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BREAKING German government will sell out everyone in Europe for Russian gas like Trump sold out the Kurds. Just the Germans do it systematically, knowingly, on diplomatic level and nothing will change their mind to get the gas. THREAD.
German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder for his exquisite services for securing NordStream gas pipeline to Germany got a seat in Gazprom board of directors. The NS income and the raising oil price bankrolled Russia's war against Georgia in 2008.
On July 17, 2008 German MFA Steinmeier arrived to Georgia with an Abkhazia peace plan where the Germany openly stated due to the risk of war in the region it puts into danger supplies of gas & oil via the pipelines that circumvent Russia.…
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Why was MH17 shot down above Ukraine and what's the latest in the investigation?

Obama never released the radar images!

Flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down above Ukraine on July 17, 2014, with the loss of 298 lives.

#Ukraine #MH17…
PM of Malaysia Mahathir reveals why the US, Dutch and Australian governments attempted to exclude Malaysia from membership of the JIT in the first months of the investigation.
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The reporting of Argentinia’s recent election is only the most current example of @BBCNews bias. In its articles they bemoan the loss of the right & spread fear over victory by the left.

But the @BBC will claim to be impartial.…

To further illustrate the bias & partiality of @BBCNews here is another article demonstrating the hand-wringing over defeat of the right & a totally obvious bias against the left... & Cristina Kirchner in particular. @CFKArgentina…

Andrew Gilligan reported to @BBCRadio on the @BBCToday program that the then UK government had “sexed up” a claim about Iraq’s since proven non-existent WMD & the specific claim that one could be readied to use within 45 minutes.…
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#Baudet blaast de laatste dagen weer hoog van de toren. Misschien ook wel om de interne strubbelingen in de #fvd te overschreven. Een van zijn terugkerende thema’s is dat hij en zijn partij niet eerlijk behandeld worden, door het publiek, de #media, of nu Otten.
Wie herinnert zich nog de klacht dat #fvd negatief geframed wordt, dat er labels en negatieve stempels op de partij geplakt worden.….
De #fvd: “Het moet nu een keertje klaar zijn. Daarom lopen we ze voor ééns en voor altijd stuk voor stuk langs. Met uitleg waarom de beeldvorming in de media niet klopt.” De 21 ‘frames’ staan tussen aanhalingstekens. Dat wekt de indruk dat het letterlijke citaten zijn. 4/40
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RU docs reveal desire to sow racial discord & violence in the US
US intel agencies warned of likely RU meddling in the 2020elex.

Enter JDs vs Trump teeing off an excg of weaponized talking points deliberately designed to distract & divide.

Here we are!

Disclosed: US nuclear weapons are being stored in Belgium, Germany, Italy😱, the NL & Turkey😱

Given the immense unexplained wealth accumulated by Epstein, authorities order forensic acct’g exploring the money trails via a criminal tax fraud and/or 💰💦 inv’n

Epstein’s former bookkeeper, in a deposition, said she arranged for underage girls to be sent to his parties, and others were sent to modeling assignments with wealthy clients where they would only be paid if they agreed to have sex.

Trump/Epstein vid revealed.
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#Thread Let me tell you why the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s decision to re-admit Russia will prove to be an own-goal and why those who voted in favour have made a fatal error of judgement.
Your claims that Russia belongs to the CoE with all the rights & obligations this confers is self-defeating. The hallmark of the Kremlin is that it actively chooses to operate outside the norms of international law, whatever the forum and whatever the rules or rulings.
Remember the aggression against Georgia and Ukraine? 13,000 dead and counting. Vetoing and obstruction of the investigation into #MH17? The #Salisbury attack as well as election meddling around the world? Are memories so short?
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As Putin again claims “no proof” of Russian responsibility for #MH17 shootdown, let’s recount the incontrovertible evidence as I lay out in #TheShadowWar

1- US satellite and radar data showed within hours that the missile was fired from inside Russian-controlled territory. 1/
2/ Blast pattern in cockpit and fuselage of plane corresponded to blast pattern of Russian BUK antiaircraft missile system - in front of and above target.
3/ Pieces of BUK missile were found inside the bodies of cockpit crew, along with pieces of windshield.
4/ Eyewitness accounts and photographs tracked the BUK missile and mobile launcher’s arrival in Russian-controlled territory hours before the attack and its departure hours after & subsequent return back inside Russia proper.
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Here is my post from the day Russian BUK shot down flight #MH17. Russia should be punished for lying in addition to paying for the murders. Failure to cooperate with international investigators should result in Aeroflot being barred from US airports indefinitely. @IATA
My post the day following the Russian downing of MH17.
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What should we make of the MH17 investigation? Certain things make no sense if we are to believe the conclusions so far.

Background: We are asked to believe it was decided to target a passenger plane & that a BUK system was sent on a journey from Russia to Ukraine.


In the first place, what possible motive that made any sense could prompt anyone to decide it was a good idea to shoot a passenger plane down? For this is what we are asked to believe. This has to be the conclusion as the BUK system made this special journey.


For what reason would forthcoming flightpaths across eastern Ukraine be analyzed, a certain flight chosen & then a BUK system sent on a circuitous journey into Ukraine to be readied to shoot it down? For what possible motivation?

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In light of #MH17 accusations today, I'd like to remind you of a forgotten - but very relevant - story from the Bosnian War. (THREAD)
On September 3, 1992, an Italian G-222 turboprop plane, supplying humanitarian aid to Sarajevo, was shot down between Kiseljak and Konjic. This was territory controlled by Bosnian Croats, and there were local media reports of militia boasting they did it.
But because this did not fit the Narrative, the incident was blamed on Bosnian Serb aircraft, and the UN passed Resolution 781, creating a no-fly zone over Bosnia.
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As the Dutch-led investigation team today nails & names those responsible for downing Malaysian flight #MH17 (killing ten Brits) a thread on how the now UK Labour High Command's responded ATT.
First, Seumas Milne. Acres of words have been written about his, er, pro-Kremlin leanings. Here's one #MH17 related snapshot.…
Milne was careful AFAIK to not actually say or write MH17 but we know his reaction would have been the same 'we need to see the evidence' + Russian-sourced flak, as happened over Salisbury & the Skripals (until his lines became laughable).
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#BREAKING #MH17 crash investigators (JIT) announce murder charges on notorious Russian FSB colonel Igor Girkin + 3 others for ordering Russian BUK missile to fire on civilian plane that killed 298 people in July 2014, early in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…
Instrumental in making critical breakthroughs in #MH17 crash investigation, @Bellingcat details what Girkin, Dubinsky, Pulatov & Kharchenko did to earn the title of first murder suspects JIT will prosecute for 298 murders… #Russia #Ukraine #JusticeForMH17
@bellingcat For 5 years #Russia's propagandists have denied responsibility for downing #MH17 w/ the now familiar #disinformation ad absurdum blitz. Today's @JITMH17 murder charges prove objective facts DO exist, truth CAN be known. May this be another nail in the Kremlin #propaganda coffin.
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A long-awaited measure of justice for the loved ones of the 298 victims.

Four suspects charged over the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight #MH17, with the trial to begin March 9, 2020…
Three Russians – including Igor Girkin ("Strelkov") – and one Ukrainian charged with murder for shooting down Malaysian Airlines #MH17, killing all 298 people on board…
Three Russians [and one Ukrainian] to face #MH17 murder charges:
– Igor Girkin: former FSB colonel
– Sergey Dubinskiy: GRU
– Oleg Pulatov: former soldier with GRU spetsnaz unit

All were Russian soldiers previously sent abroad…
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1) En voor vandaag staat Rusland op 't menu ... want vandaag is de grote dag dat onafhankelijk onderzoeksdinges Bellingcat haar bevindingen mbt. #MH17 gaat prijsgeven.
2) Voor de integriteit van Bellingcat geef ik geen stuiver, en het zou me niks verbazen als Rusland straks (weer) als de kwaaie pier uit de bus komt.
3) En dat is logisch natuurlijk. Want volgens de reguliere media is Rusland al jarenlang een Groot Gevaar, en is Poetin een imperialist die uit is op onze prachtige vrijheden! Whaaa!
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#BREAKING Dutch to charge four with murder over MH17, trial in March 2020: relatives
#BREAKING MH17 investigators name three Russian suspects, one Ukrainian
Videographic on the MH17 air disaster as investigators announce charges against four suspects, for shooting down the passenger plane over Ukraine in 2014
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Nearly 5 years ago Bellingcat began it's online open source investigation into the downing of flight #MH17 with the help of an ever expanding online community. First we identified the route the Buk missile launcher took from Donetsk to Snizhne on July 17th 2014.
Thanks to the sharp eye of one Twitter user highlighting the similarities between a Buk filmed in Russia multiple times between June 23-25 and the Buk in Ukraine, we were able to show they were the same Buk missile launcher.
Using multiple videos and photographs published online we were able to track the convoy that missile launcher was part of back to its base near Kursk, home of the 53rd Brigade, the source of the missile launcher that shot down MH17
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Distraction: Trump will round up millions of ‘illegal’ aliens.

What could it be?


URN DFM Says Dutch Inv’rs To Name First #MH17 Suspects On 6/19


Trump front-facing 9/11 attackers:

“& I think I know who the other people were [911 perpetrators].”


Trump has said he knows who was behind the al-Qaeda terror attacks on the US in 9/11/01 & added that “Iraq did not knock down the WTC”.

“It was not Iraq,”said Trump “It were [sic] other people.”

“And I think I know who the other people were. And you might also.”

“At an off-camera briefing on Monday, Navy officials acknowledged that nothing in imagery released by the Pentagon shows Iranian Revolutionary Guards planting limpet mines on ships in the Gulf of Oman.”

U.N. officials: U.S. planning a 'tactical assault' in Iran
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Seems like Nikita Mikhalkov, Russian film maker & head of the Russian Cinematographers' Union is into some series Pepe De Silva shit with Bellingcat. He starts his video noting Bellingcat was founded 2 days before MH17 was shot down, & pull out this
It seems someone, and I suspect it's not Nikita himself, has been trying to connect the dots between Bellingcat and all sorts of organisations and individuals. Somehow I suspect this is related to the upcoming 5th anniversary of #MH17 being shot down.
It seems to list lots of Bellingcat contributors, including @AricToler, Cameron Colquhoun, @N_Waters89, @DanKaszeta, and lots more.
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DOJ refused to give Judge Sullivan transcripts of Flynn's calls w/ Kislyak. Did Barr just reveal the tapes implicate Trump? If so, O of J confirmed

Did Trump ID US assets in RU, which led to 12 dead RUs in 2016/17, quid pro quo? H/T TC

Mass shooting 11 dead...patterns

Rep Salwell:

“If it’s...

✅ a virtual certainty @realDonaldTrump has cheated on his finances...

✅ a virtual certainty Putin knows this...AND

✅ a virtual certainty that Trump has been blackmailed before...

Would Trump sell America’s secrets to protect his own?”👍🏼

Transcript release of the call between Trump lawyer John Dowd & Flynn's attorney, which was a possible attempt to obstruct justice.

📌Grand jury still interested in Roger Stone and the 2016 GOP convention

Prosecutors refute Stone's claim that Russia didn't hack DNC
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Former intel chief’s argument that Putin did indeed sway the 2016 vote

James Clapper memoir: “Facts and Fears: Hard Truths From a Life in Intelligence.”

The book begins and ends with a brutal appraisal of Trump & the Russian plot to put him in power.…
📌All the intelligence at Clapper’s disposal suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, had made that possible.

Clapper, old Cold Warrior that he was, saw his world turned upside down.…
Suddenly truth, as Clapper understood the term, was out; “alternative facts” were in; and America’s old enemy had a far too cozy relationship with its new commander in chief.…
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Despite our best efforts, spirited and productive discussion with @OffGuardian0 has failed to be forthcoming. Thankfully, they have a website (off-guardian(dot)org) and thus we decided to check out the Twitter traffic linking it.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded original tweets linking to off-guardian(dot)org, yielding 36650 tweets from 9156 accounts. Of these, 10308 (28.1%) were posted via automated means, with crossposted/copied material from Wordpress and Facebook being the most common automated content.
1180 of 9156 accounts (12.9%) linking off-guardian(dot)org are bots, based on 24/7 activity/posting 90%+ of tweets via automation tools. An additional 1002 accounts (10.9%) post at least 50% of tweets via automation tools. Combined, account for 41.7% of the volume (15285 tweets.)
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