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🧵You can own the Future of Tomorrow Today.

I have heard many people try to call this crash in biotech the end of the #Biotechnology sector. A sector that has been around for decades. One of the most necessary sectors in the entire market.
1/ Here I am going to lay out for you the opposite case. I have been investing in tech and biotech for 27 years. I have seen so much technology that excites me about the future, and I see it today.
2/ The biggest question I always get in biotech investing is when will we run out of things to discover or great new technologies to invent. I my response is we will never run out until we cure every disease.
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This week in Techbio happenings is focussed around highlights from a fantastic week back at JPM! So much energy and so great seeing so many fantastic minds! #techbio #JPM23
1/ Exciting to be back at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference after 2 years of virtual meetings! In-person, the energy is back, and it was great to see both familiar & new faces building great things in the techbio space. #JPM23
2/ This conference is always a great opportunity to see innovative minds in healthcare. Exciting founders, investors, & pharma leaders in attendance. The momentum & energy in the city this week is a great sign for the year ahead.
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Public market performance of AI-enabled drug developers (a subset of the #TechBio space)

How they've performed (and why they've struggled):
Following several high-profile IPOs, shares of AI-enabled drug developers (AIDD) briefly peaked in Q1'21, before underperforming every quarter thereafter

Collective underperformance of this group:
vs. XBI: (~52%)
vs. NBI (~69%)
vs. S&P (~74%)

What happened?
Given the entire subsector has moved downwards in tandem, we can first look at macro factors:

(1) Generalist and retail investors fled the space: if we use the ARK Genomic Revolution ETF as a proxy for retail sentiment, we see a strong correlation with AIDD performance
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If you are looking for cheap biotech ideas, I suggest looking to these key themes. I call them my technology of the future themes. I will even throw in some names. Just be sure to do your own DD as this is spec biotech which is risky.
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What is #TechBio

Everyone has heard of Biotech. These are companies that develop technology around develop drugs. Its a very biology driven endeavor. Its about looking at the science, coming up with ideas and then testing them in the lab to find ones that work.
1/ Where Biotech is driven by Biology, #TechBio is driven by technology. Its about using tools like Computer Aided Design, Computer Modeling, Artificial Intelligence #AI, and Machine Learning #ML to design drugs. Its a technology first type of drug design.
2/ I have heard of it referred to as the Bionic Scientist. I love that concept as it truly represents what TechBio is all about. Its about using tools of technology to enable Scientists to better develop drugs. Lets look at the statistics of drug development.
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The #SynBio Report

I am going to build this thread as I go. There are not a lot of companies in the Synthetic Biology space yet. It is good to get up to date with them before new ones come into the space.
1/ Gingko Bioworks $DNA

I think this is the top Synthetic Biology company working on 2 platforms. The first is #Biosercurity. This was born form the Covid pandemic and is one of the most important issues of our time.
2/ The Covid pandemic has shown us how woefully unprepared we are for the next pandemic. We live in the age where anyone can create a bioweapon that could wipe out half the world. Biosecurity is the biggest new area of national defense.
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The Private Company #CRISPR Report

I am going to build this thread going through the private CRISPR companies. This includes the few that I do know and like. I know there are more out there. I will add them as I discover them and take time to look over their science.
1/ Mammoth Biosciences

This is my top pick of the private companies should they go public. I think they are gearing up for an IPO. The success of the $PRME IPO might bring them to the market quicker.
2/ They have 2 platforms based off CRISPR technology. The first uses CAS enzymes for DNA or RNA as a Diagnostic tool. They take the guide RNA for the sequence they wish to find. They include a reporter strand that matches the DNA sequence they want to find.
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In #TechBio news, a post on the definition of TechBio as found in the first Google search hit I found, followed by a possible alt definitions stemming from the comparison of the terms #techbio and #biotech Dx/Tx:…
Definition: "TechBio is the direct application of engineering to biology".
"[...] applying an engineering mindset to solving biological problems means we can still work with limited information. We see TechBio as being concerned with four main components:
1. Reading bio — understanding genetic information (DNA, RNA, proteins, etc.) ex: next-gen sequencing
2. Writing bio — synthesizing DNA, RNA, and protein constructs. ex: creating custom DNA oligonucleotides
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1/ My new home @future just turned 1 🎉! Some thoughts on why I’m so excited about Future, by way of sharing a few of my favorite articles we’ve published so far. 🧵
2/ My colleagues share my optimistic outlook but get that building a better future won’t be easy. Many of my favorites tap into a common theme: science is integral to creating a better world, only if we (scientists) embrace new technologies and explore radical ideas, e.g.
3/ Science is slow, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the things slowing science down is the archaic process of funding science. Begging for #grants takes huge chunks of researcher time, decisions take months, and decision-makers are often risk-averse.
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