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It’s here! 🎉 Our study reveals both new and known #geneexpression programs involved in hippocampal memory following #adolescent #exercise, and also investigates two #epigenetic regulatory mechanisms (open access @CommsBio) 1/…$
We asked which genes are regulated after aerobic exercise (voluntary wheel running) in adolescent #hippocampus using a transgenic mouse & technique we developed for simultaneous sequencing of the #epigenome and translatome in excitatory #neurons. 2/
Using our “SIT”protocol from a single hippocampus (Simultaneous INTACT and TRAP; yes we used “SIT” in running mice!) found high correlation (Spearman’s) when compared to traditional INTACT/TRAP in separate samples. Protocol here: 3/

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In my 1st tweetorial, I’m happy to share our preprint—my first, first author manuscript! We used @10xGenomics single-nucleus RNA-seq in a mouse model of electroconvulsive seizures (ECS) to assess activity-regulated gene expression in hippocampal #neurons.…
Activity-regulated gene expression patterns in the #hippocampus regulate #plasticity, #learning, and #memory, and are linked to risk and treatment response for neuropsychiatric disorders. However, the cell type-specificity of these patterns is still not well characterized.
We sequenced a bunch of neuronal nuclei (15,990) from mouse hippocampus and used graph-based clustering and a priori marker genes to annotate these nuclei across all major hippocampal subregions and neuron types in both of our experimental conditions (Sham and ECS). Image
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I'm absolutely delighted to share my newest review on how the #GutMicrobiota influences adult hippocampal #Neurogenesis! @jfcryan @oliviafoleary @Pharmabiotic @BPL_Journal

Our figure👇 shows key pathways by which #GutMicrobiota is known to influence AHN.…
@jfcryan @oliviafoleary @Pharmabiotic @BPL_Journal 2/5 #Neurogenesis (the birth, development, integration, and survival of neurons) in the #hippocampus regulates learning, memory, and mood, but is disrupted by lifestyle factors & diseases, including unhealthy diet, #aging, #stress, #AlzheimerDisease & in 🐭models of #Depression
3/5 (It is hard to measure hippocampal neurogenesis in human tissue, so most of our evidence relies on preclinical studies, along with mixed evidence in post-mortem tissue.

Below's figure outlines some common techniques for measuring neurogenesis)
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Are there any changes in #brain #structure during the first year following #trauma #exposure? Is there a difference between individuals who develop #chronic #PTSD and those who #recover? A quick thread about our work published today in @molpsychiatry📜🧠🧵…
Reduced #hippocampus and #amygdala volumes have been repeatedly documented in #PTSD patients. But do they reflect a #pretrauma vulnerability trait or #postexposure stress-induced atrophy?
To answer this question, we examined the association between #longitudinal #volumetric #changes of the hippocampus and the amygdala, as well as their #key #subregions, and #PTSD #symptom #trajectories during the first #14months following #trauma exposure. Image
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1/ If only there was a way to make hippocampal anatomy memorable!
Here is a #tweetorial of the basics of hippocampal #anatomy that will hopefully stay in your #hippocampus! #medtwitter #FOAMed #FOAMrad #medstudent #neurorad #radres @medtweetorials #Neurology @StefanTigges
2/Its name “hippocampus” comes from its shape on gross anatomy. Early anatomists thought it looked like an upside down seahorse—w/its curved tail resembling the tail of a seahorse. Hippocampus literally means seahorse.
3/In cross section, it has a spiral appearance, leading to its other name, Cornu Ammonis, translated Ammon’s Horn. Ammon was an Egyptian god w/spiraling rams horns. The hippocampal subfields are abbreviated CA-1, CA-2, etc, w/CA standing for “Cornu Ammonis”
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Just published 3rd in a trilogy of #spierslab reviews (pandemic years) each exploring brain regions in navigation:
2020: #Striatum & #Hippocampus (wth @cgahnstrom)
2021 #Prefrontal Cortex (wth @ZitaPatai)
2022 #HippocampalFormation (wth @NilsNyberg_ @ElDuvelle @caswellcaswell)
Our latest 2022 review "Spatial goal coding in the hippocampal formation" explores how the hippocampal formation (e.g. hippocampus, subiculum, entorhinal cortex) might code information for navigational guidance. Current #OA version available here:…
The 1st author of our review @NilsNyberg_ did an amazing job thoroughly reviewing the literature. Its the most detailed review I've ever had the chance to write. Kudos to @NeuroCellPress for supporting such in depth reviews, allowing 310 references!
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ما هو #الخرف؟

هل هو مجرد نسيان؟

هل #الزهايمر هو ذاته الخرف؟

وهل يتم تشخيصه بتحاليل/أشعة طبية؟

هنالك الكثير من الخلط بما يخص الخرف بلا شك المختصين لهم دور فيه حيث تم تغيير مسمياته عدة مرات اخرها في ٢٠١٣.

سنجيب عن هذه التساؤلات في هذه السلسلة @CogNeuroKSA @SaudiAlZheimer ١/١٢
الخرف #dementia مسمى يصف مجموعة من أمراض الانتكاس العصبي والزهايمر احدى انواعه

يتصف بتدهور عقلي ليس فقط بالذاكرة ولكن قد يؤثر على التفكير والسلوك والقدرة على أداء الأنشطة اليومية

على الرغم من أن الخرف يؤثر بشكل أساسي على كبار السن إلا إنه ليس جزءًا طبيعيًا من كبر السن. ٢/١٢
يصيب الخرف ٢٠٪ من الأشخاص فوق ٨٠ سنة، و ٤٠٪ من هم بعمر ٨٥ سنة وأكبر

بفضل الله ثم تطورات الطب الحديث ازداد عدد السكان بعمر٨٠ وما فوق من ١٪ في ١٩٠٠م إلى ٤٪ من إجمالي عدد سكان العالم حالياً،

وبذلك ارتفعت عدد إصابات الخرف اليوم الى ٥٥ مليون والمتوقع ان تصل ١٣٩ مليون في ٢٠٥٠م

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Who tells the #hippocampus what and when to learn? Our latest article together with @adriamilcar @IvanRaikov7 @rennocosta @annamurav @SolteszLab @PaulVerschure, is out in @TrendsCognSci.…
Link to open access:…
We describe the entorhinal-hippocampal circuit (EHC) components enabling self-supervised learning. Cortical projections enter the hippocampus via the entorhinal cortex and loop over DG and CA fields, functioning as a comparator to reconstruct its inputs(see Lörincz & Buzsáki 2000 Image
How can it approximate raw and reconstructed inputs? GABAergic neurons activation relate to the learning stage and their projections mostly counter-current to the perforant pathway, suggesting they are part of a circuit implementing backpropagation of the error within the EHC. Image
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Amazing running picket today @KeeleUCU #StrikeBack #ussstrike and the #hippocampus is back! ImageImage
@KeeleUCU runners’ portraits ImageImageImage
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Press release on a very important study suggestive of persistent #viral activity in #Alzheimer’s 👉 In autopsied AD brains the team found a type of CD8+ T cell in perivascular spaces around the #brain’s blood vessels, and at sites of amyloid deposition:…
2/ They also discovered clonally expanded CD8+ TEMRA cells in the cerebrospinal fluid of #Alzheimer’s patients undrer study 👉 These T cells can express cytotoxic genes and were enriched in the #hippocampus — a brain region crucial for #memory
3/ The clonally expanded T cells were bound by two antigens produced by Epstein Barr #Virus
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Team tests hypothesis that #FMT from aged donor mice into adult recipients cld impact #brain functions associated w/ #aging 👉 Find that FMT from aged donors led to impaired spatial learning and memory in adult recipients:… ImageImage
2/ FMT from aged mice also modulated expression of a variety of proteins implicated in maintenance of #synaptic plasticity + neurotransmission in the #hippocampus☝️and #microglia cells of the hippocampus fimbria acquired an aging-like phenotype Image
3/ The trends must be replicated/tested in humans! 👉 But, it makes my long-held contention that the #microbiome is involved in #aging processes less “crazy”😉 For more background check out this webinar I did on the topic w/ @mike_lustgarten + @subC0smos:
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1/ #tweeprint time! If you are interested in #interneurons, #hippocampus and developmental mechanisms of neural circuit function, check out our new preprint “Hippocampal hub neurons maintain unique functional properties throughout their lifetime”…
2/ Ten years ago, the Cossart lab discovered that rare GABAergic neurons are able to orchestrate single-handedly network dynamics in the CA3 region of the hippocampus . As these cells showed a remarkably high functional connectivity, they were termed ‘hub cells’.
3/ A few years later, @PicardoMichel and others in the lab (in collaboration with @GordFishell lab) found that many hub cells were GABA cells born early in embryogenesis (thus termed ‘early-born GABA cells’ or ‘ebGABAs’).
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1/ Woo! My monster paper with Matt Wilson, "Locomotor and Hippocampal Processing Converge in the Lateral Septum" was just released in @CurrentBiology!! Not only that, but I made a comic to describe my findings!!…
2/ We used tetrodes to record from CA1 hippocampus and dorsolateral lateral septum, an area innervated by all CA regions of the hippocampus and many regions involved in "motivational" behavior
3/ Some cells in the LS were linearly modulated by the animal's running speed (could be positively or negatively modulated!) and/or by the animal's acceleration (also could be positively or negatively modulated!)
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Time traveling to 1948 to discuss Edward C. Tolman's "Cognitive Maps in Rats and Men" for my last and final thread for @kwassum's course on instrumental conditioning. JMO, Tolman was ahead of his time, thumbed his nose at McCarthyism, and was a Learning Theorist bad@ss. #scicomm
In his studies of learning in rats, Tolman sought to demonstrate that the mechanisms by which rats (and humans) learn to maneuver through the world involve robust, flexible, autonomous and selective mechanisms that form a cognitive-like map in the brain.
Tolman's ideology was quite different than the rival theory of the day that favored a stimulus-response (S-R) reinforcement-driven view where learning was an automatic response triggered by environmental stimuli. (Tolman pictured all by his onesies on the right 👇).
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I just published a paper in @sciencemagazine that I have been working on with Peter Gärdenfors, Edvard Moser & @doellerlab. Since I love other people’s threads summarizing their science, I’ll try to return the favor: [1/n]…
We connect a theory from cognitive science with findings from research on how the hippocampal-entorhinal region maps the space around us for navigation
Okay, this gif might be slightly misleading. It's more this kind of #hippocampus
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