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Following the #placentagate revelations NHS Scotland shows a sustained 25% rise in terminations since the COVID vaccination rollout in pregnant women.

@joshg99 @MaryanneDemasi
In the 50s when #thalidomide caused a generation of babies without limbs.... ultrasound was not available for assessing fetal anatomy.

In 2023, congenital anomalies are screened for - a rise will result in an increase in terminations.

This is real.…
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More cheese on #PlacentaGate 🧀🧀🧀

.@VikiLovesFACS is relying on the lack of fetal production of IgM to claim that the magical LNP (that we now know gets to the placenta), doesn't get into the fetal circulation.

But the fetus doesn't produce IgM in any meaningful quantity...
This is fetal Immunoglobulin production. The fetus (and baby when born) relies overwhelmingly on maternal IgG transfer for the first 6 months of life.

One of the major reasons to breast feed for at least 6 months! Image
IgG crosses the placenta from the mother but IgM doesn't, because it's a pentamer (so 5x the size) and not actively transported.

Of course, LNPs remove most barriers to size-based transfer of drugs - as we are finding out. So even big molecules can go anywhere.
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@ndmushroom @ShellenbergerMD @ggreenwald 1. That works fine for facts

But when it's opinions you're looking out window to see what 2 opinions are

And both opinions are facts

Even with facts have to report only one man (dares) says Earth goes round Sun

And Establishment & Deep State World Order say he's a Denier!😱🤦‍♂️
@ndmushroom @ShellenbergerMD @ggreenwald 2. Should the media have refused to report the lone voice insisting there was a problem with Thalidomide

That it caused problems with nerve endings in the hands & feet of patients taking it

And even those that later claimed it caused malformations in (some very few) babies!😱🤦‍♂️
@ndmushroom @ShellenbergerMD @ggreenwald 3. Should those claiming there were definitely warning flags #Thalidomide was harming (a VERY) FEW babies have been silenced

Who were those Deniers who got it banned after only four years

After all the causal mechanism wasn't discovered until SIXTY YEARS after it was banned😱🤦‍♂️
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Only 785 views & 3 comments🤦‍♂️

Hope it's due to 1000s of other uploads w millions of views

#SwineFlu #GuillainBarréSyndrome #X53aVaccine

NB #SpanishFlu not even Swine Flu was #BirdFlu

Vaccine used was 2nd UNTESTED version NOT 1 described in consent form
Only 785 views/3 replies🤦‍♂️

Hope it's as 1000s of other uploads w millions of views

#SwineFlu #GuillainBarréSyndrome #X53aVaccine #Covid

NB #SpanishFlu not even Swine Flu was #BirdFlu

Vaccine used was 2nd UNTESTED version NOT 1 described in consent form
Wow! Only 785 views & three comments!🤦‍♂️

I hope it's because there are thousands of other uploads of this with millions of views all over YouTube!!!

#SwineFlu #1976SwineFlu #SwineFlu1976 #GuillainBarréSyndrome #GBS #X53aVaccine #X53aSwineFluVaccine #COVID
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Dr Cliona Murphy is upset 9/10 pregnant women not allowing their unborn baby to be genetically hacked with a synthetic gene sequence created in a Chinese biolab (and later "emailed" to Pfizer/Moderna for #Covidvax production).
1/ Image
Dr Cliona is the Chair of the Institute of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists and since May has been appearing on TV & radio trying to convince pregnant women that it's safe to inject themselves with untested mRNA biotech which will overwrite their babies' (human) genetic code.
2/ Image
Dr Cliona seems unaware that pregnant women were excluded from Moderna/Pfizer safety trials.
The Scientist published an article at the end of Feb 2021 saying these safety studies were "long overdue" and had still "to get off the ground".
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THREAD:✅The Covid-19 'vaccines' went public after skipping basic safety & effectiveness criteria like challenges trials & double blinds.

Covid 'vaccines' were tested (on healthy people) to limit symptoms whilst your immune system does what it would regardless. 1/

Read more 👉 Image
Previous vaccines made available to the public had years of testing. The Covid-19 'vaccines' are very different. They skipped basic stages to ensure it could be passed for emergency use. When you’re invited for a vaccine, just say no. 2/
Every vaccination is a potential vector for ADE & dozens of other potential health problems.

Observe the millions already vaccinated, see what happens to them this winter, to protect yourself & others.

Find out more about the Covid-19 vaccine at: 3/

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#talidomit #contergan #thalidomide
🔻Tıp tarihinin kara lekesi ilaç

🔹️Yıl 1953-1956 arası Alman grunenthal ilaç firması bir ilaç uzerinde çalışır ve 1957 yılında piyasaya sürer...
🔹️Ilaç oncelikle hamilelerde sabah bulantısı olmak uzere, Uykusuzluk
Anksiyete,anoreksiye,astim verem,zayif okul başarısı, migren,erken boşalma, kanser...bir çok hastalık için kullanıma girer.
🔹️Ticari adı CONTERGAN...hamileler dahil herkes için "GÜVENLİ " olduğu için recetesiz satılır. En çok tercih edilen uyku hapı ve antiemetik(bulantı)
Hapı olur.
🔹️o kadar hızlı yayılır ki Kanada da (kevadon,talimol), japonyada (isomin), ingilterede ve avustralya da (distaval) gibi isimlerle 37 ticai isimle neredeyse bütün ulkelerde satışa sunulur.
🔹️Her ilaçta olduğu gibi ilk 4 yıl hersey çok guzel gider...Ve yıl 1961..
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