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Really great piece here by @angeladewan on the problematic model minority label given to the Indian diaspora, and the conversation in the UK, US and Canada to check their brown privilege and speak out against anti-Black racism.
This really hits home for a Mallu like me “South Asians can be inherently colorists. Some don't like people who are darker because that means as people, they are less morally worthy...The UK didn't teach us that. We need to own that. We're nasty that way, so let's deal with that”
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The Drunkard of Europe

IT WAS ONE OF THE WORST DAYS OF MY LIFE. I know for a fact it was the worst day in at least two people’s lives. In the early hours of the morning the phone rang. On the other end of the phone my friend was speaking to me in a stranger’s voice
. Her husband was beside himself with shock and grief, and she was calmly explaining to me what had happened. I say ‘calmly,’ but this wasn’t calm. It was emotionless, a sort of thousand-yard stare of a voice, producing something that sounded for all the world like the person
I knew while she was somewhere else. This voice was absent, it was hollow, and this voice woke me up. Their beautiful baby daughter had died in her sleep.An hour later I was standing by this little angel’s cot, receiving her into my arms from her mother.
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I’ve been speaking to Patrick Hutchinson, the man carrying an injured stranger during clashes yesterday between far right & anti racist activists.
“His life was under threat” Patrick said. “so I put him on my shoulders and marched towards the police” @channel4news #c4news @ 530
Patrick said:

“i know nothing about the man i saved. I think he was partially drunk, i think he was partially unconscious.

“it was a scary moment - but you don’t think about that at the time - you just do what you've got to do"

@channel4news #c4news @ 530
Patrick Hutchinson:

“I’ve been thinking to myself - if the three police officers who were standing around when George Floyd was murdered had thought about intervening and stopping their colleague - George Floyd would still be alive today”

@channel4news #c4news @ 530
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The UK TV industry and diversity, a thread 🇬🇧📺 #BlackLivesMatterUK
‘The television industry is a hugely exciting and culturally rich place to work. But the evidence shows that too many people are still excluded from that opportunity’ - Sharon White Chief Executive, Ofcom, September 2019
It’s the weekend ie TV binge watch time. Let’s take a look at how the UK’s TV industry is doing in terms of employing people from a mix of backgrounds (spoiler alert - not great)
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Jim Curran was a regular attendee at Jew-hate 'Keep Talking' group where Holocaust deniers & convicted neo-Nazis broke bread with Hard Left, Irish nats & others as exposed by anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate.

Aren't appearances deceptive?

H/T @mishtal…
And the lovely young person that he was speaking to, Rosie? He dripped those conspiracy theories in her ear. Jim is not an anti-racist.
This morning I saw the OP @joesaunders had blocked me rather than acknowledge documented evidence by a major anti-fascist org. And then @ali__samson did the same. A movement is not anti-racist if it embraces Jew-hate.

Ali would *not* have been the man in his cover photo.
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THREAD My dads account on the #racism he experienced in the UK


I thought it would be good to get his story out there. Share and comment your experiences

@guardian @Independent @TheNewEuropean @DavidLammy @mrjamesob

My Dad’s Experiences Of #Racism👇
1/ My parents came to England from Jamaica in the mid-fifties. My Dad came first, he was attracted by the call “your queen needs you”. Although his name in Jamaica was Bevat Baccas, he was given the name of Arthur Dougall when he went to get a passport.
2/ This was the name of the sugar plantation owner where he worked. It was a remnant of the way things were done in the days of slavery. He got a job on London Transport. Jamaica was still part of the Commonwealth then.
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Britain's own problem with racial inequality

*a thread*

While the shocking scenes of police brutality in the United States aren't often mirrored here, a less overt undercurrent of inequality flows through society.… #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatterUK
Black people are arrested at more than three times the rate of white people in England and Wales, 32 people per 1,000 compared to nine per 1,000 last year.… #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatterUK
This has also been true during the Covid-19 crisis with black people more likely to be fined or arrested by the Metropolitan Police for breaching lockdown rules.

#BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatterUK…
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From Noel Fielding @noelfielding11 to David Mitchell @RealDMitchell many comic actors perform blackface to get laughs. Lets take a look at them hiding behind the 'post-racial/edgy' label... #BlackLivesMatterUK #littlebritain
David Mitchell @RealDMitchell and Robert Webb @arobertwebb kick things off. Super edgy, post-racial, stuff. Getting laughs from performing blackface once was not enough for the lads however...
Peep Show David Mitchell @RealDMitchell and @arobertwebb decided to black up in case we missed the first time. Blackface is performed with the consent of TV critics, publications and broadcasters. Next we have #GBBO fave Noel Fielding @noelfielding11...
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At 7pm @BCPCouncil will hold its first full council meeting since February. During this meeting a vote of no confidence will be called in council leader @vikki4mdnp

📹 you can watch the meeting here:

I'm just going to run through a bit of the background before things get underway (this will prove very important later)
There have been 75 councillors since the death of Christchurch Independent Colin Bungey in April.

The council is run by a coalition led by Lib Dem Cllr Slade🔶.

The others groups are: ⚪️ Christchurch Independents
🟣 @Poole_People
🟢 Bmth Independent & Greens
🔴 Labour
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Marcia Rigg's brother Sean Rigg lost his life in the UK, after British police restrained him in a prone position for 7 minutes. She is fighting to shed light on police aggression in the UK. #BlackLivesMatterUK…
But the fight against racism is only partially won if we continue to describe things as happening to Black people in police custody instead of being done to them. The leading sentence in this article says 'an encounter with British police saw him restrained in a prone position
for 7 minutes' should say 'British police restrained him in a prone position for 7 minutes'. He did not restrain himself, and he certainly couldn't have done so for a full 7 minutes. Regardless of any cause for the encounter, Sean Rigg was not responsible for the brutality meted
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Despite being an international activist movement, it is clear that much of #BlackLivesMatter is ultimately interested in forms of violence, persecution and oppression which white people are held responsible for.

If the sources are non-white, the level of enthusiasm is not there.
Violence and other forms of criminality within predominantly black inner-city neighbourhoods are rarely part of the #BLM conversation.

Outside of the Western world, we have Black African Christians being butchered by co-racial Islamist militants in the Sahel.

Little is said.
Black African domestic migrant workers are locked in modern slavery across the Gulf states.

Black African students and workers have been subjected to horrendous forms of racial discrimination in China.

These are very clear and well-known cases. These lives matter as well no?
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It can often be easier to see police brutality as an American issue in order to distance ourselves from the hurt. However, in this thread we would like to highlight why police brutality and racialised violence, is very much a problem in modern day Britain. #BlackLivesMatterUK
This thread aims to inform & educate, though we understand the damaging effect of sharing stories of race-based violence. Content warning: this thread & the pages it links to, contain discussions about racism, police brutality and death which may be upsetting to readers.
As an organisation centred on amplifying BME voices in psychology & psychiatry, when events of late occur it can be hard to know what to say. As a team we have had to navigate feelings of anger, sadness and helplessness.
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Having read @DalrympleWill's superb THE ANARCHY was shocked to see this summary of EIC in @HodderSchools revision guide for @AQA's GCSE History by @ed_podesta. No mention of oppression/exploitation of Indian people. No push to think on the racism in 'THINK' boxes. #BLMUK #BAME
'The Company was boosted further when it gained permission to trade in India without having to pay taxes to the MUGHAL EMPEROR and local rulers.'

Bombay as a 'possession' that could be given to one white European Monarch by another.

Whole focus is on the 'success' to England.
If you don't believe that History teaching has to take a long, hard look at itself in light of #BlackLivesMatterUK, think again. I picked up the book for my son to help him with his GCSE, and couldn't believe that this erasure of Indian suffering wasn't picked up in editorial.
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To RCSSD Class of 2017

Hey guys, Iv been trying to figure out a way to express how I feel in this current moment. On the 25th May 2020 the world saw a man by the name of George Floyd lose his life at the hands of Racists.
His death was captured live on camera and broadcast to the rest of the world by Darnella Frazer. One question I often wonder is what was George feeling as his last breath left his body, was he angry, upset? Baffled even?
The result is we have seen thousands of people march across the world no matter race in protest & agreement that change has to be made for the betterment of our humanity, pandemic or not.

There is 21 years between me and George,
He was 21 when I entered this world?
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Colston falls #BlackLivesMatterUK
Hard to express how much this moment means for Bristol #BlackLivesMattter
People will ask: What does removing a statue achieve? In reality, this is part of a growing global movement allied to the #BlackLivesMatter struggle, which seeks to remove monuments erected during a surprisingly sort period of time – the 1890s to the 1920s (1/4)
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The moment the people of Bristol pulled down the statue of Edward Colston, slave trader
#BlackLivesMatterUK #BlackLivesMattters #bristoltaketheknee #Colston
It's now being rolled towards the floating harbour.
Colston opened up the transatlantic slave trade to Bristol merchants & around 20,000 people, incl 8,000 children, died on his ships before they even reached the Americas.
Bristol became Britain's leading slave trading port.
People quickly leapt on the statue as it fell.
Worth noting that the tall office block behind in this picture is 'Colston Tower', & it's on Colston Avenue with the (soon to be renamed) Colston Hall concert venue beyond.
#BlackLivesMatterUK #bristoltaketheknee Image
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i’m at the #blacklivesmatter protest in london where thousands of people have turned up in the rain to show their support
there’s a guy giving out free masks at the #blacklivesmatter protest outside parliament square in london
some of the signs spotted at the #BlackLivesMatter protest in london
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Kerry Anne Mendoza made some
very good points this morning when she said the government is "Gaslighting" us all the time. They are treating us like mushrooms, keeping us in the dark and feeding us manure once a day, instead of being able to grow healthily and flourish. I believe
that the world is changing, let's face it since the turn of the year, lots of things have changed, yes we've lost some of our freedoms, but there is a fundamental change happening. #BlackLivesMatterUK is not just about police brutality, it's also about the economic and
institutional #racism of those in power over us, for example the way #Trump is handling the protests in America, he thinks that a show of force is going to work. Sorry Donald but I don't see it that way, you cannot stop a movement, the clue is in the word, a MOVEMENT is like
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What’s the need for a UK #BlackLivesMatter movement? There isn’t any racism, institutional bias or oppression in the UK? Just bandwagonning? An excuse to make noise and go outdoors?

A thread.

1. 1993 Stephen Lawrence (18) killed in an unprovoked racist attack. A case riddled with police failings, laziness, racism & corruption, that took 18 years 2 bring only 2/5 murderers 2 (barely) justice. The criminal justice system remains bias, racist & dangerous for black people
(I hate the term BAME but for word count purposes I’ll use it here.

BP = black people
WP = white people)
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In 1991, I was beaten by NYPD at anti-Iraq War protest. Undercover agents threw something into parade, 18 of us were dragged over barricades fencing protesters in. One cop kicked me in face while I was on the ground; another jumped on my stomach with his knee. #BlackLivesMatter
I was one of the War Parade 18, charged with offences such as resisting arrest with a sentence of 13 years in prison. The only reason we were not imprisoned was because of news footage that finally was found that showed police attacked us. (2) #BlackLivesMatter
When in jail the first night after the arrest, when we were bleeding and injured, the police woke us up in the middle of the night to take photos of us and said if we have been fucked, we wouldn't be protesting. (3) #BlackLivesMatterUK
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BREAKING: Whitehall sources tell me @PHE_uk review into BAME ppl disproportionately being affected by #COVID19 is delayed for 2nd time because No 10 is “worried about current global events”. They say it’s in “too close proximity” to the #BlackLivesMatterUK protests. More @SkyNews
Sources go on to tel me it would be “bad taste” if they published the report now. And that government won’t be able to release a report without “concrete and solid next steps.” @SkyNews
Response from Shadow Equalities Secretary @MarshadeCordova
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The Musicians’ Union stands with our Black members and all Black communities against all forms of racism, violence and discrimination. When we say "behind every musician”, we mean it.


#TheShowMustBePaused Music industry black out tuesday encourages everyone in the music industry to connect with their communities
We are joining the music industry blackout to be part of an action that we hope affects real change, that starts an honest conversation about racism and its deadly consequences.

The MU will always challenge racism, will always speak out against racism, and will always speak up for and amplify the voices of our Black members.

If you would like to get involved in our work, contact us >…

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In light of recent events, myself and a friend have decided to write to as many schools as possible, as well as the government, demanding a change. Specifically with regards to the way Britain’s colonial past is taught—or rather not taught—in schools. But first I need your help:
We have made a survey entitled 'THE IMPACT OF OMISSION'. Our hope is that with irrefutable evidence of shortcomings in the teaching of this subject, we can lobby for the change that is desperately needed. The survey should only take 2 minutes to complete:…
As the main perpetrators of colonialism and the transatlantic slave trade, this country has blood on its hands, but chooses to hide its colonial past behind glorification and national pride. Racism is just as institutional and systematic here in the U.K. as it is in the U.S.
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A #thread of books exploring racism and race. It includes fiction, poetry, non-fiction because we need to hear many voices.

These are UK-centric because we are here trying to dismantle white supremacy in Britain.
#BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatterUK
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