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This was tweeted by the Conservative MP representing the South Surrey-White Rock, @KerryLynneFindl The MP later apologized for retweeting a video on this tweet that was harvested from a hate site. Hardly a fulsome unambiguous apology for composing & disseminating #AntiSemitism
.@PierrePoilievre the Conservative finance critic re-tweeted this hateful message and has not apologized or explained. The new leader of the Conservative Party is without public comment. A spokesperson for the leader told CP that his office will not be commenting on this.
Apparently @ErinOTooleMP feels the morally empty apology from the #CPC MP for South Surrey-White Rock is good enough for him.That's his choice. It clearly is not even close to good enough for many Cdns who care deeply about racial bias in in our country.
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On #WorldBrainDay, the Neuronet programme is celebrating @IMI_JU's public-private partnerships in #neurodegeneration research; from fundamental science to clinical studies, data analysis to knowledge mining & beyond.

Keep your eyes peeled! #WeAreNeuronet
2/20 @bwfalcon, now a group leader at @MRC_LMB, worked on the structure of Tau filaments @imprind, showing how they are misfolded in the brains of people with #neurodegenerative diseases.

Read about his work here: #WorldBrainDay
3/20 #WorldBrainDay 2020 is dedicated to raising awareness of #Parkinsons disease. There are currently no disease-modifying treatments for mild cognitive impairment in PD; the #PD-MIND project aims to test a new drug to treat this condition. Find out
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(1/9) Despite widespread bipartisan opposition & amid #COVID19 concerns, the fed govt executed #DannyLee on Monday, is pursuing the execution of #WesleyPurkey today, and has scheduled execution for #DustinHonken on 7/17, and #KeithNelson later this summer.
(2/9) Today, a fed court temporarily blocked the execution of #WesleyPurkey, who has #Alzheimers, #schizophrenia and other issues. As @RonHonberg wrote: “The federal courts must step in now to prevent this unconstitutional execution from taking place”…
(3/9) New from @ACLU: The execution of Danny Lee yesterday represented a dangerous miscarriage of justice, but it isn't the last we face this week. This is an important read to understand why federal executions are so broken.…
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Check out the latest preprint from the lab on "Integration of #Genomic & Multi-tissue #proteomic data in neurodegenerative diseases" lead by @chengran2020 @WUSTLdbbs in @ccrugom lab at @WUSTLmed supported by @cziscience via @medrxivpreprint… #tweetorial ⬇️
This is the first #proteomic study that uses high throughput pQTL in neurological relevant tissues to identify novel genetic loci regulating protein levels, which will improve our understanding of the biology of #Alzheimers, #Parkinsons, & other neurodegenerative diseases
We identified hundreds of novel pQTLs in CSF, plasma, & Brain linking novel genes, biomarkers and drug targets with #Alzheimers, #Parkinsons
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What makes a nice companion to flortaucipir? Why, florbetapir! As the name suggests, it's job's to target and illuminate beta amyloid. #LawsonCyclotron 1/
Also labeled with F-18, this tracer bind to amyloid plaques in #Alzheimers disease and can assist with diagnosis. It is also approved by the FDA for this purpose. Like it's companion tau tracer, we make it under license and are the sole #Canadian🇨🇦 suppliers 2/
This includes multiple clinical trials for anti-amyloid drugs where the PET scan was used to determine efficacy of the drug. By observing a decrease in PET signal between baseline and post-therapy, the drug could be considered a success 3/
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Fresh off a recent FDA approval, let's talk about [18F]AV-1451 aka flortaucipir aka Tauvid for #LawsonCyclotron products today…
This probe targets neurofibril tangles which form from clumps of a protein called tau. This occurs during the progression of neurodegenerative diseases such as #Alzheimers. It is a licensed product from Eli Lilly and Avid Radiopharmaceuticals 2/
We add the fluoride made in the cyclotron to a molecule that selectively binds to tau aggregates. The synthesis is automated inside a lead shielded box to protect our amazing technicians from harm. We supply this to site all across southern Ontario.
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A blood test for #Alzheimers that could accurately differentiate type of dementia, preempt expensive PET scanning or invasive spinal taps. And help clinical trials for new drug development:… @NatureMedicine @lunduniversity's Shorena Janelidze, Oskar Hansson
@NatureMedicine @lunduniversity With independent replication for diagnostic differentiation of dementia type…
@NatureMedicine @UCSF @UCSFMedicine @UCSFMac
Adam Boxer, Elisabeth Thijssen and collaborators
+ a useful perspective piece on these 2 papers…
@NatureMedicine @WUSTLmed
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Check out our latest paper on @biorxivpreprint!

Phosphorylation of the overlooked #tyrosine 310 regulates the structure, #aggregation, and #microtubule- and #lipid-binding properties of #Tau…

Short #thread!

#AcademicTwitter #biochemistry #threadstory
Tau misfolding and aggregation are implicated in tauopathies such as #Alzheimers and #PSP. Tau is extensively post-translationally modified and aberrant pattern of PTMs are found in disease. Tyrosine PTMs have received the least attention, especially Y310.
Tau has 5 tyrosines, and Y310 is in the crucial position within the aggregation-prone MT- and lipid-binding repeat domain. It compacts and folds into beta-sheet structure. We asked:

How would addition of bulky negatively charged phosphogroups to tyrosines impact Tau properties?
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A potential protective mutation for a very severe, familial (PSEN1) form of #Alzheimers: the value of sequencing people of extreme phenotypes, resistant to penetrance
@NatureMedicine… @ytquiroz @MGHmapp @MassGeneralNews and colleagues
@NatureMedicine @ytquiroz @MGHmapp @MassGeneralNews @PamBelluck @NYTScience Not many single patient case reports make it to the front page of the @nytimes. This one did because it could ultimately prove to be quite important in coming up with a prevention for this dreaded disease. #Alzheimers
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The author of 40 books and the father of medical anthropology—Arthur Kleinman—was the caregiver to his late wife w/ #Alzheimers. He talked about "soul-less medicine" with @cuttingforstone and me…
podcast + transcript
@cuttingforstone Kleinman's recent @TheLancet essay:
"We need soul to specify the human quality at the heart of care in order to animate the souls of patients, family members, and clinicians."… #medhumchat
@cuttingforstone @TheLancet Review of Soul of Care @katiehafner…
“We felt trapped in bewilderment & impotence, seen by processions of specialists who seemed oblivious to our fears or indeed our personhood"
"It would take me decades to understand how important that kind of presence...
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@lauradata @BU_Tweets @SorenGrubb @transneuro_lab @NPR @NPRjonhamilton @atsaraharrison @WIREDScience @WIRED The video by Nina Fultz, @lauradata and colleagues @sciencemagazine w/ @ScienceVisuals on CSF fluid dynamics
During deep sleep, cerebrospinal fluid (blue) coincides w/ temporary decreases in blood flow (red). Less blood in the brain = more room for CSF to carry away toxins.
@lauradata @BU_Tweets @SorenGrubb @transneuro_lab @NPR @NPRjonhamilton @atsaraharrison @WIREDScience @WIRED @sciencemagazine @ScienceVisuals Adding today's report from @UCBerkeleyNeuro @etoosh @sleepdiplomat on the #brain mechanism by which #sleep deprivation leads to anxiety…
"Our findings ... 1 night of sleep loss in
healthy individuals triggers an anxiogenic neural profile"
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In a new study out in @nature, our researchers make a big step forward in our quest to map the brain. Study findings lay the groundwork to better understand brain disorders & diseases such as #Alzheimers and #schizophrenia.…
This new study describes a high-resolution expansion of our #openscience Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas-- the most detailed map of connections in a mammalian brain to date. Access via:
Using a computational approach, our researchers found that different sections of the cortex and thalamus can be mapped into a hierarchy, much like a company’s org chart – although not all connections followed this hierarchical structure. #brainmapping
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When Europe bans something that Africans have mastered (like ganga), our puppet leaders are quick to adopt it & disadvantage us. But when they ban something truly dangerous, like aluminum cooking utensils, our leaders will ignore it, because they really don't GAF about our health
If you have never thought about it, pls do so today.... Where is the other half of that aluminum ladle or spoon??? Unlike the "dad3s3n" which was a cast iron pot (still inferior to the Clay pot, but more later) these aluminum cooking pots are a serious health hazard.
The proof is very simple. Break (so there is no metal contact) fresh kontomire into 3 cooking pots containing water. One clay, one cast iron (or stainless steel) and one aluminum pot. Boil for 10 mins. Remove samples from each & place on a clean white cloth to inspect ...
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98/ #Alzheimers Review #3 of The End of Alzheimers
#VitaminE for AZ?
Not much evidence for it despite what Dale Bredesen writes.…
I would not advise getting the lab test or taking the vitamin.
99/ #Alzheimers Review #4 of The End of Alzheimers
I listed most of the cases sited in Bredesen book.
They are interesting.…
100/ #Alzheimers Review #5 of the End of Alzheimers
In this critical review from WebMD
the supplement advice seems to be the weakest link of the book…
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I have been trying to get answers from top tier candidates for several months on their stance on #disability. #HillaryClinton had broad policy & #disabled people on her team in 2016. ONE in FOUR Americans has a disability. We are THE largest minority in America.
For those who need a template for a candidate on #disability, here was #HillaryClinton in 2016. We should expand on that, not move backwards.…
And there is #HillaryClinton's archived policy, which included #autism, #Alzheimers, #disabilityrights, #mentalhealth, universal healthcare for all, #HIV/#AIDS, paid medical leave, Social Security and Medicare protections, addictions & substance abuse.
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Wired article on the science behind @DashGenomics, the only Alzheimer's risk analysis on the Market based on DNA beyond APOE!…

Visit us 👈
⚡️ Summary of the benefit and risk of hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
- research linked long-term use of HRT with a small increased risk of #Alzheimers
- taking HRT for a short period of time should be fine.…

Learn Alz risk
⚡️ “New Risk Genes for #Alzheimers

Coverage and comment from media and scientists on newly discovered risk genes for Alzheimer's…

Visit us at 👈
and Learn personalized #Alzheimers risk #BeyondAPOE with your DNA
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Why is this paper in @nature… a surprising and exciting discovery about #Alzheimers? It's not just that they found new variants Alzheimer’s disease-related gene APP. CC @alzheimerssoc
It's not just that they realized that the new variants were being coded by DNA with unusual intragenic splices and not because of errors in splicing and that these variants found in sporadic #Alzheimers were similar to those found in Familial #Alzheimers. CC @alzassociation
It's not just that they realized that the DNA was not germline but genomic cDNA (gencDNA) & was most likely generated by reverse transcriptase, the same enzyme that lets #HIV take over human cells leading to #AIDS @ALZHEIMERSread
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.@SarahbaxterSTM's argues that #fibromyalgia, #mecfs, #lupus, #depression, self-harming and #anorexia are caused by female ambition and fragility.

What's c. 1880 is new again.…
This is just so silly. In the 19th century, there was a panic in the medical profession (and among social commentators) about women becoming ill with neurological and "nervous" conditions because they were overworking their brains/nerves, which were naturally weaker than men's.
This “fact” was used to bolster the argument in favor of stopping women's formal education after age 16 and most certainly not letting them enroll in university.
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Thread: Decreasing muscle mass in aging: The harmful effects and how to counteract ––

Tags: #sarcopenia #aging #ageing #HealthyAging #MSKover50 #resistance training, #weights #physicalmobility #muscle, #protein
#osteoporosis #bone #fracture #falls

Thread: 🔽muscle in #aging ––#Sarcopenia RX, prevention –––

#MSKover50 #resistance #physicalmobility #osteoporosis #bone #fracture #falls

Lifespan vs. Healthspan: Why We Need Muscle for #HealthyAging.…
Live Strong and Prosper...…
Thread: Sarcopenia in #Aging: RX, prevention –––
Biochemical Pathways of #Sarcopenia &Their Modulation by Physical #Exercise: A Narrative Review…
H/T @MathewPiasecki Tags: #MSKover50
LT: Key RE: onset & progress
RT: Rec. of @ACSMNews & @American_Heart
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1/Bettman was consistent in answering the many questions in his deposition: Because there is no medical or scientific certainty, he said, there is no reason to warn @NHL players about the risks of #CTE Nor is there reason, even after the premature…
2/in recent years of several #NHL “enforcers” such as Bob Probert , Wade Belak, Rick Rypien, Derek Boogaard & Steve Montador to look for a link between fighting in hockey & brain injuries. “I think the sample has been too small,” Bettman said... #tbi…
3/when asked about the players who died “I would respectfully suggest that, as tragic and as unfortunate as it is, there isn’t even enough circumstantial evidence to draw any conclusions.” Asked whether he had ever spoken to family members of these players…
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So @Merck’s BACE-1 inhibitor Verubecestat resulted in “near-maximal reduction” of amyloid-beta in cerebrospinal fluid and “modest reduction” in brain amyloid. But it didn’t help even #Alzheimer’s disease, even "mild" Alzheimer's. A few thoughts:
1. Many companies are holding on to the hope that giving #tau- and #amyloid-busting drugs earlier, before Alzheimer's sets in, could prevent the disease. The FDA might even be open to using tau and amyloid as biomarkers to approve #Alzheimers drugs…
2. But if we already know these drugs can lower amyloid-beta levels and *not* stop disease progression, is that really a good idea? I'd love to see the long term studies done, but the idea of drug approval based on biomarkers, and not cognitive markers, seems like a can of worms.
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1/ If u have played the game the way I have, this clip is not that difficult to break down. Notice Wilson’s right skate before or at the initial point of contact. It is leaving the ice intentionally, which means he thrusts his body into an upward direction, which is towards the
2/ head of Reese. If we look at the left skate during the point of contact, Wilson is rising up onto his toe, as if he is trying to jump, hence the reason he ended up sitting on the dasher of his own bench after the hit. It is clear that Reese sees Wilson coming but that has very
3/ little to do with the fact that Wilson clearly makes contact with the head/jaw of Reese, in direct result of jumping and thrusting his body in an upward motion. Bc of this, we have a human being who may get the right diagnosis of a #concussion yet will he receive the treatment
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This #worldalzheimersday let's understand #Ayurveda can help such patients!!

#SwasthaBharat #Alzheimers
#Alzheimers is primely associated with vitiated Vata Dosha as per #Ayurveda. More than 1 million cases per year found in #India
Nasayam (Nasal ghee drops), Shirodhara (warm oil stream on forehead) Snehan (whole body massage with oil) found effective in #Alzheimers
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