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How to kill your new News channel

1. Insult anti-racists by attacking #TakeTheKnee
2. Insult racists by #TakingTheKnee
3. Insult anti-racists again by attacking your own presenters who took the knee, just to be sure you got everyone👍


Andrew Neil & Dan Wootton
GB News
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White people telling non white people what the most appropriate gesture is or isn’t for them to take in order highlight injustice by white people against non white people is a perfect summary of the problem, frankly.
#racistengland #racism #idiocracy
If one of the critiques is that #TakeTheKnee is imported from America we should cancel most television, Halloween, Black Friday and about a billion other things too. Idiotic.
“If only black people could find a gesture against racism that we white people can unite behind it will be the end of the problem”, said no sentient being, ever. #racistengland
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Mi devo togliere un bel sasso dalla scarpa, ora che l' entusiasmo post Wembley resta vivo, ma più calmo.
L' idea che si parli dall' Italia con toni di condanna sul razzismo subito da Rashford, Saka e Sancho è abbastanza ridicola e imbarazzante.
Ci siamo dimenticati le giravolte su #TakeTheKnee Knee con cerchiobottismo annesso di Nazionale e @FIGC ? Ci siamo dimenticati del milione e oltre di cittadini e cittadine senza cittadinanza, tagliati e tagliate fuori da una legge discriminatoria e atavica?
O del fatto che Salvini e Meloni viaggiano attorno al 41%?
Londra è una bolla, questo va detto, così come Milano e Roma sono una bolla a loro volta.
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Hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahaha hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahahahah hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahahaha haha hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahah hahahaha hahahahah hahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahaha!

#RashfordSanchoSaka #ENG
Fancy being so far right that you think GB "News" is too woke! 🤪

#RashfordSanchoSaka #ENG
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Reflections on last night: #eng #racism

We did an incredible job getting to the final, scenes not seen for a generation. A diverse team championing what England aspires to be, a progressive collective moving toward a shared goal. Each earning more than their keep.
I applaud each of them, but special mention must go to @BukayoSaka87 , @MarcusRashford, and @Sanchooo10 who have not only represented a community of people under duress from common people and elites alike, but shown that ascendence to greatness is individual.
Reading the words of @GarethSouthgate from earlier this year, it is clear that the @England team is very much forward-thinking in tackling #racism and he, himself, a great and empathetic leader, is forthright in tackling, against potential anger, this great cause.
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This is the @FA statement about @England and #TakeTheKnee & #BooTheKnee at #EURO2020

Transcribed in the thread below because the text is hard to read #accessibility

(slightly edited for Twitter but no content change)

TLDR: 🙏🏼 support this anti-racism gesture

#ComeOnEngland Image
@FA @England Ok that thread has gone weird, so let's try it again here.
@FA @England Message to supporters

Major tournaments don't come around often and when they do, it's an opportunity to unite friends, families and the country
This collective support is what spurs our team on during challenging moments & it gives them the best chance of succeeding...
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Colston falls #BlackLivesMatterUK
Hard to express how much this moment means for Bristol #BlackLivesMattter
People will ask: What does removing a statue achieve? In reality, this is part of a growing global movement allied to the #BlackLivesMatter struggle, which seeks to remove monuments erected during a surprisingly sort period of time – the 1890s to the 1920s (1/4)
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BREAKING: @TWITTER just published the full dataset of tweets from the Russian and Iranian troll farms.

9 million Russian tweets. 1 million Iranian tweets. #motherlode

They gave @DFRLab a look ahead of time.

Thread on the findings to follow.…
Main takeaways. The troll operations:

- were about the home government first
- had multiple goals
- targeted specific activist communities
- apolitical
- opportunistic
- evolved
- not always high-impact…
First point: the troll operations started off as defending the home government.

Timeline on 9 million Russian tweets here.

Russian-language posts outnumbered the English ones, and peaked higher and earlier.

Russians were the first targets.
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America for black people is black civil war soldiers fighting for this country only to come back & be terrorized by the Klan. #TakeTheKnee
America for black people is black World War I soldiers coming back from Europe only to be lynched by their fellow citizens #TakeTheKnee
America for black people is black World War II soldiers fighting for this country only to be treated worst than German POWs #TakeTheKnee
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