 2023 is marginal better than 2022, creating some support for price, but major rally seems unlikely.
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1/ Genesis Trading eliminates 30% of staff in latest cuts and may have to file for bankruptcy protection.…

We analyzed 6 addresses of Genesis Trading:👇

- Genesis currently holds $364M assets.

- Alameda and 3AC are the biggest counterparties of Genesis.

6 addresses of Genesis Trading holds $364M assets.


- 219,749 $ETH($274M)
- 35M $USDC
- 26,667 $BNB($6.8M)
- 126,989 $COMP ($4M)
- 1M $APE($4M)
- 8.14M $SAND($3.4M)
- 2.9M $USDT
- 2.65M $USDP
- 40,448 $AAVE($2.2M)
- 6.76M $MANA($2.1M)
- 2M $BUSD


Here are the top 10 inflow&outflow addresses related to Genesis Trading.

#Alameda and #3AC are the biggest counterparties of Genesis.

#3AC filed for bankruptcy in July 2022, and #Alameda filed for bankruptcy in November 2022.
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🚨.@GenesisTrading laid off 30% of its employees and is "considering" filing for bankruptcy according to @WSJ.…

1. How did genesis end up here?
2. How does this gonna affect the market and why should you care?

A explain thread.
Now, Who is #Genesis?

Genesis "was" a leading CeFi platform that provides mainly lending services for institutions.

A lending platform usually borrows money from one side and lends the borrowed money to the other side to profit from the interest gap.

That's what CeFi does.
But #Genesis is not independent, it is under the control of @DCGco and @BarrySilbert.

#GrayScale is also part of the group.

That's why you see @cameron battling Barry on CT with an open letter.
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1) Catch the Buying Opportunity of StarkNet token!

Once one of the largest and best-known cryptocurrency hedge funds, 3AC collapsed in mid-June due to liquidity problems. The fund filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy in New York on July 1.

#StarkNet #Starkware #3AC #TENEO Image
2) As a result, liquidation oversight advisory firm Teneo will control some of the assets of Three Arrows Capital (3AC).

3AC has invested a total of $125M in Starkware's Series B and C rounds.

Teneo controls $35.6M worth of fiat and Starkware tokens among 3AC assets.
3) Teneo purchased tokens as an initial transaction condition

- Compulsory redemption of existing investment in 3AC
- Sell tokens of vested/released by Market or OTC
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Aunque el precio del #bitcoin ha retrocedido 75% desde que alcanzó su precio máx. histórico de $69 mil en el 2021, sus fundamentales están mejores que nunca si recordamos que en el 2009 su valor era $0, en julio/2010 de $0.09 y hoy de $16.950 (+18.833.233,33%).

[Hilo] 🧵

1/8 Image
Su cadena de bloques #Blockchain no se ha detenido y sigue operando 24/7, siendo la red de transmisión de valor más segura y descentralizada del mundo. Esto es una hecho que NADIE con conocimientos básicos pone en duda porque ya es parte de la historia y no se puede cambiar.

Ahora bien, vamos a lo que más le importa a la gente, su precio.
El precio del #bitcoin llegó a retroceder el mes pasado -77,5% desde su máximo histórico cuando tocó los $15.500.
¿Cuáles son las caídas de precio más grandes que ha tenido el bitcoin en los últimos 10 años?

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1- Crypto Winter is here Cryptocurrency Exchange fires 1,100 global workforce
#cryptocrash #cryptowinter…
2- The world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange laid off more than 1,100 employees and declared a crypto winter. The company said in a blog post that the weakening in crypto markets was caused by slowing macroeconomic and geopolitical factors.
3- Kraken, which is the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, is letting go of about 30% of its staff, according to the company’s CEO.
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1- The #FTX scandal shook crypto and even the TradFi world, but how did we not see this coming? Here are the signs we missed
Some Red Flags that show SBF has been engaging in fraud since #Alameda discovered it.
🧵 Image
3- Red Flags comes from Sam Trabucco When Trabucco, Alameda’s former co-CEO, posted a thread about superpowers, that should have been a warning sign. This thread was on April 22, 2021, and he resigned on august 25,2022.
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1/n 🧵

So I've been talking lately about $MVX - but why?
Why are the going up so fast? (3x-4x since I first shared them)

Well, plenty of reasons! In this thread I will try to cover some of the key points I think worth mentioning.


After all the shit with #FTX, #3AC, #CELIUS and their centralized people start to realize #DEX and #DEFI is the future..

@MetavaultTRADE is a perp DEX but still combines features of the traditional CEX like:
👉 0 impact trades
👉 Stop limit orders
👉 Take profits orders

Not only that, but they are one of the top tokens in term of liquidity and volume on the @0xPolygon chain.

This was also the case long time ago, and as evidence you can scroll and check my previous tweets about them

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There were several investments that led #BlockFi to be on the brink of bankruptcy.

1- Investing in #GBTC
In July 2021 Blockfi is the second largest holder of GBTC with 19.8 million shares ($500 million) Image
They received deposits in #BTC from investors (with 5% interest) and reinvest in #GBTC for better interest

Due to reduced demand for GBTC, the GBTC premium, in March becomes negative.

#BlockFi had to sell GBTC because many investors wanted to withdraw their BTC. (Loss $100m)
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I'm calling it now. The #FTX implosion was supposed to be a coordinated controlled demolition of retail crypto followed by CBDC rollout/regulatory crackdown by Biden Admin, SEC, WEF, et-al, but it went off before they could all get out of the way. ImageImageImage
Complicit VC's helped suck retail liquidity out of market, much going to Democrats in the form of donations. SBF himself was the 2nd largest donor to Democrats behind Soros. His aunt Barbara is WEF, and launched Dem leaning political operations just before launch of #FTX. ImageImage
Meanwhile, SBF and FTX were consulting with SEC on new regs, hiring former CFTC employees, testifying on Capitol Hill, and exhibiting some extraordinary regulatory capture cred for a 3 year old start-up run from a swingers dorm in the Bahamas. ImageImageImageImage
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A few thoughts on the FTX - Binance situation.

Many persons on the CT don’t realize the real effects such bankruptcy will cause and why it’s extremely concerning for the whole blockchain industry.

$FTT #FTX #Alameda #Binance Image

- Recap
- Market hit
- Regulation
- Binance god mode
- Alameda impact
- Warning
- Other options and further thinking


If you just caught the news, you‘ll find here an awesome recap from @miledeutscher on what happened in the past days.

Later on, @SBF_FTX and @cz_binance posted a thread presenting a potential agreement

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1/ Sam's empire has collapsed. #FTX #FTT #Alameda

From the next Warren Buffett to an outcast in less than two months.

He's now joining a very exclusive group with folks such as Do Kwon (#Terra), Su Zhu (#3AC), and Alex Mashinsky (#Celsius).

How did he end up here? A thread. 👇 Image
2/ Let's start with the obvious, but NOT so obvious.

His health suddenly deteriorated & he was so anxious all the time. Why?

He knew what many did not, but some did. 👇

3/ In August, Sam Trabucco (#Alameda co-CEO) resigned.

In September, Brett Harrison (#FTX US President) resigned.

Now we know why. They were on a Titanic and they jumped ship early.

But what about Sam? 👇 Image
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1/The #FTX / #Binance affair of yesterday was a dramatic event for the credibility of the crypto industry

I want to share some views about #CeFi and #DeFi which might appear controversial 🧵
-My goal is not to make conspiracies concerning the personalities of @cz_binance and @SBF_FTX and their behaviors in this matter. I just want to comment on objective and known facts
-I am a great DeFi supporter
3/Within a niche and mostly unregulated industry as ours, an event like the one of yesterday should not be considered a great surprise

Probably also regulated banks could not have managed a “a bank run” as the one suffered by FTX with their legally required monetary reserves
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What's happening to Credit Suisse and it’s impact on Crypto, An ELI5 Thread.

#CreditSuisse is one of the 9 global "Bulge Bracket" banks, the 9 largest multi-national banks in the world.
And it is at a 'Critical Moment' now, says the CEO.
Credit Suisse is considered to be a global systemically important bank, meaning that in the case of their failure, there will be a financial crisis on a global scale.
They are referred to as "too big to fail", like the #LehmanBrothers. Now their situation reminds us of 2008.
Talking history, Credit Suisse was founded in 1856 to fund the development of Switzerland's rail system. In the 1900s, it began shifting to retail banking. It is known for strict bank–client confidentiality and banking secrecy.
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🧵 Thread

Cards on the table time..

We all have thoughts of where things are going and how they will play out.. I am no different

Going to lay out what I have done this year and how I believe the rest of the year and beyond will look like

Enjoy 🍻

I did not catch the top of the market unlike everyone else on CT

Foolishly.. I believed there was a second leg to the bull run, with the end resulting in a $BTC blow off top

When it was clear this wrong.. I created a new plan to survive the upcoming bear market

Once we lost the 3d 200ma, which has been a good indication of bull or bear environments..

I scaled out of all my trading and shorter term investing positions

Leaving only my multi-year long term positions, which I don't touch under any circumstances.. I only add to them

3/ Image
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1/ With less than seven days until the Merge, crypto natives and protocols are preparing.

What recent events and trends have shaped the past couple of weeks?🧵
2/ Since the unwind of #3AC and @CelsiusNetwork in June, #Ethereum liquid staking derivatives have traded on secondary markets at a material discount to the price of $ETH.

@LidoFinance's $stETH, reached a 6.6% discount during the forced selling.
3/ @solana NFTs have made a strong comeback over the last two weeks following a summer of low interest.

Daily NFT sales volume and unique buyers recently spiked back to all-time-high levels set in May.
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1/ “Crypto Moves Pretty Fast. If You Don't Stop And Look Around Once In A While, You Could Miss It.”

Luckily we have you covered! What recent trends shaped the past couple of weeks? 🧵 Image
2/ Is there any hope for the decoupling thesis?

Following the @terra_money collapse and #3AC liquidation, the crypto market has remained closely correlated to equities. Image
3/ On the optimistic rollup front, @optimismFND and @arbitrum have been nearly equal both in daily transactions and TVL. Image
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How did we speculate on the market based on information appearing on the anonymous #web3 platform?

We check if the information in #bigshortbets is reliable!


It was a very high-profile case, for several months we were talking about the potential demise of LUNA in many media, even @dokwon engaged in insulting @rafal_zaorski.
We started in January, there are some baits about.…
[2/x] During the #depeg at the beginning of the year, we warned the community about #Terra problems and the high yields needed to capsize the project. They called us FUDsters then.

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📢BICO Weekly Degen Digest reporting LIVE!

Some serious alpha in the past week:

🔺ETH is up ~40% in the last 30 days & BTC is up 8%.

🔺AVAX is up 31%, MATIC is up 57% & CRV is up 66%

Is it a great time to start deploying for builders?🤔

Let's find out!🧵👇 Image

💹Market Updates:

While $ETH has released strong hopium in the market, macro indicators are still bleak and bleaker.

For the first time in the decade, the ECB has announced it's getting ready for rate hikes while there are rumors of a 100 basis point rise in the US.

It's hard to say what's behind the price rally - the incoming Merge or just another short bull run?

Nonetheless, it is an excellent time to deploy! Teams, projects, and even #Web2 firms continue to innovate and deploy!
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1/ ButtonZero Part 1: Zero-token, single-token, double-token debt

Implosions of #Celsius & #3AC make it clear that web3 needs alternatives to margin leverage.

ButtonZero’s approach involves what we call double-token debt. Let us explain using the history of debt innovation🧵: Image

It helps to think of debt as a transaction across time.

Most trades are instantaneous —Alice gives Apples to Bob, Bob gives Alice some Bananas.

With debt the “trade” is across time—Alice gives $100 to Bob today, conditional on Bob giving Alice $120 a year from now.

We call simple debts like this zero-token debt (ZTD), because they tie specific lenders to specific debtors.

They are contracts binding legal persons and legal parties through specific accounts. Imagine an uncle lending his nephew $1,000. Image
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🧵(1/5) I am a creditor to #3AC and an investor in @StarryNight_Cap managed by @Vince_Van_Dough. Feel free to follow me to get updates on the liquidation process and for insights along the way. Grab some popcorn and a beverage - the coming months are going to be interesting
(2/5) All creditors have been invited to submit claims and to attend a first meeting of creditors to be held on Monday 18 July 2022 at 10am BVI time
(3/5) Should you have any claims in the liquidation of #3AC or @StarryNight_Cap, you will need to send an email to prior to 12pm on Friday 15 July 2022 (BVI time)
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