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Excited to share that our @NatureBiotech paper with Aviv Regev on Multicellular Programs (MCPs) is now out with a fully automated data-driven method to identify MCPs from #singlecell or spatial data #behindthepaper:… (1/19)
Gene programs are often studied within a cell, with each cell considered an “independent entity”. However, cells from the same niche/tissue/organism are not independent, but share external signals, genetic background/lineage, and can directly impact one another. (2/19)
Here we define “Multicellular Programs (MCPs)” as different sets of genes working in concert across different cell types. (3/19)
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#NaomiJudd’s death is tragic, but unfortunately suicide isn’t uncommon when someone seeks help for #mentalillness under the western, allopathic model, which uses drugs proven to cause suicidality. I’m six years off drugs & no longer suicidal & was psychotic on them for years.
I’m over seeing people post #SuicideAwareness when our culture’s first line is to prescribe mind altering, toxic drugs to people & and the longer you’re on them, the more your chance for #Alzheimers or dementia increases. Spare me the fake hashtags. Go do some real research.
People are like, “Oh how tragic!” “Oh, she had so much to be happy for!” Naomi & Ashley have been very honest that their family had TRAUMA, and in this messed up medical model the SYMPTOMS of trauma are used to diagnose people as mentally ill. These drugs do NOT help with trauma.
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1- My current take on whether anti-amyloid therapies are likely to have meaningful impact on cognition, functioning & quality of life of people living w/ #dementia due to #Alzheimers disease:

Not likely.

For details, based on my recent Grand Rounds at Penn St, read on.
2- History:

After finding that active immunization with Abeta42 in mice that overexpressed APP resulted in virtual elimination of amyloid deposits, there was great enthusiasm for anti-amyloid therapies - and for the amyloid hypothesis.
3- More history:

Unfortunately, active immunization with Abeta42 in humans resulted in unacceptable side effects.

Passive immunization with various anti-amyloid monoclonal antibodies failed in multiple studies.

It seemed like this was the end of the line, until ...
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1- Detailed & persuasive critique by Dr. @LonSchneiderMD of the #aducanumab esults recently published in the J of Prevention of #Alzheimers Disease.

@LonSchneiderMD 2- Note that the assn. between amyloid reduction & cognition goes in opposite directions in the 2 studies:

"High dose aducanumab was about as cognitively impairing in ENGAGE as it was beneficial in EMERGE [despite] both trials showing similar, substantial reductions in plaque."
3- It's also possible that the slight cognitive improvement found with high-dose aducanumab in EMERGE was due in part to the greater worsening of cognition in the placebo group of EMERGE compared with the placebo group of ENGAGE.
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#Hochinzidenz #Strategie in #UK führt zu massenhaft #LongCovid. 1,7% der Bevölkerung haben LC-Symptomatik >3Mo, fast #700k Menschen leiden seit über einem Jahr unter LC, ~1.000.000 Menschen sind #funktional in #Arbeitsfähigkeit #eingeschränkt.


#Niedriginzidenz #Strategie
Wer leidet am häufigsten unter #LongCovid? ☡Höchstes Risiko für #Lehrkräfte, Arbeitende im #Gesundheitswesen. Hier erschreckendes #LongCovid -Risiko. 3fach #Impfung reduziert Risiko wahrscheinlich um 50%. Da reicht #nicht aus bei hoher Exposition!


Wer ist besonders betroffen? #Alte? #Vorerkrankte? Menschen mit #schwerem #Verlauf?

Nein, nein und nochmals #Nein !
Dänische Studie zeigt klar : #96_Prozent hatten milden Verlauf ⤵⤵⤵

#LongCovid tritt bei Frauen im Alter ~30-60 bes. häufig auf.

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"Throughout our history we’ve learned this lesson – when dictators do not pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos. They keep moving. And, the costs & threats to America & the world keep rising.

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia #Putin
"American diplomacy matters."

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia #Putin
"#Putin’s war was premeditated & unprovoked. He rejected efforts at diplomacy. He thought the West & @NATO wouldn’t respond. And, he thought he could divide us here at home.
Putin was wrong. We were ready."

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden's #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia
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Are we providing option of palliative care to people suffering from #AdvancedDementia?

We don't expect the dementia to reverse, however, we can work on improving Quality of life of those who can't communicate for themselves.
#Alzheimers @ompsychiatrist @dr_samirparikh
The average life expectancy is around a year in advanced stages which get further reduced to weeks if they suffer from pneumonia/infections/ stroke/swallowing problems/cachexia/dehydration.

We need work on ⬇️their suffering and let them have dignity in last stages of life.
Common problems encountered:
1. Pain: This can be because of arthritis/constipation/infection and it can lead to exacerbation of depression/ behavioral problems. On top of that, they are unable to self report same due to communication problem/ memory problem.
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1/🧵 #COVID Brain Changes Show Parallels w Alzheimer's Disease
Findings may point to potential mechanism for #brainfog in people with #longCOVID
2/ Brains of COVID-19 patients had some of the same pathological changes seen in Alzheimer's disease, which may explain the memory problems people with long COVID experience....
3/ The study...linked the inflammatory response found in SARS-CoV-2 infection with pathways causing tau hyperphosphorylation typically associated with #Alzheimers. The data also indicated a role for leaky ryanodine receptor 2 (RyR2) in the pathophysiology of SARS-CoV-2 infection.
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CROONICLE: Essential Tips When Choosing Affordable WorkOut Ac...… #fitness #workout
CROONICLE: Your Short Guide on Email Automation… #Automation
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/27/2021…
To Understand Our Future on Earth, Look to the Laws That Govern Nature…

#NaturalHistory, #ecology, #ClimateChange, #consequences, #BookReview
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1/ Wow!

Interesting study about HDL-raising & LDL-lowering medications, CETP & PCSK9 inhibitors, w 1 finding that caught me off guard

Will reveal later in thread 2encourage ppl 2read in context, bc study revealed both good and bad

#CVD #Alzheimers…
2/ Study used Mendelian randomization 2assess possible effects of SPECIFIC pharmacological CETP or PCSK9 lowering on risk

Useful for assessing whether the failures of CETP inhibitors are more likely due to off-target or on-target effects and for directing future development...
3/ Some positive things:
👉MR analysis suggests CEPT inhibition could be useful4reducing coronary hard disease risk (OR=0.95) risk & thus further drug development may be warranted

👉CEPTi anacetrapib&evacetrapib most closely
reflected the on-target association of lower CETP...
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1/🧵 #LongCovid: Lumper vs Splitter terminology

🎥👇This man is suffering a form of longCovid wrought by complications of his ICU illness. He’s a clear example of the most severe form of #longCovid, also known as #PICS, for “post intensive care syndrome”…

2/ There are vastly different ways Covid will affect people over future months & years. Do we split those into multiple diseases or lump them into 1 big syndrome (w subgroups) to grab millions of people & help grow advocacy & gain footing?
3/ #PICS is mainly encompassed by cognitive difficulties, an acquired dementia called ADRD (#Alzheimers Disease & Related-Dementias), as well as #PTSD and depression PLUS profound muscle and nerve disease called ICU-AW (ICU Acquired Weakness).
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Society & its hypocrisy:

We “care” about cancer but hold fundraisers & events for it that serve donuts w/ sugar, & sugar feeds cancer. ⁣

We wring our hands over #Alzheimers but serve alcohol at parties & think nothing of taking antidepressants, which cause dementia.
We’re puzzled that veterans have PTSD & a high suicide rate while we train them to kill other humans, send them to horrific experiences & then give them drugs that have black box warnings for suicide, & then we cry over how many we lose daily to suicide. (It’s 22).
Your baby is crying? No-it’s not gut issues, toxins in their formula, or maybe just even a crying baby….No. it’s “mental illness” & we’re going to treat it with Xanax to help calm them down so they can have neurotoxins atrophying their brain as it develops.
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1/🧵Wake-Up to how #SLEEP flushes waste from your brain 🧠 @JAMA_current
I may get more done when I 💤 less, but I lose the long-game! #Evolution dictated that we gain an advantage by spending 1/3rd of our lives asleep.

I’ll tell you WHY?

2/ Why do we sleep? Brain rest? To process bad decisions or incomplete conversations? Maybe. But the coolest reason is removal of #amyloid & #tau proteins that cause #dementia. Our #glymphatic system does this most efficiently during deep sleep.
3/ Have I mentioned that I’m fascinated by the glymphatic system? It’s the lymph system for our #brain & serves as the “garbage” removal program to keep our #neurons healthy. Wanna know more?
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Godkendelse af medicin mod alzheimers får hård vurdering i Science.
- i 2019 blev 2 studier af stoffet pauseret uden en offentlig grund, tolket som manglende effekt
- senere blev de gennemført med tvetydige resultater 1/… #dyrmedicin #sundpol #dkpharma
- Det ene studie fandt en 22% reduktion i forværring af kognitive funktioner sammenlignet med placebo. Der var kun forskel for gruppen med høj dose
- Det andet studie fandt ingen forskel.

Et uafhængigt panel anbefalede i november FDA ikke at godkende stoffet.
Derfor overraskende at det blev godkendt i går.
Ekspert udtaler til Science at det er bekymrende at FDA godkender lægemidler delvist pga. effekt på et surrogatmål (reduktion i amyloid plaques).
Yderligere har FDA sat krav om at der skal laves et nye klinisk studie af stoffet.. 3/
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The brilliant @KBibbinsDomingo opens today's @theNASEM workshop by reminding us that #EquityInClinicalTrials is about justice, better science, and economic opportunity. There are NO excuses to prop up the status quo, y'all. #BrainHealthEquity
#AdaoraAdimora points out that the research enterprise too often focuses on enrolling individuals that are easy to enroll.
Yes, ma' example of how privilege is exalted by the current system. 🧵/2 #EquityInClinicalTrials
Dr. #AdaoraAdimora underscores the importance of hiring diverse staff that understand, empathize, and reflect the communities to advance #EquityInClinicalTrials. It's past time for research to be anchored by **communities** and not institutions. 🧵/3
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Doing this is (as a very wise hospice doctor advised me not quite 6 years ago) like piloting the Memphis Belle. The plane gets shot up, your crew takes on unpredictable injuries, resources are consumed, difficulties mount. But you've got to pilot it to the best landing you can.
When I learn of someone who is giving care to a person living with #dementia (#Alzheimers is but 1 of a 100+ causes) I tell them it's 1/3 caregiving skills, 1/3 the unique progression of the person living with dementia's illness & 1/3 luck. 2/3rds are not in a caregiver's control
What gets you through years or even decades of this? Curiosity, a willingness to learn, formulating theories or hypotheses, trial & error, flexibility, patience, resilience, some comfort with not being in control, a good sense of humor & sheer tenacity. And adjusting on the fly.
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Almost a year has passed since Gordon Norman last saw his wife Diane in person.

The 80-year-old woman — diagnosed with #Alzheimers disease nearly four years ago — went into an assisted living home last April, during a nationwide #COVID_19 shutdown.…
The closest Gordon gets to her now is the front step of the small residential home in the #SanGabrielValley, where he drops off medicine, diapers, Pop-Tarts and cards addressed to his “Princess Di.”…
Throughout the country, family members have gone nearly a year without seeing loved ones who are in care facilities.

In an effort to contain the pandemic, most such places do not allow visitors.…
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348,601 "ever-#snus users had about 60% lower Parkinson's disease risk compared with never-snus users."…

30,000 British doctors followed for 60 years: "current smokers at baseline had a 30% lower risk of PD."…

Nicotine is beneficial for people with #ADHD. Research on adults and adolescents with ADHD shows that nicotine patches improve focus and attention, and reduce hyperactivity & impulsivity.

Nicotine reduces symptoms of Alzheimer's disease (AD).…
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ADHD: "Nicotine ...may have properties similar to stimulant medications (e.g., Ritalin) used to treat ADHD. [It] may increase attention and reduce hyperactivity & impulsivity."…
#MedicalNicotine #ADHD #ADHDAwareness #Autism #Neurodiversity #Neurodivergent
ADHD: "The positive relation between ADHD & nicotine dependence is best explained by the self-medication hypothesis. This hypothesis supported by ample evidence."…
#MedicalNicotine #ADHD #ADHDAwareness #Autism #Neurodiversity #Neurodivergent
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CW: Scary Diabetes & Brain Science (sly don't read if you are diabetic and prefer blissful ignorance)

So what's the deal with Type 3 Diabetes? 🧵

(also so sry I said I would do this two weeks ago but here we are 🤷🏼‍♀️)
You may have heard the phrase "Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is Type 3 Diabetes" & wondered what that meant. Whelp my diabuddies I'm sorry to say that Diabetes (esp w/ sustained hyperglycemia) is a risk factor for AD. But it's a two-way street, it turns out AD is a risk factor for T2.
Lemme explain how diabetes increases AD risk 1st:

-Hyperglycemia, or high-blood sugars wreak havoc on the tiny blood vessels that snake their way through your feet, eyes, & yes, your brain is full of them (this is why it's important to have your feet & eyes checked diababes!)
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Our new paper in paper in blood 🩸 and CSF p-tau in #preclinical #Alzheimers 🧠 is out in @EmboMolMed ‼️

A great collaboration between #BarcelonaBeta @fpmaragall and @goteborgsuni

A collaboration between great scientists!

@TommyKakari @NicholasAshton @Marta_Mila_ @JuandoGispert @gesalbla @CarolinaMingui2 @ArenazaEider @GSBenavides and all the team of #BarcelonaBeta and the Blennow/Zetterberg lab in @goteborgsuni

A summary below

We investigated novel CSF and plasma p‐tau biomarkers in the preclinical stage of the Alzheimer’s continuum and compared them with the widely used CSF Mid‐p-tau181.

We hypothesized that they change when subtle changes in Aβ are detectable.

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As its the first day of #WorldAlzMonth, I thought I'd give a brief overview of work I've done in collaboration with @BAM_Research.

My research focuses on improving how we diagnose and care for people with #dementia.

I use #gait analysis and #wearables to meet these aims (1/n).
My first step was to find out if people with #dementia have unique signatures of #gait impairment (i.e. Unique walking patterns).

My review revealed that gait may be useful to identify dementia but we didn't know enough about gait in dementia subtypes.…
With @BAM_Research, I set up the GaitDem study, which examined if #gait would be a useful marker for differential diagnosis of #Alzheimers disease and #Lewy body #dementia.

Using gold standard techniques, we found early evidence that gait may be useful.…
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This was tweeted by the Conservative MP representing the South Surrey-White Rock, @KerryLynneFindl The MP later apologized for retweeting a video on this tweet that was harvested from a hate site. Hardly a fulsome unambiguous apology for composing & disseminating #AntiSemitism
.@PierrePoilievre the Conservative finance critic re-tweeted this hateful message and has not apologized or explained. The new leader of the Conservative Party is without public comment. A spokesperson for the leader told CP that his office will not be commenting on this.
Apparently @ErinOTooleMP feels the morally empty apology from the #CPC MP for South Surrey-White Rock is good enough for him.That's his choice. It clearly is not even close to good enough for many Cdns who care deeply about racial bias in in our country.
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