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#Near "Brian Plain",
#Grants to help boost Marlborough #downtownbusiness… via @CommunityAdNews

Schooley Mitchell: Brian Plain & Joe Gifford
225 Cedar Hill St
Suite 200 D117 Marlborough, MA 01752
MARLBOROUGH – Two grants recently approved by the City Council will help enliven downtown this year.

The Regional Economic Development Organization’s Grant Program gave the Marlborough Economic Development Corp. $35,466.20 for downtown #improvements and to increase foot traffic.
#Thefundswill be used to install temporary containers/pods for retailers from spring through fall.

“Construction plans will begin this spring to renovate the back of #CityHall & #WeedStreet, as well as #MainStreet to create a more #invitingatmospherethatwillincrease foot traffic
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#Trudeau's immigration "plan" is meant to destabilize Canada even faster

Let me tell you how this works


Our Corrupted Immigration System - Designed by Justin Trudeau, young global leader...

For this thread, I am going to focus on my local gas station which I visit every 3-4 days

First off, Canada used to have one of the TOP Immigration Systems on planet earth

That is now so far from being true, but it's by design

Dropping by my local gas station every few days, I've gotten to know some of the staff that work there

6 Years ago, the stations were owned by a local family

The family was aggressively approached by Indian immigrants, pressuring the family to sell the business

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Here is my take on #COP27 outcome(s) on #climate #mitigation based mostly on fieldnotes from COP, focussing on #FossilFuels, #JustTransition & #equity/ambition dichotomy.@TheIndiaForum @girmanipal @CentreMarcBloch @FU_Berlin @NavrozDubash @ClimateDiplo 1/8…
I argue, "Despite alarming evidence about the pace of cc, #COP27 failed to raise mitigation ambition. While the 1.5°C limit was salvaged in the end, the lack of consensus on fossil fuel phase-down/phase-out scuttled the possibility of meaningful action in the coming years." 2/8
Not only are #industrialized countries' mitigation commitments grossly insufficient to meet the 1.5°C limit, their efforts to sidestep their pre-2020 commitments, Paris decisions & delink developing countries' mitigation efforts from #climatefinance dilute #equity. 3/8
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Everyone in medical research at @Stanford, @UCBerkeley & @UCSF-- did you know about the Arc Investigator Programs? For some of the potential #grants/positions, you must work at one of those unis, but not all. (1/10)

All Arc investigators receive unrestricted, flexible #funding to pursue their most important ideas – with complete freedom to study fundamental biological mechanisms, develop new technologies, or innovate on therapeutic concepts. (2/10)
Focus is on high-risk, high-reward research with potential.

Applications are open now thru Jan 9 2023 (Science Fellows) & Jan 31, 2023 (Core Investigators & Innovation Investigators).

Read on to learn more: (3/10)
#LongCOVID #MECFS #grants…
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#Ministerivastuu #demarit
@anttirinneexpj - Maksatko Antti, osamaksulla +korot, vai mitataanko omaisuus.
€8 miljardia mahtuu tiukkaan pakattuina satasina, kahdeksaan rekka-autoon.
@anttirinneexpj #IS kävi läpi #hallitus­ -neuvotteluiden ennätysmäiset kulut – irtokarkeilla ja suklaalla herkuteltiin
yli 3000 euron edestä | 31.10.2019
- #Loppulasku oli 595396 euroa, kun eduskunta oli budjetoinut hallitusneuvotteluihin 180000 euroa.…
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1/ On Aug 13, 2022, a team of devs launched the #Dogechain.

Barely after 72hrs, 20,000+ wallets were created, and 200,000+ confirmed transactions!

Here’s what you need to know about it! 🐶
2/ Dogechain is a blockchain built using Polygon SDK to create an efficient connection between #Dogecoin and #Web3.

Dogechain’s infrastructure allows $DOGE holders to port their $DOGE into a blockchain, which allows more opportunities for using $DOGE!
3/ Dogechain presents to developers a platform to build #DeFi, #GameFi, #NFT platforms, and other dApps with DOGE as part of its core economic system.

Did we mention it’s EVM compatible as well?
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그랜츠, #Grants, 또는 보조금. 이게 뭐야? (1/N) Image
최근 미나 프로토콜 @MinaProtocol 에서 "1분기 커뮤니티 보조금 대상자 안내 및 2분기 후보 등록"을 진행.…

해당 소식을 보고 이런 생각이 들었다. 그랜츠(보조금).. 생소한 개념 아닐까? 그래서 적어보는 글. (2/N) Image
먼저 그랜츠의 사전적 정의.

"공공 기관, 자선 재단 또는 전문 보조금 제공 기관 등등이 공익과 관련된 특정 목적을 위해 개인이나 다른 주체에 제공하는 기금입니다. 대출과 달리 보조금은 상환되지 않습니다." (3/N)
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Dear #hr in #niin #ksom #usc, I know you are busy,but could you spend 8 mins on my emails pls? I sent 6 emails from April to June, and called you every day this week, but I didn’t get any reply. #neuroscience EAD will be expired at 07/10😩@USC @KeckMedUSC @KECKSchool_USC @USCNIIN ImageImageImageImage
Thanks,friends in #twitter in #niin,#ksom, #usc, in #neuroscience, #neuroimaging, #neuroradiology. I really appreciate your support. I got the email this afternoon. It’s my fault. Even leave, leave with pride, grace, and gratitude, no regret. The 4 yrs will be the best memory in Image
my life, although it is also the hardest 4 yrs. Hope other colleagues could take my lessons, and prepare everything earlier in the future.
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1/ My new home @future just turned 1 🎉! Some thoughts on why I’m so excited about Future, by way of sharing a few of my favorite articles we’ve published so far. 🧵
2/ My colleagues share my optimistic outlook but get that building a better future won’t be easy. Many of my favorites tap into a common theme: science is integral to creating a better world, only if we (scientists) embrace new technologies and explore radical ideas, e.g.
3/ Science is slow, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the things slowing science down is the archaic process of funding science. Begging for #grants takes huge chunks of researcher time, decisions take months, and decision-makers are often risk-averse.
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1/n @DBTIndia our project fellows not paid for 9mo. we have sent series of uc/soe but every time due to delay, the next series of papers wanted as time has lapsed or something silly. those with big projects with crores of funding can shuffle/do tricks w their money, we can't.
2/n what can a young person do to get paid? beg, borrow or steal - that they do but what else above and beyond!!! our brains are brain dead in paperwork, juggling the never-ending maze of bureaucracy, both at our parent org & at grant awarding org.
3/n i don't know who actually is in charge. everyone wants to help but no one is in charge who can take the bull by the horn. who should we write or speak to?
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Since coming to office the Morrison Government has spent $55b+ on grants programs, the Centre for Public Integrity says. During that time, 100% of Audit Office investigations that looked into grant administration found flaws. Seal the Barrel is a new report from @cpi_aus.
Greatest hits, as documented by CPI, include:
* Safer Communities Fund - “Funding decisions were not appropriately informed by departmental briefings and, for the majority of decisions, the basis for the decisions was not clearly recorded”
* Regional Jobs and Investments Packages - "Applications were not soundly assessed in accordance with the program guidelines"
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hey #coinhuntworld, the @chw_wiki is expanding beyond to the @CUBIE_DAO.
We have been developing awesome content & tools for @CoinHuntWorld game & more #education beyond

We are 100% self-supported with team of @CHW_WikiTeam volunteers & we need your help.

@gitcoin #quadraticfunding for #gitcoingrants means that every dollar you donate goes MUCH farther than you'd expect Image
I wrote a handy-dandy tutorial, and @ImpalerLeif turned it into a 😎 video to walk you through the whole #donation process, from @UpholdInc, through @MetaMask, all the way to @gitcoin

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The list of Universities to benefit from the Dipo Awojide Education Fund has increased to 12. These Universities include:
1. University of Lagos
2. Obafemi Awolowo University
3. University of Ibadan
4. University of Abuja
5. University of Nigeria Nsukka
6. Ahmadu Bello University
7. Nnamdi Azikiwe University
8. University of Benin
9. University of Ilorin
10. Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB)
11. Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA)
12. Federal University of Technology, Minna
The starting point is having a LinkedIn profile that matches your Twitter or Instagram profile. no one with a fake name will be considered. Note that not everyone must apply. We are trying to reach only young folks (final year students) with a professional profile.
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Ph.D admission decisions are kicking in & many students are going through rounds of interviews. Here are a few tips that I’ve learnt and shared over the years.

Disclaimer: These are based on personal experiences derived from a limited sample. Take it with a grain of salt 😀.
(1/19) First of all, let’s start off by acknowledging that PhD admission is extremely competitive. You're prolly fighting for an average of 5-30 spots out of hundreds/thousands of applicants. Attempting itself is a win. Kudos !👏🏿
#admissions #Competition #phdpositions #gradschool
(2/19) Money is at the stake. What does this mean? Someone out there is willing to take a risk on you & guaranteeing that you’ll be taken care of for 5-6 years. Your tuition, fees, health insurance, & monthly living allowance are all paid for by the dept.

#Funding #MoneyTalks
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Thrilled to announce the Longevity #Impetus Grants, $21M+ towards basic research that could accelerate our understanding and control of human aging.
We welcome proposals from researchers in- and outside the #Aging field. Please share!

More info: & this 🧵
Impetus Grants are $10k-500k (w max 10% overhead). Smaller requests favored, to support more projects. No project period and no strings attached. Scientists at non-profits worldwide can apply with ideas that shift perspectives & capabilities in #Aging research, starting Sep 13th.
Inspiration came from @tylercowen & @patrickc's #COVID19 Fast Grants. Their team made funding decisions in 2 weeks, and the grants have already led to both discoveries and better tools for #testing.
If it's feasible to fund science this way, shouldn't we?…
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Prestigious European #grants might be #biased, study suggests…

One day I will share my own research on the UK :) Very interesting patterns. Eventually, I wonder if this was true anywhere despite the *appearances* of #fairness of one or another system.
The are several reasons... let me share my *non-expert* opinion about this issue.

1) A background of overlap between panels and awardees can never be eliminated because they should be both at the top of their fields.
2) Who knows the system (and people within it) have an advantage because can be advised (with no malice) about the unwritten rules, processes, priorities and good practices.
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📢We are gearing up for the #IRMIAC2021, with a #workshop on pre-award #grant management!

IRMI (India Research Management Initiative) Annual Conference is focused on “Bringing Professional #ResearchManagement into the Indian #Science & #Innovation Ecosystem”👥

Stay tuned! ImageImageImageImage
⏱️The clock is ticking!

#IRMI Annual Conference - the first-of-its-kind for #ResearchManagement professionals in India - starts at 2:30 pm today👥

Watch this #thread for updates from #IRMIAC2021!

Glimpses from Pre-Conference #Workshop 3 on 'Post-Award Grant Management'👇 ImageImageImageImage

Inaugural session of the much-awaited #IRMI Annual Conference 2021🥁

India Alliance CEO @VasanSambandam1 takes through India Research Management Initiative - the history, purpose and opportunities🧑‍🏫

If you're at the conference, give us a shoutout using #IRMIAC2021! ImageImageImageImage
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/29/2020…
Review of Maritime Transport-2020 by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development…

#GlobalTransportation #logistics #ports #asia
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Excited about new report w/Natalie Geismar: We believe a thriving #rural America is possible & central to America’s future. So we took a close look @ effectiveness of federal rural policy. Lots of takeaways on ways to #DoRightByRural. Thread👇1/…
Mindset shift needed by policymakers: #rural America more #diverse demographically & economically than most think. More than 1/5 Black & brown; significant entrepreneurialism; major service economy; less than 6% employed in ag. cc @urbaninstitute 2/…
A #rural agenda is integral to a #racialequity agenda – see @gbenga_ajilore @KatrinaEBadger.

And #rural will be central to successful #ClimateChange strategies w/large investments in clean energy infrastructure & shifts in food production. 3/…
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To all the new #graduate students starting their #PhD or the ones already in it. It's true that the #journey of a PhD is like #life packed into a few years. You must also understand that it is not your entire life either! Life goes on despite how this journey goes or ends! Thread
I made this #infographic to represent my journey in #gradschool at @UMassChemEng @UMassAmherst. When you're in the thick of things, It will be hard to see the light at the end. Everyone around you will keep telling you that but most of the times it will seem #impossible!
Year 3, 4, and 5, I went through multiple cycles of #depression. I cannot put a finger on anything specific of why that happened. What I realized though, is that every time I came out of that cycle, I found enormous amounts of hidden #energy and #strength.
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Fiscal marksmanship is a problem that plagues the #budgeting process at all level of government, from #Centre to #state governments. Attention is however still focused on the #Centre, despite #states now accounting for one and a half times the spending of the #Centre. (1/n)
This @IDFCinstitute working paper on fiscal marksmanship by @SharmadhaS and @PrakharMisra analyses the revenue #budgets of 28 #states of 15 years to analyse why state #budget estimates often miss the actuals on the various components of their total revenues. (2/n)
Fiscal marksmanship is a structural issue cutting across all #states, whether rich or poor. A rich state like #Kerala overestimated its total revenue in all 15 years but so did #Assam in 14 out of 15 years by an average of a massive 18.18%. (3/n) Image
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The sought future of "#healthcare" - "The #WEF, the int. org. for public-private cooperation, hosts the #PrivateSector Constituency of #UHC2030 & provides a platform for interaction for all UHC2030 partners & health systems networks."

#GreatReset #UBI #WorldBank #WHO
When universal basic income (#UBI) begins to be rolled out globally, expect #public #healthcare to disappear. Further, payments will be linked to benefits via the #blockchain - ensuring full spectrum #compliance & #servitude of whole societies.

#Covid19 as catalyst #greatreset
The UHC2030 hosted by the #WorldBank Group & the #WHO. "#UHC does not mean #healthcare is free. It means that personal (out-of-pocket) payments do not deter people from using services & that people are protected from "catastrophic #health expenditures"...…
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Top 40 Funding Opportunities - May 2020

Check out this list of various grant opportunities:

- Innovation Funds for Individuals and Startups
- Funds for Nonprofit Organizations
- Funds for Women and Women-Focused Initiatives
- Grants for Journalists
- Research Grants


1. Beyond Covid-19: Global Open Innovation Challenge

2. iF Social Impact Prize

3. InnoCentive Funding Challenge

4. CGI U COVID-19 Student Action Fund
5. GSMA Innovation Fund for Mobile Internet Adoption & Digital Inclusion

6. StartupXs COVID-19 Response Fund

7. UNESCO Int’l Fund for Cultural Diversity

8. IsDB Group Transform Fund
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I didn’t apply to @nhmrc in the last round, but have been saddened to hear some of the feedback hardworking applicants received. I’ve applied for #grants over 3 continents, have been reflecting on the Oz grant experience. A review of Australian grant reviews, if you like. 1/n
Reviews here trend harsher than I saw in UK/EU/US. You can reject a grant without grinding it beneath your shoe. Applicants work for years, are successful for years, to get to a point of applying for mid, senior fellowships. Our reviews should show respect for that. 2/n
Any application is a chunk of someone’s life and future, and as the Peter Parker Principle says: With great power comes great responsibility! We’ve ALL reviewed projects we are bored by, candidates we find completely unimpressive. 3/n
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